Where the Money Goes BESCA 2010 – 2011 Expenditures

Grade Level Allocations ($4,000 per grade) Individual Class Allocations ($20 per student) Science Program (1st - 5th Grades) Reading Support Consultants (3rd - 5th Grades) 5th Grade Promotion Fund 4th Grade Tutoring 1st Grade Tutoring Music Program (K - 3rd Grades) Brazilian Drumming (4th & 5th Grades) Brain Pop (3rd - 5th Grades) Life Lab/Garden Art Vistas Cornerstone Community Events (projected) Technology Support SMART Boards (Kindergarten Classrooms) Library Books & Equipment Equipment Support (copiers, laminator, etc) Campus Improvements (Backpack Hooks, Sheds, etc) $24,000 $15,700 $20,000 $9,300 $3,500 $4,000 $600 $10,800 $8,000 $1,700 $2,200 $2,500 $2,500 $24,500 $10,500 $19,900 $5,500 $3,400 $6,400

Where the Money Comes From BESCA 2010 – 2011 Income *
Walkathon before Expenses (expenses $23,100) Booksin Bulldog Ball BESCA Donation Drive Community Events (projected) eScrip Corporate Matching Grants (included in WAT Income) BoxTops Dining Nights Out Tuesday Ice Cream Sales $180,000 $7,500 $2,900 $30,100 $12,000 $8,000 $1,300 $2,000 $1,000

*All numbers are rounded to the nearest $100. For complete information ask to see the BESCA Budget.

As you can see BESCA has worked hard again this year to provide programs, equipment, supplies and events that enrich the learning experience for the students at Booksin Elementary School and build a stronger community. We encourage everyone to bring any ideas or questions to a BESCA meeting or find one of the board members and talk to us. We're always happy to hear ideas or answer any questions. Lastly, I can't say this enough; Thank you so much to all of the parents, families and Booksin staff members who contribute so much to make Booksin and BESCA successful. Go Bulldogs! Stuart Moore

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