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I love working with wire. I love the fact that a plain piece of wire can be twisted, textured, and turned into beautiful jewelry. I love that it can be made into jump rings to make chain. I love that it can be coiled, and the coils turned into beads, and the beads used in a piece of jewelry. I love that you can use it to make clasps and closures, earring wires, and so much more. I just love working with wire. And that love of all things wire is why I had so much fun putting together this annual, Wirework 2010. The idea has been percolating for more than a year, but we actively went looking for submissions around June of 2009. My first stop? The Meet the Teachers Reception at the Bead&Button show. What better place could there be to find teachers with the right skills, who could not only provide me with fabulous finished jewelry pieces, but could also supply the instructions to go with them? What I found was exactly what I was hoping for ... projects of various skill levels and techniques. So if you're interested in chain, we have it. Wrapped loops? We have projects that use those, too. If you want to learn to shape wire into pendants, components, or more, we've got you covered. And if you're new to wireworking, our Basics section on page 8 contains information about tools and techniques. We also included information about making your own jump rings, plus a gauge and size chart for jump rings. Then, of course, there's information about wire, in case you have questions about gauge, hardness, and shapes. When I first started making jewelry, I knew nothing about wire, so information like that was very important to me. And now that I can make my own jump rings, I feel so empowered! My weakness in jewelry-making is chain mail. Though I started making strung jewelry, I had the opportunity to take some classes early in my jewelry-making journey, and Anne Mitchell's queens and Byzantine chain class was my first chain mail class. I make an effort to snag a few minutes with her at shows during the year, but those visits are usually brief and mostly business. So it was fun to have the opportunity to catch up with her for the article on page 16 and make her bracelet on page 20. In fact, I thoroughly enjoyed making all of the projects in this issue. That's right, we tested every project in this issue to make sure that the instructions were clear and accurate. We photographed the steps along the way so you can see what your piece should look like at each step. We feel that having the photos accompany the instructions makes these projects easy for anyone, regardless of your skill level. And the best way to improve your skill level is to make projects, so what are you waiting for? Let's get started!

Editor Idnda Augsburg Associate Editor Kristin Sutter Senior Art Director Usa A. Bergman Graphic Designef Usa Schroeder Photographers Bill Zuback; Jim forbes Illustrator Kellie Jaeger

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Wirework 2010

Wire comes in a variety of materials and finishes, including brass, gold, gold-filled, gold-plated, fine silver, sterling silver, silver-plated, German wire (sterling over a copper core), anodized niobium (ohemically colored wire), copper, and color-coated copper (craft wire). Brass, copper, and craft wire are packaged in 10-40-yd. (9-37 m) spools, while gold, silver, and niobium are sold by the foot or ounce. Practice your wireworking skills using brass or copper, which are soft, easy to manipulate, and inexpensive.

~ shape

Wire is available in many different shapes (below), but the most common are round, half-round, square, triangle, and twisted. Each of these shapes is available in a range of gauges.



use either half-hard or dead-soft, Most standard head pins and earring wires are made in 20- or 22-gauge wire, 24- and 26-gauge wires are considered ultraflne. Use these with small pearls and gemstones as well as for decorative wire wrapping, wire crochet, and beaded flowers, 28-gauge and thinner wires are excellent for crochet, beaded flowers, twining, and other delicate applications. Some pearls and gemstones with tiny holes may require these gauges as well. Our thanks to Thunderbird Supply Co., (800) 545-7968, 'vW/W,thunder, for their information and assistance. @l

) \ {

Gauge is the measure of a wire's diameter or thickness. The chart (below right) lists the most common gauges used for making wire and beaded jewelry. The lower the gauge number, the



Hardness describes wire's temper or malleability. When you work with sterling silver wire, you have a choice between two categories of hardness: dead-soft and half-hard. Dead-soft wire is easy to bend with your fingers. Half-hard wire is slightly stiffer, so it holds its shape well. Any wire will harden as you work with it, but for more rigidity, you can hammer it on a steel block or anvil. Hammering will flatten the wire's shape.


) (

:~~~n:: :~::::r~;resareusedfor
neck wires, bangle bracelets, and other unsupported wire shapes. These gauges are only available as dead-soft.




~ , 6- and 18-gauge wires are sturdy, medium-thickness wires used for ~ making clasps, large jump rings, I and chain mail.





20- and 22-gauge wires are all-pur~ pose sizes for loops, jump rings, head \ pins, eye pins, and other findings. ( These are easy to bend, so you can


8 10 12 14 16

3.26 mm 2.59 mm 2.05 mm 1.63 mm 1.29 mm 1J;)2 mm


20 22

0.. 1 mm 8 0.64 mm 0.51 mm 0.41 mm 0.32 mm

1.2 Wirework 2010

24 26

95.. 2Q10 Bead&Button Show What: The biggest consumer bead show in the world offers more than 600 jewelry-making classes and workshops.Information Station .com BeautifUl Wire JeWelry for BeadeFs Irina Mlech -.~---. 2010. Techniques offered include wire.. illustrations.JewelryClassesOnDemand. Milwaukee For more information: www.2010 --. Full color.. supplies. When: June 6-13..e.lry Kalmbach Publishing Co. These tutorials also include a downloadable PDF that contains instructions for a project or two to get you started using your new skills. and more. and pendants.. Irina offers a mini gallery of finished jewelry to inspire readers and to show them examples of the kinds of pieces they could make with their newly-acquired skills.:--. polymer clay. earrings. ISBN 978-0-87116-264-9 After each of the 21 step-by-step projects in this book. bracelets. Simply Stylish Chain & Meta! Jewelry is expected to ship to retailers in late February 201 O. in addition to metal clay.. and finished jewelry in the Bead Marketplace..2010 Where: Midwest Airlines Center. Softcover. Lessons include chain making. You can purchase these classes online and instantly download the video and an accompanying PDF tutorial to your computer.. BEADSHO' ~nu:J'. .95. lampworking. plain and wrapped loops. 2010. In addition. and wireworking..beadandbuttonshow. Softcover. bead stitching. beading. and the basic techniques you'll need to know.I'(" ~-xVT .. vendors sell tools.. 88 pages $21.. The projects in the book are divided by skill level and include necklaces. Full color. chain mali. complete with photos. and more. The technique series videos show you basic skills.€::lassesQnDemand. When: 24/7 from your computer For more information: www. each download includes a printable document of instructions. 112 pages $21.eom What: Take a jewelry-making class at your home computer! Jewelry Classes on Demand are video classes that teach jewelry-making techniques and projects. metal 14 Wirework 2010 Beacf2- ~mJewelry .V Jewelry. Each of the downloadable project classes includes step-by-step demonstrations of the project(s) to help you complete your finished piece.For extra support. metals. . look for her Beautiful Wire Jewelry for 8eaders 2 to arrive at bead shops and book stores in Oct. ISBN 978-0-87116-297-7 Love the look of chain and metal but prefer to work with purchased chain rather than make your own? This compilation of projects from the pages of Bead&8ution and 8eadStyle magazines features easy wire and chain projects to motivate and inspire. such as crimping. Bead Marketplace open June 1113.-------. Also.. from working with metal and polymer clay to basic wire and finishing techniques. Kalmbach Publishing Co -: 2009 . rings. Simply Stylish Chain & Metal Jew.. polymer day.

How did you get started? I was hanging out at the Bead&Button show. who now works for Beaducation. you could tell how that chain was made Just by looking at it? It was like a puzzle. I love chain mail. a chat with So. so I would just stare at a pattern until I could figure it out. Wirework 2010 . You've been teaching at the Bead&Butlon Show for years. Metal clay artist Gail Crosman Moore and I are working together and doing funky stuff (see p. That started because I was given this funky cool lemon quartz cabochon and I didn't want to do anything normal with it.' and that's how it started.exploring oreative avenues in nontoxic approaches. reading figuring I'm just a torch books. I've used resin and I do want to get into enameling. I said.: • If ~el:J lil1U1a~ !!lSi! sdJiiler. That's been the biggest change in my work . and I like a good puzzle. The chain market's been pretty much flooded with teachers. it was an accident. It sat on my bench for over a year. She worked for The Bead Shop down in Palo Alto. I want you to teach this. 'Fine. use tf. looking at pictures. you teach it. but you have to be very aware and very conscious of what you're doing and the implications of using these mediums if they're dangerous to you in any way.I en the metal dws1l)(€Iu furreath~in .. I'm totally self-taught. I like to sit there and figure things out. 'Kate. and sitting down and it out I'm still making chain. because I couldn't quite comprehend how someone could make a living doing (this) and I found it fascinating. I'm mostly self-taught. see "Anne's Tips on Reducing Toxicity. melting the rings together with and using fine silver. me and said..Anne· E. Calif. I started playing with fire and playing with metal. Wel <!IOWA the emery beard te cut d0Wr. you need to make it go this way?' Then Kate chucked the chain across the room and said. but it's really rare when I do it. 17). "It was a mistake.(iGiity: (j)fiI resU(. 'You're filling out an application.) With all these shifts in your creative direction.1epaste ferm.'inm What's been the biggest change . • Wse emew. and Alice Korach [founding editor of Bead&Button magazine] came up to 1. I think it's fascinating and some of the work out there is just gorgeous. There are some things that every once in a while you have to break out the soldering paste for. I'm moving into fine metal and fine silver and working in PMC {Precious Metal Clay}. • Wse wliiite MiJ11a!1Iall alCl€! salt to piekle eF ~atinate Y0Uf pieees.. you see the pattern. and I was hanging out at the Jess Imports booth working on some your approach to jewelry making? I think the biggest switch is figuring out that I could do everything I wanted to nontoxically and having a nontoxic approach to my work as much as humanly possible. I knew what I wanted. I was the first person to teach chain on a nationalleve!. what are you teaching now? I'm teaching a series of classes on pressure setting with metal clay and fine silver. Someone taught her how to do a run of basic European 4-in-1 chain.a e~ metal fires.6 Anne's tiJi)S tm. 'You need to teach this. and she'll tell you with a laugh." left. I took a three-day metal course and just took off from there.' She actually ca!led me at home and said. right? Can't you see you need to do this. by Linda Augsburg Your chain mail making career started at the same moment as your chain mail teaching career. but I've started moving in a direction that lets me play with pretty stones. (For some ideas for reducing toxicity in the studio. How did that happen? There was an instructor and class director by the name of Kate Ferrant Richbourg. and she couldn't figure out how the pieces got put together.ebeartis instea.' So. But you've expanded beyond making chain mail now . Mitchell Ask Anne Mitchell how she got started making and designing jewelry and teaching nationally." But then she goes on to tell the rest of the story.

I • "I.com17 ..WireworkM·ag..This eollaberative J:)mjeCt is from Anne ana Gail Crosman Moore.empanents and Anne's cold join and riveting techniques • .. right: Viking double knit waven chain far. ana brass Ci:. ." .. lihe class features C3ail's caloration teGhniejue ph her Ci:epper. right: fine sliver al'lc sterling silver: nand-forged cuff www.

what's your latest puzzle? I'm working on different ways to put metal on lampwork beads. That's one of the blessings of having your studio 30-ft. laves Facebeek and SI<y~e and the reward of sharing your work with friends ana peers and getting immediate feedback. Edgy Euro 4-in-1. Once I'm tired of it. 1'11 ponder something. though. I'll probably never do it again. Anne's work in fine silver A sampling of chain mail: 2+2 Vertebrae Variant.' and got up and started.l?") Of S[ileJ1$errramCriminal MiCl. I've had to take choices away from the students in order to make a class successful.>s. Students would lose it trying to figure out what shape of pendant they wanted. so J took away that option. How does teaching fit in with your need to puzzle things out? I get bored.") • Can't fathom her life Defore all the facts ab(j)wtArone: • Memirng ml!lsH~ave~ ceffee • filas pnly. and get to work. wants a nook (ebOC.. • Listens fa audio books when she Elrives. ' and it makes me laugh. my first thought was" 'I made a handcuff. I get a great deal of joy out of seeing students take a process. and then take it someplace I never would have taken it. so I'm having a lot of fun working out those things. Some classes I teach. Do you have a creative process? I tend to ruminate a lot. I'll tweak it until I'm tired of it. Anne!' But I've changed it to a very cool piece (see p. 'Oh my gosh I've got it. Classic Interwoven 2+2. I'm doing these forceps prong settings so these beautiful massive discs that Terri does can spin and move. How do you encourage students to find their own direction? I'm at teacher of techniques. I woke up at 2 o'clock in the morning one day and thought. because I need them to learn the technique and then they can go monkey around with it. that's much more accessible and unisex. I've had a couple students absolutely break out and do some really amazing work and it makes me jump for joy. So. I'm pretty much done. Double Cross.. I have such a good time teaching it because the class is funny! It makes me laugh. I come with complete setups. and Double Layer Interlock but I didn't know how to get there. or pendant setting.. So I made it. such as fine-silver fusing. which I'm going to be teaching.ds f ("He's a fant of unuseafule infal'rnatlon that saves file day.ta~ ml'Jct. Also. so I need to find something that will make me not bored. It makes me sad. so if that's a process . I started with Gail Crosman Moore's pieces and am going to get some of Margaret Zinser's beetles and Terri Caspary Schmidt's beads.I throw on a robe.Ip" to be Abby from NelS ("Whq's that eael aile ~n0ws tl. I tell students to wait until they know if they like a technique before investing in the necessary equipment. @J . • Wants to u!:Jr0W I:. but I think it gives students more freedom to explore the technique and make it their reader) so she can read an the 90 anG(still travel light. from your bed . I'm not sure if that's a hindrance or not. They need to be seen sideways or this phenomenal piece of work just gets lost. I had 18 Wirework 2010 this idea to rivet two pieces of wire together to make a bracelet. I will never get bored teaching Viking knit. The whole thing is figuring out the puzzle and the process and fine-tuning the process. throw on a pot of coffee.. That torch could be out in the world making cool stuff! Everyone wants to make their thing their own. Also.akes l!Ierself 9a fa tlile p:ast affice r<athel' thaA seheGh:tlirng pieku!. I have classes of 20 students and I hear 'Ohl' and 'Okay . Something clicks. rE!ally takern twa jewelrry-r. because the tools and equipment aren't cheap. and when I looked up from my work. I never get bored with. or chain. • Gam be l'iermit-lIke:at titTles. 17). Good job. and make it their own. That's one of the coolest things about what we do and why we do it. sa slile m. because I hear students have that 'A-ha!' moment in class every time. Once I've solved it.~Jated elasses her: whole life: Leah Fairrl)anks' glass elass (it was a birthday J)Ies9hf) and a tAree-aay metals eeurse. I don't want someone buying a torch and have it sit in a box.

KaIJmbac~Slore.weavin@.yPl006B ext. . pltotos and concise Instructions. Outside the U. anti watch your skill level increase as the chapters do! Wireworkers of alilevel$ will er. . An illustrated Basics sectioJl covers tlile essentials of wire am:l metalwork. Learn to make necklaces. includimg wrappimg. Central Standard Tolme. and pins throrlgh easy-to-follow t:earn to shape wire in from A'rt Jewe/zy ma@azime introalllee fUr. earrings. chain mail.gst br.95 625.1i. rtiflgs.aeelets.4:30 p.rn.@elegant jewelry from CJaft wire or precious metal.95 Availlable· atyoU!r favoliite bead or creft Shopl Order online at www.tjoy learning the author's dlstlnctlve techniques for makin. and Canada call 2. and seldering. unexpected Ways. ear~illl. 661. BB2082 . and pearls. 8:30 a.rn.62-796-67706. cold connectlens. bracelets. and rno~e! 62540 • $21. Monda.i:lamental wireworking techmiques..95 6234'2 • $ or call 1-800-533-6(144 Frida~.64 • $21. gemstenes.Wrap ~mind around wnat '10 wire can do More than 2.S.0 exciting j:ilrejects projects fhat have appeared in Bead&Button magazine . coiljrag. Shape wire into beautifwl rrecklaces.

bentnose.limg silver jump nAgs 50 ~15-@aCl§e.materials bracelet 8 in.5 IiT'lITrl irnsjcie diameter (JEl) 98 16-gauge. (20 om) • ster. 5 rnrn 10 30 18-gauge. :3 mrn 10 • clasp • 2 pairs of ohalnnese. ar natnose pliers .7.

use all of the rings indicated in step 1. Thread a second 5 mm ring through the same four 7. '[(j) Gontact Anne.5 mm rings on one end of the chain and through one half of a clasp.-an/. and add two more 7. 7 Open a 5 mm ring. and close the ring. skipping the first and last rings.5 mm rings. 16. Thread a second 5 mm ring through those same four 7. 4 Open 167..5 mm rings on one 5 mm ring. rea61 beF profile. p. Close the ring. and close the ring. 8). 3 Repeat step 2 until the chain is the desired length. skipping the last 5 mm ring. Thread four 7. 5 Open a second 5 mm ring. 5 Repeat along this edge of the chain. www. loop a 7.WireworkMag. (20 cm) bracelet. 2 Thread a 5 mm ring through two 'of the 7. Close the ring. then repeat along the opposite edge.5 mm ring around the end two 5 mm rings. Repeat along the length of the chain. 6 Open 30 3 mm rings.Close the ring. thread it through the pair of 7. positioning it between the two layers of 7. Mifehe11. Continue connecting pairs of rings.. mm rings. e-mail her al anne@ annemitefiffll.5 mm rings. Thread a 5 mm ring through the opening created by the overlap of the three layered 7. and thread it through the first pair of 7.5 mm rings on the other end of the chain.Temit€ 21 .5 mm rings. F@f mere inf(f)rmatlon ab@tJt Anne E.5 mm rings. i'!?] 5 Open 645 mm rings. Close the ring. and close the ring. Repeat along the opposite edge of the chain.. p.5 mm rings.5 mm jump rings and 'open 32 5 mm jump rings (Basics. and close the ring. thread a 3 mm ring through the second and third 5 mm or visit her Web site. mm rings.stepbystep 1 Glose 34 7. Starting on one end of the chain and skipping the first 5 mm ring. Starting at one end of the chain. For an 8-in.

I • . ' by Louise Duhamel 22 Wirework 20~O • Tflilfsneekl2fce eacpmpasses many basic wireworking techniques.. You'fIcreate the separate components first. . ..' " . make an embellished clasp.... and do it aI/ while working a few beads it:ltothe design.. Learn to wrap wflie.. . . . make (')(jJjJS.. . . \. Sf) it~ perfect tor learning af]d practicing new skills. '. . ..ped Wtl:T wen Beads and wire both hold their own in this necklace that oifers a sampllrag (If techniques.. thell put them together as shown above or as desired. '. . 4 . Wrap. 'lIS· . .. capture beads in a cage or a spiral.. " ..

