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Regional Anesthesia - UPPER EXTREMITY

J.J. Eledjam  B. Bassoul  S. Dareau  J. Teissier

University Hospital—Nimes / Private Hospital Beau Soleil — Montpellier, France Humeral Canal Approach

 Axillary Nerve  Musculocutaneous Nerve

 Radial Nerve  Median Nerve  Ulnar Nerve

 Medial Cutaneous Nerve of Forearm

 Medial Cutaneous Nerve of Arm

Anterior View Posterior View

Infiltration of the Medial

Cutaneous Nerve of the
Arm and Forearm


Lateral medial

Motor Response to
Musculocutaneous Tranverse Section of Humeral Canal
Nerve Stimulation (Mid-Humeral Area)

2 1- Ulnar deviation of the wrist 1- Wrist extension

1- Wrist flexion
2 2- Fingers’ flexion 2 2- Metacarpo-phalangeal Flexion 2- Metacarpo-phalangeal extension
3- Thumb opposition 3- Thumb adduction 3- Thumb abduction
1 2 1

Motor Response to Motor Response to Motor Response to

Median Nerve Stimulation Ulnar Nerve Stimulation Radial Nerve Stimulation

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