2011 USN/USCG Ombudsmen & USMC Family Readiness Volunteers Recognition Ceremony

The Fleet & Family Support Center, USO San Diego, San Diego Armed Services YMCA, and the Navy League Council of San Diego will host a Recognition Ceremony for USN/USCG Outstanding Ombudsmen and USMC Family Readiness Volunteers. In addition to a complimentary lunch, awards and appreciation gifts will be given to the USN/USCG Ombudsmen and USMC Family Readiness Volunteers present.
When: Friday, September 23, 2011 11:00 am – 11:45 am: Registration & Social 11:45 am – 1:30 pm: Lunch & Recognition Program Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina, 1380 Harbor Island Drive, San Diego, CA 92101 Business attire for civilians, Summer White for Navy Officers and Chiefs, Service Uniform for Navy Petty Officers, Service “C” for Marines, and Tropical Blue Long for Coast Guard.

Where: Dress:

    Appreciation gifts will only be provided to honorees attending the ceremony. Certificates of Appreciation are available for those unable to attend, by early request to Phyllis Barber. Parking is available for $5/car. Complimentary attendance is afforded to a limited number of outstanding USN/USCG Ombudsmen and USMC Family Readiness Volunteers based on the size of the command. See the reservation form for more information. If you have more USN/USCG Ombudsmen or USMC Family Readiness Volunteers to honor than the number designated for your command size as “complimentary honorees,” we will honor them if your command covers the costs for the number of individuals beyond which you are designated. The cost is $40.00 for each additional volunteer, which covers lunch and recognition items. This is the same as the price for other guests. For any religious or dietary food restrictions please contact Phyllis Barber, no later than September 9th, to make special arrangements.

You must submit the name of every USN/USCG Ombudsman or USMC Family Readiness Volunteer you wish to recognize.

RSVP to Phyllis Barber at (858) 751-5755 x102, fax (858) 751-5769, or email pbarber@asymcasd.org Mail Payments BEFORE 9/9/2011 to: PHYLLIS BARBER, ASYMCA 3293 SANTO ROAD SAN DIEGO, CA 92124 Make Checks Payable to: Ombudsman/FRV Recognition Committee
(No Exceptions)

Command Information
Please complete this form in its entirety and send to Phyllis Barber by fax, (858) 751-5769 or email, pbarber@asymcasd.org.
Command Mailing Address: Commanding Officer Rank & Name:

Full Name of Command (No Acronyms):

Command POC - Title & Name: Phone # Will your unit/command be deployed at time of event? Yes Email: No Total # of assigned personnel:

Honoree Information
Honoree Type:

Navy Ombudsmen
First Name Last Name

USCG Ombudsmen

US Marine Corps Family Readiness Volunteers
Email Address

Total Number of Honorees attending: (Navy or Coast Guard Ombudsmen or USMC Family Readiness Volunteers Only) Complimentary Honorees Up to 500 Personnel = 2 Honorees 1501-2500 Personnel = 4 Honorees Complimentary # of honorees based on command size: Note: Command can send additional honorees at $40 person 501-1500 Personnel = 3 Honorees 2500+ Personnel = 5 Honorees

Paid Guest Information
Rank, First & Last Names of All Paid Guests:

Number of honorees that exceeds the complimentary designation: ($40.00/additional honoree) Number of paid guests: (Guests are $40.00/person) Total # of paid guest and honorees:

Total Amount Remitted: $

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