7.10-. and 8-gauge sterling silverwire). (2.kllitttili1Q Asee!e. 4 ReiJneve tme ceil fmrn tme 3 Once the coiled wire is fully wrapped around the mandrel. @ena rme wire in malf.t1 the tlJflami:llrelamtlllla 8J'let l.Jt mand. ~ $ele€lt a mal'1(:.2 rn) !9f Goiling wire. surs be that the mandrel is at least as thiok as the wire on which the coil will be s.(61 em) • 4 16 mm gemstone beads • 2 12 mm gemstone beads • 18 assorted beads and 6" or 8" seed beads • 3 top-loop dangle beads • sterling silver dead-soft wire 1. (4-4 .1 mm. 1. stepbyslep billow bead 1 Coil a 40-in.3 mm (can use 18-. (1 cm) piece of 16-gauge wire .I.3 mm) mandrel (see "Coiling Wire. etc.3 mm.1 2-. and 3. Begin wl1appltrl@ aQailll"to wraJ:3 file secend half of the c0i1iflg wire.@ur nonf:lornimar. 2. 4 Cut a 2%-in. Slide the coil onto a 10-in.materials necklace 24 in. focal bil.kel. ~tide the coil towaro ~he nonw®rlidngsfls of tme maFldrel as l1leeess~ry urltll mat half €If the cGilin§ wire is wrappee. coiling a 60-in. (25 cm) piece of 16-gauge 23 mandrel. Werning in tlie diredtion ®r yOl:!J1i" 90miF:larl'li haAd. (1 m) piece of 20-gauge wire around a10. wmg tMe @j'.or 8-gauge (2.. since they WOfl't me fi)enee1 coils. then trim the 16-gauge wire.:Jnwrap the fi~s~few wraps. 1 3 ifur. untwist the spiral slightly to allow the two center wraps to loosen away from the mandrel.5 mm mandrel for jump rings rounded shape.manclled. (3 m) 20-gauge 3 ft. 2. 16-..l)iling wire aroene the mandrel. p. (.9 m) 18-gauge 10ft. anetmsr piece of wiFe) a .5 m) piece of 18-gauge wire .5 GRiI) fr®m the r. 2 Follow step 2 of the billow bead.. 5 Make another billow bead..i@l'rlteFlcii if YQt!i're righ1.A nnaf\1drel carl be amy Object that you Carl wrap wire around: a dowel rod. Make a plain loop (Basics. starting in the middle and cQaxing the coil-wrapped wire around the mandrel.6 or 3. arid F:iolding the 0ther haff of the wire ®ut of the way witM ¥. wire 2 Cut a comfortable length (3-4 ft.6 mm. string the billow bead.9-1.3-15 ft. and make a plain loop above the bead. keeping the coil centered on the wire.9 m) 24-gauge • chainnose and roundnose pliers • fI ush cutters • bench block • chasing hammer • mandrels: 1 mm. Tuck the wraps at the bottomof the bead inside the coil. shaping the wire over a bezel mandrel or tapered mandrel to form the cone shape. giving the bead a domed center and www. (2. from the left end if you're left handed.1 em) mandrel. . 2 wrap the coil-wrapped 16-gauge wire around a 12-gauge (2. and place tMe Bend over your mandrel atDoblt 1 ifl. eOilil1lg Make two or three wraps on each side of the bead. m) 16-gauge 6 Hils ft. tapered or bezel mandrel. (1 . Since yQw'l1 be stringing the €lei! on another wire to Great'e GOm\!'>QFLents.rung. Wrap the 16-gauge wire ends around the mandrel.wireworkMag.low bead t~-:l1 1 Follow step 1 of the billow bead. 8) on one end." right).

4 Holding the outer rings of one spiral.010 . 4 Follow step 7 of the caged bead. slide the largest top coil around the largest bottom coil and then allow it to spring back. Turn the pliers. (20 em) piece of 16-gauge wire.. making just a few spirals. 8 Make another caged bead. grasp the wire where the spirals meet and bend the wire so the two spirals flip to form a rounded bead. editIDrts note • Make sura the nQles in VDur aeaes eaR aGeeOilmeGiate 16-gauge (1~3 mm) wire . place the tip of your roundnose pliers in the spiral's center loop and push out. On one end of the wire. make a very small loop at one end of the wire. 2 Follow steps 1 and 2 of the caged bead. Continue spiraling the wire until you reach the center of the wire. Repeat in reverse. adjust them so they are the same size. Slightly extend the coils 24 Wirework . make a second spiral in the opposite direction.lbead 1 Cut an 8-in. Into a bead-cap shape. make a plain loop. Repeat on the other spiral. Using roundnose pliers. making just a few spirals. Cut a 2%-in. 2 Repeat on the other end of the wire. 2 Use chainnose pliers to grasp across the loop. To close the gap between the cones and better align the coils and cones. spiral-wrapped bead with coiled-wire accent 1 Coil a piece of 24-gauge wire over a 7 Cut a 2-in.3 mm) wire. 5 Make another spiral-wrapped bead. 16-gauge (1. (7 cm) piece of coiled wire. When the spirals meet in the middle. cutting the ends flush. and shape the wire around the bead. making a matching spiral in the opposite direction. then insert a 12 mm bead inside. string the caged bead. maintaining the spiral's shape and the equal distance between the spirals. Then. follow steps 2-5 of the spiralwrapped bead. spiral-wrapped bead 1 Follow steps 1 and 2 of the caged bead. and make . Flip the spirals as in step 5 of the caged bead. (5 ern) piece of wire in a gauge that will fit the hole of the bead. pressing the wire against the loop to create a spiral. 5 Using roundnose pliers. extending it in the same direction. Manipulate the wire around the bead until the 3. a plain loop above the bead. Slide the coiled wire onto the wire.2.cagec. as in step 4 of the caged bead. Reposition your pliers as necessary. 6 Twist to open the wire bead. Slide a 16 mm bead between the spirals. 3 On the other end of the wire..

(10 cm) piece of 20-gauge wire. string a coil.-in. wrap the spiral tails around the 16-gauge wire two or three times. dangles 1 Coil a piece of 24-gauge wire over an 18-gauge (1 mm) mandrel.6_5j. Continue until the spiral measures 1/4 in. Cut the coil in half. 2 Cut two 11/2.6 in. I ~. (6 mm). I. (5-8 mm) long.. grasp across the coil. 25 . leaving enough space to fit a 16-gauge jump ring. three assorted beads. make a small loop on one end. 3 Attach a dangle bead to one end of each dangle.(8.WireworkMag. Make a plain loop on one end of each wire.. 6 Make a total of six pelican links. Making sure the spiral is centered on the 16-gauge wire. . then wrap the wires into a larger spiral. 4 String a coil from step 1.pelican links 1 Coil a 4-in. jump rings Make 11 16-gauge 7. (4. Bring the inner wire around another 180° so the wire ends are parallel with the loop and pointing in opposite directions. then make a plain loop on the other end of the wire.5 mm-insidediameter jump rings (Basics). (3. ) Using chain nose pliers. On a bench block. Using roundnose pliers. making a bend as in step 3.:4-in. Cut a 31/2-in. repositioning the pliers as necessary. 3 Using chainnose pliers. (11. and trim the tails. Cut six coils 3j.9 om) piece of 16gauge wire. and the other coil. Center the beads and coils on the link. and a coil. (1 cm) spiral as in step 2 of the caged bead. (10 em) piece of 24- gauge wire on a 16-gauge (1. Spiral one wire around so it meets the other. hammer both ends of the 16-gauge wire into a Rotate the two wire ends clockwise to start a spiral. clasp 1 To make a decorative spiral. Wrap the wire around a 16-gauge mandrel to make a loop. and remove the spiral from the mandrel.4 cm) piece of ~ 16-gauge wire.8 ern) pieces of is-gauge wire and one 1%-In. three beads.e~ Make a small loop on each end in opposite directions. cut a 4-in. 2 Flush cut a 4Y2-in. Form a %-in.6 mm) spiral in the opposite ( direction of the first. 2.3 mm) mandrel. On each wire. make a bend in the wire. l ! ( 1 5 With the remaining wire. ~~ -- l ~ www.4 em) piece. Slide the back loop of the spiral onto the wire. 1. make a 1.

Bend the wire over the pliers. 4 Continue attaching components on this side of the necklace in the following order: billow bead. 26 Wirework 2010 .3 Using roundnose pliers. and string the three dangles. ~ connecting the components 1 Open the bottom loop of the focal ~~~~~~--.Close the loop. Repeat on the other end. Close the jump ring. creating a hook that faces the other direction.. and refine the shape. pelican link. 3 Open the loop of the coil-accented spiral-wrapped bead and attach the larger spiral of a pelican link. attach components to the focal billow bead in the same order. spiral-wrapped bead. and two jump rings. 5 For the other side of the necklace. caged bead. 6 Slide one hook of the clasp on the two-jump-ring end of the necklace. Add a third jump ring to the end of this side. 2 Open a jump ring (Basics) and attach the top of the focal billow bead and the loop of a coil-accented spiralwrapped bead. jump ring. grasp the wire halfway between the spiral and one of the loops. pelican link. jump ring. and close the hook snugly. billow bead. pelican link. Hook the other end through the third jump ring on the other end of the necklace to close the necklace.

(5 em) head pin (optional) • clasp earrings • 6 pearls: 2 10 mm.6 m) 24-gauge sterling silver half-hard wire • 4ft. (25 em) 24-gau@e ste~ling silver hart-hard wire • 2. 2-in. (4.5 m) 24-gauge sterling silver halt-liJardwire • 10 in.(')mm beads • 15ft. 2 4 mm • 10 in. (18-20 em) • 22. 2 5 mm. (41-47 cm) • 68-72 assorted 3-1.-25 assorted 3-1 0 mm beads • 5 ft. (25 em) tong-and-short chain • 2-ln.2 m) long-and-short chain • 2-ln.materials necklace 1IH81h in. (5 cm) head pin • lobster claw or hook clasp bracelet 7--8' in. (1. (1. (5 em) head pins • pair of earring wires all projects • ehainnose and round nose pliers • dia00nal wire cutters .

unit. String one end of each linked strand on the larger loop. (6. in step attach the remaining keeping the half of the clasp and linked strands as 4 of the necklace. Attach the bead units to one another. (36 em).. (6. unit to the other end of three links of chain. • When you're cutting chain segments. end of the strand you can cut to the other. string the remaining end of each linked strand In the same order as before.ifyou're adding an extender (step 4).Attach the smaller loop of the connector the extender.4 cm) piece of wire. Make the first half of a wrapped loop (BasiGs. Trim the unit from the wire. Complete the wraps. and make another first half of a wrapped loop below the bead. Make the first half of a wrapped loop 1 Repeat step 1 of the necklace. do not 5 To make a dangle. cut through the Repeat to make four more 14-in. Repeat with the remaining beads. Attach the dangle to one end of the extender. making three 6-in. making the chain extender three long links or 1 in.. 2 Repeat step 2 of the necklace. 3 Arrange bead units and chain segments as desired until the length measures approximately and complete andoomplete 14in. 4 Cut a 2Y2-in. cut- ting nine to 11 pieces of chain that range in length from a single long link to four long links. make the first half of a wrapped loop. string a bead on beads for the olasp conneotor extender's dangle (step 5). On the other end of the wire. short links . slide a bead up. leaving a tail for wrapping. the wraps. and make the first half of a wrapped loop above the bead. working from one 28 Wirework2010 . strands in order. If you're using a lobster claw clasp and you want a chain extender. as you go./5 cm) to use as an extender. (2. repeat steps 4 and about 5 of the necklace. I editor's notes • Want to try the assembly-line method of making bead units? String your assorted beads on a long piece of wire. such as a toggle or hook-and-eye clasp. Complete the wraps.5 cm) long. 3 Repeat step 3 of the necklace. making the larger half of the wrapped loop large enough to accommodate ) Cut a chain that has about six long links (approximately 2 in. setting aside the two 4 mm beads and making 20 to 22 bead units. String one of the 4 mm beads you set aside. Then attach those wraps. Set aside the extender's dangle only . Ileaving space between the bead and the loop for the wraps.stepbystep necklace 1 Set aside two matching 4 mm unit Make a second connector complete any wraps. (step 4) and one bead for the chain a head pin. repeat step 65 to 69 bead units. 4 of the necklace.. the bead units to the chain segments I~I On the connector unit's large loop. (36 em) linked strands. 8) all one end. bracelet on one end. p.4 em) piece of wire. On the other end of the necklace. bending one end to keep the beads on the wire. and complete the wraps . and make the first half of a wrapped loop large enough to accommodate five links of chain. ranging in length from a single long link up to five long links . 2 Cut 35 to 40 segments of long-and- short chain. (15 cm) linked strands. • If you prefer not to precut chain segments. Make 4 If you're using a two-part clasp. String a bead and make the first half of a wrapped' loop . String a clasp on the regularsize loop and complete the wraps. Cut a 2V2-ln..

com 262·375·2270 1350 14th Ave. (oitd. In ackiitirif){i1 te 6/esigning.. .COM 1. Beard Sh0~ owner Irina iJVjiech became interested in jewelry .. 1001polich. fool. '.lp of n\od". . using a medium and a small bead. Make a second earring to Quali ty chainmaille kits and jump rings at: visit wvv. pin 'X...95 let\r~ the centuries-old \\~re \'i1envins tcthr.A..)Qoifs QF/ jewelry making." I ~' (§J TERlU MCCARTHY STUDIOS Beginning & Intermediate Jewelry Classes • • • • 9 week semesters offered year round All ability levels welcome Advanced weekend workshops Internationally known visiting faculty Benas .lj $49.dsdesignsjewelrycom 4 Open the loop of an earring wire (Basics).\fd~ ':J19~. 3 Attach the units. makfn:g while tunl'Iinf) am irnpGrr[ /jusiness that dealt in MfJroecan jewelry and handicrafts. • . using a large bead. draw plnl'.d eitd COM{! sJ. ". Contact her at ee/ecticainfo@sDcg/obal. WI 53024 www_WireworkMag. Hnrrd'Tools WWlv'lVIG]IG.i91U! I\ilh lhe h.eclecticabeads.~l tile FREE coili"9 fool www.ll1l<e fobricafio" fnst at aitd et\sicr thQ" el'er creative· use t.cfiol\S PLlAS . WIRE TerriMcCarthyStudios@gmail. WigJi:9s SW(lI'QI'ski . Suite '10 Grafton. GeIIl. and complete the wraps.ll1l<e end caps \'. .heright tool "I::>:liZee ~"er~~hi"9 [o set stal'ied illdudill9 the fa5l-s!atl head.. ".' 29 .rea". 2 Make two bead units as in step 1 of the necklace. for magJazines...tzlle~ ~~. Fiml'J1:i!p.."PO!'.'aclice wire..SlephanieEddy.~ lools thOt going from small to large..UQut'$ . Attach the dangle and close the loop. O'!1stn[f CZs ... she's written several /.Iioni"9 clo!l~ p.c( Q'. photo i'lst.£ I. fooldsing on wire ana metal e/ay.w..t ~ Why waste your time and energy preparing to be M Ka conlains earrings 1 Make a dangle as in step 5 of the necklace.579.800.

2 mm 10 128 tl7-gau§e (U § rl'Ir:m).29 mm).swa~0vski.::2: mm II!}) • 5 14 mm faceted cosmo crystal rings (Swa~0vski.rnlaterials bracelet 7% in. ruI!JiDer.w. ww.2 rnrn insiGle diameter (10) 40 16-gauge (1.29 mm).cQm) • toggle clasp • 2 pairs of channese. Hi rnrn). bentnose. or flatnose f')llers. (19.1 em) • sterling silver jump rings 6 16-!!]al!lge (U. §. ~. 7. 4 mm ID 4 17-@law9a (rl.-cQ)ated tips (€lpltionaQ .

this will be the most difficult ring to close because it's crowded and full.2 rnrn ring.stepbystep 1 Open 804 mm jump rings (Basics.2 mm rings attached to this cosmic crystal. 6 Work steps 3-5 on the remaining pairs of 5. mm rings around this cosmic crystal. Open wide 40 5. ? ( 8 Repeat step 7 to attaoh a second chain unit to this cosmic crystal.wireworkMag. letting them fall. 4 Flip back the last two rings added. p.2 mm rings attached to a cosmic crystal and two closed 4 mm 31 . Repeat with a second 4 mm ring. Repeat with a second 5. making sure the right side of the cosmic orystal is facing the same direotion as the first cosmic crystal. and close 48 4 mm jump rings.2 mm jumprinqs and four 3. crystal. Close the ring.2 mm ring. Thread a 5.2. reach between the uppermost rings and thread the ring through the two flipped rings. l Close the ring. 2 Close eight 5. one to each side. Using a 4 mm ring. 1 ( 9 Close four more 5. 8). Repeat with a second 4 mm ring.2 mm jump rings. Close the ring. Close the 5.2 mm rings around a cosmic crystal ring. so be careful not to nick or scratch the cosmic crystal. 3 Using an open 4 mm ring. Thread a second 4 mm ring through the same rings. attach two of the 5. l Separate the uppermost rings.2 mm jump rings. 7 Fold back the final two 4 mm rings on the end of one chain unit to create a Byzantine link like you did in step 4.2 mm ring through the fold~ ed-back rings and through a cosmic www. 5 Thread a 4 mm ring through t\rvo closed 4 mm rings and through the two rings added in step 4. This first cosmic crystal is the center of your bracelet.. Open six.7.

and close the 7. 11 Repeat steps 3-9 on each end of the bracelet. Then repeat steps 3-6 on each end. 32 Wirework 2010 .2 mm ring through the four 4 mm rings. Close the ring.2 mm ring to attach the toggle to the 3.Jdha. then cross It through the previous 7. and thread a 4 mm ring through the foldedback rings. She knows more than 100 weaves and is the fQUfJ"der of 'Blue Buddha Boutiqt:JB. This unit is called a Mobius unit. Rebeca Mojica is a Mil-time chaff'] mail artist and instructor. creations and kits at www.2 mm ring through the four 4 mm rings and through the other two 7. Close the ring.2 mm ring on the Mobius unit. Repeat with a second 4 mm ring./:)(JutiQue. 17 Repeat steps 12-15 on the opposite end of the bracelet. Close a 3.10 Repeat steps 7-9 on ·the chain units on the other side of the center unit.2 mm ring.2 mm open ring through the four 4 mm rings added in step 12.2 mm jump ring around the Mobius unit at this end.:1tkllue.2 mm rings so that the three rings are intertwined.oQm. Attach a 3. fold back the final two 4 mm rings.fjJluee(J(. rEJi' see her. 16 Use a 3. 13 Thread a 7. 12 On the end of one chain unit. a chain mail sU{!Jplier. Contact n.2 mm jump ring to attach the Mobius unit and the loop half of a toggle clasp. Use another 3.ef at 866\ Repeat on the remaining chain units on this end.2 mm ring to the toggle half of the toggle clasp. She IV/aced thir:d in the Bead Dreams 2009 Finished Jewelry categG!IJ¥.2 mm ring and close this second ring. ~ 15 Thread a third 7. 14 Thread a second 7. 1464 or via e-mail at pe/.P~@@ll!1e/t)!1d€lliJa/i)@f.

