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Qualifications of Signers Signatories are approved for inclusion in the Petition Project list if they ha ve obtained formal educational

degrees at the level of Bachelor of Science or higher in appropriate scientific fields. The petition has been circulated only in the United States. The current list of petition signers includes 9,029 PhD; 7,157 MS; 2,586 MD and DVM; and 12,715 BS or equivalent academic degrees. Most of the M D and DVM signers also have underlying degrees in basic science. All of the listed signers have formal educations in fields of specialization that suitably qualify them to evaluate the research data related to the petit ion statement. Many of the signers currently work in climatological, meteorol ogical, atmospheric, environmental, geophysical, astronomical, and biological fields directly involved in the climate change controversy. The Petition Project classifies petition signers on the basis of their formal academic training, as summarized below. Scientists often pursue specialized fields of endeavor that are different from their formal education, but their underlying training can be applied to any scientific field in which they beco me interested. Outlined below are the numbers of Petition Project signatories, subdivided b y educational specialties. These have been combined, as indicated, into seve n categories. 1. Atmospheric, environmental, and Earth sciences includes 3,805 scientists trained in specialties directly related to the physical environment of the E arth and the past and current phenomena that affect that environment. 2. Computer and mathematical sciences includes 935 scientists trained in c omputer and mathematical methods. Since the human-caused global warming hy pothesis rests entirely upon mathematical computer projections and not upo n experimental observations, these sciences are especially important in ev aluating this hypothesis. 3. Physics and aerospace sciences include 5,812 scientists trained in the fu ndamental physical and molecular properties of gases, liquids, and solids, w hich are essential to understanding the physical properties of the atmospher e and Earth.

4. Chemistry includes 4,822 scientists trained in the molecular interaction s and behaviors of the substances of which the atmosphere and Earth are com posed. 5. Biology and agriculture includes 2,965 scientists trained in the functiona l and environmental requirements of living things on the Earth. 6. Medicine includes 3,046 scientists trained in the functional and environ mental requirements of human beings on the Earth. 7. Engineering and general science includes 10,102 scientists trained prima rily in the many engineering specialties required to maintain modern civili zation and the prosperity required for all human actions, including environ mental programs. The following outline gives a more detailed analysis of the signers' educatio ns. Atmosphere, Earth, & Environment (3,805) 1. Atmosphere (579) I) Atmospheric Science (112) II) Climatology (39) III) Meteorology (343) IV) Astronomy (59) V) Astrophysics (26) 2. Earth (2,240) I) Earth Science (94) II) Geochemistry (63) III) Geology (1,684) IV) Geophysics (341) V) Geoscience (36) VI) Hydrology (22) 3. Environment (986) I) Environmental Engineering (487)

II) Environmental Science (253) III) Forestry (163) IV) Oceanography (83) Computers & Math (935) 1. Computer Science (242) 2. Math (693) I) Mathematics (581) II) Statistics (112) Physics & Aerospace (5,812) 1. Physics (5,225) I) Physics (2,365) II) Nuclear Engineering (223) III) Mechanical Engineering (2,637) 2. Aerospace Engineering (587) Chemistry (4,822) 1. Chemistry (3,129) 2. Chemical Engineering (1,693) Biochemistry, Biology, & Agriculture (2,965) 1. Biochemistry (744) I) Biochemistry (676) II) Biophysics (68) 2. Biology (1,438)

I) Biology (1,049) II) Ecology (76) III) Entomology (59) IV) Zoology (149) V) Animal Science (105) 3. Agriculture (783) I) Agricultural Science (296) II) Agricultural Engineering (114) III) Plant Science (292) IV) Food Science (81) Medicine (3,046) 1. Medical Science (719) 2. Medicine (2,327) General Engineering & General Science (10,102) 1. General Engineering (9,833) I) Engineering (7,280) II) Electrical Engineering (2,169) III) Metallurgy (384) 2. General Science (269) Petition Signers All 31,487 Signers out of 31,487 Total in US Earl M. Aagaard, PhD, Charles W. Aami, Roger L. Aamodt, PhD, Wilbur A. Aanes, M. Robert Aaron, Ralph F. Abate, Hamed K. Abbas, PhD, Wyat t E. Abbitt II, Bernaard J. Abbott, PhD, David J. Abbott, MD, David M. Abbott Jr., Donald W. Abbott, Douglas R. Abbott, Eugene Abbott, F rank D. Abbott, Paul Abbott, Ursula K. Abbott, PhD, Refaat A. AbdelMalek, PhD, Albert S. Abdullah, DVM, Alan E. Abel, MD, Jason Abel, J anis I. Abele, Joseph M. Abell, Robert E. Abell, Gene H. Abels, MD,

Philip H Abelson, PhD*, Wayne Aben, Jerrold Abernathy, Marshall W. A bernathy, Grady L. Ables, Earl Arthur Abrahamson, PhD, Alan V. Abram s, MD, Carl M. Abrams, Robert C. Abrams, Paul B. Abramson, PhD, Jose L. Abreu Jr., Joe L. Abriola Jr., B. Steven Absher, Sally Absher, A hmed E. Aburahmah, PhD, Joseph P Accardo, Austin R. Ace, David A. Ac erni, John W. Achee Sr., Billy R. Achmbaugh, Daniel T. Achord, PhD, Ernest R. Achterberg, Ava V Ackerman, DVM, Gene L. Ackerman, John R. Ackerman, William L. Ackerman, Richard E. Ackermann, Terry D. Ackma n, Donald O. Acrey, Lee Actor, Humberto M. Acuna Jr., Robert K. Adai r, PhD, William G. Adair Jr., Brian D. Adam, PhD, Chris Adam, Anthon y F. Adamo, Albert H. Adams, MD, Ann S. Adams, Anthony W. Adams, MD, Audrey W Adams, Brook W. Adams, Bryan C. Adams, Bryant L Adams, PhD , Charles K. Adams, Daniel B Adams Jr., Daniel Otis Adams, PhD, Dell H. Adams, Donald Adams, Dwight L. Adams, MD, Eugene Adams, Gail D. Adams, PhD, George Baker Adams, PhD, George F. Adams, Gerald J. Adam s, PhD, Gregory A Adams, Harold Elwood Adams, PhD, Henry J. Adams, H oward J. Adams, James D. Adams, James William Adams, Jim D. Adams, J ohn Adams, John Edgar Adams, PhD, Kent A. Adams, Lee A Adams Jr., Le onard Caldwell Adams, PhD, Lewis R. Adams, Louis W. Adams, PhD, N. A dams, Neil Adams, PhD, Opal Adams, Phillip Adams, PhD, Richard W. Ad ams, MD, Richard L. Adams, Richard Ernest Adams, Roy B. Adams, Roy M elville Adams, PhD, Stanley D Adams, Steve W. Adams, Steven W. Adams , William D. Adams, William John Adams, William M. Adams, PhD, William P. Ada yne L. Adamson, Karlis Adamsons Jr., PhD, George Adcock, Robert E. Adc ock, Rusty Adcock, MD, Lionel Paul Adda, PhD, Ben J. Addiego, Albert W . Addington, Tim Addington, William H. Addington, Paul Bradley Addis, PhD, Marshall B. Addison, PhD, Winford R. Addison, Joseph E. Adducci, MD, John K. Addy, PhD, Wayne F. Addy, C. William Ade, Albert H. Adelma n, PhD, Barnet R. Adelman, Gary N. Adkins, L. A. Adkins, Michael F. Ad kins, Ronald R. Adkins, PhD, T. Adkins, Wilder Adkins, Perry Lee Adkis son, PhD, Norman Adler, PhD, Jacques J.P. Adnet, Eric R. Adolphson, Jo hn H. Adrain, MD, Anthony J. Adrignolo, PhD, V. Harry Adrounie, PhD, R ichard A. Adsero, Steve E. Aeschbach, Stanley P. Aetrewicz, Stephen B. Affleck, PhD, Siegfried Aftergut, PhD, Jack G. Agan, Frederick A. Agd ern, Larry Delmar Agenbroad, PhD, Sven Agerbek, David Agerton, PhD, Ge orge Aggen, PhD, Vincent Agnello, MD, Kenneth Agnes, Mark R. Agnew, Na than Agnew, Robert F. Agnew, MD, Sean R Agnew, Thomas I. Agnew, PhD, M . C. Agress, John Aguilar, Jorge T. Aguinaldo, Aida M. Aguirre, Robert Aharonov, Richard Ahern, Phillip S. Ahlberg, Kevin Ahlborg, Mark Ahle rt, Terry Ahlquist, Richard G. Ahlvin, Edward J Ahmann, MD, Mumtaz Ahm ed, PhD, Rafique Ahmed, PhD, Robert A. Ahokas, PhD, H. William Ahrenho

lz, Edward Ahrens, Rolland W. Ahrens, PhD, Robert M. Ahring, PhD, John J. Aiello, Robert P. Aillery, Brian R. Ainley, Alfred Ainsworth, Osca r Richard Ainsworth, PhD, Steven L. Ainsworth, Sol Aisenberg, PhD, Joh n W. Ake, John Hvan Aken, Arthur W. Akers, David J. Akers, Stuart R. A kers, Gary L. Akerstrom, Wayne Henry Akeson, MD, Munawwar M. Akhtar, F rank Jerrel Akin, PhD, Thane Akins, Frederick I. Akiya, MD, John S. Ak iyama, M. H. Akram, PhD, Philip R. Akre, MD, Zeki Al-Saigh, PhD, Zayna b Al-Yassin, PhD, G. James Alaback, Lloyd Alaback, John A. Alai, Rober t J. Alaimo, PhD, Rogelio N. Alama, Greg Alan, Janet Alanko, Randy A A lanko, MD, Vincent M. Albanese, Henry Albaugh, Grant Alberich, Daniel C. Albers, Kenneth O. Albers, MD, Timothy A. Albers, Arthur Edward Albert, PhD, E Albert, Eric K. Albert, PhD, James T. Albert, Tom J. Albert, William L. Albert, James L. Alberta, Leland C. Albertson, Roy A. Albertson, Frank A ddison Albini, PhD, Allan J. Albrecht, Robert M. Albrecht, Rudolph C. Al brecht, Fred Ronald Albright, PhD, James C. Albright, PhD, Jay Donald Al bright, PhD, Robert Lee Albright, PhD, William D. Albright, Marcus Albro , Allwyn Albuquerque, Evelyn A. Alcantara, PhD, Ernest Charles Alcaraz, PhD, Garrett D. Alcorn, John C. Alden, PhD, Ronald Godshall Alderfer, Ph D, Thomas Alderson, PhD, Ben Alderton, Franklin Dalton Aldrich, PhD, Har l P. Aldrich, PhD, Reuben J. Aldrich, Richard John Aldrich, PhD, Samuel Roy Aldrich, PhD, Robert Aldridge, Gabriel C. Aldulescu, MD, Perry Baldw in Alers, PhD, Alex F. Alessandrini, Steven J. Alessandro, Andrew J. Ale ssi, Stephen R. Alewine, Joseph J. Alex, Danrick W. Alexander, Dave Alex ander, Dennis J. Alexander, Fred Alexander, George C. Alexander, DVM, Ha rold R. Alexander, Ira H. Alexander, James F. Alexander Jr., James B Ale xander, John C. Alexander, Kelsey Alexander, Kevin Alexander, M. Dale Al exander, PhD, Michael L. Alexander, Moorad Alexanian, PhD, Igor Alexeff, PhD, Charles D. Alexson, Rodolfo Q. Alfonso, Jennifer M. Alford, Mary E . Alford, Rex Alford, Robert L. Alford, Luis A. Algarra, Roger C. Alig, PhD, Mark J. Alkire, MD, R. Allahyari, PhD, Louis John Allamandola, PhD, Roger L. Allard, Joel W. Alldredge, William David Alldredge Jr., Fred A . Allehoff, John F. Alleman, Ben C. Allen, PhD, Charles C. Allen, Charle s M. Allen, PhD, Charles W Allen, PhD, Christopher G. Allen, Clayton H. Allen, PhD, David M. Allen, David J Allen, PhD, Emma Allen, PhD, Eric R. Allen, PhD, Gary L. Allen, PhD, James L. Allen, PhD, Jason D. Allen, Jo hn L. Allen, Joshua C. Allen, Kenneth L. Allen, Kimbol R. Allen, Kristin L. Allen, Levi D. Allen, Madelyn H. Allen, DVM, Marvin E. Allen, Merril l P. Allen, Paul W. Allen, PhD, Randall Allen, Robert C. Allen, Robert G . Allen, DVM, Robert K. Allen, MD, Roger B. Allen, PhD, Stewart J. Allen, Thomas lliam Allen Jr., Robert T. Van Aller, PhD, George L. Allerton, Carl J.

