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Fiurp MECHANICS Density: fs — Unit | Kg.m7> Common Substances and there densitic Material Density (eq-m7) Kir (20°C) 1.20 Tee 4.2 Kio” Water l-ooxro® 3 Tron, Steel F-€x10 Geld 19.3x10 7 E xample : Find the mass and Weight of the air in a living room at 20°C with a 4mxSm floor and @ Ceiling 3m high. Soluten: V= 4x5x3 = 60m’ ee oe pV (.20)(60) t2k49 = = We mg = (42)(4.e = FON Pressure in a fluid ns a Pe aa For a Bale plane surface where the pressure is the same at all Points oF re Atmospheric pressure , Pa is the Pressure of the earth's at mosphere the Pressure at the bothm of this Sea of air in which we Ive. Normal atmo tpheric pressure at Sea level is t abnor phere = O12 K/0 = Pa