(5-6.. (5 em) 12-gauge 16 in. (41 em) 16-gauge 1Y2 ft.6 cm) 22-gauge head pins • chain nose and roundnose pliers • flush cutters • bench block • chasing hammer • emery board -.. .4 em) long • pearls 111 mm 210mm 28mm 16-7 mm • sterlililg silver dead-soft wire 2 in. ..materials pendant 2-21h in. (7. (46 em) 22-gauge • 6 3-in.

Trim each end of the wra,pping wire at the back of the base wire. 3 Cut a 2-in. (5 cm) piece of 16-gauge wire, making sure both ends are cut flush. Grasp the center of the wire at the back of your round nose pliers, and bend the wire ends up to form a U.



Open the loops on one of the remaining U units, and hook it over the first and second units attached to the base wire. Repeat with a second unit, hooking it over the second and third units in the previous row. Repeat with a third unit, hooking it over the two units in the previous row.


1 To make the base wire, hammer one end of a 2-in. (5 cm) piece of 12-gauge wire on a bench block, forming a paddle. Use roundnose pliers to gently curve the wire.

Using roundnose pliers, make a 4 mm loop on each end of the wire, perpendicular to the U. Repeat to make a total of three U units with 4 mm loops and three U units with 2-3 mm loops.

5 To make the bail, cut a 2Y2-in. (6.4 om)
piece of 16-gauge wire, outting both ends flush. Using ohainnose pliers, grasp the center of the wire and make a bend. Make a 4 mm loop on each end in the same direction as the bend. Bend the loops in so they're parallel to each other. Texture the wire with the chasing hammer.

On the other end of the wire, hammer another paddle in the same plane as the first one. Texture the entire wire, using the round end of a chasing hammer. File the paddles with an emery board if necessary. 2 Bend a 11h-ft. (46 cm) piece of 22-gauge wrapping wire in half. Position the bend at the center of the base wire. Wrap one end of the wrapping wire around the base wire, then wrap the other end, ooiling until the ends are equally far apart from the center.

Position each U unit on the bench block, loops down, and hammer the U portion of the piece. Open the loops, and hook them over the base wire, positioning them inside the first row of U units. Close the loops.

4 Open the loops of the three U units with 4 mm loops, and slide them on the base wire, positioning them over the wrapped base wire. Close the loops around the base wire. Adjust as desired.


Wirework 2.010

6 String a pearl on a head pin. Make the first half of a wrapped loop (Basics., p, 8) above the pearl (the loop should be at least 2. mm), then wrap the wire around the pliers a second time to form a double loop. Then, spiral the excess wire around the top of the pearl.

Repeat with the remaining pearls.

7 Open and close loops on the U units
as necessary to string the pearl dangles as follows: 6-7 mm on the center U in the top row, 8 mms on the left and right in the top row, 10 mms on the middle row, 11 mm on the bottom row. @J


Art NQuveau fflO'lement. Ner focus is wire and metalwork, amt/! stJe teaches nat{QAwi1fie. f!iamioe tlas ptiItftneretJt wftf:i Traer Stamley to fOI'PfJ Wired Ms, www:wire.€ Contact: Janirre via e-mail at

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Comprehensive Online Lessons by Kim Hatzold, AlP, CG (CIA) Jewelry Instructor since 1995

Untamed Spirttxtudios.corn 35

. ~.

one-col0r necklace 1[8 in. (4.6cm) ., 3 ,tGj;)-d~illedldr0p Ibeads ., 2(iHgaI!Jge jUfi11Prir:lgs 29 3 mm insi1ile diameter 62,5 mrn IG (119)

two-corer necklace 18 in. (46 ern] • 3 beads with 100pS at the top • 3QJ-gauge jtimp rings 24 4 rnrn I© sterHJ!1gSilver 2' 2,5 rnm lIS> sterlin@ silve~

S 4' rmrm

16 00ii1trastill0 eGIGl~

mrm lID t:®At~a§tir:1g celon
18 in. (46 cm)


• 3 meaGis with 10(f)PS at the top • 20-gauge jump ril'l[jJs 7 4 min ID, Geier A

10 4fil71m ID, colGwB
], 4 rnrn ID, eeler C 54 mrn 10, oelor liD 62.5

rmrm II§), stetlir.l[jJ silver

pearl necklace 118 ln, (46 em)'
• ."44) mm rice !::learls

• 12 in. (@Q em) 24-gauge @€lhiHlIlel1l wire

• 3 ~%-in. (3.8 om) 24·gauge
deC0rative l;J.ea!;!pins ., 20-gp.uge gold-flJled Jump rin§,s 42.5 mm I@ 29 ,;1. 1il1I"tn lID • rQl!lllldr'lOse f!iIJers

Learn /Jaw to (arm chain mail clusters to time for. cluster making, ill differen~ colors, The step-by'-step p/70tos SilOlA' the one-color.. version, substitution instructions fo! owing for the othelJ variations,
-. I I

all pr.ojects
• 16 in, (411 em) 'fime ehain • small tQggle clasp • 2 pairs of chalmose, bentnose, tlatnose pliers • G:iiag0l\lal wire cutters or

attach one end of one chain and one half of a toggle clasp. 2 Close seven 3 mm jump rings and four . Try to keep the overlap direction consistent in each section.step byste p one-color version 1 Cut two 8-in. I 9 Thread a ring through a bead and through the two lower rings in the center section. Thread a ring through the closed S mm ring just added and through two closed 2. Repeat to build a third section. link seven 3 mm rings. Thread an open 3 mm ring through the opening created between the first and third ring. hold the first ring flat with your nondominant hand. you will likely need to rotate each of them away from you to orient them properly.5 mm rings. ~ B Thread a jump ring through the first ( two lower rings in the center section.WireworkMag. and close the ring. 8).p. repeat steps 5 and 6 for the second and third sections. 5 Starting at the left end of the first 3 mm chain section. and close the ring. I ( www. Close the ring. Thread a ring through the second and third lower rings.2.5 mm rings.. as shown. Using an open jump ring. Slide the second and third links into position. 3 Thread a ring through the closed 3 mm ring you just added and through another closed 3 mm ring. (20 em) pieces of chain. and close the ring. threading the first ring through the set of 2. Close the ring. l l 7 Skipping the 2.. adding three rings to the center section and two rings to the third section. Repeat with the second chain and the other half of the clasp. To the seventh 3 mm ring. Open a 2. Open 22 3 rnrn jump rings. Close the ring.5 mm jump rings.5 mm jump ring (Basics•. add another pair of 2. This forms the first section containing five Smm rings.5 mm rings.Close the ring. 4 To make the center seotion. linking five 3 mm rings and joining the last ring to the unused end of the other chain. and close the jump ring. 10 Repeat step 9 on the two lower rings in the first and third sections.. attach the unused end of one chain and a closed 3 mm 37 .5 mm rings.

Using an open 2 . 1 Repeat step 1 of the one-color version. a bead unit for each pair of 2.5 mm rings for the center section. WW'W.. To make this variation. attaoh the 5 unused end of one chain and a closed 4 mm sterling ring..5 mm rings. A. On one end of a wire. attachlnq the chain with the finalS.. mm oontrasting ring.5 mm ring to attach the unused end of one chain and one loop of a bead unit. A. Use a 2. and two closed 2. sM sells fler jlJt:rJ~ rings and kits through her site. Open two 2.String a pearl on the wire.. Use a color B jump ring (shown in silver in the photo in step 3) to attach the chain to anA ring (shown in green in the photo in step 3). Open the remaining 4 mm jump rings.5 mm rings. 5 Repeat steps 8-10 of the one-color version. make a small wrapped loop .@(?Jrrt. you'll substitute 4 mm jump rings for the one-color version's 3 mm jump rings throughout. you'll substitute 4 mm jump rings for the one-oolor version's 3 mm jump rings throughout. 2 Close five 4 mm sterling silver jump rings. plus a pair of closed 2. " 5 Repeat steps 3 and 4 of the onecolor version. A. two 4 mm contrasting jump rings.._~ __ ~~ . and B. p. use a contrasting 4 mm ring. To make this variation. attach a B ring. Close the ring. B. Close the ring. Contact her via 9'iFrilai/ 'fjjJ $fj1it1/erft{j)spiCiJeKcmaln.5 mm ring to attaoh the bead unit to the chain. a B ring. To make this variation.Jin@ f@f. 2 To make the pearl bead units. l . B. placing a contrasting 4 mm jump ring as the third ring in the first and last sections and as the third and fifth rings in the center section (shown in red in the photo below). (7.Mways to weave metal.. 7 Thread a jump ring through a dangle and through the two lower jump rings in the center section. and make a small wrapped loop on the other end of the wire. 2 Close seven color A jump rings.. To make the center and third sections. and four 2. /ile. and use a 2. Attach the last 4 mm jump ring to a bead unit. using color 0 jump rings to complete the necklace. using color C jump rings.Open 22 4 mm jump rings . attach rIngs in the following order: B. 3 Repeat step 1 of the one-color version. using 2. 5 Repeat steps 8-1. B.5 mm sterling silver jump rings.0 of the one-color version to complete the necklace.. B for the third section. Close the ring. A. 1 Repeat step 1 of the one-oolor version. Close the ring. an A ring.5 mm cohtrastlnq jump rings. substituting. i§l ~ 4 Repeat steps 5-7 of the one-color version. Use contrasting 2. B. ~r-----------------' ~_:. A. Repeat on the two lower rings in the first and third sections. 4 Close seven 4 mm jump rings and two 2. cut four 3-in. 4 Repeat steps 5-7 of the one-color version.Repeat to make a total of three pearl dangles. string a pearl on a head pin and make a wrapped loop (Saslcs. but when you add the second ring in the center section. 8) above the bead . 6 Repeat steps 5-8 of the one-color version to complete the necklace.5 mm rings as the pairs between sections and to attach the last jump ring to the chain.5 mm contrasting jump rings and 19 4 mm sterling jump rings.5 mm jump rings . you'll substitute 4 mm jump rings for the one-color version's 3 mm jump rings throughout. Repeat to make a total of four pearl bead units. 38 Wirework 2010 . 3 Repeat steps 3 and 4 of the onecolor version. spiGierchain .oem. pearl version stamtly sea/iQt. this is the first section. 3 To the A ring just added.6 cm) pieces of gold-filled wire.two-color version four-color version 1 To make the pearl dangles. Thread a 4 mm ring through the bead unit's other loop and through a closed 4 mm ring.

(61 em) 28-gauge jump ring and roundnose pliers • 6 mm 16-gauge • ehainnose • chasing • flush cutters hammer • st~el bench block or anvil • liver of sulfur (optional) • polishing cloth (optional) . (4.materials pendant 1% x 2 • sterling in.1 x 5 em) wire silver round dead-soft 15 in. (38 em) i6-gauge 2 ft.

cut a 4-in. Refer to the actual-size figure (below) when making the spokes throughout this project. FIGURE 1 To make the right-hand spoke. then make a. closed spiral (see editor's notes. ~ r ~ ( 3 To make the top spoke. Push the spiral in so the outer edge meets the wire . use roundnose pliers to make a Il ~ ( ~ On the opposite end of this wire. right) in the opposite direction of the first spiral.This loop will be the On the' other end of the wire. This is the bottom spiral of the pendant. Repeat step 1 to make the left spoke in the mirror image of the right.. On the other end of this wire. 5 On a bench block or anvil. making sure to cut the ends flush. make a tight spiral with two rotations. count~ ing the pinched tight loop as one.. (11. cut a 31.loose rotation. (8. (10 ern) piece of 1. Form a tight spiral for two-and-a-half > ) rotations . hammer each component until it is slightly flat. ~ 1 40 Wirework 2010 . wire. 2 mm loop.Then make one rotation as a loose spirat. where the loops aren't touching. grasp across the loop. cut a 4V2-in. and bend the wire to make a second spiral around the loop . making sure to cut the ends flush.3 cm) piece of 16-gauge wire.4 cm) piece of 16-gauge making sure to cut the ends flush. ( ( ~ ( 2. making them as similar as possible. On one end of the wire. Using chainnose pliers. ~ Make one-and-a-half rotations.. ~4 \ ( \ \ To make the bottom spoke. make a small loop to begin a tight.i-in.Make a loose spital for a quarter rotation. then make a half rotation loosely. Make a tight spiral for two rotations. make a tight two-rotation spiral. top of the pendant.6-gauge wire. then add a loose spiral.

To get it'! tOldch with Lisa. paying close attention to the direction of the spirals.Gom. Usa Niven Ke'lly has been making jewelry fDr 20 years and reacJhin@ for 1&. if desired.dlJcatiorJ.comfprt! _ '.S'ent"( 41 . @) ( ~ ( ( ( ( ( ) ) (.om or v:isit ner Web site. IlvVt. Add bind~ ing wires at all eight connection pOints ( " 9 Patinate (Basics) and polish the pendant.tion. or as desired. ". and close the loop. Faunder of ffJea. _II Five 'plier~types a\oi'ailabl.-p~rfectfor wire work . earn. and so forth. Be sure to pull the wire snug. (7. cm) piece 6 of 28-gauge wire for each connection. and press ~ them against the back side. Weave five or six times. Cut a 3-in. between the spokes.MAx'MUM stre~:gthl "• MAXIMUM size! ' '. Round. N@w. ) thread it through the top spiral of the ) pendant. between the two. Mark where the pieces will be connected. p.WlreworkMag. she teaohes /!Igtfr) in person and tllrGUgh filer &eadueatien claS'ses.e: ChlZlin. & chain maille! . e-mBl1 her at I/sa@bea.r::.ri/dca.. around the second spoke. p. as indicated by the dots on the figure. Wide-6"mm Flar.3 cm) tail on the back to start. Hold a %-in. MAXIMUM.'INjisaniv8nkeily.6 Align the spokes as in the figure. 40. going around the first spoke. pnd Narrow' 2mm Flat "Nose www. 8). (1. ( 8 Open a jump ring (Basics. 7 You'll use 28-gauge wire to connect the spokes. Weave in afigure-8 pattern. ( Trim the weaving wires.

. and the best part is that you can build the sections.6 em) chain for extender • lobster claw clasp • wire cutters • chainnose anrnroundnose pliers 42 Wirework 2010 .3 m) spool 22. top drilled • glass pearls 712 mm Twist layers of glass beads and crystals together to make a showstopping by Un-Roen Manarata Don't let this necklace intimidate section of bead clusters is longer than on the other. (18.. and then add more beads as you see fit.~ materials • 25-3512 - necklace 17-19 in. give you some tips.. and tl1e pearl sections are different lengths and use different sizes of pearls. join them. (43-48 cm) x 16 leaves. (7. and wait anxiously to see your finished pieces! 510 mm 55-706 mm 45-604 mm necklace. the necklace design is intentionally asymmetrical .or 24gauge wire • 3 in. To enhance the organic look and al/eviate the need to make perfectly matching bead clusters. 45-603 mm • B0-90 4 mm bicone crystals • 2Q-yd. The technique is easier than It looks. We'll show you the basios.

(61 cm) piece of wire S0 you don't have to eantinue to add pieces of wire if your plan changes direction. ~ Twist the wire below the loops. Here. ) ~ www. (3 mm) away. then wrap around the unwrapped branch back to the beginning. twist the wires together for the length desired. i ~ There are five sections ot bead clusters in the necklace: the pointed center cluster. 2 To branch aut and make a multlstemmed cluster. If you techniques for making bead clusters. see "General Construction" to find out how I divided the bead clusters inta sections. make a small cluster for the extender chain. a right-hand cluster (it extends from the center of the necklace to the pearls). are same photas of individual beadcluster sections. and twist The reason for making the bead clus( the wire halves together. It ( ! > ! editor's note • For the bead-cluster sections. and three clusters that make up the left side. ~ Make a few twists under the bead. attachment points In order to be able to attach the pointed center cluster and the extender-chain cluster to other parts of the necklace.Bend ( the wire around the bead. bead cluster and another when you finish it sections Make and arrange five sections of bead clusters as desired. working back to the previous stem.9-1. ) need two loops. than a set of step-by-step instructions. Then make a few twists around the previaus stem. If you have to make only one loop attachment point.. (. Determine \ whether you need one loop as an To make this necklace.WireworkMag. and product of your intuition and creativity wrap the wire around the pliers twice. you can at the back with hidden loops. < bly going to link it to another loop. Also. make a cauple of twists to secure the loop. I ! ( ~ 3 String a bead '/8 in. opposite. and it allows you some flexibility in shaping the piece to curve around the neck. and on the next page. There's also a small bead cluster for the extender chain.5 m) pieces of wire.ral construction ~ the basics f 1 To get started. platinum. (. you'll need to integrate a single loop into their design for use as an attachment point. start with at least a 2-ft. you can form it when you're done adding beads to the duster. string five 4 mm ~ bicone crystals or 3 mm pearls on the wire. step-by-step photos) were constructed ) in sections. But if you need to make two loop attachment points. (. and make just a few twists under the bead. use roundnose pliers but the finished piece will be more a \ to grasp the center of the 43 .f yvu need to add embellishments here ana therre. The other bead clusters need two separate loops for use as attachment points. (1. String anather bead % in. start!with 3-5-ft.9-1. This The bead clusters of both versions of the ( loop can be small. you'll learn ) attachment point or two loops. ters in sections is twofold: Working with more than 5 ft.5 m) ~ piece of 24-gauge wire. You can ( start by attaching beads to your make and connect as many sections as ' 3-5-ft. you like to achieve your desired design. I.9 to 1. which were then connected If you only need one loop.5 m) piece of wire. cut a ~5-ft. Form the beads into a ring. ~ ) ) ~ ) \ ) 4 To make sections of unembellished branch. you'll probably have to make one when you start a . (1 cm) away.stepbystep gene. ( Center a bead on the wire.5 m) of wire can be unwieldy. since you're probanecklace (bronze.