Allesandro, Robert Q. Alleva, Ernest R. Alley, Jonathan Alley, MD, Will iam Edward Alley, PhD, George L. Allgoever, Robert W. Allgood, Robert H . Allgood, Richard Alan Alliegro, Mike E. Alligood, Craig Allison, Gary L. Allison, Kevin R. Allison, Randall W. Allison, Ronald C. Allison, M D, Terry G. Allison, Charles E. Allman, George J. Allman, Philip D. All mendinger, MD, John J. Allport, PhD, Albert L Allred, PhD, Bruce W. All red, Ivan D. Allred, Victor Dean Allred, PhD, Gary W. Allshouse, Arthur W. Allsop, R. A. Allwein, Ronaldo A. Almero, Frank Murray Almeter, PhD , Anthony H Almond, Kent A. Alms, Richard E. Almy, Jorge L. Alonso, Ram on J. Alonso, PhD, James A. Aloye, Ali Yulmaz Alper, Reevis Stancil Alp hin, PhD, Allen A. Alsing, A. Frank Alsobrook, Robert C Alson, Albert W . Alsop, PhD, John Henry Alsop, PhD, Randy J. Alstadt, Sally S. Alston, Charles Alt, Greg A. Altberg, Vincent O. Altemose, Nicholas A. Alten, Frederick C. Althaus, George A. Alther, Howard W. Althouse, Timothy L. Altier, Ashton Altieri, Martin E. Altis, David Altman, PhD, Larry W Alt man, Melvyn R. Altman, PhD, Ronny G. Altman, Peter Christian Altner, MD , Herbert N. Altneu, Sidney J. Altschuler, Edward E. Altshuler, PhD, Bu rton Myron Altura, PhD, Patrick Aluotto, PhD, Raul C. Alva, Anthony B. Alvarado, Antonio R. Alvarez, Raymond Angelo Alvarez Jr., PhD, Virgilio E. Alvarez, Dayton L. Alverson, PhD, R. Byron Alvey, Stephen Edward Al ways, PhD, Vern J. Always, James I Alyea, Bradley A. Aman, Farouk Amana tullah, Larry C. Amans, James L. Amarel, Charles David Amata, PhD, Carm elo J. Amato, Paul Gerard Amazeen, PhD, Ronald F. Amberger, PhD, Leonar d Amborski, PhD, Joseph R. Ambruster, Donald Ford Amend, PhD, Marvin Ea rl Ament, Richard Amerling, MD, Edward J. Ames II, Lynford L Ames, PhD, Martin R. Ames, Donald R. Amett, Michael R. Amick, Wayne P. Amico, Dea n P. Amidon, Pushpavati S. Amin, Duane R. Amlee, Kenneth S. Ammons, Moris Am B. Amos, PhD, Dewey Harold Amos, PhD, A. Amr, PhD, Fred Amsler, MD, R obert L. Amster, DVM, Thomas A. Amundsen, Adolph L. Amundson, Keith L Amunson, James P. Amy, Barry M. Amyx, MD*, Raymond J. Anater, Sal A. Anazalone, Kenneth L. Ancell, Melvin M. Anchell, MD, Ernest J. Andbe rg, Kenneth J. Anderer, G. Anderle, PhD, John P. Anders, MD, D. Ander sen, Donald A. Andersen, PhD, Donald R. Andersen Jr., Doug E. Anderse n, Gene P. Andersen, George H. Andersen, Lawrence D. Andersen, Terrel l Neils Andersen, PhD, Torben B. Andersen, PhD, Wilford Hoyt Andersen , PhD, Robert W. Andersohn, Alan J. Anderson, Albert S. Anderson, MD, Amos Robert Anderson, PhD, Amy L Anderson, Andrew S. Anderson, PhD, Anita Teter Anderson, Arthur G. Anderson, PhD, Arthur E. Anderson, Ar vid Anderson, Barry D. Anderson, Bernard Jeffrey Anderson, PhD, Bruce Martin Anderson Jr., C. M. Anderson Jr., Charles R Anderson, PhD, Ch ris Anderson, Christopher Anderson, Conrad E. Anderson, MD, Corby G.

Anderson, PhD, Craig A. Anderson, David W. Anderson, David Robert And erson, PhD, David O. Anderson, PhD, David B. Anderson, David A. Ander son, David Anderson, PhD, David Anderson, Donald Anderson, PhD, Donal d Heruin Anderson, PhD, Douglas J. Anderson, MD, Elmer A. Anderson, P hD, Eric Anderson, Fred G. Anderson, MD, Gerald L. Anderson, Glenn L. Anderson, Greg J. Anderson, H. C. Anderson, Harrison Clarke Anderson , MD, Ingrid Anderson, PhD, J. Hilbert Anderson, James Anderson, Jame s K. Anderson, James P. Anderson, James R. Anderson, James R. Anderso n, Jane E. Anderson, Janis W. Anderson, Joel Anderson, John C. Anders on, PhD, John O. Anderson, Jon C. Anderson, MD, Joy R. Anderson, PhD, Julia W. Anderson, PhD, Keith R. Anderson, Ken Anderson, Kenneth E. Anderson, Larry Anderson, PhD, Leif H. Anderson, Leslie Anderson, PhD , Louis Weston Anderson, Lowell Ray Anderson, Lynn C. Anderson, DVM, Mark Anderson, Mark A. Anderson, Mary P Anderson, Mike E. Anderson, M itchell Anderson, Nathan Anderson, Orson Lamar Anderson, PhD, P. Jennings Anders erson, Randall H. Anderson, Reece B. Anderson, Richard Alan Anderson, PhD, Richard C. Anderson, Robert J Anderson, MD, Robert E. Anderson, R obert Anderson, Rodney C. Anderson, PhD, Roger O. Anderson, Roscoe B. Anderson, MD, Ross S. Anderson, PhD, Roy E. Anderson, Russell Anderson , Theodore D. Anderson, Thomas F. Anderson, PhD, Thomas P. Anderson, T hornton Anderson, Tom P. Anderson, Tom Anderson, Walton O. Anderson, W arren Ronald Anderson, Wilbert C. Anderson, William L. Anderson, Karen Andersonnoeck, Charles S. Andes, David J. Andes, Mark J. Andorka, Rob ynn Andracsek, John Robert Andrade, PhD, Manuel Andrade, John Andrako, PhD, Ivan J. Andrasik, Peter R. Andreana, PhD, Gilbert M. Andreen, Ev a Andrei, PhD, George Andreiev, Richard M. Andres, PhD, Douglas R Andr ess, Steven M. Andreucci, James F. Andrew, PhD, James M. Andrew, Felix e A. Andrews, Frederick T. Andrews, Harry N. Andrews, John Stevens And rews, PhD, Marion L. Andrews, Mel Andrews, Raynal W. Andrews, Russell A. Andrews, Russell S. Andrews, PhD, Scott Andrews, PhD, Timothy Andre ychek, Lois Andros, Edward A. Andrus, M. B. Andrus, PhD, Walter S. And rus, Robert E. Angel, Ernest F. Angelicola, Vincent Angelo, PhD, Franc is M. Angeloni, PhD, T. Angelosaute, Steven T. Angely, Claude B. Anger , Robert H. Angevine, Ernest Angino, PhD, Keith Angle, Walter C. Angle meyer, Howard P. Angstadt, PhD, Micheal J. Anhorn, Kevin P. Ankenbrand , William D. Ankney, William L Anliker, Stuart H. Anness, MD, Stig A. Annestrand, Edward J Annick, B. M. Anose, PhD, Mohammed R. Ansari, Gre gory W. Antal, Bradley C. Antanaitis, PhD, John Allen Anthes, PhD, Eli zabeth Y. Anthony, PhD, Jack R. Anthony, Lee Saunders Anthony, PhD, Ro bert D. Anthony, Charles H. Antinori, PhD, Achilles P. Anton, MD, Herb ert D. Anton, Nick J. Antonas, Dan Antonescu-Wolf, MD, Rolando A. Anto

nio, Wilfred L. Antonson, Stephen P. Antony, Mary J. Anzia, PhD, Clare nce R. Apel, MD, Henry W. Apfelbach, MD, P. J. Apice, Carl Apicella, B ruce W. Apland, David R. Appel, Kenneth P. Apperson, Norman Apperson, W. H. Ap Lynn Apple, Alan Appleby, PhD, Robert H. Appleby, Donald Applegate, D VM, James K. Applegate, PhD, Lowell N. Applegate, John K. Applegath, H erbert S Appleman, Douglas E. Applequist, PhD, Morris Herman Aprison, PhD, Charles Apter, PhD, Richard Apuzzo II, J. B. Aquilla, MD, Arturo Q. Arabe, PhD, Ara Arabyan, PhD, Steven B. Aragon, MD, Orlando A. Aran a, Eric C. Araneta, Jonathan Arata, PhD, Howard Arbaugh, Anatoly L Arb er, PhD, Harry D. Arber, R. Kent Arblaster, Jaime Arbona-Fazzi, PhD, E arl F. Arbuckle, John Arcadi, MD, Antonio E. Arce, Ed Arce, James R. A rce, Frank G Arcella, PhD, Byron J. Arceneaux, Leon M. Arceneaux, Webs ter J. Arceneaux Jr., John Arch, Diane M Archer, Donald Archer, Willia m W. Archer, Patrick J. Archey, Philip Archibald, Robert L. Archibald, John L Archie, Angela N. Archon, William Ard, William Bryant Ard, PhD , Richard J. Ardine Arthur, Joe R. Arechavaleta, Christopher Arend, Ro bert W. Arends, Elton E. Arensman, Vittorio K. Argento, PhD, Harold V. Argo, PhD, Guvenc Argon, John W. Argue, Lawrence Ariano, MD, William J. Arion, PhD, Gary Arithson, Zaven S. Ariyan, PhD, Alfred Arkell, PhD , Raymond D Arkwright, Giacomo Armand, PhD, Gertrude D. Armbruster, Ph D, Thomas G. Armbuster, MD, Bradley Armentrout, Richard W. Armentrout, PhD, Lew Armer, Joseph S Armijo, PhD, Ralph Elmer Armington, PhD, Bob by M. Armistead, William E Armour, Robert L. Arms, Baxter H. Armstrong , PhD, Clifford B. Armstrong Jr., Desiree A. Armstrong, PhD, Glenn M. Armstrong, James E. Armstrong, James R. Armstrong, DVM, Lou Armstrong, Lowell Todd Armstrong, Mark Armstrong, Marvin D. Armstrong, PhD, Melv in B. Armstrong, Robert L. Armstrong, PhD, Robert Lee Armstrong, PhD, Robert Emile Arnal, PhD, Dana Arndt, Harold H. Arndt, Jerome C. Arnett Jr., MD, Ross Harold Arnett, PhD, William S. Arnett, Charles Arney, P hilip J. Arnholt, PhD, Aaron J Arnold, Charles Arnold, PhD, Charles W. Arnold, David Arnold, Edwin L. Arnold, Gregory B. Arnold, Herbert K. Arnold, Jack N. Arnold, John K Arnold, DVM, Lance L. Arnold, Marcia L. Arnold, R , PhD, Randall W. Arnold, Robert Arnold Jr., DVM, Stephen Arnold, Timot hy D. Arnold, William Archibald Arnold, PhD, John H Arns, Jr, Lester C. Arnwine, James T. Arocho, MD, Sidney O. Arola, Casper J. Aronson, Seym our Aronson, PhD, George V Aros Chilingarian, PhD, Joseph Bartholomew A rots, PhD, Adrian Arp, PhD, Charles Hammond Arrington, PhD, Dale E. Arr ington, PhD, Donald R. Arrington, Clement R. Arrison, Rhea T. Van Arsda ll, John V. Artale, James S. Arthur, PhD, Charles G. Artinian, MD, Robe rt Artz, Jaime N. Aruguete, MD, Delano Z. Arvin, PhD, Joseph J. Arx, Go

