Economic Importance of ornamental plants

The ornamental industry is mainly based on cultivation of foliage and flowering plants suitable for bed and pot cultivation. The commercial production of ornamental plants is increasing worldwide. In UK, the trade in ornamental and floriculture industry is estimated to be around £2.1 billion in 2005, while the international trade is around £60-75 billion (Chander and Tanaka, 2007). The demand of ornamentals has increased steadily for the past few decades which is influenced by economical growth in both developed and developing countries. The developed countries especially, US and European nations are leading in ornamental industry for both production and consumption. In addition, the trade of ornamental flowers is also increasing in developing nations. In the UK, the retail value of cut flowers and indoor plants in 2008 was estimated to have reached £2.2 billion. Future requirements of ornamental industry

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