Resolving Period Close Pending Transaction

There are a variety of reasons for pending transactions. The scope of this document is to identify data, and product affecting Period Close process. This information will assist troubleshooting pending transactions that may affect the Period Close process.

Users can see the number of pending transactions by navigating to the Inventory Accounting Periods Form. Navigate > Cost > Accounting Close Cycle > Inventory Accounting Periods Place cursor on the appropriate open accounting period and click on the [Pending] Button. There are three zones titled “Resolution Required”, “Resolution Recommended” and “Unprocessed Shipping Transactions”.

The Resolution Required zone displays the number of unprocessed material, uncosted material, Pending WIP Costing, Uncosted WSM txn and Pending WSM interfaces transactions existing in this period. Transactions appearing in this zone must be resolved before the period can be closed. The Resolution Recommended zone displays the number of Pending Receiving, Pending Material and Pending Shop Floor Move transactions existing in this period. Transactions appearing in this zone will not prevent closing of the accounting period. However, once the accounting period is closed, unresolved transactions in this zone cannot be processed because they have a transaction date for a closed period. The Unprocessed Shipping Transactions zone displays the number of Pending Transactions existing in this period. Transactions appearing in this zone must be resolved before the period can be closed.


“Pending Shop Floor Move” transactions indicate there are unprocessed shop floor move transactions in the WIP_MOVE_TXN_INTERFACE table. “Pending WIP Costing” transactions indicate there are unprocessed resource and overhead accounting transactions in the WIP_COST_TXN_INTERFACE table.Resolution Required Transactions: “Unprocessed Material” indicate there are unprocessed material transactions in the MTL_MATERIAL_TRANSACTONS_TEMP table. “Pending WSM interface” indicate there are pending transactions in the WSM_SPLIT_MERGE_TXN_INTERFACE table. . Resolution Recommended Transactions: “Pending Receiving” transactions indicate there are unprocessed purchasing transactions in the RCV_TRANSACTIONS_INTERFACE table. “Pending Material” transactions indicate there are unprocessed material transactions in the MTL_TRANSACTIONS_INTERFACE table. “Uncosted WSM txn” indicate there are uncosted transactions in the WSM_SPLIT_MERGE_TRANSACTIONS table. Unprocessed Shipping Transactions: “Pending Transactions” in the Unprocessed Shipping Transactions zone indicate there are transactions in the WSH_DELIVERY_DETAILS table in a status of shipped. These transactions are not included in your receiving value if they are not resolved prior to closing the period. “Uncosted Material” indicate there are material transactions in the MTL_MATERIAL_TRANSACTIONS table with unprocessed accounting entries. These transactions include purchase order receipts and returns for inventory.

Intransit and Others. Inventory > Transactions > Pending Transactions By using the Pending Transactions window. users view. Location. Source. edit. Details of transactions can be viewed through the Applications by navigating to the Pending Transactions form. users need to identify and resolve the errors and issues preventing a record from being processed through the MTL_MATERIAL_TRANSACTIONS_TEMP table. The steps are also mentioned thereof to clear these errors Error1 : Failed to pack/unpack item / This LPN is already nested with another LPN Resolution Steps : a) Please follow the steps in the embedded document to clear these transactions. . correct and resubmit unprocessed material transactions.UNPROCESSED MATERIAL TRANSACTIONS: To resolve Unprocessed Material transactions. CLEARING UNPROCESSED MATERIAL TRANSACTIONS: Typically following type of errors have been observed for unprocessed material transactions. which provide detailed Information on the transactions. There are five tabs to select the type of information: Error.

Error_code = ‘Transaction processor error’. b) These are records some fictious records and need to be deleted from MMTT. transaction_uom = Valid UOM or ‘X’ Resolutions Steps : a) Verify the inventory_item_id and error_code in MMTT SELECT count(*) FROM mtl_material_transactions_temp MMTT WHERE organization_id = 223 and error_code ='Transaction processor error' and inventory_item_id < 0.steps for clearing pending tran of container pack tran type. .doc Error2 : Inventory_Item_id < 0.

c) If the transaction is not cleared. b) If the transaction does not clear from the MMTT. delete it from the MMTT Error4 inventory_Item_id > 0. ERROR_CODE = NULL WHERE ORGANIZATION_ID = 223 AND ERROR_CODE = ‘Transaction processor error’ : : . error_code = Transaction processor error transaction_uom = Valid UOM Resolutions Steps : a) Resubmit these records from pending transactions window. Resolution Steps : a) Check the related LPN content and ensure LPN is unused. transaction_uom = ‘X’. TRANSACTION_MODE = 3. Error_Code = Transaction processor error. LOCK_FLAG = ‘N’. Refer the attached document.Error3 inventory_item_id > 0. it should clear the transaction. b) If LPN content is null then Resubmit it. update the corresponding records in MMTT with below script UPDATE MTL_MATERIAL_TRANSACTIONS_TEMP SET PROCESS_FLAG = ‘Y’.