ro G Asaki, George J. Asanovich, Charles H. Asbill, Bob J. Ascherl, Alv in G. Ash, Michael W. Ashberry, Edward V. Ashburn, Joe E. Ashby, PhD, K enny Ashby, Randolph W Ashby, PhD, Raymond A. Ashcraft, Charles R. Ashf ord, A. Ashley, PhD, Doyle Allen Ashley, PhD, Edward E. Ashley, Holt As hley, PhD, Maynard B. Ashley, Warren Cotton Ashley, PhD, Wayne A. Ashle y, William M. Ashley, Alvin Ashman, Jerome P. Ashman, Abhay Ashtekar, P hD, Philip T. Ashton, Romney A. Ashton, MD, Walter R. Ashwill, Bob Ashw orth, Jim F. Ashworth, Monroe Ashworth, Robert A Ashworth, Robert S. As hworth, Victor Asirvatham, PhD, Orv B. Askeland, Ann Askew, B. Askildse n, Charles W. Askins, Philip R. Askman, Tom Asmas, PhD, Robert C. Asmus , Erik Aspelin, Winifred Alice Asprey, PhD, Don O. Asquith, PhD, Mike A ssad, Andrew P. Assenmacher, Orazio J. Astarita, Jacob F. Asti, Everett L. Astleford, Eugene Roy Astley, R. Lee Aston, PhD, Raymond J. Astor S r., Otilia J. Asuncion, MD, Charles E. Atchison, James Atchison, Curtis L. Atchley, Greg J. Aten, Robert Aten, PhD, James Athanasion, Michael J. Atherton, PhD, William J. Atherton, PhD, Robert D. Athey Jr., PhD, A rthur C. Atkins, David C. Atkins, Larry P. Atkins, Mark D. Atkins, D. O . Atkinson, Erika J Atkinson, John P. Atkinson, MD, John R. Atkinson, K eith Atkinson, Larry N. Atkinson, Lynn A Atkinson, Matthew R. Atkinson, Stanley L. Atnipp, Richard Attig, Leonardo D. Attorre, William J. Attwooll, Jerry C. Luben Atzeff, MD, Jerry Y. Au, Lester C. Auble, Darrel D. Auch, James C . Auckland, Walter Auclair, PhD, Daniel J. Aucutt, Bryan Audiffred, Wil liam H. Audley, Louis A. Auerbach, Victor Hugo Auerbach, PhD, Keith H. Aufderheide, PhD, William R. Aufricht, Dale A. Augenstein, PhD, Owen H. Auger, Dustin M. Aughenbaugh, Gregory S Augspurger, Joe Augspurger, Ph D, Brad August, James K. August, Mike August, Brian Augustine, PhD, W. David Augustine, Frederick N. Aukeman, J. Todd Aukerman, C. Mark. Aulic k, PhD, Luther Aull, PhD, Neil N. Ault, PhD, Kathi A. Aultman, MD, John B. Aultmann Jr., Thomas E. Aumock, Bob J. Aumueller, Henry Spiese Aura nd, Richard A. Aurand, Richard Aurisano, PhD, Joeseph D Aurizio, Brian E. Ausburn, Kent E Ausburn, PhD, Kenny Ausmus, Kurt L. Austad, Alfred E lls Austin, PhD, Carl Fulton Austin, PhD, Carlton L. Austin, D. Austin, PhD, D. Austin, Harold T. Austin, Lloyd H. Austin, Michael N. Austin, Paul E. Austin, Robert L. Austin, Robert H Austin, PhD, Roger J. Austin , PhD, Ward H. Austin, Edward T. Auth, Donald W. Autio, Amalia R. Auvig ne, MD, Andrew B. Avalon, William E. Avera, Mark Averett, Jon R. Averho ff, Frank Averill, PhD, Rosario D. Averion, MD, Alex Avery, Donald Aver y, Nathan M. Avery, Philip J. Avery, Kenneth Avicola, Arthur J. Avila, Luis A. Avila, Teresita D. Avila, MD, Joseph Avruch, MD, Theodore C. Aw artkruis, PhD, Steven G. Axen, M. Friedman Axler, PhD, William P. Aycoc k, Jessica Ayers, Robert C. Ayers Jr., PhD, Bruce D. Ayres, PhD, T. G.

Ayres, Wesley P. Ayres, PhD, Dany Ayseur, Alison M. Azar, Max Azevedo, Azizollah Azhdam, Bryan Baab, Dirk Den Baars, PhD, William J. Babalis, MD, Neil C. Babb, Jerry L. Baber, Gerald V. Babigian, George Babits, Jo hn M. Babli, Christopher J. Bablin, Bill E. Babyak, Ray M. Bacchi, Rica rdo O. Bach, PhD, Ronald R. Bach, PhD, Frederick Addison Bacher, Gordon R. Bachlund, Bonnie Jean Wilson Bachman, PhD, Bruce E Bachman, Charles L. Bachman, Henry Lee Bachman, Randall L Bachman, Kenneth A. Bachmann, PhD atrick J. Back, William E Backes, Alan G. Backman, MD, Charles R. Bacon, PhD, Drury L. Bacon, Frank Rider Bacon, Frederic S. Bacon Jr., J. Rober t Bacon, Jerome K Bacon, Lloyal O. Bacon, Mary Bacon, Richard E. Bacon, William Dudson Bacon, PhD, Klemens C. Baczewski, Robert J. Baczuk, David Badal, Tanwir A. Badar, Maurice F. Baddour, Jay K. Badenhoop, PhD, Cyri l G. Bader, Reid Bader, Christian C. Badger, Richard G. Badger, James F. Badgett, T. Dale Badgwell, Gerald E. Baehler, Adrian Donald Baer, PhD, C. David Baer, Carl Baer, PhD, Ralph H. Baer, Roger L. Baer, Tim Baer, E dward A. Baetke, Keith J. Bagarus, Lee R. Bagby, William F. Bagby, Walte r J. Bagdon, PhD, A. D. Baggerley, DVM, Dennis D. Baggett, Lester Marcha nt Baggett, PhD, Jay K. Baggs, Jay M. Bagley, PhD, Steve G. Bagley, Jose ph Anthony Baglio, PhD, Vincent P. Baglioni, Georgw C. Bagnall, J. Brent Bagshaw, Lcdr Paul Baham, A. Terry Bahill, PhD, D. Bahm, Donald R. Bahn fleth, Andrejs Baidins, PhD, Henry P. Baier, Rodger W. Baier, PhD, R. A. Baile, Alan C. Bailey, Benton B. Bailey, Betty L. Bailey, C. Bailey, Ca rl Williams Bailey, PhD, Carlos T. Bailey, Dana Kavanaugh Bailey, Dane E . Bailey, David A. Bailey, David George Bailey, PhD, Donald T. Bailey, E d Bailey, Ed Bailey, Edmund J. Bailey, Hugh Bailey, James E. Bailey, Jam es H. Bailey Jr., Jim Bailey, John J. Bailey Jr., Liam P. Bailey, Lloyd W. Bailey, Matthew P. Bailey, PhD, R. V. Bailey, R. E. Bailey, Robert Le roy Bailey, PhD, Ronald M. Bailey, John A. Bailleu, Robert M. Bailliet, Paul A. Bailly, PhD, James A. Bain, PhD, Lee J. Bain, PhD, Travis Bainbr idge, David Bainer, Edward J. Bair, PhD*, Richard C. Bair, Craig Riska B aird, PhD, George C. Baird, Jack R. Baird, PhD, James L. Baird, Quincey Lamar Baird, PhD, Ramon Condie Baird, PhD, Richard J. Baird, Thomas H. B aird, Donald W. Baisch, Dana L. Baites, John L. Bakane, Randall L. Bakel , Allen J. Baker, PhD, Andrew D. Baker, Barton Scofield Baker, PhD, Benn y H. Baker, Brooks H. Baker II, Charles R. Baker, PhD, D. K. Baker, PhD, Daniel M. rt Baker, PhD, Earl W. Baker, PhD, Gary E. Baker, Gerald S Baker, Gilber t Baker, Harold Nordean Baker, PhD, Harry R. Baker, Herbert H. Baker, Ho ward T. Baker, J. Baker, PhD, Jeffrey M. Baker, DVM, John P. Baker, PhD, Joseph H. Baker, MD, Lara H. Baker, PhD, Lee Edward Baker, PhD, Leroy E . Baker, Louis Baker, PhD, Mary Ann Baker, PhD, Newton C. Baker, Norman

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cott Boman, Jerry C. Bommer, PhD, Blair E. Bona, PhD, Glenn G. Bonacum, MD, Joseph C. Bonadiman, PhD, Gregory M. Bonaguide, S. Bonar, Samuel G . Bonasso, Charles G. Boncelet, PhD, Desmond H. Bond, Patrick L. Bond, Stephon Thomas Bond, PhD, Victor Bond, PhD, Walter D. Bond, PhD, Willia m Bond, Morris Reiner Bonde, PhD, James M. Bondi, James H. Bonds, MD, T erry Bonds, Jim R. Bone, Shirley C. Bone, Jay Frank Bonell, Oliver P. B onesteel, Lee J. Bongirno, Lawrence P. Bonicatto, L. P. Bonifaci, Laszl o Joseph Bonis, PhD, Richard S. Bonn, Charles M. Bonner, John Franklin Bonner, PhD, Charles S. Bonnery, MD, Fred M. Bonnett, Michael T. Bonnoi tt, Patrick V. Bonsignore, PhD, Michael C Bonsteel, Peter Frank Bonventre, PhD, Lew phen Alan Book, PhD, Troy N. Book, Arnold B. Booker, Clay Booker, PhD, James K Boomer, R. J. Boomer, Jack N. Boone, PhD, James E. Boone, PhD , Travis J. Boone, Paul M. Boonen, PhD, Warren J. Boord, William V. Bo oream, E. S. Boorneson, Lawrence E Boos Jr., PhD, Arthur S. Booth Jr., MD, Bruce W. Booth, PhD, Charles D. Booth, David L. Booth, PhD, Edwar d J. Booth, Elton T. Booth, Nicholas H. Booth, PhD, Robert M. Booth, W ayne E. Booth, Edward M. Boothe, Robert R. Boothe Jr., Geoffrey Boothr oyd, PhD, Richard E. Boozer, Frederick Bopp II, PhD, Sunder S. Bora, P hD, Hamid Borazjani, PhD, Samia Borchers, MD, William Borchers, Edgar A. Borda, MD, W. Bordeaux, James H. Bordelon, Robert S. Borden, MD, St uart Boreen, Theodore T. Borek II, Steven C. Borell, J. B. Boren, PhD, Robert Bores, PhD, Iris Borg, PhD, Robert M. Borg, Philip Borgending, Frank R. Borger, Jerry Borges, David P. Borgeson, William G. Borghard , PhD, P. R. Borgmeier, PhD, Dan Borgnaes, PhD, W. K. Borgsmiller, MD, J. Borin, John W Boring, PhD, Walter A. Bork, David Borkholder, PhD, Alexej B. Borkovec, PhD, Annette H. Borkowski, Manfred D. Borks, PhD, Harold Joseph Born, PhD, Dwight D. Bornemeier, PhD, William R. Bornhor st, Robert Clare Bornmann, MD, Thomas G. Borowiak, Raul H. Borrastero, Sebastian R. Borrello, Gerald F. Borrmann, David Borronam, Anthony G. Borschneck, MD, Dale L. Borths, Walter S. Bortko, Louis Percival Bosa nquet, PhD, Randal S. Bose, Ernest R. Bosetti, Benjamin A. Bosher*, Wi lliam Earle Bosken, Robert B. Bosler Jr., George Bosmajian, PhD, Josep h N. Bosnak, Alan G Bosomworth, DVM, David Boss, Harold O. Boss, Kenne th Jay Boss, PhD, William K. Boss Jr., MD, Paul N. Bossart Jr., Robert W. Bosse, Peter B. Bosserman, Robert Perry Bosshart, PhD, Thomas H. B ossler, Robert Bossung, Howard William Bost, PhD, Keith A. Bostian, Ph D, Andrew Chester Boston, PhD, Harold Boston, Joseph F. Boston, PhD, J ack M. Bostrack, PhD, George M. Boswell, MD, Steve Boswell, Steven T. Boswell, S Danil Botoshanksky, Tye W Botting, PhD, William George Bottjer, PhD, Edmond Milton Bottorff, PhD, Gerald W. Bottrell, Kathleen B. Bottroff

