Qualifications required for the job? A) Pre University B) Under University C) Post Graduates 2) Conveying Vacancies to the public? A) Advertisement B) Campus interviews C) Employment agencies 3) Number of Interview rounds conducted while selecting? A) One B) Two C) Three 4) Opinion of Recruitment done on regular basis? A) Yes B) No 5) Sources of Recruitment? A) Internal source B) External source o C) Both sources 6) Opinion on Freedom in my position to do what is right for the customer? A) Somewhat B) Strongly C) Somewhat disagree D) Strongly disagree 7) Referring his friend to apply for a post in his organization? A) Definitely B) Probably C) Not sure D) Do not refer 8) Principles to select a candidate? A) Organization objectives B) Job description C) Job specification D) Competency 9) Either they are following selection test? A) Yes B) No 10) Type of questions in selection tests? A) Open-ended B) Closed ended

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