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Way Back in 200 Bc Kautilyta Meticulously Described 40 Different Kinds of Corruption in His Arthasastra

Way Back in 200 Bc Kautilyta Meticulously Described 40 Different Kinds of Corruption in His Arthasastra

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Published by: xellosthetechman on Jun 03, 2011
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Way back in 200 bc kautilyta meticulously described 40 different kinds of corruption in his arthasastra .

he remarked just as it is impossible not to taste honey or poison when it is at the tip of the tongue , so just asit can not be found out whether a fish swimming through water drinks it or not so also government can not be found out while taking many for themselves . My frends..etc etc..m here to enlighten u on this can a man s fast until death can curb corruption from india ..? Corruption is defined as moral depravity and influencing thorugh bribery . it is deep rooted menace in the indian society having soaked into every sphere of life ..or I must say we are too used to it .. Even the highest political and judicial sphere have been tainted by this evil ..so wait after 62 yers of our independence.. we see a down to earth old man on jantar mantar fasting until his death ..to draft lok pal bill ..and his influx of supporters chanting hymns of national virtues can this solve the problem I am not being cynical but a little realistic there are like enumerous forms of corruption lemme brief you on this first .. first is PETTY CORRUPTION Practiced on a smaller scale , defined as use to public office or post for private benefit in the course of delivering services in form of relatively small amounts of money ..including bribery .. Second is GRAND CORRUPTION WHEN POLICY MAKING . ITS DESIGNS AND IMPLEMENTATION ARE COMPROMISED BY CORRUPT OFFICLIAS. THIRD ITS BUSINESS corruption where bureaucracy is bypassed, insider trading , money laundering , embezzlement , tax evasion and accounting irregularities are seen to accelerate profits.. Then there is chaotic corruption and organized corruption .the problem is so obstinate it cant be assumed that it can be solved in a single night by giving tooth to a civil body the lok pal bill for which the fast was organized is a great effort towards fighting the menace as it will be able to prosecute the culprit and bodies like CBI AND CVC ..Can report reports to lokpall .as it s a independent body political leaders and bureaucratic officials are in its ambit .but lok pall cant only end this problem we need to make sure lok pall itself stays away from corruption its misleading that ..Anna hazare s fast until death is a war which will end corruption in no time..but its just a start and a long process where every citizen has to be vigilant and develop a no tolerance attitude .. The moral fabric of our society has been destroyed as even education and religion are not free from the cancer of corruption . It breeds at top level then filters out to lower levels eating into vitals of society the planning has to be really strong mertely flash of publicity woint do it whst is needed it a sustained methodical; weeding out of corrupt officials reformning the administration for instance we can make a law where a ias Officer is allowed service for 15 yers and then a team of experts will evaluate his 15 yers of service they will enquire his peers subordinates and if he comes out clear he will continue optherwise he his eradicated from his job ..this might help in the officials from being corrupt ..

.thus we should stop basking in the glorious past and day dream about the better future by seeing a man sitting in for a fast until death and take it as end to evry problem its idiotic to say I am with anna hazare I will fight corruption where were u before anna hazare hi self formed ralegaon sidhi a ideal village . All the speakers right here .it like a cold blooded come out of hibernation because of summer then again go back to its nest it was a sudden hype of things and now things are normal .. .they ...even ....WE have to protect OUR country and it cant be done with petty bill s we can go on making another body to check corruption on lok [pall and so on a man s fast until death will not do .that was a high time which needed a mass participation .The very people who came forward to fight against corruption in the demonstration would indulge in the ill practice this incident got marel of people aroused by the nationalist feeling but the desire to get thing easily done succumbs this moral arousal .we cant take him as a single man army who thjrew away corruption from India even gandhiji needed full support of all Indians to throw away britishers from india ..but the situation needs constructive proceeding where we all should be part of the cleaning machinerely .how many of u enquire if ur parents file tax return in time how many of u have a clear propaganda to giht it out .it can only drw public attention towards the manace thas required we cant take big steps whn we are not good enough to walk .he himself is pure and knows how detrimental corruption can be its WE not...he hiom she. basic constitutional education should be imbibed into minds of small children set our goals and work accordingly we can attest see anna hazare as a leader who motivated us to fight against corruption .... Make awareness what is RTI act .that nationalist feeling killer instinct ..i knw iron should be hit when its hot .

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