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, Brett K. Bracken, Robert Giles Brackett, PhD, James C. Brackmor, Dav id Brackney, Dorothy L Bradbury, James A. Bradbury, Joseph V. Braddock , PhD, Charles D. Braden, Herbert H. Braden, Lincoln L. Braden, Shawn Braden, Francis J. Bradford, DVM, Lawrence Glenn Bradford, PhD, Willia m C. Bradford, Daniel C. Bradish, Andrew E. Bradley, DVM, Bruce Bradle y, Gary L. Bradley, DVM, John J. Bradley, MD, Michael L. Bradley, Paul R. Bradley, Robert S. Bradley, Robert Foster Bradley, PhD, Robert B. Bradley, Vincent H. Bradley, MD, William Earle Bradley, Caroline Brads haw, Charles M. Bradshaw, George B. Bradshaw, George B Bradshaw Jr., J erry A. Bradshaw, Martin Daniel Bradshaw, PhD, Michael W. Bradshaw, W. Newman Bradshaw, PhD, Derek Bradstreet, Redford H. Bradt, PhD, F P Br ady, PhD, Jerry A. Brady, MD, John J. Brady, John R. Brady, Matthew E. Brady, Peggy A. Brady, PhD, Robert Brady, S. D. Brady II, Samuel B. B rady IV, Terry T. Brady, Thomas Brady, PhD, William J. Brady, MD, William J. Brad Sr., Elizabeth Braham, Richard G. Braham, Douglas G. Braid, Grigore B raileanu, PhD, Alan David Brailsford, PhD, Jerome J Brainerd, PhD, Wal ton K. Brainerd, MD, J. C. Brakensiek, Don L. Braker, Randal J. Braker , Robert H. Brakman, Eric M Bram, Keneth A. Brame, Bruce Livingston Br amfitt, PhD, John W. Bramhall, Ernest T. Bramwell, Lyle A. Branagan, P hD, Erwin F. Branahl, Emanuel L. Brancato, Leo J. Brancato, Cynthia R. Branch, Bruce B. Brand, Peter B. Brand, MD, Richard Brand, James K Br andau, Stanley George Brandenberger, PhD, Walter F. Brander, MD, Thoma s Brandlein, Greg R. Brandon, Edward Newman Brandt, PhD, Francis A. Br andt, James A. Brandt, John T. Brandt, MD, Raymond J. Brandt, Robert E . Brandt, Robert E. Brandt, Thomas Brandt, William Henry Brandt, PhD, William L. Brandt, Alan D. Branham, Patrick G. Brannac, MD, Michael S. Brannan, Raymond E Brannan, PhD, Mike Brannen, Ross E. Brannian, Char les T. Brannon, MD, Carl F. Branson, Anne F. Bransoum, DVM, Albert J. Brant, Albert Wade Brant, PhD, Glenn S. Brant, William W. Brant, Willi am H. Branum, Webb Emmett Braselton, PhD, Bradley A. Brasfield, James E. Brasher, John F. Brass, Arthur M. Brate, George R. Bratton Jr., PhD , Brian L. Brau, Brian W. Braudaway, Stanton H. Braude, PhD, Arvid J. Braun, Bruce A. Braun, David Braun, Frank J. Braun, Harvey H. Braun, J eff D. Braun, Jeffrey M. Braun, Jennifer L. Braun, Thomas E. Braun, We sley J. Braun, Kennethe Martin Brauner, PhD, Richard H. Braunlich, All an R. Brause, PhD, Johnny A. Brawner, MD, Thomas N. Braxtan, MD, Ben G . Bray, PhD, Bruce G. Bray, PhD, Carl W. Bray, Timothy J Bray, MD, Wil liam H. Bray, MD, James F. Brayton, Warren D. Brayton, James P. Brazel , Bruce H. Brazelton, William Thomas Brazelton, PhD, William Breach, E rnest Breaux, Louis Breaux, PhD, Theodore M. Breaux, Jimmy L. Breazeal e, MD, Kenneth J. Breazeale, Lee Brecher, PhD, James I. Breckenfeld, M

D, Robert L. Breckenridge, MD, Claude E. Breed, Townsend D. Breeden, James C. B liam M. Breene, PhD, Sydney Salisbury Breese, Bob Breeze, Martin L Bregm an, PhD, E. J. Bregmann, John E. Brehm Sr., James D. Brehove, Robert L. Breidenbaugh, Berryman M. Breining, Thomas O. Breitling, Ted Breitmayer, C. H. Breittenfelder, A. C. Breller, Ross J. Bremer, Charles F. Bremiga n, Bart J. Bremmer, Todd R Bremner, Harry L. Brendgen, Darwin Brendlinge r, William C. Breneman, Harold Brennan, John P. Brennan, Michael J. Bren nan, MD, Sean P. Brennan, William Brennan, Gregory Brenner, PhD, Kurt Br enner, Henry W. Brenniman Jr., J. Allen Brent, PhD, William B. Brent, Ph D, David K. Brese, Lloyd J. Bresley, Frederick S. Breslin, PhD, Jan Lesl ie Breslow, MD, John H. Bress, Marcus N. Bressler, Joseph N. Breston, Ph D, William M. Bretherton Jr., Manuel Martin Bretscher, PhD, Peter R. Bre tt, William A. Brett, Randolph Henry Bretton, Harold W. Bretz, PhD, Robe rt E. Bretz, PhD, Charles W. Bretzman, Andrew J. Breuder, MD, Charles B. Breuer, PhD, Jerald R. Brevick, PhD, James Brewbaker, PhD, Doug Brewer, Gregory J. Brewer, PhD, Herbert L. Brewer, J. R. Brewer, Jeb E. Brewer, Joe E. Brewer, Joseph L. Brewer, PhD, Ken N. Brewer, Michael K Brewer, Michael B. Brewer, Monroe F. Brewer, Philip W. Brewer, Richard L. Brewer , Timothy J. Brewer, Walter B. Brewer, Robert N. Brey, PhD, Robert N. Br ey, Edward J. Breyere, PhD, Darlene Rita Brezinski, PhD, Pierre Leonce T hibaut Brian, PhD, C. Carroll Brice, Theodore C. Brice, Owen P. Bricker II, PhD, Paul P. Bricknell, MD, Greg A. Bridenstine, Alan G. Bridge, PhD *, John Bridge, Kevin V. Bridge, Stephen G. Bridge, William J. Bridgefor th, James H. Bridges, Lindell C. Bridges, Philip M. Bridges, Robert M. B ridges*, Gunnars J. Briedis, Claudia Briell, Mark O. Brien, Corale Louis e Brierley, PhD, David A. Brierley, James A. Brierley, PhD, Paul Brierle y, Michael S Briesch, Arthur R. Briggs, Blaschke Briggs, Dale Edward Bri ggs, PhD, David Briggs, Forest D Briggs, James E. Briggs, PhD, Jeff Brig gs, Mike Briggs, Robert Briggs, Steve Briggs, PhD, W. Briggs, PhD, Robert B. Brigh m, Lawrence S. Bright, Mont J. Bright Jr., Steve H. Brigman, Karen Brig nac, Tom P. Brignac, Bruce Edwin Briley, PhD, W. R. Briley, PhD, James P. Brill, PhD, Richard Brill, Frank Brimelow, Daniel Brimhall, Robert A . Brimmer, MD, Joseph Brinck, Charles D Briner, Clifton Briner, Allan K Briney, MD, Robert P. Bringer, PhD, Lynn H. Bringhurst, Dean A. Brink, Donald F. Brink, PhD, Ed A. Brink, Phil N. Brink, Randall A. Brink, Ed win C. Brinker, Fred E. Brinker, Tyler Brinker, Dean C. Brinkman, Larry K. Brinkman, MD, Alan J. Brinkmann, PhD, Raymond Samuel Brinkmey, PhD, Michael W. Brinkmeyer, Thomas R. Brinner, PhD, John R. Brinson, James A. Brinton, MD, Richard K. Brinton, R. Brisbin, Anne M. Briscoe, PhD, D oyle G. Briscoe, James A. Briscoe, Mike Briscoe, Philander B. Briscoe,

