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Mobile Games Development Course

Course Audience
Engineers / MCA / BCA / B.Sc Computers /GNIIT students who know core
Java or C++, this is the best course for you to get into actual development
work, use your knowledge for mobile games development . Training is
given by expert from industry with intensive mobile gaming experience.

Duration: 5 weekends

About the Instructor: The instructor has worked for a reputed mobile
gaming company and has developed many mobile games. Currently he is
working as a mobile applications developer in a reputed IT company. .

Session 1 :
i. Basics of Java.
ii. Basics of J2ME.
iii. Introduction to mobile devices.
iv. Introduction to GPRS and java enabled
v. Configurations and Profiles.
vi. Overview of the Architecture.
vii. Development Environment.
viii. Connected, Limited Device Configuration
ix. Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP).
x. A basic MIDlet.
xi. Display and Displayable.
xii. Form class.
xiii. Command Objects.

Session 2:
i. More on High level user interface
ii. Item
iii. TextField.
iv. Choice and ChoiceGroup.
v. Alert and AlertType.
vi. Lower level user interface introduction
vii. Canvas
viii. Graphics

Mobile Games Development using J2ME

Session 3:
i. Image.
ii. Advanced Graphics options
iii. Threading & Timer.
iv. Basic frame animation.
v. Multiple object animations.
vi. Key action.

Session 4:
i. Random Function.
ii. Game sample with object clashing.
iii. Background scroll.
iv. Speed dependent animation.
v. Record Management System & High score
vi. Game saving.

Session 5:
i. Nokia- Java enabled handsets.
ii. Nokia APIs
iii. 40, 60 Series Handsets – specification and
iv. Animation using Nokia APIs.
v. Sound API.

Session 6
i. Generic Connection Framework
ii. HTTP Connection
iii. Over view of Additional features in MIDP 2.0
iv. Downloading images.
v. Development of racing games.

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Mobile Games Development using J2ME