and complete the wraps. attach a 3-in. and oomplete the wraps. attach the left-hand bead-cluster section. (5 cm) piece of wire. @1 ~ 3 On one end of the 10 mm pearl ) strand.0e. ~ ( ~ Link the 10 mm pearl units in a strand ~ and complete the wraps between I ~ \ \ units: do not wrap the end loops.6 cm) chain. a lobster claw clasp. (7. ) 1 ( ) l ) ) On the other end of the 12 rnrn pearl ~ strand.%-in. Repeat to link the 12 mm pearl units.Jvain. @w sine WQr. Repeat to make a total of five 10 mm pearl units and seven 12 mm pearl units. attach. .e\. String a ( 10 mm pearl and make the first half af a wrapped loop. ( . jewm"1ey imt@ jewelry JDy 0Featifil@ !polymer Glay fairy m®lIs anQ teat1:i'liI"lQ jewelry and GJoll-makilFl. 1 . ~ Add more bead clusters as desired to hide and strengthen the connections. 11----------------' L.. 44 Wrrework 2010 .ffieJgiwm. $me staneel t<1er. and complete the wraps .ks N witf-l @ea€ls. 8) on one end. and complete the wraps.( 2 Cut a 2.. Connect the bead-cluster sections by joining the loops and completing the wraps. Her Waf!> sjte is lNww~elfeJl1.@ 1edmmi(1lues. and complete the wraps. horne. alfld fililetai elay aM explores mew rnatenals. ( ( ~ ~ ~ ) ( ( l J ( ~ 4 On the other end of the 10 mm pearl strand. p. 1.wire.1 ~ ~~ ) 6 Attach the extender-chain \ ( bead cluster to the end of the chain. ( ( and make the first half of a wrapped loop (Basics. II building the necklace . attach the right-hand bead-cluster section. \ ~ ~ \ 5 On one end of the 12 mm pearl strand.

size 4 to 10 • sterling silver h. (38 em) 2G-gauge scuare 8 in. (53 em) 21-gauge square 10 ifl.e 4> to 1 0 • 6 rnrn round bead • 23 mm sterling sllven beams • sterling silver half-hard wire 21 in.l0e hatt-round bead-and-wire ring.alf-hard wire 15 in.materials all-wire ring. siz. (2G em) i 8-9a\:. (2~ em) 18-@auge half-round all projects • roundnose and flatnose pliers • flusM cutters • fine-tip marker • masking tape • ril1l0 mandrel .

bend % in. longer end at 30° angles away from the center wire. 6 mm.5 cm) piece of masking tape. Adjust the longer loops so they lay over the parallel side wires. (6 mm) of one end of the wire. at first holding the hook with your flatnose pliers and using your thumb and forefinger to ply the wire around the bundle. orienting each toward its base. ~ string a 3 mm. I 8 Remove the tape from the ends. . Trim the ends so they're long enough to cover two square wires on the back....Tape both ends firmly with masking tape to form a bundle. and 3 mm bead.. Place the hook on the mark at one end. make a mark centered between the two reference marks. Be sure to keep the bundle wires flat as you wrap.. ·~. (1.F 1 Cut and straighten three 5-in. Press the wires toward the ring firmly. ) (7. (13 cm) pieces of square wire. side of the center mark. (20 cm) piece of halfround wire. Lift ~~ the two center wires up from the rest of the wires. Wrap the bundle around the mandrel at the point three full sizes smaller thar:'lyour desired finished size. (18 cm) pieces of square wire. 5 Mark the front of the bundle 1/2 in. using pliers and your fingers ( 2 Spread the two side wires on the from the center mark and the outer wires 5/s in.- 4 Angle the hook slightly to the right if you're right-handed.6 em). Make a loop ineaoh wire.stepbystep all-wire ring ( I ~~=II t. ' ~ .. ~'.Make a IoOR on the end of each of the wires you just cut. ~->:~: ' .--. Mark the inner wires V2 in.. then make a mark 112 (1. . Usingflatnose pliers. (1. Place the wires flush and parallel with each other. .. 3 Cut an 8-in. Continue moving the pliers to the most recent wraps as you work across to the mark on the other end.... to the left if you're left-handed. ~ Bend the bundle around the mandrel until the bundle ends are parallel to ~ each other on the back of the mandrel.the wires flat but flush.6 x 2. On the center wire. rounded-side out..:. (0. These are sizing reference marks. ~ 9 Straighten the remaining wires to the sides.:=.3 em) to each in. . Place the bundle back on the mandrel at the desired size.:·'·:1·' ~~~ . bead-and-wire ring 1 Cut and straighten three 7 -in. Holding the ring at the proper size on the mandrel.. (1.3 em) from the ends of the wraps.. ~I t 46 Wirework 2010 . ~ ( 2 Mark the center of the bundle. pushing it open or pulling the ends to fit.~. --.6 em) from one end. I~=· .3. Bend the bundle in a U. 6 Place the bundle wrong-side down on a ring mandrel.. keeping. 10 Angle the wires toward the center 45° wires . orienting the loops in the same directIon. ( Wrap the tape around the wires 3 in.. Cut a % x 1-in. the bundle will spring out to a larger size.. pulling them to a 450 angle from the other wires. - Use roundnose pliers to bend them to 90°.. Cut the wires at the marks. Cross them over each other at this center mark.. to make a hook. Wrap the half-round wire around the bundle. 7 Remove the bundle from the mandrel. trimming any excess tape at the ends.

Cut the wires at these marks.. (1. Repeat steps 6 and 7 of the all-wire ring. grasp the very tip of the outer wire and roll it back toward the wrap until it forms a loop. measure from the wraps on each side and mark the outer wres. Using your flatnose pliers. Repeat on the other side. Remove the masking tape from one side..WireworkMag..9 cm) from the last bead on each side. (6. 8 Cut a 2V2-in.mfT'l. then the inner wire.s in the itJeadif71gand jewelry-ma'kin@ world. C(i)FltafJt Sharofi) via a-ma# at sac-motifS@yahQ0. www. 3 Measure % in. Bend the beginning hook up and trim it the same wayan the inside of the ring. 9 Repeat steps 7 and 8 on the other side of the ring.3 cm). bring the wires back together beyond the beads. 10 To finish the extending wires.s8cffl. ClarK set (J)'ff em Working in the opposite direction. make four wraps with the other end of the half-round wire. and the inner wires at V2in. inspired by vintage jewelry. Wrap the wires with the tape.eGffl. (6 mm). Trim the wire tail so it's as long as two square wires on the inside of the ring.Using your fingers. keeping the wires flat but flush. (10 cm) piece of half-round wire. Sharon A. and hook it over the wires at the mark. Repeat with the center wire. 7 Bring the wire ends around to the front. (1. the center wires at % in. wrapping as in step 4 of the all-wire ring. (0. ~ 5 Wrap one end of the wire around the two bundles four times. but all three sf:/are space on thei Wet:>site. pinch the tape to flatten it 6 Place the ring on the mandrel and check the size. Bend it in half with the rounded side out. s/ain.6 x % 47 . 4 Cut a 4-in.6 em) from the smaller bead. Using roundnoss pliers. em) piece of 5 masking tape . Het husl!JaFld at/a ciJa/!'/@fitet have their GWIil f'riGlile..4 em) piece of halfround wire. and reattach it around the six wires on this same side. (1. (1 em). www.Pull the wire ends to make the ring smaller or push the ring down the mandrel to make it larger. Bend it as in step 3 of the all-wire ring.. and make a mark. her jewelry-maklf1fj mission 20 years ago. Slide the fold over both sets of wires at the center back mark.Cut a % x t-in. placing the wires flush and parallel with each other.otifs.

fle~ W/ileftJefi 1I?olt1!lan fa stibmit 'jl1Jlfffi eanliimg's ie jtJfilelif sfrl(f)WS or y(!)fj il1st wfJnt t(!J spea$ ress m~mey OF! jewelry tindirrgs.9 em) 20-gauge • pen. (13 em) 20~gauge half-hard wire • pen. mandrel. long earring wires • 5 in. a perfect way te show off lYour {Jew skill. half-hard wire or pliers with a %-in. makiag Y(JIJf own BarFing wires is a great way. (1 em) diameter Earrin. mandrel. by Barb SwJ. (8. These stylized earring wires are the foundation of the bronze leaf earrin{fJ..~. or pliers with half-hard wire a %_5/'6-in. to broad&fI your jeweltr-makinfj skills. (10 em) 24-gauge • pen.-in. (13 em) 22-gauge • pen. mandrel.s.materials basic earring wires • 3% In. (1. (15 em) 20-gauge 4 In. (6-7 mm) diameter kidney earring wires • 5 in.whioh are easy t(j) make ami.earring wires) • 2 4 rnm bieone crystals • bronze wire 12 in. (1. or pliers with a ')4. iIlRern @Jisadte illlrlese lQ)r!1[i)[lze le~tf eanrif:1l@s. mandrel.9 em) diameter all projects • round nose and chainnosa • flush Gutters • beneh block • chasing mallet • fine file or emery board • fine-tip marker hammer. (30 em) 18-gauge 6 in.9 em) diameter bronze leaf earrings (including materials for long . • 5 rnrn mandrel or pliers with a for making jump rings %-in. or rawhide or plastic pliers 48 Wlrew0rk 201 [i) . educaion Learn iIt@mali<e three styles ef earrirlg wires.

positioning the 13f8-in. (5 cm) piece of 22-gauge half-hard wire. (1 cm) mark. ~ 6 Using roundnose pliers. bend ~ the last V.(1 em) diameter. Use a flnetip marker to mark the center of the wire. 2 Bend the wire around an Object With a 3/s-in.3.(6-7 mm) diameter to form a U. ( On the longer end of the wire. Gut a 2-in. I ? ( The ends will be uneven. www.(.ste:pbystep basic earring wire ) 4 To strengthen and flatten the top ~ curve of the wire:. PulJthe wife end up toward the top of the curve. l ~ 1. Using a fine-tip marker. (3 mm) up 45 0 • 3 At the other end of the wire. Using chainnose pliers. use a rawhide or plastic malJetto hammer the curve on a bench block. (3 mm) up 45°. . and bend the wire tail 90°. Make sure to adjust the wire so there's tension between the hook and the 45° bend at the other end of the 49 . grasp the wire just beyond the mark.WireworkMag. 5 Hammer the earring wire lightly until it is slightly springy. 4 At the other end of the wire.5em) mark on the left side of the curve. making flush cuts at both Bend the wire around an object with a%_5/16-in. 1 Cut a 1V2-in. 2 Using the tips of your roundnose pliers.I I 3 To work-harden the wire. (3.. 7 Hammer the U at the top as in the basic earring wire.use a chasing hammer to lightly hammer the curved portion ~ on a bench block. (1 cm) and 1:vain. kidney earring wire Make a slight bend before the curved bend to make the previous curve more pronounced. mark the wire 3/a in.(3. Use a fine file or emery board to smooth the end. make a loop at one end of the wire. em) piece of 8 20-gauge half-hard wire. grasp the last V16 in: (2 mm) of the 90° wire and make a small hook. File the short end smooth using a fine file or an emery board. bend the last Vain. position the tip of your roundnose pliers just above the % in.5 em) from the right end of the wire.

.9 cm) diameter. rolling the loops away from each other. (5 cm) piece of 20-gauge half-hard wire.I-in. (1. Repeat on the other side of the center mark. p. Reshape thewire so the loops overlap and are aligned. 8). Push the wire toward the other half of the circle. 5 Place the top half of the earring on a beneh block.9 em) diameter. Using roundnose pliers. 1 Make a pair of earring wires. Grasp the center of the sides and pull the sides apart slightly to widen the leaf. p. round one end of the wire. Mark the center of the wire with a fine-tip marker. 1 Cut a 2-in. use a. 2 Using chainnose pliers. • If yau j. (5 mm) of the filed end of the wire and bend it up 45°. make a small loop on the unfiled end of the wire. Wrap the wire around an object with a %-in. ------. use long earring wires. cut a 2%-in. Repeat to make a second leaf vein. and use a chasing hammer to gently hammer the bend. grasp 0/16 in. make a loop at each end of the wire. Using a fine file or emery board. Hammer the angled end lightly. Bend the wire around an object with a 3. 118-98U90 jump rings (Basics. cut a %-in.2 em) piece of 20-gauge wire. Repeat step 2 of the long earring wires to shape this piece of wire. 3 Using roundnose pliers. grasp the wire to one side of the center mark.long earring wire 4 Using ehainnose pliers. ~ I 50 Wirework 2010 . Mark the center of the wire with a fine-tip marker. the bronze leaf earrings.lrefer the €lUNe 0~ the w1re te l1emain reund. rrawhiele OJ jillastie mallet instead of tme Ghasing ham mer. Bend the center of the wire around a pen to give it a slight curve.(1. Using the tip of your roundnose pliers. (2. 3 To make a leaf vein. 48. Refine the shape if necessary. Repeat to make a second leaf shape. 2 To make a leaf shape. make a small loop on each end in the opposite direction of the center bend. bronze leaf earrings 4 Make four 5 mm-inside-diameter. (7 em) piece of 18-gauge wire.

She teaehes around tIile country.Using the tips of your roundnose pliers. ) )) ) ) ( 7 Open a jump ring (Basics). String a crystal on the wire. and thread the jump ring through the three loops. (1 cm) tram one end. (5 cm) piece of 24-gauge wire. Make a plain loop (Basics) above the bead. Instead. a-maN her at barb@beadswitzer.assioPt. Place the leaf vein's remaining loop between the loops of a !eaf shape. thread it through ( the jump ring added in step 7 and the ( loop of your earring wire.beadswitzer. attach the top loop of a dangle. bOfirding witf. Take your chainmaille to the next level.! iewelry makers anGi beaders who snare /iJeF'{fJ. then continue turning until you've reached the bend. but don't trim the tail. coil the wire around the top of the crystal like a bead cap. spsGiafizing in wire.cGm. o '0 Crystal Byzantine Bracalat by Brue Buddha founder Rebeca Mojica o 8S seen In this Issue of Wirewonr' o o www. Repeat to make another dangle.5 To make a or visit her Web site. Barb Switzer has been makIng jewelry tar 14 yeete. www. cut a 2-in. 6 Open the bottom loop of a leaf vein. \ 8 Open a jump ring. make one 51 . 9 Repeat steps 6-8 to assemble a second earring in the mirror image of the first. Close the jump ring. Close the I ) jump ring. @l n Design option': Add a wire coil fo the front of fhe leng earring wires. Make a bend % in. To contact Barb. and close the loop.. ~*i_~ut~ueo 0°.WireworkMag.

by Brenda Schweder The iron wire used for this necklace and earrings is actually from the hardware store.iron wire is earning respect in the jewelry world.Statement in steel Uncommonly pretty . not the bead store (see editor's notes. 52 Wirework 2010 . opposite). it goes from hardware store to hard to resist. But when you clean and protect it and then combine it with crystals.

Flush cut both ends of the ring. Known as "tie wire" or "binding wire" in the building industry. Form the hook until it's almost closed. materials necklace • crystals 4 4 mm bicone. (1. black diamond 44 mm round.7 cm) piece of 16-gauge wire. Either use a photocopier to enlarge the image 120% or follow the figure's measurements and shapes to draw your own actual-size template on a sheet of paper.WireworkMag. Indian Sapphire AB • 4ft. jet hematite 4 6 mm round. annealed-steel wire at hardware or home-improvement stores. • steel wool and/or 4 8 mm round. (1. Steel is also prone to rusting. (18 em) 16-gauge • 3 ft.9 cm) • 7 in. (. which I don't like to introduce to my good tools. 2 To make the ring. • Use a separate set of tools for working with steel wire.clasp 1__ ~I stepbystep 1 Reference the figure when making your template for the necklace. jet hematite 66 mm round. Montana 6 4 mm bicone. 1'. jet hematite 4 6 mm bicone. (41. www. and make a hook that's approximately 6 mm in diameter. and fencing supplies. Grasp one end of the wire with roundnose pliers at the widest part of the jaws. wrap 16-gauge annealed-steel wire around a SA-in. rebar. jet hematite 6 6 mm bicone.9 m) 28-gauge steel wire • pair of earring wires 6 8 mm 53 . • flush cutters • bench block • hammer • microcrystalline • soft cloth wax (Renaissance brass brush Wax) chainnose. (2 cm) mandrel. I used a ring mandrel and placed the wire at the size 12 mark.4 m) 28-gauge steel wire • %-in. cut a 2Y<1-in. (5. which is tough and can mar the jaws of cutters.2 m) 16·gauge steel wire annealedannealed- annealed- editor's notes and all projects • roundnose. flatnose pliers • 4% ft. (2 cm) mandrel. black. jet 6 4 mm bicone. or ring mandrel earrings • crystals pipe. steel wire Montana Indian Sapphire annealedAS 16Y2 in.2 cml---i necklace FIGURE 3 To make the clasp. 4 4 mm bicone. black diamond 6 4 mm bicone. (3. jet • Purchase low-carbon. you'll find this wire in the same department as concrete.4 in.