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ombini, PhD, Arthur F. Colombo, PhD, Jerry Colombo, Guy M. Colpron, Bil ly E. Colson, William B. Colson, PhD, Don J. Colton, Sabin W. Colton, P hD, Andre Coltrin, Erik E. Colville, Clair Ivan Colvin, PhD, George E C olvin, Glenn E. Colvin, Todd Colvin, Ernest W. Colwell, Robert Neil Col well, PhD, William Tracy Colwell, PhD, E. Keith Colyer, William B. Coma i, MD, Brian Comaskey, PhD, David M. Combs, Floyd L. Combs, Leon L. Com bs, PhD, Nicholas E. Combs, Shawn W. Combs, John S. Comeaux, Jack Comef ord, PhD, E. James Comer, Stephen A. Comfort, PhD, Thomas J. Comi, PhD, David R. Comish, MD, William T. Comiskey, Robert B. Comizzoli, PhD, Sh aron L. Commander, Christopher J. Commans, John D. Commerford, PhD, Jac ob C. Compton, Joseph R Compton, Timothy B. Compton, Wayne M. Compton, Richard A. Comroe, PhD, Ralph J. Comstock, Franklin J. Cona, Michael W. Conaboy, Floyd Sanford Conant, Raymond W. Conant, MD, Leonard Conapins ki, Richard F. Conard, Paul J. Concepcion, MD, Robert J. Conciatori, MD , James J. Concilla, John Conconnan, Harold Conder, PhD, Norman I. Condit, Albert J. Condon, MD, Patrick Condon, William F. Condon, PhD, Bryan Keith Co ndrey, Hanson Cone, MD, John R. Cone, F. Dee Conerly Jr., Harry M. Con ger, John P. Coniglio, Martin E. Coniglio, Paul D. Conkel, Dennis Conk lin, PhD, James T. Conklin, Keith R. Conklin, DVM, John T. Conlan, Jac k L. Conlee, James K. Conlee, Chris M Conley, David A. Conley, Ronald A. Conley, Carter B. Conlin, Ralph D. Conlon, Henry P. Conn, Paul Kohl er Conn, PhD, Rex B. Conn, MD, Stephen W Conn, Jack D. Connally, MD, T had F. Connally, MD, H. E. Connell Jr., James G. Connell, J. J. Connel ly, John Joseph Connelly, PhD, Mark V. Connelly, MD, Michael S. Connel ly, Albert Z. Conner, Charles D. Conner, PhD, Dennis D. Conner, Founta in E. Conner, Garret H. Conner, MD, Nancy H. Conner, Robert H. Conner, MD, Teresa A. Conner, Claud C. Conners, Mahlon C. Connett, MD, Willia m J. Connick Jr., John Irving Connolly Jr., PhD, P. Connolly, James E. Connor, John M. Connor, Bill J. Conovaloff, Eugene Anthony Conrad, Ph D, Frederick E. Conrad, MD, George J. Conrad, Paul W. Conrad, Ralph L. Conrad, Robert J. Conrad, Roddy Conrad, PhD, Walter Edmund Conrad, Ph D, John F. Conroy, Robert M. Conry, MD, Paul Consroe, PhD, John A. Con stance, David Constans, Jesus Constante, Gheorghe M. Constantinescu, P hD, Nelson F. Consumo, Alicia S. Conte, Donald R. Conte, Joseph F. Con te, Maryann A. Conte, Alberto Convers, MD, Bob A. Conway, Daniel M. Co nway, James J. Conway, PhD, Joe Conway, John P. Conway, Kenneth Edward Conway, PhD, Kent W. Conway, Mary W. Conway, Patrick J. Conway, Thoma s W. Conway, PhD, Victoria O. Conway, William E. Conway, Addison G. Co ok, PhD, Alfred A. Cook, Ann S. Cook, Arthur B. Cook, Brandt Cook, Cha rles C. Cook, Donald Jack Cook, PhD, Douglas H. Cook, Frank R. Cook, P hD, George W. Cook, Glenn C. Cook, Henry E. Cook Jr., James H. Cook, K

arl Cook, Kenneth Cook, Mark Eric Cook, PhD, Maurice Gayle Cook, PhD, Melvin Alonzo Cook, PhD, Michael C. Cook, Michael Cook, Preston K. Coo k, Robert Bigham Cook, PhD, Robert C. Cook, Steven C. Cook, Tanya M. C. Cook, T . Cook Jr., PhD, Wayne L Cook, PhD, Wendell C. Cook, Anson Richard Co oke, PhD, Edward F. Cooke, Francis N. Cooke, PhD, Gary A Cooke, James Barry Cooke, Joan M Cooke, Willis R. Cooke, James M. Cooksey, James W. Cooksley, Bingham M. Cool, PhD, David F. Coolbaugh, PhD, Daniel F. Cooley, Denton Arthur Cooley, MD, William Edward Cooley, PhD, Willia m S. Cooley, MD, Daniel P. Coolidge, Franklyn K. Coombs, Jack L. Coom er, Marguerite Wilton Coomes, PhD, Lowell L. Coon, Anne M. Cooney, Ed ward M. Cooney, Robert F Cooney, MD, Harvey L. Coonts, Bruce Cooper, MD, Clarence G. Cooper, MD, Daniel M. Cooper, Denise R. Cooper, PhD, Emmett M Cooper, MD, Ernest B. Cooper, George P. Cooper, Gordon Coope r, PhD, Harry C. Cooper, Jackie B. Cooper, John Cooper, PhD, John C. Cooper, Lawrence Cooper, Mark S. Cooper, Martin Cooper, Max E. Cooper , Peter Cooper, Raymond David Cooper, PhD, Robert S. Cooper, PhD, Rob ert C. Cooper, PhD, Sara J. Cooper, DVM, Ted L. Cooper, Terence G Coo per, Thomas Cooper, PhD, Thomas B. Coopwood, MD, David Franklin Cope, PhD, Thomas E. Cope Jr., A. D. Copeland, Dawson M. Copeland, Dennis D Copeland, Kenneth R. Copeland, MD, Kenneth R. Copeland, Kevin Copel and, Lois J. Copeland, MD, Harry B. Copelin, Frederick Albert Copes, PhD, Donald Copinger, John D. Copley, Nicholas N. Coppage, Jules M. C oppel, Robert J. Coppin, Richard H. Coppo, William L. Coppoc, William Sydney Corak, PhD, M. Yavuz Corapcioglu, PhD, Claude Coray, Reed S C oray, PhD, Gail Rushford Corbett, PhD, Horace Corbett, Robert B. Corb ett, PhD, Albert D. Corbin, David Corbin, Kevin Corbin, Murray D. Cor bin, MD, Carl Corbit, Jim Corbit, Rebecca Corbit, Reggie A. Corbitt, John Corboy, MD, Daniel S Corcoran, Eugene Francis Corcoran, PhD, Joh n J. Corcoran, MD, Stephen F. Corcoran, Charles J. Cordalis, Sean M C orday, PhD, Alfred R. Cordell, MD, Bruce M. Cordell, PhD, Francis Mer ritt Cordell, PhD, Ronald E. Cordell, MD, David L. Corder, Gordon E. Cordes, Roc A Cordes, Christopher T. Cordle, PhD, Vincent F. Cordova, Chris D. Co ert W Core, John A. Corella, Robert L. Corey, PhD, Wayland Corgill, Wil liam P. Corish, Henry E. Corke, PhD, Walter H. Corkern, PhD, Jeffrey A. Corkill, PhD, Jerry L Corkran, Kenneth C. Corkum, PhD, John L. Corl, J oe D. Corless, MD, Jimmie A. Corley, Leon W. Corley, Maura Corley, Davi d B. Corman, Frank A. Cormier, William E. Cormier, Graydon F. Corn, Rus sell M. Corn, Billy D. Cornelius, Robert L. Cornelius, Creighton N. Cor nell, John Cornell, Robert W. Cornell, PhD, Robert Joseph Cornell, PhD, Samuel Douglas Cornell, PhD, Stephen Watson Cornell, PhD, Thomas M. Co

rnell, Arlen C. Cornett, Dale R. Cornett, DVM, Holley M. Cornette, Neil Cornia, Bahne C. Cornilsen, PhD, Garryd D. Cornish, Rodney H. Cornish, PhD, Linda G. Corns, David George Cornwell, PhD, Roy S. Cornwell, PhD, Nicholas J. Corolis, Cynthia Coron, PhD, Don Corona Jr., Tracy Correa, PhD, Deborah A. Corridon, Dennis M. Corrigan, John Corrigan II, Suzann e L Corrigan, MD, Thomas Corrigan, PhD, Charles E. Corry, PhD, Robert J Corsiglia, Wayne T. Corso, John T Corson, George E. Cort, Paul J. Cort esi, DVM, Matthew Corulli, Frank Corwin, Kenneth M. Cory, Michael R. Co ryn, Humberto S. Corzo, Neil D. Cos, PhD, Roscoe Roy Cosby Jr., MD, Mic hael L. Cosgrave, MD, Arthur J. Cosgrove, George J. Cosmides, PhD, Khal id Cossor, Antonio Costa, Eugene Costa, J. Paul Costa, Phillip G. Costa ntinou, Alan T Costello, Benjamin Costello, Bernard J. Costello, Mark J . Costello, Rebecca B. Costello, PhD, Steven A. Costello, Peter A. Cost isick, John W. Costlow, PhD, Allen Costoff, PhD, Judith Coston, Richard J. Coston, Kevin Cotchen, Norm G. Cote, Wilfred Arthur Cote, PhD, Robe rt D. Cotell, Charles K. Cothem, Harry Cotrill, Richard O. Cottie, Mari on Cotton, PhD, William R. Cotton, PhD*, Vincent F. Cottone, David G. C otts, Val Francis Cotty, PhD, Richard L. Coty, Leon Worthington Couch I I, PhD, Larry Coudriet, Clifton E Couey, James R. Coughlin, Robert W. C oughlin, Rebecca A. Coulsey, Ronald A. Coulson, PhD, Roy E. Coulson, Richard J. C Gary R. Countryman, Galen L. Coupe, George D. Couris, MD, Arnold Court , PhD, Andrew K. Courtney, Arthur W. Courtney, Francis E. Courtney, Lo nzo C Courtney Jr., Thomas P. Courtney, William H. Courtney, PhD, Raym ond C. Cousins, PhD, Robert A. Cousins, William G. Cousins, Sylvere Co ussement, Ross Couwenhoven, PhD, Thomas R. Couzens, Fred Covelli, Chri s E. Covert, Eugene E. Covert, PhD, Clifton E. Covey, Kenneth W. Covey , Robert E. Covey, Robert E. Covington, Robert O. Covington, Brent W. Cowan, C. Michael Cowan, PhD, Carl Cowan, Daniel Francis Cowan, MD, Ge orge S. Cowan, MD, Kirk D. Cowan, Maynard Cowan Jr., Micheal A. Cowan, Tracy Cowan, William Allen Cowan, PhD, Jeffrey L. Coward, Richard E. Cowart, PhD, John Cowden, Ronald Reed Cowden, PhD, William G. Cowdin, Norman J. Cowen, MD, Glenn E. Cowher, Eric W. Cowley, Vincent Frederic k Cowling, PhD, John D. Cowlishaw, PhD, Robert S. Cowperthwait, Alice D. Cox, MD, Braden S. Cox, Brian Cox, Bruce W. Cox, DVM, Carrol B. Cox , Clifford H. Cox, PhD, Cyrus William Cox, Dan M. Cox, Daniel L. Cox, David L. Cox, Donald J. Cox, PhD, Edwin Cox, Frederick Russell Cox, Ga rland D. Cox, George M. Cox, Hiram M. Cox, Jack D Cox, James A. Cox, J erry D. Cox, Joe B. Cox, Lawson G. Cox, MD, Leon W. Cox, Louis Cox Jr. , PhD, Michael F. Cox, Mike Cox, Norman R. Cox, Robert P. Cox, Sidney G. Cox, John T. Coxey, Francis M. Coy, MD, Aaron S Coyan, Alan L. Coyk endall, Forrest E. Coyle, Brian J. Coyne, PhD, James C. Coyne, PhD, Ke

