MATOS, Dexter Brylle J.


BS - Information Systems

1. Name of Business •DX Sports Bar 2. Address of Business •2nd floor, Greenbelt 3, Ayala Ave., Makati City 3. Number of owner(s)/ Name of Owner(s) •Owner: One •Name of Owner: Dexter Brylle Matos 4. Number of employees to start the operation •10: Three cooks, five waiters/waitresses, two managers 5. Tangible thing to invest as capital and amount •Capital : P 1.5 M •Tangible thing: Sports parephernalias 6. Government agencies involved and theirr requirements •Makati City Hall : City Permit, Sanitary Concerns •Bureau of Internal Revenue : Business receipt, Income Tax Returns •Department of Trade and Industry : Business Permit

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