Arrange the pieces on the template and make any necessary adjustments. Positioning the large loop parallel with the surface of the template and the small loop perpendicular to it. keeping one loop perpendicular for the clasp and the other loop parallel to the surface. ~ and close the Repeat on the middle-length dangle and the shortest dangle. make a regular-size plain loop perpendicular to the large loop. At one end of each wire. 4. 8 Use a brass brush or steel wool to remove the carbon coating from the surface of all of the wire pieces. repositioning them on the bench block as necessary to retain their curves and the orientation of 11 Open the large ring. On both ends of three of the wires.8 cm) pieces of 16-gauge wire. make a plain loop to form an eye. 7 Hammer all the wire pieces you've made. String the smaller loops of the beaded dangles. cut a ~Y2-in. Place the clasp on the template with the hook's open side facing out and gently curve the clasp. the 8 mm. these will be the left front. and 5. 10. For the left back piece. following the direction of the curves in the photo. 5 To make the dangles. conform the pieces to the curves. this is the. cut the following lengths of 16-gauge wire: 4%. 8) on the other end of the wire. At the other end of each wire. (11. (1.7 cm). make parallel plain loops. curve each wire to conform to the shape of the side pieces.9 cm) from the end of the wire. .4. and 21. and right back pieces.peat to make a total of 36 eye pins. ~ 6 To make eye pins for the crystal ) ) units.4in. Open the loops of the side pieces and attach the pieces to one another. 201 0 . Repeat with the right back piece.8 cm) piece of 28-gauge wire. perpendicular to the hook. conforming to the template. Positioning the loops of the front pieces perpendicular to the template's flat surface. make a large (5 mm) plain loop by making the initial bend % in. 54 Wirework. right front. 8. Open the loop (not the hook) of the clasp. one of each 4 mm. but keep its loops parallel to the flat surface.6. Make a plain loop on the other end. 7. (10. and attach it to the back loop of the right back piece. one of each 6 mm. 3%. then the unbeaded dangles. left back piece. Close the loop. make perpendicular plain loops. Use a soft cloth to rub a coat of microcrystalline wax on the surfaces of the pieces. cut four 4 %-in. string a crystalon an eye pin. l ~ l I 9 To make a crystal unit. The other two dangles will not have crystal units attached.Make a plain loop (Basics. form the curve. Re. On each end of the remaining wire. 4 To make the side sections. 3. Sort the crystal units into three sets with two of each crystal type in each set. On one end.(3. Repeat to make a total of 36 crystal units. p. one of each 6 mm. Slide the loops of the left and right front units onto the ring.9. String one set of crystal units in the following order: one of each 4 mm. j 10 Open the large loop (Basics) of the longest dangle.

follow step 5 of the necklace to make loops on the wire and curve it. string the smaller loop of a dangle on the wire. Swarovski crystals & findings. much more! Brenda Schweder is tlfle 81. Irom Wire Jewelry. Follow step 10 of the necklace to string the crystal units on the earring Contact her vIa e-mail at b@orenaasohweder. red brass. . is scheduled for release in Fall 201 0 (Lark BOQks).com 55 . DODO www. gemstone. copper. books. 3 Follow steps 7 and 8 of the necklace to hammer.caM 5 Open the loop of an earring wire..earrings 1 Cut a 3-in. and much. Repeat with the second dangle and earring wire. supplies.fine silver. www. cabochons. g!KONBTERSLAYiR ROCK B01TOM PRICES! . polishing equipment. 2 Follow step 6 of the necklace to make 24 eye pins. l4kgold. SPEEDY SERVICE Sterling silver. gold filled. Her upc@mingbook. @'J TOP NOTCH. 4 Follow step 9 of the necklace to make 24 crystal units.. and polish the wires. To create the earring dangle. soldering alloys and. yellow brass sheet & wire mill products. Argentium sterling. glass & turquoise beads. www. precious & plated jewelry findings. smithing & wire wrapping tools. Make a second earring dangle the mirror image of the first. clean. freshwater pearls. CO(7il.WireworkMag.J. (7.bren@8S(f)bweGtLer. sorting them into two sets. nickel. display & storage items. or visit her Web site.jth(fJr@f Vintage RedUX': Rermakeclassic and celleetlole jewelry and Junk to Jewelry (Malmbar!JfI Publishing C(J). and close the loop.6 cm) piece of 16-gauge annealed-steel wire..

and pearls into the "rungs.4 em) long • 86 mm or 7 mm pearls • 8 4 rnrn or 5 rrrn crystals • 8 2 mm or 3 mm crystals • 80-90 assorted seed and 3-4 mm beads • sterling silver round wire 8 in.3 ft. size.- Letara earrings Play with shape.or 26-gauge dead-soft • chain nose and roundnose pliers • flush or diagonal wire cutters 56 Wirewor~ 2010 . crystals. the name was inspired by my many visits [tJ Mader's.gJass beads. (20 cm) 20-galolge half-hard 7. by Rachel Nelson-Smith "Leitara" is the Old High German werd for laddeF.your stash at leftover Of mismatoheri bet1es .eads.. (2.because yOJli Gam lrIOOr{}@fiateseeri 1!J. II materials earrings 2% in. a German restal:lFant. in Milwaukee. and use I!.2 m) 24. Learn how to use 20-gauge half-hard wire to make a form for showcasing rows of beaded runglike embellishments. You can also customize the length of 'the dangles. While 'teaofilif:lg at the Beaf!i&l3uttofl $how. (6. These earrings are great tor t:Jsing up Y(JUf "bead SOUp". with these "ladder" earrings. and texture.:lI9l·eftoV'er beads.

Make a small plain loop (Basics. p. and trim the wrapping wire.(1. T0 contact I'ler. ( ) ) ) 2 String the double loop of one dangle on the wrapping wire. dangles Wrap the working wire around the ~ front of the frame a few times. about 1/2 in. 4 Using your fingers. 4 Make a second earring to match the first. Then wrap around the jaw in the same place again to make a double loop. Wrap the end of the wire around the frame just above the bottom back corner. and make a wrapped loop (8asics) above the bead. make the first half of a wrapped loop. Repeat to make a total of four small bead units. Flatten that loop slightly to form an eye pin. Then attach the medium bead unit to the single wrapped loop of a pearl unit. String a 4 mm or 5 mm crystal. t ! ~ ~ ( ~ gauge wire. ~ third.5 cm) from the previous bend. On one end.@] For another project /[)y Rachel Nelson~Smith. Make a rightangle bend 1 in. Bend the wrapping wire over the bottom edge of the frame.3 em) from the end. ) ~ 3 Cut an 8-in. (3 mm) of the wire at a 45° angle up and away from the other corners.Gom. (1. n or visit www. Make a few final ~ wraps. (2.3 cm) from the loop. 1 ~ ~ I 1 Cut a 2-in. Repeat to make a total of four medium bead units. ~ Repeat along the edge until all four dangles are attached. and trim any excess wire. Repeat to make a total of four pearl units.4 in.3 cm) tail around the frame a few times. then make two wraps around the frame about 1. (5 cm) piece of 26-gauge wire and make a small loop at one end. ~ Add a second. check Ol!1t JJC@ile(iJ Ser. ~ ) 1 <- l assembly 1 Cut a 4-in. www. curve the wire so that the angle you made in step 3 slides into the loop.WireworkMag. 3 Bend the last Va in. and make the first half of a wrapped loop. 8) on one end. (10 em) piece of 26-gauge wire. Complete the wraps. p. Complete the 57 . 6E3. 2 Cut a 2-in. 3 Cut a 4-in. Wrap the 1J2-in. Repeat to make three more dangles. (20 cm) piece of 26- 4 Attach a small bead unit to one loop of the medium bead unit. String a 2 mm or 3 mm crystal on the IiJrace/et. ) wrapping around \ the frame at I the end of each row. 2 Make a rightangle bend Y2 in. You ean lear-PI about tJer in liIeF bi0.rachelme/s(!)fIsmith. ~ (6 mm) from the initial wraps. Trim the excess wire. (1'0 cm) piece of 20-gauge wire.stepbystep wire frame 1 Cut a 4-in. (1. and make the first half of a wrapped loop at one end. 6&. String beads on the ~ wire to fit between the back and front ( of the trame. (1 0 em) piece of 26-gauge wrapping wire.®iH. (5 cm) piece of 26-gauge wire. and fourth row of beads. e-mail her at contact@rachelnelsonsmith. String a 6 mm or 7 mm pearl on the wire and ~ make a wrapped ~ loop below the pearl.

f'1) outside eiiameter . (19.materlals necklace ~9 in.1 Cr.5 rnrn 20-gaw~e sterUm€! silver 24 4 mm 18-gauge sterling silver bracelet 73.rings 2 lii mm 20-gal.. (46 Gil'll H>-gauge cGPlPe~ wire • jump. (2. (15 ern) mandrel with 7/S-illn. (76 om) *6-gauge copperrwire • juml'> rings 'll'lilm 16-gal!Jge copper 16 4 mm 18-gau@e srerling silverEiarrings • 2 13 x 6.4 in.:lge 4 4 mm ~8-!ijal!lge sterlimg . (2. (48 cm) • 513 x 6.3 m) 16-§auge copper wire • jurrmp rings 4 7 mm 16-galcJge G01ilpe~ 5 .7 cm) • 2Y:t ft.silver • ~air of niobfwm or sterling silver ear:ring wires <\11 projects • two ~airs of chalnnose and reundncse r.Dliers • • • • • flush cutters bench bleck chasing naRiumer fine-tip marker 6-in.5 rnrn brioleftes • 1Y2 ft.5 rnm briolettes • 7Y2 ft.

(2. Bend the sides in so the wires cross.. 2 Using roundnose pliers. making sure that the textured surface of each unit is facing in the same direction when lying flat.1 cm)-outside-diatneter PVC pipe or mandrel at least 25 times for the necklace. Using roundnose pliers. and at least four times for the earrings.WireworkMag . Don't hammer the 1 Follow the steps in the teardrop units to make 25 teardrop units. at least eight times for the bracelet.:. :.p. neckJace Hammer the curves at the sides with the flat end of the chasing hammer to strengthen them. Bend the wire around the jaw of the pliers in the direction opposite the small loop. 1 Coil 16-gauge wire around a 7Js-in.. then texture the whole clasp with the round end of the chasing hammer.. keeping the direction of the overlap consistent. grasp a ring directly across from the cut ends. Cross the remaining rings in the same way.. .stepbystep teardrop units I 3 Make a small downward loop on each end of each wire. make a small loop on each end. Orientingthe loops in opposite directions. Mark the center of the wire. Using a fine-tip marker. and use them to connect the top loops of the teardrop units. 4 Using the flat face of a chasing hammer. N_/' ~. om c 59 . grasp the wire between the figure 8 and one of the loops. ! . cut a 4~-in... Hammer ~ in. Using round nose pliers. Repeat on the other side. orienting the loops perpendicular to the wire. draw a line down the center of the wire coil. www.8 em) piece of 16-gauge wire.--.. 3 Open 24 4 mm sterling silver jump rings (BasiCS. Using the hammer's round face. texture the wire. - . At the center point. form a figure 8 with 4 mm loops.. (6 mm) on each end of the wire. 2 To make the clasp. hammer the bottom half of each unit on a bench block.. (10. . 8). perpendicular to the figure 8. .

. Attach two more jump rings to it to form a three-ring chain. thread it around the wire intersection on the bottom teardrop unit. ( " . Align the remaining two units loops-to-loops. using a pair of 4 mm jump rings. Close the jump ring. 5 Repeat steps 2-4 using the teardrop units set aside in step 1 to make a second earring.. open a copper jump ring and use it to attach the loop of the last teardrop unit and one end of the clasp. Repeat on the other set of loops. ifilacrGJw. . 2 Open a 4 mm jump ring. 3 Open a 5 mm jump ring.4 Attach a copper jump ring to the loop on one end teardrop unit. and close the jump ring. : - - -"'- ""' 3 To make the clasp. cut a 2%-in. Arrange the units loops-to-loops and teardrops-to-teardrops. metal. 1Q years &J@lJ!Jeli 'the !?Jusiness Aaffle t. . 60 Wirewor'k 2010 .1 Attach a briolette to the two teardrop units on each side of the center unit. 4 Attach one end of the clasp to the end teardrop unit. and close that half of the clasp by pinching it together... '~ >f: . String a briolette on the jump ring. and metal clay. Attach a briolette and the center teardrop unit. omitting. wire.aughiFl@ Lady StUJjjQ. g earrings 1 Follow the steps in the teardrop units to make four teardrop units. thread it through a set of aligned loops.4 cm) piece of 16-gauge wire. - . and olose the jump ring. III siP www . 2 Open 16 4 mm jump rings. 5 Open a 5 mm sterling silver jump ring.orllhil. ~ . On the other end of the necklace. set two aside for the second earring. (6. bracelet 1 Follow the steps in the teardrop units to make eight teardrop units. 'Close that half of the clasp by pinching the tip to the center. Link the clasp through that jump ring to close the bracelet. g}iass. T$learn mQre about @it'la and the etasses she teaches in beading. Use a jump ring to attach the aligned loops of each pair of teardrop units. Attach the top end of the earring and close the loop. and close the jump ring. Use a pair of jump rings to attach the bottoms of the teardrop units. Make the clasp as for the necklace. the figure 8 in the center. making sure that the textured surface of each unit is facing up. @. 4 Open the loop of an earring wire. Open a copper jump ring and close it around the remaining end teardrop unit..

or flatnase pliers • r0tll'ldmose r. 2 pairs of oharmose. ji:lublisheiil !Dy Watson-Guptill. *Fawx amber beaes bly Sl. {3~ em) 16-galoJge bronze wire • bronze hook clasp •. 51 rnrn 10 • 1 ft. 3.materials bracelet 7~ aocornmodate in. moles must • 1.)erri Haa~..5 mm liFiafildr-el-tip pliers (l3avidlcf7lain.1-20 em) 16-gauge wire • 3 ~2-14 rnrn beads". (1fl.oom) d • diag0naL wire cutters • permanent marker (€lptional) bentnose. www.15 rnm inside diameter OD) 3 ~ §cgauge.lliers or rings 60 ~6-gauge. author of The Art Of Resin Jewelry. avidchain. .

add eight pairs of jump rings in the 2+2 pattern. Close the jump ring. 8). On each end of the chain.9 cm) piece of wire .. @l 3 Trim any wire in the second loop that exceeds two full loops..75 mm-Inside-diameter (10) jump rings (BasiCs. Slide the open jump ring through the closed jump ring and through the pair of jump rings on the other end of the bracelet. Close the jump ring . 8 Close one 5 mm jump ring and open another. Slide one bead unit on aiurnp ring and close it. (8. Both loops should be turned downward so the chain lies flat against the wrist. p. SOpen 60 3. email $Q. Repeat with a second jump ring so that two jump rings are linked through the double loops on the bead unit.. informatiom on his t®Q/s and kits. 4 Repeat steps 1-3 to make two more bead units.lth from WatsofJ-r!lil!JptU8..aclJewelr. 6 Link two jump rings through the pair added in step 5. 2 String a bead on the wire. below) . using mandrel-tip or round nose pliers (see editor's note. Continue making a 2+2 chain.oGf'I'iJ or visit wwwJilavldchaih.otfiat irqte@(!/avldef?ain. For. Reposition the pliers as necessary. l!-Ial'ldcFafiing Chain and Be. 7 Open a 5 mm jump ring. Make two wraps with the remaining wire to form a second loop. Slide it through a clasp and the pair of jump rings on one end of the chain. linking the seventh pair through the next bead unit Repeat this pattern to add the third bead unit. On one end. make two wraps. wrapping in the same direction as the first loop and making sure the loops are snug against the bead. trimming at a 45° angle and using the flat edge of the wire 62 Wirework 2010 .stepbystep 1 Cut a 3Y2-ih. anCl Chain aFld geS!td"Jewel~ Oreative C0rlllleotiGlf'ls (/flf.

(15 cm) 20-gauge • 3 ft.ysWJs • gold-filled half-hara wire 1 ft.l Of 8 G( rnrn brielettes 7 'Iili1mbriolettes • 155 mm iJriolettes • 22 4i mm bicone crystals • 28 3 mm r(l)ntilelles ~~ blcone €r. (.8 etilil) 24-gau§e head pins • chainnose • wire cutters and.l-soft wire • 4 in. (3.30 em) 18-!jJau§e 6 in. (.materials earrings • 2 7 mm • 2 fil 1inf1r. roundnoae pliers ~ 10 mm dowel or 1ih~tip permanent marker for fI1and~el • emery board .9 m) 24-gauge gold-filled €leac. fine. (10 em) gGld~filled. open-link ehain • 20 1112Jln.

4 To make the briolette dangles. p. Complete the wraps .Mark the center of the wire. forming a figure 8.. o 8 Cut a 6-in. Make a few more wraps. On each end of the wire. Starting on one end of the center bar. skip the link adjacent to the briolette. 3 To make the figure-8 links. Make a total of 10 crystal dangles.4 em) piece of 18-gauge wire .. 5 To make the crystal dangles. turning them toward the center. Attach the medium briolette to the center Ilnk and complete the wraps . 8).. (4. (5 cm) piece of 24-gauge wire.stepbystep 1 To make the top component. Adjust the loops so they are equal in size. and attach the dangle. and make a plain loop. cut a 2%-in. Then open a loop of the center' bar. Continue attaching dangles to every other link: be sure to attach. 64 Wirework 2010 . finishing the wraps on the small briolettes.. Make a second link.them to the bottom of the links so the dangles hang properly. cut a 15/a-in. cut a 2-in. Make a loop on one end. make a 3 mm plain loop (8asics. 'and string a small-brtolette unit on the center bar. then string a 3 mm bead on the wire. Make three more wraps. make a loop in the same plane as the first loop.9 cm) piece of 18-gauge wire. (6. 6 Attach the large brlolette unit to the top component where the wire Intersects. and string a large briolette on the wire . positioning the bead on the lower edge of the center bar. (15 cm) piece of 24-gauge wrapping wire. 7 Cut a 2-1n. Repeat with a medium briolette and three small briolettes. Open the loop of a crystal dangle. cut a %-in.1 cm) piece of 18-gauge wire. Using roundnose pliers. 2 To make the center bar. (5 cm) piece of chain. Use pliers to press the tail against the center bar. positioning the loop perpendicular to the briolette and keeping a short distance between the top of the briolette and the loop. grasp the wire at the mark and cross the wire ends underneath the jaw. then make another loop in the opposite direction on the other end. then use the wire tail to make the first half of a wrapped loop (8asics). wrap the wire around the bar two or three times to secure it. (1. On each end. Make a set of wraps above the topdrilled bead (Basics). string a 4 mm crystal and a 3 mm crystal on a head pin.

then make three more wraps. and close the loop.oo/in. (3 mm) of the wire 45° outward. 10 Open one loop of afigure-8 link.f)f!)Fa.1tation for Beafiw@atior:J. editor's note • Having a hard time getting the dangles attached to the bottom of the chain links? Try this: Attach just the center briolette in step 7. in the same plane as the loop. then hook the earring wire over the edge of a coffee mug and set the mug down at eye 65 . and make a plain loop on one end. if necessary. Repeat on the other side with the other figure-8 link. String a 4 mm crystal. and bend the wire at a 45° angle above the bead. wrap the center bar five times . and file the end with an emery board.)r ot e0il. creativit'y in the bead indiust!¥ for (jli'er 16 years by teaching and devetQ/l)fn@@/asses at various stGJf9S and bJeard C€lFIferences throughout tfiJ~ country. 11 To make the earring wires. 2Yz-in.WireworkMag. shape the wire around a mandrel or the end of a marker. cut a 9 Open the center bar's remaining loop. Above the bend.. and attach one end of the chain to each loop. Kate is currently Giireet(.Wrap over the briolettes loop to secure it. Open the figure-B link's other loop and attach one loop of the top component. making sure the briolettes on the center bar are dangling. Open the loop of the earring wire.and close the loop. Continue wrapping to add three more 3 mm beads and the remaining two small-briolette units. Trim the wire. Complete the earring as instructed. Close the loops. The chain links will hang in place and it may be easier to attach the dangles at eye level. After the last 3 mm bead. f3he can be reached via e-mail at kate@/![Jeaduaattof'l. attach it to one loop of the center bar. www.4 cm) piece of 20-gauge wire. attach the earring. Bend the last VB in.. (6.

