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Dofining Quality for Over 30 Years Volume 2 / Sept 2008 The Colored Gemstone Exchange Launch “The first 828 Internet platform devoted strictly to Buying-Direct, Worry-iree Documented Colored Gemstones...” toe ats sie) American Gamolegics| Labotatorios GemReport The intemet has become an ‘essential tool for business-to- business (828) outreach servicing and expansion. In the diamond side ofthe retail ~_jeweky business, there exists several portals thet provie retailers with ready acess to the extensive inventory of ciamond ‘wholesalers and manufacturers. Although some of these 828 pitforms will incude a small sun- ply of cclored gemstenes, none are spectically focused on color in a menner that allows retall- es to search end find gems in wich they can purchase with confidence, y ‘As a result, Ametican Gemological Laboratories (AGL and Collectr’s Universe (CU) nave devel- oped and launched “Colored Gemstone Exchange" ( an innovative ‘web-based sales ard ourchasing tool devoted exclusively to colored stones. In today’s market, is more diffcut than ever for retalers to keep an extensive inventory of colored stones on hend to offer clients. In action, with the ever increasing market penetration of synthetic gems, cemstone ‘treatments and initaios, ithas naver been mere ‘troublesome for retailers to provide their cus- ‘tomers with ful and accurate representation and. disclosure as required by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), ‘The purchasing of colerec stones on the web ‘today is fraught with @ caveat of “buyer beware" ‘or retalers. Accordingly, the Colored Gemstone Exchange was developed to encourage anc pro- ‘mote the purchase and seling of colored stones fn the web with contidence. Each item avaliatle on CGE nes been examined by AGL and nas Teceived @ FastTiack” GemBriet” from the 12 ‘This means the accurate identiication of the item. | guaranteed ang thet all enhencementinforma~ tion meets or exceeds FTC requirements for prop er disclosure Benefits to jewelry retailers OGE provides retailers a place where they can search and purchase colered stones that meet ‘heir customers’ needs with absolute confidence. ‘A purchase through CGE assures the retailer hat each and every stone has been carefuly exam- ined by AGL stati and tat the ASL guarantee of acourate identification passes from the colored stone seller to the jewelry retailer and orto the fend constumer. CGE also greatly increases the avaiabiity of colored stones that retailers can cffer to customers sbove what they can keep as in-house inventory, Jewelers need only locate the stones shey have interest in and contact the seller direct. The ‘website is easy to use and there are several fea- ‘ures that allow users to search and locate the stones they have interest in, by sorting according to gem mater coor, snap, weight, mensions, a well as orice, or any combination thereo. Alter the search is conducted, photos, cetais and a copy ofthe actuel GemBrief” for ll veble gems can be accessed and vewed on the screen. The frie and seller ae also promnenty csplayec'so ‘he retailer can contact the seller crect. ‘he site 's provided tree-o'-charce 1 salles and ‘ vali Jewelry retalers. This i nota st for con- ssumers and so jewelry retallers willbe verted by We CGE administrator before they can have agoess to the site and purchase any stones. There age also no transaction fees. Sales wil be con- uct between the jewelry retaler and seller of the stone directly “lhe first B2B Internet platform devoted strictly to Documented Colored Gemstones...” - get connected, It's Free. 1 Exenangeexchuivaly arin mercer Gntdagea! atorares”SoczmenedGamtines