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Engineering Data/FAQs

Flange Types

Flat Face

Unconfined Gasket

„ Mating faces of both flanges are


„ Gasket may be ring type, or full

face, which covers the entire
face both inside and outside the

Raised Face

Unconfined Gasket

„ Mating face is flat, but the area

inside the bolt holes is raised
1/16" or 1/4"

„ Gasket is usually ring type,

entirely within bolts

„ Flanges may be disassembled easily without springing

the flange

Ring Joint

Also Called "API Joint"

„ Both flange faces have matching

flat-bottomed grooves with sides
tapered from the vertical at 23º

„ Gasket seats on flat section of

flange between bore and ring joint groove

„ Garlock spiral wound gaskets can replace solid metal

ring gaskets

Semi-Confined Gasket

„ Depth of female (recessed) face

normally equal to or less than
height of male (raised) face, to
prevent metal-to-metal contact
during gasket compression

„ Recessed O.D. normally is not more than 1/16" larger

than the O.D. of the male face

„ Joint must be pried apart for disassembly

Tongue and Groove

Fully Confined Gasket

„ Groove depth is equal to or less

than tongue height

„ Groove usually not over 1/16"

wider than tongue

„ Gasket dimensions will match tongue dimensions

„ Joint must be pried apart for disassembly

Groove to Flat

Fully Confined Gasket

„ One flange face is flat, the other

is recessed

„ For applications requiring accurate

control of gasket compression

„ Only resilient gaskets are recommended —spiral

wound, hollow metal O-ring, pressure-actuated, and
metal-jacketed gaskets

Properties/application shown here are typical. Your specific
application should not be undertaken without independent
study and evaluation for suitability. For specific application
recommendations consult Garlock. Failure to select the
proper sealing products could result in property damage
and/or serious personal injury.

Performance data published here has been developed from

field testing, customer field reports and/or in-house testing.

While the utmost care has been used in compiling this

information, we assume no responsibility for errors.
Specifications subject to change without notice. This edition
cancels all previous issues. Subject to change without

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