2 m) 20-gau§e • toggle clasp • 18-gauge • roundnose • flush cutters (~ mm) mandrel and chainnose pliers .l1PIateriais bracelet '1% in. (6. (1. (1.~Gm) • sterling silver roure wire dead-soft half-hard half-hard 5 ft. (19.1 na) 22-gauge 4 ft.5 m) is-gauge 20 ft.

om c 67 . leaving a Y2-in. (2. hook the wrapping wire over an 18-gauge wire (mandrel). Make a bend in the wire 1 in.5 m) piece of 22-gauge wrapping wire.Slide a coil on the wire. Trim the 18-gauge-wire tails.5 cm) from the end of the mandrel. sliding the coil toward the other end as it gets longer. Keeping the wraps about 1 in. with the tail facing you.5 em) tail. (2.9 cm) long.(3. cut a 12-in. Using the widest part of your roundnose pliers. Onee the coil is entirely coiled. To create the next bead. and cut it into four 11..stepbystep 1 Cut a 5-ft. then slide the bead toward the other end of the mandrel. trimming the wire flush. Wrap the wire around the mandrel three times. (3 mm) of the mandrel. www. call the wrapping wire around the mandrel. and then make three wraps to begin creating the next coiled bead.WireworkMag . (15. Holding the U with roundnose pliers.(1. Make a total of six coiled beads.5 cm) from one end to make a wire tail.. (3. Holding the tail in your nondominant hand. leaving a 1-ln. Repeat to make a total of six scroll links. grasp the center of the coil and bend the coilwrapped wire around the jaws.8 cm) coils. Remove the coil from the mandrel. wrap around the mandrel three times. (30 cm) piece of 18-gauge wire. right up to the wraps. cut an Repeat to make a total of 1211f2-in. 3 To make the coiled beads.2-in. Wrap the coiled wire around the mandrel. forming aU. coaxing the calls to spread as needed to wrap. pinch the side loops together slightly.3 cm) tail on one end. Wrap until the call is 614in. skip about Va in. 2 To make the scroll links.8 em) coils slightly. 18-in. (2. then slide it onto the wrapping wire.8 cm) coils. (1. (46 em) piece of 22-gauge wrapping wire. Stretch one of the 1Y2-in.(3.

g 68 Wirework 201 a . p.:ldl'm. Repeat on the other loop of the scroll link.. Repeat with a second jump ring. 7 On each end of the bracelet.. then make a plain loop on the other end.4 To make the coiled-bead links. Make a plain loop (Basics. P. . Smith alsQ cf.?ache/ can 'be reaeRe&' vle e-mail at (JQntact@ faahelnetSGASmifb.GQf7fI fdt OlP! the We'& af. use a pair of Jump rings to attach the U of the end scroll link to one half of a clasp.. keeping them consistent in length. 8) on one end. cut a 1Y2.-eate@J a 4&-in. (3. Attach the other ends of the coiled-bead links to a second scroll link. (1. Continue until all the scroll links and coiled-bead links are attached. O@rA. slide a coned bead on the wire..-t. 'WWw.2 m) r19'cklace j.. @J 6 Use a jump ring to attach one loop of a scroll link and one loop of a coiledbead link.(rgefo/.raGhe/ne/s(f)nsmitm. Link the U of one scroll link to the U of another with a pair of jump rings. Open all of the jump rings. Ph(f)to by Jeffrey Ja:y i:.-in. and close the jump ring. (46 cm) piece of 20-gauge wire and use it to make 32 5 mm-inside-diameter (ID)jump rings (Basics)..13e/Gw) fro this same {9attern to pass the tIme wJ:iJile hef? mom ree!l//?eretelfJ ft(f)/'WIsl!.8 cm) piece of 20-gauge wire. . Make six coiled-bead links. 5 Cut an 18-in.

then mimic the technique to make matching earrings. Companion earrings carryon the color scheme and technique. often used for purse trims and sparkly shoulder straps for evening gowns. creating visual width that makes for a stunning 69 . is cleverly recast as the foundaaon for this shimmering set Simply thread crystals on wire and wrap it around a cup-chain core. Cup chain. but you'll substitute silver rings for the cup chain to provide appropriate structure.Wra by Laura Timmons I • crystals Reimagine crystal cup chain as the core of a crystal-wrapped necklace. www.WireworkMag.

(13. p . setting aside two lndioolite beads for the bead units. (13. repeat on the other end forthe second half of the clasp. %-%-in. (30 cm) piece of 28-gauge wire .7 m) 2B-gauge sterling silver wire • 16 in. Continue along this side of the chain. Slide the next crystal in place and wrap as before. 5 Continue wrapping the crystals along the length of the cup chain. and use chalnnose pliers to flatten the wraps . crystal moonlight 8 4 mm rounds. string a repeating pattern of all the crystals In the following order: 4 mm round crystal moonlight. (7. wrap the wire around the space before the last cup.. wrap the wire a few times around the cup chain between the first and second cup. indicolite • 2B-gauge sterling silver wire.. 2 Using chainnose pliers. If you're using a two-part clasp. String one assortment of 4 mm crystals on the wire in the following order: earrings 70 Wirework 2010 . wrap the wire around the original wraps a few times . 0 • crystele 506 mm rondelles.(43 cm) stepbystep necklace 6 When you've reached the end of the cup chain. Cut a 12. If you're using a lobster claw clasp.Trim the wire close.. over from necklace 7 When you've wrapped back to the beginning. (1. wrap it around a spool of some type before getting started. mintalabaster 10 4 mm rounds. connect three jump rings and attach one of them to the cup connector on the opposite end. (1. secure the crystal in place. Rotate the piece 180 so it's easier to handle. You want the bends to be snug and neat.6-1. bend the prongs of a cup-chain connector around the last cup on each end of the cup chain. (41 cm) sterling silver cup chain. sliding the wire down to the connectors. and manipulate the wire so the bead sits rlg~t next to the chain. olivine 2 6 mm rondelies. attach the cup-chain connector and one half of a clasp. and close the ring..7 m) of 28-gauge wire..olMne • 2 cup-chainconnectors • lobster claw clasp with ring and 4 6 mm jump rings. • Be firm but gentle with the wire. Don't let the wire catch on the crystals on the opposite side of the chain. it's easier to work directly from the spool of wire. but pulling too hard can break the wire or damage the crystals.materials necklace 17 in . (13 em) 22-gauge wire • pair of earring wires • chainnose and roundnose pliers • diagonal wire cutters 4 Slide the first crystal close to the cup chain.2 cm) diameter with Sfs-¥4-in. mint alabaster 50 4 mm rounds. 4 mm bicone indicolite. Trim the tail.8). left . 12 4 mm bicones. or two-part hook-and-loop clasp or toggle clasp and 2 6 mm jump rings • chainnose pliers • diagonal wire cutters earrings • crystals 2 8 mm rounds. • 2 round flat silver rings.9-2.Wrap the wire once around the cup chain to . olivine 50 4 mm bicones. 1 Divide the 4 mm crystals into identical assortments. 6 mm rondelle mint alabaster. indicolite • 15 yd.-in.6 cm) tall of wire. mint alabaster 10 4 mm rounds. olivine 1 On15 yd. orienting the remaining wire on the opposite side of the cup chain. and 4 mm round olivine. 8 Open a jump ring (Basics. 3 Leaving a 3-in. If your wire isn't already on a spool. editor's notes • While you're wrapping. crystal moonlight 50 4 mm rounds..9 cm) opening • 5 in.

and wrap the wire around the ring as in step 4 of the necklace. Make a plain loop (Basics). crystal moonlight. olivine. attach the twisted-wire WIRHlASSES· ARTJEWELRY· ART www. Make a second earring to match the first. Make a loop on one end of the wire to secure the beads.WireworkMag .bendwire. and close the loop. a 6 mm rondelle. and make a wrapped loop. String an 8 mm crystal. EWFOR2010 Scrolled Focal lrnpression ist ~Olamflntfl M~lanirz ~chow www. 2. attach the wrapped loop of the earring assembly. 3 Continue wrapping crystals snugly around the ring . 4 mm bicone.4 em) piece of 22-gauge wire.6 cm) tail. j 6 Cut a 2%-in.. Vintage Moon Creations. Open the loop of an earring wire. then trim the wrapping wire even with tail.. Twist the two wires together. ( 71 .aura Timmons' jewelf'A kits. 7 5 Make a wrapped loop (Basics. and a . ( alabaster. indicolite .. 4 When you reach the beginning. Position the first bead along the edge of the ring. and close the loop. @l with the twisted wire. wrap the wire around the ring a few times. www. classes. . 8) Open the plain loop.Yew eaR eheek (l)l!Jt I. wrap the wire around a silver ring. and events I at her Web site. Leaving a 3-in.

f • ~-... The pearl cluster/tendril components help keep the flowers aligned. . . " . . • . ill ...ffioult to make the center-drillea flowers sIt cGFrl?ctly Wft'lWlit df:aoping. .. ..... 72 Wirewlll. c- . " . 6-0. . . 1 Make hidden connectors and wire tendrils to link flower beads rn this necklace with coordinating earrings.' • . I employed a similar technique to stabilize the flowers on the earrings. I founf!i IttJ. I develefJe& a wire bar eomlfJonen~ that acts as a connector and has the added benefit of providing connection points for adding mare 2Cl10 . by Debbie Mi~ner When a friendaskedi fine 10 design a jewelry set for her.. I also used them for a custom clasp. ~ .

drilled lengthwise • 8 6 mm round crystals • 5 4 mm bicone crystals • 24 4-5 mm long rice pearls l! I \ . (5 em) 22.materials necklace 18-19 in. • Pasitial1l th. ~ ( ~ ) l ) ( www. drilled lengthwise • 2 4 mm • 3 ft. Trim the wires even. and f1atnose pliers • diagonal wire cutters • pin vise ~ I '> (2 I On a head pin. 8) there. necklace flower units 1 Cut a 3Yz-in. (1 .and the flewer bead. making at least six wraps. flatnose pliers • diagonal wire cutters • pin vise earrings and 4 Make Insert the wire ends in a pin vise and twist them together. 5 Repeat steps 1-4 to make four more flower 73 . • 8 2-in. (5 cm) 22. so if you don't want to use leaves in yaur design.e wir:e bar. center drilled x 12 mm leaf beads. roundnose. • 16 3 mm flat spacers (optional) • 20 ft. string a 4 mm crystal and a flower bead. Do not trim the wire. 1 f Bend the head pin behind the flower.)ar-camponent is lan~ enel:J~h that it spans as much af the flower's width as possible without shawin~ from the 'trent. • 16 2-in.2 cm) from one end. winlrl the bar toward the bead sli~htly te close the space. (0. a second loop Y2 in.WireworkMag. (2.or 24-gauge head pins • pair of earring wires • chainnose.or 24-gauge head pins • chain nose. • Make sure the wire I.Just aaeve the flower beae's hole.9 em) piece of wire. Repeat to make a total of 11 leaf dangles. (46-48 em) ~ stepbystep ( 3 Insert the wire bar into the loop. substitute another bead te maintain Ute balanee. edit0r's motes Here are some tilllS on haw to keep the flewers facing forward. leaf dangles i I String a leaf bead on a head pin and make the first half of a wrapped loop. and make a wrapped loop (Basics. (8.1 m) 24-gauge halfhard wire I Tighten the loop around the gap between the wraps. center drilled x 12 mm leaf beads. p. aligning the tail of the head pin with the tail of the wire bar. roundnose. • 5 20 • 17 8 mm flower beads. • ifl:le leaf beads weight the flower. wrapping • 2 20 • 10 8 mm flower beads. Position the loop so that most of the leaf will show when attached to the flower unit's side loops. bicone crystals m) 24-gauge half hard wire 1 ~ ( of the bar and leaving a small gap between the two sets of wraps.9 ) I Trim the twisted wire to Y2 in.. (1 . (6. Bend the wire 7/B in. and make a partial loop as close to the flower as possible.3 em) to the center from the first. cm). • It there!s space !::Jetweenthe wire Dar. 3 and make a loop.

p. bend the tail of a tendril unit 3/8 in. 2 To make the loop half of the clasp. ( tendril units 1 Cut three 6-in.9 cm) piece of wire. (1 cm) from the first bend at 1.(8. Using roundnose pliers. aligning the twisted wire with the center pearl. Make a total of eight crystal units. and rotate the wire into a spiral. (5 cm) piece of wire and make a few wraps at the base of the spiral to secure the hook and spira!. Make a few wraps by hand next to the pearls to secure them. Trim the tails and press them down using flatnose pliers. Repeat to make a total of six leaf bead units. positioning it between the pearls and the tip of the hook.wire. clasp 1 To make the hook half of the clasp. bend the tail back toward the pearls.bead units 1 Cut a 3V2-in. At the end of the tail. String a leaf bead.Leaving room for wraps. using the tail of a tendril unit. Using flatnose pliers. Cut a 2-in. using a 6 mm crystal in place of the leaf bead. make the first half of a wrapped loop. adding spacers on each side of the crystal if desired. leaving one unbent for the loop part of the clasp. (5 em) piece of wire.80" so that the wires are flush and parallel. . paralleling the hook. 74 Wirework 2010 . and make the first half of a wrapped loop above the bead. (1. String a pearl on each . press this bend flat. 5 Repeat steps 1-4 to make seven more tendril units. Trim the tails and press them down usingfiatnose pliers.3 cm) from the bottom pearls. this is the tip of the hook.holding onto the pearls. Using flatnose pliers. (15 cm) pieces of wire. Make a small plain loop (Basics. Bend the tail back toward the pearls so it's parallel with itself. loop. Place them in the jaws of the pin vise. 8) on the end of two wires and a wrapped loop on the end of the third. use roundnose pliers to make a small loop.. ! 3 Trim the wires even at the other end. and twist in the same direction as before. grasp across the Cut a 2"in. and make a few wraps at the base of the spiral to secure the loop and spiral. twisted wire Y2in. bend the 2 To make crystal bead units. Make the first half of a wrapped loop on one end. 2 Position a Plain-loop pearl on each side of the wrapped-loop pearl as shown. 4 Using roundnose pliers. repeat step 1. make a 45° bend in the wire and form the tail into a spiral that will sit just below the pearls.

WireworkMag. this will be the center flower. tip end out. Cut a 2-in. (5 cm) piece of wire and make a few wraps next to the side loop to secure the tendril wires. leaf bead unit.. attach a leaf dangle to each side loop. crystal unit. Once you're satisfied with the loop placement. you want the leaves to fully show from behind the flowers.Make a 45° bend just beyond the wraps. Trim the excess wrapping wire and press the tails down using flatnose !( two flower units. positioning the wire on top and the pearls underneath. Repeat to attach a tendril unit to the ~ other side loop of the center flower. half ofthe clasp. but you don't want the wire wraps to show from the front. Make sure everything is positioned properly and complete all of the wraps. crystal unit. «( ( ) ) l \ ~ ( ? l assembly ~. crystal unit. www. Check the positioning as before and complete the wraps.l 3 String a tendril unit through one side loop of the center flower. and form a spiral as you did for the clasp. 1 On each flower unit. I 4 Attach tendril units to two flower units as in step 3. attach a leaf bead 75 . flower unit with tendril connectors. attach components in the following order: crystal bead unit. Adjust the orientation of the loops at this point if necessary. l 2 Attach a leaf dangle to the center loop on one flower unit. On the remaining unit to each side loop. 5 On each side of the center flower. complete the wraps. flower unit with leaf bead connectors.

and close the loop. and complete the wraps. $he enjoys the Qhallefil@e ef wQrkihg with fUnusualoear?is and @CJingcustom riesif!jm work. holding onto the loops. Tighten the head pin loop around the twisted wire. (5. At one end of each wire.bbie l'leWG@mer to jew. 9 Make a second earring to match. 4 ( 8 Open the loop of an earring wire.)~ magazine. e 3 Insert the twisted wires into the head pin loop. Attach one to each wrapped loop on the back of the flower unit. C!ll 5 2 Repeat step 2 of the flower units. trim the wire 3/s in. make a small wrapped loop (Basics. 6 Coil the twisted-wire of the clasp. (1. Wrap the head pin tail around the base of the loop three times.7 cm) piece of wire. (1 cm) beyond the tip of the bead. twist the wires together. ( ( 1 ~ . Bend it in half and slide it between the back of the flower bead and the wires. 76 Wirework 2010 . then trim any excess. 8). and make a plain loop (Basics). Ofiange Cr!'J&nty r:8sifient De. Make three leaf dangles as you did for the necklace. pointing them in opposite directions. tail as in step 2 7 Cut a 214-in.6 cm) from the base of the center wrapped loop. String the base end of a leaf ~ bead on one wire.\ Wrap the tails around the stem of the head pin. and wrap the head pin around the twisted wire two more times. make a loop with the twisted wire 5fs in. Repeat on ~ { the other end of the wire. 00/Tltact BeliJBie in fJEf{ie @1 W.hauif'l@ sf-aMsil @mly -tffJ/:.kew®rk 2J. ') <.ee yeafs ago whem 'hef' CiaIJg!kitel' firsi sI:JlDscribed to Bead81¥le magazine (aUF sister puJ!JfiQatlht:lj. and tuck in the end. positioning the three loops so they are hidden from view from the front. attach the twisted loop of the flower unit. p. ? I ) Using round nose pliers.'elry roJakimrg. (10 cm) pieces of wire.earrings 1 Cut three 4-in. Insert the other ends of the wires in a pin vise and.

You can change the length of the earrings by adding or removing five-ring rows. plier-s stainless steel 77 . or flatnose • tumbler. • pair of earring wires .earrings Use the European 4-in-1 chain mail pattern to form earrings that drape beautifully. • materials earrings 1Y2 in. (3.WireworkMag. compound and burnishing www. tapered earrings that drape like fabric. For an a/temate look. 2.90 22-gauge jump rings.4 mm inside diameter • 2 top-drilled beads (optional) bentnose.8 em) or 2 in. • 2 pairs of chainnose. you'll weave fine"gauge jump rings in the European 4-in-l chain mail pattern. (5 em) • 140 or 1. try adding a top-drilled bead on the bottom jump ring. by John Fetvedt To create supple.

