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As we’ll discuss shortly, you’re most likely going to want to render files of multiple formats from a sin-

gle project. For instance, you’ll probably want an uncompressed (or a lossless compression) format for

burning your CDs, an MP3 to make available for download from various websites, and perhaps a cou-

ple different streaming formats for posting on your website. As you’ve seen, you can create all these

file types from ACID Pro. If you’re not using ACID Pro, your DAW almost certainly creates all these for-

mats too.

However, you can see that creating those files one by one from your DAW is a lot of busy work. Sony

Sound Forge, which we used in our mastering discussion in Chapter 11, features a helpful tool called


Download at www.wowebook.com


12 | Delivering Your Music

the Batch Converter.This tool enables you to set up the application to create all your files regardless

of how many different formats or combination of properties you need.

Suppose you’ve finished mixing your project, rendered out a WAV file, brought that file into Sound

Forge, and completed your mastering work.You can save your work on that WAV file, and then you

have a mastered file to use for your high-quality audio file purposes.

Because that WAV file is uncompressed and full quality, you can render all the other files you need

from it.You set up a batch job in Sound Forge’s Batch Converter to do this.With the WAV file still open

in Sound Forge, choose Tools, Batch Converter.The Batch Converter window opens, as shown in Figure



Figure 12.4

The Sound Forge Batch Converter creates multiple files automatically.

The file you currently have open in Sound Forge appears in the list on the Files to Convert tab. Click it

to select it from the list.


You can run the Batch Converter on multiple files simultaneously. Click the Add File button to

add one or more new files to the Files to Convert list, or click the Add Folder button to have

the Batch Converter operate on every file in the selected folder. For instance, if you have a 10-

song project and you’ve created WAV files for each of the 10 songs, you can add them all to

the Files to Convert list and create files of multiple formats from each of those 10 songs in one

operation.That can be a huge time saver.

On the Process tab, you can apply a chain of audio effects to the new files you’ll be creating. For

instance, if you have 20 files that you want to add reverb to, you can add a reverb effect plug-in to the

chain and let the Batch Converter apply it to all the files for you.

Download at www.wowebook.com


Creating a Mixed File

The Metadata tab gives you a place to add information that will be embedded into the files you cre-

ate. For instance, if you’re creating several files of different formats from one WAV file, you can add the

song’s title, copyright information, track number, and much more.The Batch Converter embeds that

information as metadata to the file.The information can then be displayed by certain devices like a

personal media player.

You can use the Save tab to indicate the characteristics of the files you want to create. Click the Add

Save Options button to open the Save Options dialog box, shown in Figure 12.5.


Figure 12.5

Specify your save characteristics in the Save Options dialog box.

Here you can choose from all the same file formats that we saw earlier in the ACID Pro Render As dia-

log box as well as all the same render templates for each of those formats.You can also specify

whether you want the new files to have the same name and be saved into the same folder as the

original, or whether you want to create something different.When you’ve made your choices, click

the OK button.

Back on the Save tab of the Batch Converter, the file format you specified appears in the list. If you

want to create more than one file format during the batch conversion process, click the Add Save

Options button again and specify the characteristics of the next format you want.You can add as

many to the list as you need.

The Status tab gives you information about your batch job as it runs.To run the job, click the Run Job

button. Once the Batch Converter starts working, you can walk away from your computer and let

Sound Forge do the rest of the work for you.When the batch finishes running, you have all the files

you want ready to use.

Download at www.wowebook.com


12 | Delivering Your Music

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