Lopez April 8, 2011

As a new budding plant in the intricate field of teaching, I can’t help but be filled with different idealisms that trail towards students’ improvement. Every time I deal with students, I am aware that I have to be pliant enough to put myself in their shoes. I believe that you can only teach the students the way you should if you know them individually not only by name but also by all their backgrounds and life. Teaching doesn’t end in the presentation of lessons and having the students passed the tests. There is a deeper sense in teaching that is understanding the students in a wider perspective, going thru their experiences and compromising all your ideals to fit in their shapes. Teaching is not about bombarding students with facts; instead it is about transforming their minds and lives, making them understand how those facts can help them to better their lives and eventually help others to meliorate their lives too. Learning is a continuous process. As long as learning takes place, there will always be changes. They say that change is one of the best manifestations of learning. Teaching-Learning is a process of change/transformation. Aside from the personal benefits of learning, its societal effects count the most. We cannot deny the fact that education is the most powerful tool that every government uses to bring about positive change in the society. So, when I teach I involve the society. Everything can be subject to learning; everything can be used in teaching to transform minds. Not all things around are good fro the students. Others can be destructive, a threat to the students. Hence, I always evaluate things before I present to the students. If the morales of the students are corrupted, most probably, the society is also corrupt. What to teach is a great deal for every responsible teacher. One of my idealisms agrees to those beliefs that suggest that students must know the reason why they should learn one thing. This helps the students to motivate the learners. I also believe that when you teach the students how to learn (i.e. to be independent) you’ll not need to push them to learn and teaching per se will become an easy task for every teacher. In the end, learning must be fun not a burden. In my case, I enjoy teaching when I see students enjoying learning. It’s another task that a mentor should enjoy- thinking how learners will enjoy learning.

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