2 String a closed (blue) jump ring on a scrap piece of wire or paper clip. and close it. the others.8 em earrings. 1 Open 138 or 188 jump rings (Basics. Thread a (red) ring through the second and third (blue) rings. The new ring should overlap the previously added ring. thread a (blue) ring through the first (red) ring on the left and close the (blue) ring. you can hold onto this as you work. 8) and close the remaining two. For 2-in. Make a pile of 1 0 rings for the firstfour rows and 10 rings for the last four. add another row of five rings: Go through the first (blue) ring with the first (red) ring. Go through the second and third (blue) ring~ with the third (red) ring. For the actual earrings. Go through the third and fourth (red) ring with the fourth (blue) ring. Thread a (red) ring through the third (blue) ring. the photos show colored jump rings that are larger than the size you'll actually use. Go through the fourth and fifth (blue) rings with the fifth (red) ring. Go through the right to left. Go through the fourth (red) ring with the fifth (blue) ring. and close the ring. (For a pair of 1Y2-in. The new ring should overlap the' (blue) ring previously added. Thread a (red) ring through the first and second (blue) rings. making sure this new (red) ring overlaps the first ring in this j row. you'll use 140 jump rings. Go through the third and fourth (blue) rings with the fourth (red) ring. repeating the established pattern: Go through the first (red) ring with the first (blue) ring. Go through the first and second (red) ring with the ) ~ \ second (blue) ring.) Thread a (blue) ring through just the second (red) ring. editor's note Try this technique to keep track 7 Working right to left./3. you'll use 190 jump rings. Put the remaining rir"!9s in five-ring piles. (See editor's note. you'll likely want to use jump rings in all one color. • Separate the rings into piles. and close the ring. thread a (red) ring through the first (blue) ring. of all the jump rings. making sure the new (red) ring is overlapping Close the ring./5 em earrings. 1 78 Wirework 2010 . 4 Working the third row of rings from ( second and third (red) ring with the third (blue) ring. Thread a (blue) ring through the first and second (red) rings.) Set aside one closed jump ring and half of the open jump rings for the second earring. and close the ring. below. . p. :' . Close the ring. left to right. 1 . 1 e ~ \5 6 Wor~ng 'he lourth row of rings lrom Work the fifth row of five rings from left to right. Go through the first and second (blue) rings with the second (red) ring.stepbystep To make it easier for you to understand the pattern. 3 Close two (red) rings around the first (blue) ring.

Wide mnge 01dOsles ill a helpful 8. clasps. close new rings through the first and second rings.J. gurunetoll bross nnd COppel findings. finding. I 1 15 To work-harden and polish the 9 After the desired number of fivering rows are in place. boeks. @l For the four-ring row. hnp:ilrlomlobeads. The largest seledion of bends & gemslones in the oreo. rings. I 46 West 1Olh SI RIA MIA BEADS 209-835·4111 31Q. fold f!lJfiFfiling. Plojed orrenterl ~well'( dalY!>.boublesondbeads. and fourth and fifth rings. StufiJ Relliol ovoiloble. Oelkos. Mo~cus yourlirst slop on your next vis~ 10 Ihe Boy Area. CALIFORNIA· Los Galos 510·644. JriS!!Ie:pS from file Pie! and a blocl:.o[llenlabea~. 8 Repeat step 7 to add five-ring rows.!lo Ave ul\l:Jue f~ aod exotir: lTeosures. pairs of rings in ) < For the Single-ring row. Snt lOolll'llpm.beodnlks._Sull Noooiopm. findings and supp~es. Sun 12p111'5pm.baublesondbeods. cobs.comJ 501·537·0928 BREA BEAD WORKS 1021 E. wile 8. working back and forth. bools & findings os weti os beads by Mol\!OS 8. close new rings through the first and second rings. just mlmile All for bending 10 youl heml'~des~e family owned since 2003. just connect the previous row. 9Ourds.beodcom~1I1·com 325 Bemis 10 threod. put them in a tumbler with steel shot and burnishing compound for two hours (Basics). The olmoSjlherB ~ comfortable. and more. F licnd~ & kllowledgeable . Hu~e seledictn of semfplecious.Ion. gems. work 15 five-ring rows. To learn more about his teaching schedule. Fallric hom olound ifm TH£ SAN GABRIEL BEAD COMPANY fost live Oak Ave. www.comJ CALIFORNIA· Tracy 415·457-8891 Bauble! 8.for{iJing.Pasadena MOle Ihon 011avg. Locolarl 011 the Mirode M~e. www. www.forrinocollllordeslp. all the famous 3m 5treel Promenade. www. (losses offered. afild stone setting. For the shorter earrings.Rio Mio is 0 fuU service bead shop !hoI COlries 0 great selection of beads. don't thread any rings through a single jump ring in the previous row. To do this. unlike previous rows. and second and third rings. frrendiy & koowledgeoule slaff. Chain. CALIFORNIA·Berkeley rum the I'IQIkI.7 • 50111-6 • SUII 12·5 CALIFORNIA· Concord CALIFORNIA· Son Rafael Boubles 8. work a total of 1Dfive-ring rows.lindiogs.lindin~s. 303·188-1466 COLORADO· Englewood www. Moke us YOUIfI"r slap on your lIexll'i~1 to the Boy Area. tlte siDle ~ organized and hns 0 friend~ stuff.. friendly odvi(e.steff. YOUilOUIce for all of your bending 8. For the longer earrings. attach the top ring of the 18 N. [08 lor dosS schedule. you don't close a ring around the single last ring in the row.lDij0. ARKANSAS· North Linle Rock Evel'9!owing pole~e of bearls. Hours: Mon-Snll OOi1l"9pm.beodlllllalldo. www. etr. D5 114·671·9976 FARRIN O'CONNOR DESIGN STUDIOS 146 W Bellevue 626·796·5300 RIA MIA BEADS 2049 Pacific Ave 209·463·2323 CALIFORNIA· Arcadia books. ~ ) . casting. Position the rings so they overlap as shown. you are no longer lengthening the rows.ll. loob. Remember that the new row always starts with the last ring added to the previous row.000 sq. Main Streel FulkeMce beod SIDID& hoi glOll ~tudfowilh friendly & helpful stall. ~I www. hnp:Jlrlamlobeads. 4 DOO:S kost 01 Sollla Aoiro AVlllluc.Note: At this point in the pattern. Czech glms. Me primaFily teaches cnein mail classes. Pcecious and semfjireciollS pearls. Wedfri 1 J. ! ( ( John Fetvedt is intr. lIauthe 1'30/l'40/67N Inlerchmlge. beod 5101e:Quolify seleclion of designer prelerrarl bends. Monfri 100111'7pm. seeds.IONS OF LOS GATOS BEADNIKS SANTA MONICA 408-354·5330 203 ArJ~9. Silversmilhing. and close the ring around the two rings in the previous row. cIme5 8. if desired. Utensive 1676 Shonuck BAUBLES & BEADS Ave. you'll want to decrease the ring count for each row. C 925·682·6493 BAUBLES & BEADS 1104 41h 51.{gueci my chain and chain mall.breobeodwons.. WOIksIX'CB. Imperial Hwy. Open the loop of an earring wire. CALIFORNIA' Brea CALIFORNIA. Woruho~ weel:lv 8.iJx-deterre. Pkwy. 12 l \ earrings. Beads oHm 0 UII~ue sele<Hon of bends hom OIound the vrorId. WI1lfd of IDle beads.IIIln. com or e-mail filim at jGhfJ@ bijoux-de-terre. friendlv atmosphele. 626-447·7753 JUST BEAD IT! 2051 Horrison 51.2323 NATURAL ~XPI(ES::.WireworkMag. Just off Bloodwov.Snt 1).!. quilling nearls. ft. SOllla Cruz Ave.coriilsanlmnonlca CALlH>RNIII· SonIa Monica Immerse j1lurse~ in 0 2. Open MOil 8. Rio Mia is 0 fun seMce bend shop thol oollies 0 greal seledion of beads. so..6. thQugh he also works in anticlastic raising. and close the loop.hing. thread a top-drilled bead on the ring. the siore ~ organized and has a frielldly stuff. 100/5.~9~0033i ~ILET IT BEAD B21 Englewood 5u~erlor seMce Dnd . Extensive chss scharlule. second and third rings. IX'IIies.lelI1beodcolol. Gemslone ond ~1ver pender"ls. wirewOlk & choill making.The otmosphere ~ comfortable. SWlIIOVSI:i.lOidering. arid supplies. thnin. close new rings through the first and second rings. third and fourth rings. 10 For the three-ring row. 6f and ARGENTA BEAD COMPANY 703 N. making sure the ring lays correctly.eom. i ( ( 13 Remove the wire or paper clip from the first jump ring. ~ ~ 14 ) l 11 For the two-ring row. visit his Welil site at www. and third and fourth rings.seledion is whot you'D 79 . second and third rings. glnss 8. Make a second earring in the mirror image of the first by working step 4 from right to left. wilh lIOliollollymown insIruc101S. www. CALIFORN IA· Stockton lcrmed on tire Mimdc Mile. Reads offe~o unlriue seleclion of becds 110m closs S(hedule[ with nolionollyknown inslllKto~. SWEET EARTH (Io. Boli & more).com VINTAGE"VOI. tools & supplies. & freq. Sun 12-4 (Mar-De<l. [lyslol YOUR DESIGN LTD. 910·343·0500 =-~~~====~----~== 1 ~8·3DQ. gD Norlh 42 N. Huroll SI. Spe!iolizing in gloss. fusing & lom~work. FINDINGS. Huge sele[lioli of heeds.merly Ben Franklin) 341 W. lo\'l prices. Open 6 days a week. Awesome selection of Semf precious. Open 6 days . WWW. 50110-3. lo~ of Clolses. ft. freshwuter peOI~. Myers We 001101 your [leotivi!y! From beginller 10 full blowli ortiSI. . Sworovs~. pearh. rbnnns and mOle at oIIomoble prkes. shopper discoullts. www . A wide variety of beads ond components lor every toste. Ih 11·6. Bali. Beg·mNonced desses. Bali.. Ri"rvr.! 349 W. 80 Wirework 2010 .. melallmithing end lompworking supplies. lools. 2340 Cumberland Square Drl. Classes. MICHIGAN' Farmington (Downtown) low prices • Friend~ service • Unique seledion. #102 710·904·631D 82B·254· 7927 WN[ beod-stringers ond weavers desftlloOOn! Wide choice of ullusool. I I 1 # NEVADA' Las Vegas Nevodo's Mosl Comprehensive Bead Slore.000 SQ. Free closses. Friend~.warldofrocks.lhebeadwarehouse. www. f. locoled directly off 1·360 and 33m Ave. des~n.chlca~obead. Open 7 DO)'l. www. seed beads & Vinloj Bross.V0. bOoks & Dichroic gloss. Sterling 8.nel CARAVAN BEADS 326·A Nun Sf.SlI'orovski aystol & desses. KUMA BEADS LTO 810 Saraloga Rood 518·384·0110 MUN RO CRAFTS 3954 12 Mile Rd. (Buron! Hwy. VI. 813·258·3900 FLORIDA' Tampa wrgesl selection of Delico! and seed beads in Tompo. Thul. open 7 days & now online! We carry everything! www.. gloss & U)'ltol beads. SS. FLORIDA' Ft. 978-772"7750 MICHIGAN' Berkley Great prices & discounls. semfple<ious. gloss. 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Check us out on IIIBweb for homs md deloils. BUTTONS Ii< CRAfTS 708·952·0603 NEW HAMPSHIRE' Wilton Beautiful quoli!y beads to inspire yoU! ueoftvity & accenluale your s!yle. AA BEADS MORE 8802 N. SterTIngSilver Beads· findings{noin. burons ond findillgs. tools. Czech. wire. Polymer and orl cloy.oom THE CREATIVE FRINGE 210 Washlnglon Ave. freo projects ovoiloble online. beads. www.cem NEW YORK· Burnt Hills (Albany area) Co~loI District Beaders Porodise! Great sele!lion of sizes & shapes of gemstones.blogspol. www . A hiend~ & talented stoH 100Il~1with del~n & technique.ebeads. ladybeadandrook.~ 29 Howard Srreel 603·654·2805 FLORIDA' Sebastian Cemfied FM( studio. fiadings. melUl.2:66~'~78~84~ ILLINOIS' Oak Lawn Customer quoles: "owesome . W. Slone 708·352·5662 FLORIDA' Cocoa Beach Fun. Diverse selecftan of quoli!y beads. St•• 5 319·247·2323 LOUISIANA' Baton Rouge lorge fuikervi[e bead stcre. 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TAMPA BEAD CAFE 41 17A Gunn IIwy. gemstones. h~nuleswesl of Metro rurport. lVire wmpping end olirer jewelry dosses. ocryfics & more.beadsonlhekennebec. beod. 4909 W.clrcleo15tolles. Ste. frelhwolor MARVIN SCHWAB 2740 Gorfleld Ave. books & much more. we ore S. Sotl0arn-6pm. Engraving in store. seed. Wed: 10-7. lools & greol design sloH STONY CREEK BEAD & GALLERY 2060 Whlnaker Rd. Free closses. etea~hJewelry. G 225· 755·1332 MAINE' Augusta Our Customers scry we'ra rlre 'Besl UHle Bcad Shop in ME'. Slots Sr. www..mobl BEADS! 1543 S. Sol l1·S. Friend~ stoff. qu06ry beads & fiodings. Only outhorized Art Cloy distribulor in Tompo. Exit 183.beads. www.::~~:::::====-. Seed beads incl.lusing. WWW. extens~e findings. www.beads. 585·586·6550 MICHIGAN' Frankenmuth Come shop 5. (lmes and suppfies for 011your jewelry moking needs. supplies. M.thecreatlvetrll!Jl!l.200 s. freshwaler peoill. dosed SUII. 12·5. M·F 10-5:30. Classes & polly loom avoilable.r Sh. E·l (RrmPlo'. jewell'fil1oking supplies..' or Mobile website: ebeads. U)'lto~. f 11-7.inlo CIRCLE OF STONES BEADS & IMPORTS 8 S. We hove il all! Frienoly sloll. Kumihimo supotleS. PI.) 678·714·8293 GEORGIA' Gwinnetl The ~welry design (eliler for llE Georgia. BEl~·H~vENt4vs\'lEGAS 702·233·2450 1664 W. Hou~: MortFril 00rn-7pm. Sun BEAD IN HAND 145 Horrbon Srreet 708·848·1761 ILLINOIS· Sycamore lorge color saledion of SWOIo~ki crysto~ peo~s. BAB'S BEAD WAREHOUSE 16205 S. Sol: 10-4.00 off ony $2). (Friendship Rd-S min. gemslones. Delicos.. CRYSTAL CREATIONS· BEADS GONE WILD 4058 Forest Hill Blvd. hridal jewelry & repoirl. CoHee. pearls. Sworovski [rystals.llueBeads. helpful atmosphere. Czern-pressed glals. wood. porlie! and individuol help from knowledgoble headers. on so many leeds 8. firidings. inmols. repoi~. MaIn 51." SWOiovski. F ·11·6. Birthdcy Parties. SWOlovski Crystol. Emphasis 00 European ATLANTA BEAD MARKET 92. wot[hfa[es. Swolo~ki Crystol. In slore ossistooce and 0 I'lide OIlOY of dosses.IIonewlld. tools. Sworovski. fulkervice 2. www. books. YlWW. Pearls. pressed gloss.kBead. 563·355·1519 IOWA' Cedar Rapids A beoder's dreom! Great selec~on & guolity! Tobles. [losses. 734·481·9981 MICHIGAN' Ypsilanti Twp. pendollts. Externive roUection of everything you need 10 cleale your desigrrs: Beuds. We stock -beads. Sun 12·5. Wed 10-8. Czech gloss. wire. Just off 1·12 eosl of Boron Rouge Eli17. heMler pearls. Sle. GOLDIE'S BEADS. Mon-Sall0-0.accenlsbea~s. slenes.Check out our class schedule at www. look. took. facility! Crystal Cteo~orrs Bead Inmlule® specializes in dasses & workshops nollought elsewhere.beadhoven. semtprecious. Commerctal Sf. Bufi. gathering plate with Ihe friendliest sloll in tOWIi. findings. Colering 10 011 beadillg disdplines. closses.UEBEAD SHOPPE 37 Malll 51.bokersbeads. www. Ask for your hee "Beod Mdiclion" (am! BEAD BOHEMIA 33321 Grand River A~e. Icmp\vort. Tu-F 10-5. . Huge selecfton of findings. SOl' 11·4. Make ~welry thor ~ cs unique es yoo ore! Closses. 301·881-2003 MARYLAND' Silver Spring The Beod Worohouse. CIOlles. LAOYBEAD AND ROOK @Th. lh WORLD OF ROCKS 1·94.. bone. findings & supplies to delight yoU! beading senses. ~4 239·432· 1778 MARYLAND' Rockville (White Flinl area) New 5. SW. Wed. BAJON ROUGE BEAD CO.. Soll!J-4. 1-40 neor exil! 03. Bring this ad in for $5. jump rings ond findings. semi-precious. Siertrn & gokl-liDed beods & findingl.Mon-Sot 10-5:30. A1lantic Ave. seed beads. sw.ILLINOIS' Glen Ellyn Premium Full Service Beod Store! Sterullg/GF findillgs.lelsbeod.w Mill AIII. parties. www. oolle.oom BEADS ON THE KENNEBEC 333 Waler Sireet 207·622·1666 rens. indudillg semipre!ioul & vinloge gloss 10 ortisl pie<es. 734·544·0904 NORTH CAROLINA· Morganton GEORGIA' Gwinnetl Full-$ervice bead store 8.::::3~0~9~. Chorml. from Moll of GAlTUltfri 10-6. e·mall: carovonbeads@bellsoulh. PM(. Closed Mon. books. Sot. 616·296·0020 MICHIGAN' Ypsilanti (Downtown) fun olld [lnlses. (RI. 3Dl·565·0487 MASSACHUSmS· Ayer Come yel your bead on! Stunning sele<fton of new & vinloge beods!. Chonns.IC. free Classes Dol~. full service bead stor~. old beads. [losses in PMC. wire ond chain. GIA Groduote Gemolooisr. highlighnng beadillg. Closed Sundcy. bona. tools. www. Iione. Dichroic GlilSSPeooon~ and copper firidinQ.oom ACCENTS BEADS 12112 Nebel 51. 15959 Hewwood.beadsandolhet1ancyslull.. Tea 000 Berni! www.blz ON THE ROCKS 2760 Braselton Hwy. 951h St. SUII dosed. too~ & supplies. Ample jIOrkilig. over 750 Mea colo~. Closed Iue: Sot 10-6. Bali.. wire wrapping. wire. no moner whollYPe of beading you're into. Oelicos. books. Open doily. Tu-SOI10:30-5:3D. [elebrolion5: Repoils.0543 248·544·1590 FLORIDA· Tampa Huge Saon of Seed Beads. oOiile wor!: oreo. lorge selection of silver. CZe!h gloss & Inmpwori:. 900+ chonns. exil 8. Goldiilled wire. best selection/priceLbeauftful slore.vlnt~e.) 989·652·3566 MICHIGAN' Grand Haven lhe lorgesl bead slore onlhe lokeshore oUering on extensive sele[fton of bending ond jewe!ry-moking supplies induding metal days.tampabeadcafe. local lamp work. Volume buying welcome. 630·858·2626 ILLINOIS' La Grange Spark your imaginafton in our gallery setting. 813·374·9099 fLORIDA'Wesl Palm Beach f~slJllgest. Open M·SaII 0-5.194 10 e~t 183. Speciol opell hours ond ~y eppommem. Mosl (omplele Beed Shop Since 1990. choin moille.

