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Disaster Managemen New Ppt

Disaster Managemen New Ppt

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  • What is a Disaster
  • Disaster
  • Types of Disasters
  • Impact of Disasters
  • Overview of Natural Disasters in India
  • Overview of Man-Made Disasters
  • Development VS. Environment
  • Development VS. Environment
  • GangaMaili
  • Need for Action
  • Differences in Approach to Planning
  • Global Warming & Climate Change
  • Disaster Response
  • State & District Level
  • Role of IDNDR
  • Union Level Organization
  • National Plan
  • National Plan
  • Guidelines for Minimum Standards
  • State & District Level
  • State & District Level
  • Preparedness, Prevention, Mitigation
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Mitigation
  • Principles of Mitigation
  • Relief and Rehabilitation
  • Ingredients of Effective Rehabilitation
  • Disaster Management Act 2005
  • Basic Features of NDMA
  • Sections of the Frame Work
  • Vulnerability of India
  • Global Phenomena
  • Principles of Disaster Management
  • Principles of Disaster Management
  • Latur& Los Angeles
  • Stages in Disaster Management
  • Disaster Event
  • Flaws in Disaster Response
  • Implementationof TDRM
  • Response Mechanism in India
  • Response of the Central Government
  • Primary Relief Functions
  • Secondary Relief Functions
  • Energizing Local Government
  • Role of RIPA
  • Suggestions for Improving NDM
  • Drought Case Study
  • Case Study contd
  • Drought Case Study
  • Relief as per Category A, B, C
  • Monitoring
  • Employment Generation
  • NGOs Involvement
  • United Nations Response
  • Lessons learned
  • Lessons learned
  • Drawbacks in Relief
  • Suggestions for future preparedness
  • Experiences during the first ten days
  • Work through Local Women
  • Monitoring Relief Agencies
  • The Fizz is Gone

‡Definition: Disaster means a catastrophe,

mishap, calamity or grave occurrence in any

area, arising from natural or man-made cause,

or by accident or negligence which results in

substantial loss of life or human suffering or

damage to, and destruction of property, or

damage to or degradation of environment,

and is of such nature or magnitude as to be

beyond the coping capacity of the community

of the affected area.


j m ovasdi

Disaster Management Act 2005

‡Disaster Management means a continuous and integrated

process of planning, organizing, coordinating and

implementation measures which are necessary or expedient


1. Prevention of danger or threat of any disaster;

2.Mitigation or reduction of risk of any disaster or its severity or


3. Capacity-building;

4. Preparedness to deal with any disaster;

5. Prompt response to any threatening disaster situation or


6. Assessing the severity or magnitude of effects of any disaster;

7.Evacuation, rescue and relief; and

8.Rehabilitation and reconstruction.


j m ovasdi

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