The failed transactions are the ones that will need to be corrected and the transactions that are not costed will need to be costed to close the period. Error or Null” can be selected. Details of uncosted transactions can be viewed through the Applications by navigating to the Material Transactions form.Uncosted Material Transactions To resolve uncosted Material Transactions you need to determine and fix what is preventing a record from being processed through the MTL_MATERIAL_TRANSACTIONS table. Following reasons are identified for transactions not getting costed. Cost > View Transactions > Material Transactions In the find Parameter Window there is a field “Costed” and from the list of values “Yes. Cost Manager must be shut down before applying this fix. Reason1 : Transaction Source ID in MMT is populated with value < 0 Resolution : MMT needs to be updated for these uncosted transactions with the appropriate transaction source id. Following script can be used to update these records SET SERVEROUTPUT ON SIZE 100000 CREATE TABLE MMT_BKUP_ACR8322 AS (SELECT * . No.

move_order_line_id AND organization_id = MMT. TRANSACTION_SOURCE_ID = (SELECT wip_entity_id FROM wip_move_transactions wmt . ERROR_CODE = NULL. COMMIT.PUT_LINE('Rows updated for transaction_source_type_id 4 for SO : ' || sql%ROWCOUNT).inventory_item_id). TRANSACTION_SOURCE_ID = (SELECT DISTINCT header_id FROM mtl_txn_request_lines WHERE LINE_ID = MMT.MTL_MATERIAL_TRANSACTIONS MMT SET COSTED_FLAG = 'N'.organization_id AND inventory_item_id = MMT. DBMS_OUTPUT. 'E') AND transaction_source_type_id = 4 AND transaction_action_id = 2 AND organization_id = 223 AND transaction_source_id < 0 AND EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM mtl_txn_request_lines WHERE LINE_ID = MMT. ERROR_EXPLANATION = NULL WHERE costed_flag IN ('N'.organization_id AND inventory_item_id = MMT.MTL_MATERIAL_TRANSACTIONS MMT SET COSTED_FLAG = 'N'. TRANSACTION_GROUP_ID = NULL. BEGIN --For fixing transaction_source_type_id 4 for SO UPDATE MMT_BKUP_ACR8322 mmt-.move_order_line_id AND organization_id = MMT.FROM mtl_material_transactions WHERE organization_id = 223 AND costed_flag IN ('N'. 'E') AND transaction_source_id < 0).For fixing transaction_source_type_id =5 for WIP UPDATE MMT_BKUP_ACR8322 mmt-. TRANSACTION_GROUP_ID = NULL. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.inventory_item_id).

DBMS_OUTPUT.transaction_id = mmt. ERROR_EXPLANATION = NULL WHERE costed_flag IN ('N'. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------EXCEPTION WHEN OTHERS THEN DBMS_OUTPUT. 'E') AND transaction_source_type_id = 5 AND organization_id = 223 AND transaction_source_id < 0.move_transaction_id). COMMIT. / ====================== .PUT_LINE ('Error ' || SQLERRM). ERROR_CODE = NULL.WHERE wmt. END.PUT_LINE ( 'Rows updated transaction_source_type_id =5 for WIP : ' || sql%ROWCOUNT ).

Pending WIP Costing transactions (Resource and Overhead Transactions) Resolving Pending WIP Cost transaction is a process of determining and fixing what is preventing a record form being processed through the WIP_COST_TXN_INTERFACE table. Details of pending transactions can be viewed through the applications by navigating to the pending resource transaction form. . WIP > Resource Transactions > Pending Resource Transactions Error1 : No charges can be applied to a cancelled/closed job Resolution : A manual JV need to be passed for such transactions as the job status is closed/cancelled and no charges are allowed on such jobs by Oracle.

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