50 Super Fun Summer Adventures for you and your family!

By East Coast Mommy East Coast Mommy is a blog about Supporting, Promoting, and {hopefully} Inspiring Moms! Through sharing my experiences as a SAHM mom of three small boys, I provide: craft tutorials, organizational tips, giveaways, product reviews, ideas for activities, and more. Check out www.facebook.com/EastCoastMommy 1) Celebrate Canada Day 2) Read a book outside 3) Have a teddy bear picnic 4) Go to a splash pad 5) Swim in our blow up pool 6) Go to a farmer's market 7) Go to the library 8) Make homemade bubbles 9) Play pirates 10) Have family movie night – outside 11) Collect shells at the beach 12) Build a sandcastle 13) Swim in the ocean 14) Visit a wildlife park 15) Draw with sidewalk chalk 16) Run through the sprinkler 17) Play baseball 18) Play soccer 19) Ride our bikes 20) Take a ferry boat ride 21) Spend time at a cottage 22) Do a science experiment 23) Watch fireworks 24) Go on a nature walk 25) Make cookies 26) Play mini golf 27) See a play 28) Have a superhero birthday party 29) Make play dough 30) Play hopscotch 31) Camp in the backyard 32) Take a trip to Halifax 33) Take a trip to PEI 34) Play with our giant Frisbees 35) Make an obstacle course 36) Fly a kite 37) Go on a scavenger hunt 38) Make a summer craft 39) Ride Theodore Tugboat 40) Play street hockey 41) Visit a museum 42) Attend the Antigonish Highland Games 43) Paint with chocolate pudding 44) Have ice cream for supper 45) Roast marshmallows 46) Make a collage 47) Mail a letter 48) Take a bubble bath 49) Have pancakes for supper 50) Have a PJ day

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