Programme Educational Objectives Name of the Course Class : Transmission lines and waveguides : III Year BE Electronics and

Communication Engineering Semester Name of the Faculty Course Objective : 1. To make the students to become familiar with propagation of signals through lines 2. To involve the students for calculation of various line parameters by conventional and graphical methods 3. To make students to understand need for impedance matching and different impedance matching techniques 4. To enable the students to familiar with resonators. 5. To enable the student to understand the signal propagation at radio frequencies. 6. To enable the student to understand the radio propagation in guided systems : V :

Topics to be covered Time Ref/Pg.No. c) Graduates will show the ability to participate and try to succeed in competitive examinations Lesson plan .Lesson plan Session No. formulate and solve engineering problems b) Graduate will develop confidence for self education and ability for life-long learning. Teaching Method Program outcome a) Graduates will demonstrate the ability to identify.

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