The art of

The Hostage
The Life cycle of HIV cell

Animated by Alex Zepherin


Hostage is a neo Noir short animation. Taking place in side the human body the

a sinister and skilled attack of a HIV cell silently takes over a T cell, using it·s form and mechanics to reap to destruction and chaos inside a environment of order and routine.

Upon the Briefing by Scientist Dr Peter Clapper my initial reaction to the process of HIV was that it was a cowardly yet brilliant cell. Its ability to control another cell to become invisible and reproduce itself to over throw the body·s defence was something I didn·t expect that could be generated from something smaller than a red blood cell.

From research I understood to process of HIV leading to AIDS
1. The virus can enter the body via Breast milk, needles unprotected sex 2. Part of a retro Virus group, it needs a host cell to survive 3. It spots a T cell and binds itself onto it using its proteins and the T cells Receptors 4. It then fuses into the T cells membrane gaining entry inside Leaving its Envelope 5. It release its genetic information RNA into the cell along with proteinase, integrase and 6. reverse transcriptase begin the reverse transcription from RNA to DNA by transforming the RNA to a double helix 7. It then transports the HIV DNA to the cells nucleus DNA where it binds as one, now making the DNA infected with HIV 1. The T cell is now being forced to produce the HIV virus releasing more and more into the system

Virus cannot survive without a living cell It hijacks and reproduces Undead and ghost like Premeditated act unremorseful and uncompromising Reused, and deadly

Spider Man /Comic Book Influence

Target Audience
15 to 25 Male Drama/fantasy Good versus Bad Hero Versus Villain Climax of dangers and enigmas Hyper masculinity within characters and setting Mass destruction

Film Noir Versus Neo Noir
Hollywood crime drama, Classic low key black and white Neo Noir, has elements of Film Noir, Crime, femme fatale etc visualized in a contemporary form

The Alien cell Concept

The Tortured Cell Concept

Good VS Bad DNA Concept

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