Tue-S!!t 1[). I~es. 51. www.riIs. Sun.D PARADISE 29 W. vinloge glass. 262-255-4740 WISCONSIN· Racine Tire lolest styles & BEAD CIRCUS IS Clncinna!i Aye. Man-So! 10-5.b!Qbead.I. glass. Bose Malol findings. www.amUlbead.5. slone. Beads 01 oillypes. Inslru<tion always ovoiloble. pearls. NORTHWEST BEADS :3 ml from US 45 NS8 WI6741 Main S1.pendon~. Everything you a Qooli1y bead slore 10be. findings. Boll & Sterling Silver. BUy IO-gO or creore imIre. seed beads. Sun 12·5 www.. 2Uas. OIJel1Si1Jdiownh friend~. glass and seed beods. 757-483-7800 VIRGINfA· Virginia Beach -A bender's PQrodise·· I. Exdusive dislribulor of (opper loom Weaving baok & classes. tiOOings. Izeth. dasses It more.. Melol. Broadway.8411"474'7 OHIO· PENNSYLVANIA· Pittsburgh Global markelpioce of beads and firnfmgs.beodalaHa. magazines.beadwortczstare.. slronds... seed bOOdsand more. 281·997·3600 TEXAS· Tyler TyIe(s 11 CRYSTAL BEAD BAZAAR 4521 Butler Sl. frierdy THE BEADED FROG 241-C Nonh Main Streel 864-235-2323 SOUTH CAROLINA· Surfside 8chJby Myrfle Bct Fullseme with gemstones.Where Becils & !nsplflllion Meel~: III'l!!IJIS_Comel Center 1 70a. books.• ~1 06 757·495-5400 OHIO· Columbus SliD(enlrol Ohio's oldest (sin[e 1985). slerling silver. LLC 29 Untamed Spirit 35 Urban Maine Chainworks _ 55 .com 3601 Airway Blvd. [opper. TohoSeed Beads. Soil 0-5.n. www. FlAkervice bead stora. delicos. BUTTERCUP BEADS 2151 E.mound Rd. High Streer roillree 8lI8·291·3130 OHIO· Columbus (Gahanna) A crcolNe hoven for bead :J~:r. Speciol ordm 21 Tan Come!SShopplng Clr. Boo~. ~ENNSVLVANI"'·Havertown outi1gs = TEXAS· Fort Worth 5~·2a5·4S0.. priclll! GIoss. beading & specialty [losses. Sir:' ing moleri. cJYSloIs. Open MOl 10-6. wood.e~sralbeadbazaar.amulbead. organics au me)ols.nel I~EADm~ED. lindings. Sworovski [lYSlae Venelim Cze[h. cOrT'.com THE BEADLES 114 W. Nalurob. elc. Sworol'lki [ryslols & pends. dosses. Bone. dosed Sun. (1IlSSel. old and ethnic silvel. Sunday I . seed beads. [hoin. fricnd~ instructors. Evening [kissill.. Unicorne Swomvsl:i. Silve. shopes & sizeslubes. Open DAILY. Gloss..moon$ronebea~s. volume discounts. Sufle 7. www. books.precious. semfjlre<ious sicnes & silver. workshops & more. kill 8. Mon 12·5:30. ELEGANT NOTIONS 239 W. Ro<ky THE B.. Whimsicol OIi!linoiearring de5igns. ffi·~ecd~~N.. (business) 843·839·3535 TEXAS· Amari! 10 mile 10 Beads. 262-375-5Sm WISCONSIN· Fond du Lac Co<OOin for a little color thernpy 01 a 1m Poee 10 bead! lots of Sworo~ki. 412·687·1513 PENNSYLVANIA· Pottstown (L_rPO"'O"M!) lei your aeolivily blossom in our cozy coltoge setting. ae<h ghss. Classes now forming. Art Wire.. wire. lnw Prices. GRAND RIVER BEADS 19361 Ostroit~. 81 . siIwr. Miyuki.~tomcictieGds. (losses by owonl wiMing bead artists.icB wilh a smile. Huge seledion 01 silver. lcoh. See you soon! Hours tUasfri 11-5..6. Pendants & Fbibods. siivcr.. Sun 12-1. firetol'~h. (zech Gloss It Sworol'lki (ryslol Beads... unusual slone bends. TIbelnn. Biithlny & oou~ porIies. Sworol'lki. Experienre1l Stoff g OuI5taOOil!iInstliK1on. Josey Lane. m c. tlelpful and bead SOWVItoff. Sworol'lki cryslok.owned & operoled. great prices & on OUll1nndi~ selection of Sworol'lki crystiJls. [kIsses & fun! /u. Huge edectk seiecfion. [hsSE6 lor beginners and up designed 10 strel[h creativity. hesirwoler prods. semf pre<ious. porties. Ihses.TUDIO 1024 N.AC BEAD COMP~~96:232~ !i I Ir~. biggest (4100 sq. Inc Otto Frei Sharilyn Miller Design 84 41 29 19 13 55 55 83 71 Shipwreck Beads 51 Special Effects 29 Terri McCarthy Studios. C!cled Mon.. fuUrunge bending supplies. BEADOHOUQUE 8220 louenaRoad. Fire Polish & mxh more. fun strifl. turn leI! 10 3601. www.lompwork.. V'tsilFotl Wonh's largest Seod Siore. lools. bane. seed bends. W 10-5. www.. IOOh.ludle. BE'ADAUil1i1'A 2nd Streel. '{~il Ul online or in tire shop! www. Un" 3 519-755·0468 adindex AdlAdornments . www. 918-806-8945 OREGON· Eugene CRYSIAlUZEO-SworovskiElemenl5 Beads.. ~ all the rest. 1M 10-8. rcods & more. sterling ~Iver findings. Irfend~! tnowredgofrle stoff. Sworol'lki. thousands of DESIGNING SISTERS BEAD AND JEWELLERY OUTLET 23 Craig SIreel.. semijlredous beod stmnds and silversmithing t~ and sup~ies Iksses and portias offered.bea~solsplendor. www. books. PM( & supplies.IRALTE GEMS & BEADS W62 N580 Washington AYe. wire. Dolkos & ~ndings! Art (loy Distribulor & Certificotion (fussilli Dielueic supplies! Tco~! Grenl cIoSSe5/inslrUctors! www. 50110-5. _ 71 Beadaholique _ _2 Beaducation-Lisa Niven Kelly 71 Bendwire 71 Blue Buddha Boutique 51 Chainweavers. 252·75. SS.0 ~ ~ lnl!le selection of silver.. Beading dasses wilh helpful. Excellent instruclors! Beads by lacollompwork orl~1. BEADWORKZ 3258 Academy Ave. 440-333-£EMS. Sot 10-3. Joponese seed beiJds. 3 Wire-Scufpture. Whether you Ole looking for 0 ro<~slor centerpiece or some great bmkifp beads. of Houston) Excellent selection SworOl'lki ayslol. gloss. semf.oom I ARTFUL BEAD 53ij4 Trail Lake Drive 817·294·2903 TEXAS· Houston Don'.• McLean (Tysons Gome~) IPnestoplleodslorefrombosics e(oOO & eXIrUorifinary. ~ngles.. www. peads.WireworkMag. Jewelry supplies & Findings. SworOl' MOONSTONE BEADS 640-H Highway 17 S.. Gf. seed. Sworol'llti. IYIP. www. knowledgable stoff. lools & supplies. Tmde beads. kill.BeadClrcus.. wotches & fioomgs. I TEXAS· Houston/Spring Two Imotions! Best sele<tion of gemstones. gemstonlll and gloss.ross hom ilIe liyun on /Aoin Street. MMrki.. Tools. lnmpworled. Vla\nesdoy & Friday 12 .·.ypweb.U) 513-932-3084 OHIO· Oberlin 20 Yeors in BusinE6s! Gionllnvenlory! New & Vinlnge gloss. HoUlS: Mon.deslgnlng·slslers.848-2323 VIRGI NIA· Portsmouth A friendly shop with a lantnsti[ sele<tion of wire semi:pre[ilus.irHE BEAD GARDEN 21221!!!r!!y ROOL _ 440-70S-1771 610-449·2'699 OHIO· Cleveland (Rocky River) Beautiful beads.. Sworol'lki. Sun 12-5. Unit 5 (RIo. DaHas SI. R~hll/2 Trodewind Business Pork. Ued!. OREGON· Portland Portkrnd's Premier Beod ShoP.BEADS & JEWELRY 1021 Wlilamen.. Beg & Arlv closses. Sun 12-4..beadlesbeadshop.beodohollque. College SI. WonderlUl desses. [rystols. Too~ and More! Toke Osage e~1 ~O. wrtW.. Soulh 10 34th 51. 191h SIreet 713·S64-0992 lruge5t seleClion of beads ond sUflllnes in the Fox Ories.. sernfjlre<ious & ~.. Empfionol service since 1984..1iiIIoge IlKite.. Sot 10-5:30. gemstones. lHI1oil: mgirolle@wj. ooturol.. exqui~le pear~. sernfprecious. crysmls.. Gentstooe.. our sele<lion and sclVice are sure to muke you 1w~1 and shout.•.. Lorge variety of sew beads.. Mison cemmics. JO[Hlnele Seed and DelicDl. B. We're between Milwaukee 8..beadedlroa.lElfirive prices. srs 110 281·256-0904 TEXAS· Pearland (So. Stringing moleriois. lp!1:illty beods.322-1885 WISCONSIN· Menomonee Falls Excellenl cuslomer servke. stone & spedcihies. bargoin bcod5. 440-77S·2233 OKLAHOMA· Broken Arrow Beads 10 Scot the Bond! Beads toke tenler sloge in our shawlOom and classroom. 802··28S-9666 VIRGfNIA' King George New locotion .4-800 OHIO· Chagrin Falls Ohio's widesl selection of bends! Sworovski D}IlGONFLY BEAD COMPANY 25J4 Rallroctd St. findings. Broadway.. run! Ser. ek. dasslll & fun! bend slore. findings & more. So1lOA/.ulnbeo~s. spacers. BEAD CRAZEE 6100 S.! m~s~t I:I~Sli~REEK 4848 Sf Dlylslon 51. Hamllron Rd. LLC Kalmbach Books Kambach Magazines Merchants Overseas. Awesome selection ofsemfjuecious. Olenl!LngU. Hondicop o<Cessible.blz GLASS ONION STUDIOS 1011 W. Helwig Industries. Miss This Shop! Houston's best beoder's paradise has exploded inlo a Iorgo new slore. portjes. www. lcob. Bm ond kits on our web site. 12H·4PhI. www·gran~river1leaQs.InlliC Shorl Norlh lull HARLEQUiN .ledoos.. A nne selection of stonesr.J7S·4611 .. www'lIlassonlon. group jwww. Unbettevoble Sele<tion li€msionesl Bali. penrls. Czern gloss.@ La Vlsla 214·824·2777 TEXAS· Dallas (Carrollton) full seII'ice bead store. ~. Sull!!1 01 920. 5€cond Iorolion ot 19306 Delran Rd. www. www. semfjlrecious. Helpfvl stoff & friendly shop cot. Inc Monsterslayer. seed beads. lOAM·5PM. SI&. M Koral gold.coml TERRY'S TREASURES BEADS & JEWELRY 9553 James Madison Parkway 540·. Parties. Sle. oMo-prelty ~r'dy _ _ 35 . oncienl & [onediale I Open every dny! New Shopping [art Web sile! www. wire work. BYZANTIUM 1088 N.ncd!lJgon~d. flOsses. BEA. di[~mk. finilings. 1¥"IGINIA . ANTIQUES BEADS & CRAFTY PEOPLE 2517 Broadway 51. tools mIl lIIpIIfies fef beaders/melolsmifbs. frierldly. nur ECLECTICA 18900 W. Bousilver. SOlU!doy 10· 5. 10-6 S~n up for dosses online. Mon· Sot 10-6. Cindy'S Wicked Good Beadz 29 D's Designs 29 Eastern Findings Corporation . seeds. Unique selection of finished pendants & Fetal Beads. Monfri. 'fri Itoff in on organized & ins~ring environmenl.DS"hlll.. 614·933·8948 Columbus (Powell) V'1SiI piclure$ Powel Ohil. High Sr.. beading supplies. Gold. Washington 51.NORTH CAROUNA· WlnterviUe (Greenville) JlII1 miIrtes hom IireenYiIe • We offer on orray of gemsrones.. . semi precious.harle!l. BEAD Q! 8584 E. Artison/beod odd'lCI. vinloge reproduction beads. www. Tuesday & Thursday 12 . pressed gloss.bunercu~bea~s. pewter.4 2Bl·257·0510 1431S Cypress R. stringing supprres. Izerh. (1YSIols.' Sol. PQrties. Ihs: Mf 1 ]. 5emfjJrecious beads. Semiilrecious and Freshwoler's of bends . jiJSt rrinu11ls from downtown CobiDJs: friseMte bead store wnh greot~. TUIi'Fri10-6. #116 972·242·8949 CANADA-ON· BronHord Grcot selection 8. In lnkewood Shop (nlr.. Czech. www. & GIFT GALLERY 440·331-4950 I~ENNS'lllVANIA· Mechanicsburg IIExtensive seli!CIion of semij.Sun. College Ave.qohannabeadshoj!. www. firdngs. Wire & Cable Specialties. 898·683·5903 806·352·9660 TEXAS· Dallas S25 Beginning Beming dosses. Iiooks. ompWoik. ARTFUL BEAD 2501 N.6. Open 7 drrr'I. friendlv staff and great dosses! Hours: Monday . pearls. boo~. Porties. Inc .filled It copper GAHANNA BEAD :.\-4PM. (l's & PMC rekiled producrs.3(iPM. Boo~.Sot. Cze<h gloss.lhebead~rden. (losses. books. www. Portilll & Your Group Events! Monday· SolU!day 100m· 4pm. classes & moreiJU in 0 porod~e-like saning. HOIffi: loon ..abcroflypeoplo. Toho. Sun 11-4 1eny@w. Mri lIlMl-S:. Cloy & Trude bends. SworOI'l~ crystok and seed bcods. Ste.bti<ldporodise. Friend~ Siaff..eclecllcobeaQs.EAD COTTAGE 5350 Kemps River Dr .[loser{. 10MHPhI... oriI mil[ shop uri. 7 drrr'I/vIr. PMC [ertilicotion. S'II'IIlMki. Thf 10-a. T. Wood. JOpor1ll1B seed bends.hrnkyhannahs. 190 903·581·7676 6199 S. Chi<ago in a [hmming hisloric area.. seed bends.nel hnp. PINK FLAMJNGO 71 W. 15 www. Exlensive dosses.tom SPLENDOR IN THE GRASS 1900 Abrams Pkwy.rTlflrotoSl. Helpful.Sol. Findings. A 484·524-8231 SOUTH CAROLINA· Greenville The Upslole's Beading Headquarters. Trode .. Czech & Japanese seed beads. art gloss. 35 Fire Mountain Gems Helby . Guilds/Bead SOCietyd~[ountsloo! www.lhebeodconl!D!l. vinlDge. 6. FUNKY HANNAH'S BEADS 324 Main Slreel OH 10· Leba nan (ClncinnarlJDayton) lunozing waD of JapnnE68 seed beads 6/0 10 IS/D.lnerrysrreasures. lools. Workspoce. 198 VERMONT· Will iston Fufkervice bend slore.r.. (1YS101{ cto~. Bofi & HillTnbe Silver. 262·641-0910 WISCONSIN· Cedarburg ··New location! We hove it oil! 250 [olors· DelKos. g!raltegemsandbeads. dichroics. BEADS 614. 920·733-2853 WISCONSIN· Brookfield Spedafizing in Auslrian cryslols. lools. So! 10-S. fiJ and besl bead slore. gold.

" she explains. I think these variable colors (such as those shown on the blue-toned octopus) are fun. she was hooked. but she loves the colors she's able to achieve in the anodization process.aetherealminx." To see more of Vera's work." Vera feels it has an earthy beauty and is easy to manipulate. which is great for achieving a single uniform color and can me done once the stones are in place. "The color is done using a small torch before I wire the beads in place. She also works in sterling silver and 82 Wirework 201 0 .It's a wrap Octopi Vera Pospisil got into jewelry making via beading. Perri Jackson. and Bobbi Maw. Though. She often works in copper wire . One day I plan to Qet an anodizing system set up. organic designs are her preference. "Titanium wire is more difficult to handle. and she uses any technique or weave that she can find or imagine to suit her purpose." she says.although some wire artists consider copper to be "practice wire. then moved into simple wirework. Titanium is wonderful that way. When she discovered the intricate wire designs of Eni Oken. www. being much less malleable. visit her Web site. Freeform. "I rarely sketch out a design. preferring to go with the flow.

lIed CHECK OUT OUR NEW WIRE PRICES AT WIRE. I ALL CABOCHONS ON YOUR NEXT ORDER INCLUDES OUR DESIGNER CABOCHONS AND OUR ONE OF A KIND DRUZY CABOCHONS wi re-sculpture .com USE PROMO CODE:wirework1 0 EXPIRES 04/30/2010 . .COM wi re-sculpture .seULPTURE.• Copper • Yellow Bross • • • • Red Brass Nickel Silver Sterling Silver Anti-tarnish Sterting Silver • Gold ~.. i 10%'OFF .

CJ aauscnxa June 2009 Bead&Bultan Helene Tsigistras September 2009 8eadStyie Angela Gerhard July 2009 ArlJewe{ry www. you'll even get tips on running your own business and reviews of the latest products and books.BeadAndButton. tools. Subscriber Extra www. and materials including metal.. bracelet and earring sets in today's hottest colors and styles with our stepby-step instructions. stones.ed with great stringing projects-and you can make them in one evening or lessl See how easy it can be to make necklace. You'll see why BeadStyle is the world's best-selling beading magazine! Art Jewelry magazine gives you quality instructions. c www .com Order online or call: P10052 Weekdays from 8:30-4:30 Central Standard Time 1-800-533-6644 A01Z1D .and polymer clay. expert advice and editor insight-direct from our in-house jewelry studio! You'll discover new techniques for all skill levels. Plus. om. Bead&Button magazine is packed with unique projects to inspire youl Learn how to design and create beautiful jewelry using bead stitching and a variety of jewelry-making techniques. : . step-by-step instructions you can easily follow.Joanne Ivy October 2009.- .BeadStyleMag . with photos and accurate.. No matter what your experience level... ... Bead&Button is your complete beading resource! BeadStyle magazine is load. gems. Each project is tested by our editors.. metal clay.

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