Meet our Special Guest

Living in and around the nation’s capital, you would have heard groups like: 95th Congress, Leadhead, Symba, The Aggression, The Fathers Children, The Soul Searchers, Stacy & The Sound Service and Black Heat, now meet them up close and personal:

Erik Johnson former drummer & vocalist with

95th Congress
Anton Dickerson former guitarist & vocalist with

Lead Head
Rodney Washington former bassist & vocalist with Symba Michael Burt former drummer with The Aggression Tony Vaughn former keyboardist with

The Fathers Children
John Buchanan formerly with The Soul Searchers Stacy formerly with Stacy & The Sound Service King Raymond Green former percussionist & vocalist with Black Heat
They All Made a Meaningful Contribution to the Music of “Go-Go.”

Go-Go is a subgenre associated with funk that originated in the Washington, D.C., area during the mid-1960’s and late 1970’s. It remains primarily popular in the

area as a uniquely regional music style. A great number of bands contributed to the early evolution of the genre, but The Young Senators, Black Heat, and The Souls Searchers are credited with having developed most of the hallmarks of the style. (Taken from Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia)

The name of the venues back in the late 60’s in Washington, D.C. were called “Go-Go’s,” after a song by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles called, “Going To A Go-Go”, which came out in December of 1965.

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