nneth Robert Coyne, Patrick Ivan Coyne, PhD, Frank Cozzarelli, Michael A. Crabb, C. H. Cracauer, Dan Crackel, Garnet Roy Craddock, PhD, Shel don F. Craddock, Cecil J. Craft, Donald K. Craft, James E. Craft, John Craft, Rex R. Craft, Nicholas T. Crafton, Robert L. Cragg, Kent Cragh ead, Daniel J. Cragin, John M. Cragin, PhD, Terry A. Cragle, Richard A . Crago, Edward Jethro Cragoe Jr., PhD, Kenneth B. Craib, Bruce D. Cra ig, PhD, Dexter Hildreth Craig, Don J. Craig, DVM, Irving M. Craig, Ja mes E. Craig, PhD, John Merrill Craig, John A. Craig, Richard F. Craig, Sterling R. C g, MD, R. E. Craigie Jr., Gordon E. Craigo, C. Ryan Crain, Donald L. Cr ain, PhD, Glenn D. Crain, Justin H. Crain, Donald James Cram, PhD, Euge ne N. Cramer, Howard Ross Cramer, PhD, James Cramer, John A. Cramer, Ph D, Rex C. Cramer, Richard D. Cramer, Ernest L. Crandall, John R. Cranda ll, Leroy L. Crandall, Walter E. Crandall, PhD, Barry D. Crane, PhD, Da le E. Crane, David C. Crane, PhD, Edward A Crane, Frederick L. Crane, P hD, Lowell R. Crane, Ronald C Crane, PhD, Chris L. Craney, PhD, Greg T. Cranham, Elmer M. Cranton, MD, Ely J. Crary, MD, John D. Craven, MD, R ichard A. Craven, Ronald W. Craven, Warren S. Craven, James F. Cravens, Clara D. Craver, Doyle Craver, Ken Craver, Lionel W. Craver, PhD, Russ ell S. Cravey, MD, Thomas V. Cravy, Carolyn S. Crawford, MD, Carter D. Crawford, Daniel T. Crawford, Dean Crawford, Don L. Crawford, Duane Aus tin Crawford, James D. Crawford, James F. Crawford, James Glen Crawford , Jonathan Crawford, Myron N. Crawford, Steven P. Crawford, Tom Crawfor d, PhD, William Crawford, Robert Stephen Craxton, PhD, Michael A. Creag er, Ron Creamer, Stephen J. Creane, Dale Creasey, David F. Creasy, Bufo rd Creech, Rhonda Creech, Wendell R. Creech, John B. Creeden, Michel W. Creek, Justin A Creel, PhD, Prentice G. Creel, T. C. Creese, Donald W. Creger Sr., Sondra L. Creighton, Richard S. Cremisio, PhD, Peter J. Cr escenzo, Robert J. Cresci, PhD, Anne E. Cress, PhD, C. Raymond Cress, P hD, David R. Cress, Kenneth S. Cressman, Ronald Cresswell, PhD, James C reswell, Tom Creswell, Harry G Cretin, John Edwin Crew, PhD, Bradford R . Crews, Cecil Crews, Gregory A. Crews, Phillip O. Crews, PhD, Van T. C ribb, Michael J. Cribbins, Richard E. Cribbs, Robert W. Cribbs, James W . Crichton, MD, Walter B Crickman, Peter Crimi, PhD, Dennis M. Crinnion , Arthur D. Crino, Richard G. Crippen, Harry Norma Cripps, PhD, Joseph Presley Crisler, PhD, William Pau Crisler, PhD, George S. Crispin, Kurt E. Criss, Marla A. Criss, Thomas Benjamin Criss, PhD, Bruce C. Crist, Robert Crist, A. Criswell, Harold W. Criswell, Larry G. Criswell, J. L. Crittenden, P hilip G. Crnkovich, Thomas Bernard Croat, PhD, Luanne S. Crockett, Carl J. Croft, George T. Croft, PhD, Jerry Croft, Michael D. Croft, William S. Croft, Dan W. Crofts, Joel B. Cromartie, Dale Scott Cromez, James H

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Cunny, Ronald E. Cunzenheim, Michael A. Cuocolo Jr., Gary Monroe Cupp , J William Cupp, PhD, William H Curd, PhD, Gene L. Curen, Harvey D. C uret, Thomas Curin, PhD, Peter A. Curka, MD, Frederick D. Curkeet, Cla rence L. Curl, Thomas John Curphey, PhD, Walter E. Currah, Francis M. Curran, John T. Curran, Ira B. Current, James L. Current, Bruce A. Cur rie, Tom P. Currie, William S. Currie, Edwin L. Currier, William Wesle y Currier, PhD, Robert L. Curruthers Jr., Bobby L. Curry, Gene Curry, Harold B. Curry, Janet C. Curry, Peter J. Curry, Ricky E. Curry, Thoma s Fortsen Curry, PhD, Timmy F. Curry, William Hirst Curry, PhD, Frazie r Curt, MD, Maria A. Curtin, PhD, Charles D Curtis, Damon R. Curtis, D etlef K. Curtis, Fred W. Curtis Jr., Jan Curtis, John W. Curtis, M. L. Curtis, Merlyn Cu Curtis, Louis Chopin Cusachs, PhD, Charles E. Cusack Jr., Joseph A. Cu sack, Rosario E. Cushera, Steven M Cushman, Benoit Cushman-Roisin, PhD, Kenneth H. Cusick, Donald F. Cuskelly, Michael S. Cuskelly, Ron Cusson , PhD, Herman C. Custard, PhD, Mary J. Custer, Steven R. Custer, John M . Cuthbert, Ken E. Cutler, Leonard Samuel Cutler, PhD, Robert C. Cutone , James R. Cutre, Stanley E. Cutrer, Theodore Wayne Cutshall, PhD, Rona ld L Cutshall, Sr, Alan Cutting, J. F. Cuttino, PhD, Charles Eugene Cut ts, PhD, James M. Cutts, Aaron T. Cvar, George B. Cvijanovich, PhD, Rob ert C. Cyman, Walter J Czagas, Joseph M. Czajka, Alan G. Czarkowski, Da risuz Czarkowski, PhD, John J. Czarniecki, James M. Czarnik, Lawrence B . Czech, Rita Czek, Thomas P. Czepiel, PhD, Donald W. Czubiak, Glenn Cz ulada, Shannon Czysz, Vincent F. D'Agostino, Joseph S. D'Aleo, Raphael D'Alonzo, PhD, Anthony D. D'Ambrosio, Alexandra D'Arcangelis, PhD, Samu el D'Arcangelis, PhD, Timothy B. D'Orazio, PhD, Hugo C. da Silva, PhD, John W. Dabbs, PhD, George Clement Dacey, PhD, Dalcio Kisling Dacol, Ph D, Steve L. Dacus, Frank J. Dadam, John A. Dady, George F. Daebeler, Ja ak J. K. Daemen, PhD, Calvin Daetwyler, PhD, William J. Daffron, Allen F. Dageforde, Charles H. Daggs Jr., Himatlal B. Dagli, Daniel P. Dague, H. Douglas Dahl, PhD, Harry Martin Dahl, PhD, Lowell C. Dahl, Roy E. D ahl, PhD, Gregory A. Dahlen, MD, Dirk A. Dahlgren, PhD, Duane C. Dahlgr en, Robert S. Dahlin, PhD, Donald D. Dahlstrom, MD, Donald Albert Dahls trom, PhD, Kenneth R. Dahlstrom, Russell A. Dahlstrom, Werner J. Dahm, PhD, Steve D. Dahmer, Barton Eugene Dahneke, PhD, Keith F. Dahnke, PhD, Raymond C. Daigh, Mark R. Daigle, Peter C. Daigle, Russell E. Dailey, W. V. Dailey, Jonathan H. Daines, MD, James Thomas Dakin, PhD, James Fr ederick Dalby, PhD, Anthony A Dale, Glenn Hilburn Dale, James J. Dale, John Irvin Dale II, PhD, Thomas A. Dale, Dennis J. Daleiden, Cameron H. Daley, James M. Daley, James P. Daley, Richard Daley, PhD, William C. Daley, Jose eroy Dally, PhD, John J. Dalnoky, Robert F. Dalpiaz, Carl W. Dalrymple,

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ter J. Foley, Thomas P. Foley, William M. Foley, PhD, John E. Folk, PhD, Robert E. Folker, Jay Ernest Folkert, PhD, John H. Folliott, Paul D. Fo lse, Charles T. Folsom, MD, David C. Foltz, Eldon Leroy Foltz, MD, Paul V. Fonnesb Font, Darryl Fontaine, MD, James S. Fontaine Jr., Marc F. Fontaine, PhD, Martin M. Fontenot, Herman J. Fonteyne, Robert Young Foos, MD*, Anderso n M. Foote, Jack G. Foote, K. Randy Foote, Michael J. Foote, R. S. Foote , Roger A. Foote, W. Darrell Foote, PhD, Allan L. Forbes, MD, Donald K F orbes, Michael Shepard Forbes, PhD, Phillip Forbes, Robert T. Forbes, Ir vin H. Forbing, Dale Force, Branka P. Ford, PhD, Clarence Q. Ford, PhD, Donald P. Ford, MD, Dwain Ford, PhD, George H. Ford, J. Ford, PhD, Jon R . Ford, Kenneth B. Ford, Robert F. Ford, PhD, Roger G. Ford, PhD, Thomas Aven Ford, PhD, William R. Ford, MD, William R. Forder, Edmund H. Fordi ng Jr., Samuel W. Fordyce, Steven Robert Fordyce, Jane A. Fore, Gary L. Foreman, William F. Foreman, Robert T. Forest, Marcial D. Forester, Paul L. Forester, James M. Forgotson, PhD, Mary R. Forintos, John Forman, Wi lliam M. Forman, Eugene Joseph Fornefeld, PhD, Albert J. Forney, Bill E. Forney, Charles J. Forquer, Richard E. Forrest, DVM, Bobby Forrester, R . C. Forrester, PhD, William R. Forrester, Gary E. Forristall, Eric N. F orsberg, Robert R. Forsberg, Ingemar Bjorn Forsblad, PhD, Harold K. Fors en, PhD, David Wallace Forslund, PhD, Marion Edwin Forsman, PhD, Cliffor d J. Forster, Denis Forster, PhD, John C. Forster, Michael J. Forster, P hD, John Wiley Forsyth, PhD*, Dennis Martin Forsythe, PhD, Richard Hamil ton Forsythe, PhD, Mark A. Forte, Walter R. Fortner, Mark B. Fosberg, DV M, John Foshee, Jr, Brandon A. Foss, Joseph E. Foss, Dennis Fost, PhD, A . Gerald Foster, PhD, Charles R. Foster, Donald M Foster, PhD, Edwin P. Foster, PhD, Fess Foster, PhD, Helen L. Foster, PhD, Irving S. Foster, P hD, J. S. Foster, James L. Foster Jr., John A Foster, Mac Foster, PhD, N orman G. Foster, Norman Charles Foster, PhD, Philip C. Foster, Randall C . Foster, Randall R. Foster, Robert Middleton Foster, MD, Robert John Fo ster, PhD, Robert G. Foster, Walter E. Foster, PhD, Daniel P. Foty, PhD, Benjamin T Fought, Doyle F. Fouquet, Henry E. Fourcade, MD, Raymond A. Fourne George E. Fournier, Douglas J. Fouts, PhD, Gene P. Fouts, Thomas L. Fow ke, Elliott J. Fowkes, PhD, Carl A. Fowler, Christopher H. Fowler, Eric Beaumont Fowler, PhD, Frank Cavan Fowler, PhD, Gary D. Fowler Jr., Jam es L Fowler, John Greg Fowler, Leon L. Fowler, Louis H. Fowler, Mark Fo wler, Mike Fowler, James M. Fowler, Jr., Deon T. Fowles, Grant Robert F owles, PhD, Dwaine Fowlkes, Bennett R. Fox, Brian D. Fox, Corri A. Fox, David William Fox, PhD, Donald W. Fox, Earl Fox, Eugene K. Fox, Forres t L. Fox, G. Sidney Fox, Gerald Fox, Harry James Fox, Irving H. Fox, MD , J. Fox, James M. Fox, Michael R. Fox, PhD, Neil Stewart Fox, PhD, Nor

man A. Fox, Russell Elwell Fox, PhD, Timothy J. Fox, Vaughn M. Foxwell Jr., James Foy, PhD, Wade Hampton Foy, PhD, Stephen Joseph Fraenkel, Ph D, Todd L. Fraizer, Walter J. Frajola, PhD, David M. Fraley, PhD, Russe ll E. Frame, Donald W. Frames, Dorothea Frames, Roger Frampton, PhD, Ro y R. Frampton, PhD, Dale M. Franchak, Lee C. Francis, Robert Dorl Franc is, PhD, Sandra W. Francis, PhD, Michael S. Francisco, Ron Francken, Gu y J Del Franco, Philip Franco, Steven R Franco, Bruce A. Frandsen, Thom as Franey, Dimitrios N. Frangiadis, Thomas G. Frangos, PhD, Allan J. Fr ank, Anne R Frank, Arley G. Frank, PhD, Charles E. Frank, Charles E. Fr ank, PhD, Clifford Frank, Dale A. Frank, Donald A. Frank, MD, Douglas G Frank, PhD, Glenn M. Frank, DVM, Harold J. Frank, Lowell Frank, Michae l Frank, MD, R. S. Frank, Robert Frank, Sidney Frank, Steve Frankamp, G eorge E. Franke, Gordon R. Franke, PhD, Milton C. Franke, Richard M. Fr anke, Julian Myron Frankenberg, PhD, William Frankl, MD, David E. Frank lin, Dorothea Zucker Franklin, MD, Homer Franklin Jr., James M. Frankli n, Julian R. Franklin, Maynard K. Franklin, Myles A. Franklin, Norbert W. Franklin, Rudolph M. Franklin, MD, Andrew P. Franks, Edwin R. Franks , MD, Larry D. Franks, Neal Edward Franks, PhD, Ronald D. Franks, Willi am E. Franswick, Martin S. Frant, PhD, Andrew Gibson Frantz, MD, Bruce Frantz, D PhD, Warren L. Franz, PhD, Melvin H. Franzen, Peter M. Franzese, Daniel W. Frascella, PhD, Lewis G. Frasch, Donald M. Fraser, MD, Margaret Shirl ey Fraser, PhD, Harry D. Frasher, Joseph C. Fratantoni, Arnold C. Frautn ick, Anthony D. Frawley, PhD, Frank E. Frawley Jr., Nile Nelson Frawley, PhD, Michael J Frayne, R. Thomas Frazee, Charles W. Frazell, James W. F razell, Marshall Everett Frazer, PhD, Don W. Frazier, James E. Frazier, Randy E. Frazier, Richard R. Frazier, Stephen Earl Frazier, PhD, William R. Frazier, Andrew M. Freborg, Andrew W. Frech, Richard J. Frechette, A ugust R. Freda, PhD, E. L. Freddolino, Karen S. Frederich, Robert C. Fre derich, Raymond Frederici, Daniel Frederick, David M. Frederick, DVM, Gl enn C. Frederick, Lloyd R. Frederick, PhD, Richard C. Frederick, MD, Rob ert S. Frederick, PhD, Ryan D. Frederick, Henry E Fredericks, Arnold E. Fredericksen, Chris Frederickson, PhD, Bernard. A. Free, Peter J. Freebu rg, Allan L. Freedy, Max Freeland, PhD, Reese L. Freeland, Al A. Freeman , Bruce L Freeman, PhD, Ernest Robert Freeman, Gerald R Freeman, PhD, Ja ck C. Freeman, Johnny A. Freeman, Matt J. Freeman, Reola L. Freeman, Ron ald Harold Freeman, PhD, Susan H. Freeman, Wallace L. Freeman, PhD, Walt er J. Freeman, MD, William E. Freeman, Doug Freemyer, Burlin E. Freeze*, Walter F. Freiberger, PhD, Anton Freihofner, Thomas V. Freiley, Emil J. Freireich, MD, James Harold Freisheim, PhD, Daniel S. Freitas, Stephen M. Fremgen, Benjamin D. Fremming, DVM, Louisa J. Fremming, Jeffrey W. Fr ench, Kenneth A. French, PhD, Kenneth W. French, PhD, L. L. French, Samu

el E. French, PhD, Scott French, William S. French, PhD, Melvin Frenzel, David C. Fresch, George M. Frese, Michael Frese, PhD, Donley D. Freshwa ter, Roman D. Fresnedo, PhD, Melchior Freund*, Dean R. Frey, Donald Nels on Frey, PhD, Glenn Frey, James L. Frey, MD, Robert L. Frey Sr., Wilfred Lawson Freyberger, Billy W. Friar, PhD, Robert Edsel Friar, PhD, Carlos Wayne Frick, Arthur L. Fricke, PhD, Edwin Francis Fricke, PhD, Marion T. Friday, T lbert Fridy, PhD, H. Friedemann, Gilbert Friedenreich, Hanna Friedenstei n, Jim Friederick, Alfred E. Friedl, Joe Friedlander, Miriam F. Friedlan der, MD, Larry S. Friedline, Gerald M. Friedman, PhD, Herbert Friedman, PhD, Joes R. Friedman, Melvin Friedman, Pete G. Friedman, Peter Friedman , PhD, Raymond Friedman, PhD, Serena M. Friedman, MD, Herbert C. Friedma nn, PhD, Jerry F. Friedner, Inge Friedrich, MD, Gary S. Friehauf, S. Sco tt Frielander, Dale J. Friemoth, Gary W Friend, Andrew R. Frierdich, Dwa yne T. Friesen, PhD, Profeesor Friess, Hilda K. Frigic, Charles Richard Frink, PhD*, Robert O. Frink, Belmont Frisbee, Tom Frisbee, Walter L. Fr isbie, H. Howard Frisinger, PhD, Thomas W. Fritchek, Earl E. Fritcher, H arry Kier Fritchman, PhD, William R. Fritsch, J. M. Fritschy, Gerald E. Fritts, George M. Fritz, Ian J Fritz, PhD, Karl J. Fritz, PhD, Wesley Fr itz, PhD, Alfred Keith Fritzsche, PhD, Charles W. Frobese, Dan C. Frodge , Herman F. Froeb, MD, Jack A Frohbieter, Gerhard J. Frohlich, PhD, Char lotte Frola, F. Ronald Frola, Herbert Farley Frolander, PhD, Norm Froman , Charles W. Fromen, David Fromson, PhD, U. George Frondorf, Glenn Wesle y Froning, PhD, H. Robert Froning, PhD, Roger J. Froslie, Arthur Atwater Frost, PhD, Charles W. Frost, John E. Frost, PhD, Richard L. Frost, PhD , Wade J. Frost, Edwin H Frowbieter Jr., L. W. Frowbridge, PhD, S. W. Fr uehling, Charles M. Fruey, David H. Fruhling, Si Frumkin, Bret A. Fry, D avid J. Fry, PhD, Eric Fry, Meredith W. Fry, Michael S. Fry, Ronald S. F ry, William K. Fry, Charles Sherman Frye, James H. Frye, MD, Keith Frye, PhD, Frank D. Fryer, Wilton B. Fryer, Mark A Fryling, PhD, George Fryze lka, Alfred E. Fuchs, Maryann C. Fuchs, Philip L. Fuchs, PhD, Rodney G. Fuchs, Robert F. Fudali, PhD, Michael L. Fudge, Ralph Fudge, Higinio J. Fuentes, Paul F. Fuglevand, Clark H. Fuhlage, Robert Fuhrer, Frederick A . Fuhrman, PhD, Robert Alexander Fuhrman, Paul Fuierer, PhD, Masanobu R. Fujioka, Suzanne M. Fujita, Norihiko Fukuta, PhD, Dale E. Fulcher, Roland Charles ry Fuldner, Robert S. Fulghum, PhD, Gordon J Fulks, PhD, Charles L. Ful ler, Ed D. Fuller, Elisha J. Fuller, Forst Donald Fuller, PhD, Julie Fu ller, Roger D. Fuller, Ron Fuller, Thomas R. Fuller, Willard P. Fuller Jr., Charles S. Fullgraf, PhD, Gary Fullington, Robert Louis Fullman, P hD, Charles V. Fulmer, PhD, Michael S. Fulp, Bob W. Fulton, George P. F ulton, Robert Watt Fulton, PhD, Dennis Light Funck, PhD, Aaron E. Fundi

ch, Shun Chong Fung, PhD, Stephen L. Funk, William R. Funk, Rande P Fun khauser, Stephen E. Funkhauser, Lawrence W. Funkhouser, Lyle E. Funkhou ser, Nelson M. Funkhouser, S. Funkhouser, PhD, Rene G. Fuog, Harold R. Fuquay, Francis S. Furbish, PhD, Alan D. Fure, Lloyd C. Furer, PhD, Jos eph T Furey, Terry L. Furgiuele, Clark W. Furlong, Herbert J. Furman, J oseph E. Furman, MD, Robert Howard Furman, MD, David William Furnas, MD , Thomas C. Furnas, PhD, Blair O. Furner, Charles P. Furney Jr., Richar d T. Furr, MD, Samuel T. Furr, James B. Furrh Jr., Kenneth E Fusch, Gab riel C. Fusco, PhD, Dionel Fuselier, Nelson Fuson, PhD, Ronald M Fussel l, Dennis J. Fuster, Mary Feltner Futrell, PhD, John F. Fuzek, PhD, P. S. Gaal, PhD, Peter Gaal, Steven Alexander Gaal, PhD, George Gabanski, Irwin M. Gabay, MD, Sabit Gabay, PhD, Fletcher Gabbard, PhD, Connie Gab el, PhD, Morris L. Gabel, Richard A. Gabel, PhD, Ron Gabel, Ronald M. G abel, John W. Gabelman, PhD, William A. Gabig, Randall Gabrel, Jerry D. Gabriel, John C. Gabriel, Michael Aaron Gabrielson, Michael T. Gabrik Jr., Leo H. Gabro, Michael E. Gaddis, Dean E. Gaddy, Frank L. Gaddy, Ch arles Gades, Jim Gadwood, Richard A. Gaebel, Theodore H. Gaeddert Jr., Neil A. Gaeta, Lanelle Guyton Gafford, PhD, John Gaffrey, MD, Frederick Worthington Gage, James R. Gage, Larry D. Gage, PhD, Steven R. Gage, R ichard A. Gaggioli, PhD, John Gagliano, Joe Gagliardi, L John Gagliardi , PhD, Lorenzo A. Gaglio, Christopher P. Gagne, Thomas R. Gagnier, Robe rt A. Gahl, Arnold R. Gahlinger, A. Gahr, PhD, Wayne R. Gahwiller, Gilbert O. Gain e E. Gaither, Douglas W Gaither, John Gaither, Russell A Gaj, George Ga l, PhD, Maria I. Galaiko, Louis Galan, Gustavo E. Galante, MD, Eugene H . Galanter, PhD, Thomas R. Galassi, John R. Galat, Joseph W. Galate, Ro bert G. Galazin, Quentin Galbraith, Charles O. Gale, Harold Walter Gale , PhD, R. Gale, PhD, Roy M. Gale, Joseph Galeb, PhD, John C. Galen, Wil liam George Galetto, PhD, Louis M. Galie, Chrisitna A. Galindo, Donald Alan Gall, PhD, Stanley A Gall, MD, John H. Galla, MD, Heather Gallache r, PhD, Frank P. Gallagher, Gregory W. Gallagher, James A. Gallagher, P hD, Joan S. Gallagher, PhD, John Gallagher, PhD, Donald L. Gallaher, Ro bert M. Gallen, Peter E. Galli, Richard D. Galli, John P. Gallien, Char les O. Gallina, PhD, Roger W. Gallington, PhD, Anthony Gallo, Franics M . Gallo, Darrell L. Gallop, PhD, Bob S. Galloway, Charles R. Galloway, Dan Galloway, Ethan Charles Galloway, PhD, William A. Gallus Jr., PhD, William A. Gallus, Boris Galperin, PhD, Yakob V. Galperin, PhD, Richard E. Galpin, Anthony J. Galterio, Patrick S. Galuska, Marcus J. Galvan, Gary L. Galyardt, Kurt Gamara, PhD, David Gambal, PhD, Rosa M. Gambier, PhD, Harold D. Gambill, MD, James J. Gambino, B. M. Gamble, Gary R Gam ble, Michael L. Gamblin, Rodger L. Gamblin, PhD, Mario R. Gamboa, Ornal d L. Gambrell, Gerard C. Gambs, Theo H. Gammel, Kurt E. Gamnra, PhD, Be

rnard William Gamson, PhD, Thomas P. Gamwell, Luis A. Ganaja, Perry S. Ganas, PhD, Donald J. Gandenberger, Harendra Sakarlal Gandhi, PhD, Shir ish M. Gandhi, Charles L. Gandy, Harvey M. Gandy, Daniel G. Ganey, A. K . Ganguly, PhD, Dennis S. Gannon, Joseph E. Gannon, Mary Carol Gannon, PhD, Stephen J. Ganocy, Clark W. Gant, Roy E. Gant, Joseph E. Gantz, Bo bby R. Ganus, Tony S. Gaoiran, Richard J. Garbacik, Scott Garbarino, Ca rl W. Garbe, Allen J. Garber, Floyd Wayne Garber, PhD, Richard Hammerle Garber, PhD, S. Paul Garber, Monique M. Garbowicz, William Lee Garbrec ht, PhD*, George F. Garcelon, Alejandro Garcia, PhD, Celso-Ramon Garcia, MD, Ge a, PhD, Don Gard, PhD, Paul W. Gard Jr., Cheryl L. Gardner, Clifton A. Gardner Jr., Edward E. Gardner, PhD, Harry E. Gardner Jr., Homer J. Gar dner, J Steven Gardner, Kent Gardner, Maurice David Gardner, Paul D. Ga rdner, Richmond Gardner, Thomas L. Gardner, Tom A Gardner, Tony G. Gard ner, Wayne Scott Gardner, PhD, Ernest B. Gardow, PhD, D. Garett, Walter Garey, PhD, Jack Garfinkel, Jerry Gargulak, PhD, Fred S. Garia, Joseph F. Garibotti, PhD, Ronald F Gariepy, PhD, Donald M. Garland, MD, Sudha kar R. Garlapati, MD, Roland E. Garlinghouse, Clyde H. Garman, Donald D . Garman, Robert Harper Garmezy, Ronald Gene Garmon, PhD, Richard Garna che, Andrew J. Garner, Carl C. Garner, MD, Charles R. Garner, H. Richar d Garner, Harry Richard Garner, Hessle Filmore Garner, PhD, Jay M. Garn er, Lynn E. Garner, PhD, Norman E. Garner, PhD, R. Dale Garner, Paul H. Garnier, Albert S. Garofalo, Jeanette M. Garr, PhD, James Garretson, T ed D. Garretson, Alfred J Garrett, PhD, Charles J. Garrett, Claude H. G arrett, David W. Garrett, Henry B. Garrett Jr., Jennifer J. Garrett, Jo nathan C. Garrett, Ri Garrett, Thomas M. Garrett, PhD, Daniel L. Garris on, Don L. Garrison, Norman A. Garrison, PhD, Robert Gene Garrison, PhD , Ronald L. Garrison, Watson M. Garrison, William H. Garrison, Daniel S . Garriss, Jose R. Garrote, MD, Larry Joe Garside, John Eric Garst, PhD , J. C. Garth, PhD, Thomas D. Gartin, MD, Geoffrey W. Gartner Jr., Dani el L. Garver, Frederick Garver Jr., Paddy R. Garver, MD, Robert Vernon Garver, David J. Garvey, PhD, Justine Spring Garvey, PhD, Marjorie A. G arvey, Todd Garvin, MD, William F. Garvin, Douglas L. Garwood, PhD, Rob ert J Gary, Eduardo Gasca, Jerrie W. Gasch, Gary John Gasche, PhD, Herb ert G. Gascon, James C. Gaskell, Harvey L. Gaspar, MD, Nicholas D. Gasp ar, George Gasper, PhD, Mark P. Gasque, George Hiram Gass, PhD, Jerry H . Gass, Jay B. Gassel, Raymond F. Gasser, PhD, Ron Gasser, Robert C. Ga ssert, Edward William Gassie, PhD, Robert W. Gassin, Barry Gassner, Robert H. Gas . D. Gate, Paul C. Gate, Joseph M. Gately, Robert F. Gately, Charles F. Gates, Frederick Gates, George L. Gates, Gerald Otis Gates, PhD, Howar d B. Gates, Lawrence K. Gates, MD, Richard L. Gates, Stephen L. Gates,

MD, Thea B. Gates, DVM, Thomas C. Gates, MD, John Frederick Gates Clark , PhD, G. R. Gathers, PhD, Thomas R. Gatliffe, Anthony Roger Gatti, PhD , John Gatti, James R. Gattis, John J. Gaughan, Eugene R. Gaughran, PhD , Godfrey R. Gauld, Donald W. Gauntlett, Raymond E. Gaus, Carl Gausewit z, Phillips L. Gausewitz, MD, David M. Gausman, Nancy K. Gautier, PhD, Steven D. Gavazza, PhD, John F. Gaver, Stephen Jerome Gawarecki, PhD, F red M. Gawecki, MD, Ron Gawer, Ray A. Gawlik, Henry T. Gawrylowicz, Dav id E. Gay, Jackson Gilbert Gay, Jeffery L Gay, Lewis G. Gay, Richard L. Gay, PhD, S. Parkes Gay Jr., Peter D. Gayer, Herbert Y. Gayle, Al Gayl ord, Dave Gaylord, James Gaynor, Joseph Gaynor, PhD, Michael J. Gaynor, Rick D. Gdanski, PhD, Roy Lee Gealer, PhD, Bill A. Gearhart, Jolene K. Geary, William C. Geary, William A. Geary, PhD, Donald Gebbie, Douglas M. Gebbie, MD, Arthur Gebean, Bob J. Gebert, LeRoy Gebhardt, PhD, W. W elman Gebhart, Steve Geci, Dale Gedcke, PhD, Robert L. Geddes, M. R. Ge dge, Anthony F. Gee, William E. Gee, R. Geerey, PhD, Stephen A. Geers J r., Richard L. Geesey, PhD, Albert L. Geetter, MD, David Geeza, Colvin V. Gegg, PhD, Alexander Salim Geha, MD, Roland P. Gehman, Walter B. Geh o, PhD, Dennis Gehri, PhD, George F Gehrig, James J. Gehrig, Robert Fra nk Gehrig, PhD, Douglas G Gehring, Perry J. Gehring, PhD, Edward F. Geh ringer, PhD, John C. Geib, Thomas L. Geib, MD, Gordon H. Geiger, PhD, J ames E. Geiger, John Geiger, Paul Jerome Geiger, PhD, Richard B. Geiger , Leon H. Geil, William J. Geimeier, MD, Dick A. Geis, MD, Philip A. Ge is, PhD, Charles E. Geisel, Doyle Geiselman, PhD, Larry W. Geisler, Wil liam F. Geisler, Gunther Richard Geiss, PhD, Paul G. Geiss, MD, Roger W . Geiss, MD, Russell F. Geisser, William T. Geissinger, MD, Paul Robert Geissler, Ph eoffrey C. Geisz, Karl R. Geitner, Robert Charles Geitz, PhD, Daniel F . Geldermann, Barbara Geldner, MD, Herbert Leo Gelernter, PhD, Grantla nd W. Gelette, Paul J. Gelger, PhD, Celine Gelinas, PhD, Edmund A. Gel ler, MD, Demosthenes Peter Gelopulos, PhD, Michael Gelotte, Mike Gemme ll, William M. Gemmell, Evelyn M. Gemperle, Joseph M. Genco, PhD, Mich ael S. Genewick, R. Genge, Nick Genis, Alfonso R. Gennaro, PhD, George T. Genneken, Alan A. Genosi, Richard J. Genova, Lawrence D. Gent Jr., Ronald L. Genter, Charles B Gentry, Jerauld Gentry, Joseph C. Gentry, Joyce A. Gentry, William O. Gentry, PhD, Thomas Edward Geoghegan, PhD , George S. Georgalis, Boyd A. George, PhD, Charles J. George, Daryl D . George, PhD, Raymond S. George, PhD, Robert B. George, Timothy Gordo n George, Edward J George, Sr., Vlasios Georgian, PhD, Alexander A. Ge orgiev, PhD, Angelos S. Georgopoulos, Gerard Geppert, Larry Gerahiau, Robert E. Gerald, MD, Gary Gerardi, PhD, Joseph A Gerardi, George C. G erber, Michael L. Gerber, MD, Milo P. Gerber, MD, Eugene Jordan Gerber g, PhD, Reinhold A. Gerbsch, PhD, F. Jay Gerchow, Jerome J. Gerda, Jam

es C. Gerdeen, PhD, Ronald E. Gerdeman, A. Martin Gerdes, PhD, Greg Ge rdes, Thomas G. Gerding, PhD, Larry Gerdom, PhD, Istvan B. Gereben, J. P. Gergen, PhD, Robert R. Gerger, Earl Robert Gerhard, PhD, Glen C. G erhard, PhD, J. Calvin Gerhard, George William Gerhardt, PhD, Phillip Gerhart, PhD, Henry Dietrich Gerhold, PhD, T. C. Gerhold, Walter M. Ge rhold, MD, George S. Gerlach, Norbert Gerlach, Ulrich H Gerlach, PhD, Donald R. Germann, MD, Frank Germann, Raymond P. Germann, Richard Paul Germann, PhD, Andre A. Gerner, James P. Gerner, William Gerogi, Peter John Gerone, PhD, Cynthia A. Gerow, PhD, Lawrence C. Gerow, Hugh Gerr inger, Edward T. Gerry, PhD, Renee T. Gerry, Glenn R. Gersch, Kenneth H. Gersege, Anne A. Gershon, MD, Elliot L. Gershtein, Melvin L Gerst, Paul R. Gerst, Mark Gerstein, PhD, Eric Gerstenberger, Damian J. Gerstner, Joseph C ais, MD, Joseph Edmund Gervay, PhD, Richard J. Geshay, Thomas E. Gesick , John W. Gesink, PhD, Mark G. Gessel, Edward C. Gessert, Katherine J. Getchell, Wayne J. Getchell, Mark W. Getscher, George J. Getty, John E Getz, Forrest E. Getzen, PhD, Robert L. Geyer, PhD, Frederick S. Gezell a, Alex Gezzy, Camillo Ghiron, PhD, Richard G. Ghiselin, Mohamed Mansou r Ghoneim, MD, Frederick W. Giacobbe, PhD, Lawrence J. Giacoletto, PhD, R. L. Giacomazzi, David P. Gianettino, Theodore A. Giannechini, Richar d L. Giannelli, Umberto Ferdinando Gianola, PhD, George F. Gibbons, Lar ry V. Gibbons, PhD, Louis Charles Gibbons, PhD, Wayne Gibbons, PhD, Wil liam P. Gibbons, MD, Clarence Joseph Gibbs, PhD, Douglas O. Gibbs, Eliz abeth L. Gibbs, Gordon A. Gibbs, John W. Gibbs, Joseph P. Gibbs, Randy Gibbs, A. Reed Gibby, PhD, Michael G Gibby, PhD, Harry F. Giberson, Ker non M. Gibes, Thomas George Gibian, PhD, Bobby W. Gibson, Daniel M. Gib son, PhD, David F. Gibson, Donald G. Gibson, George R. Gibson, PhD, Ger ald W. Gibson, Jerry D. Gibson, Lee B. Gibson, PhD, Michael J. Gibson, PhD, Ronald C. Gibson, Thomas A. Gibson, MD, Warren C. Gibson, PhD, Hen ry Lee Giclas, PhD, Delbert V. Giddings, Peter F Giddings, Paul N. Gidl und, Ken Giebe, Anne M. Giedlinski, Leo Giegzelmann, Frederic Arthur Gi ere, PhD, Byron J. Gierhart, Kurt R. Gies, James W. Gieselmann, John M. Giesey, Thomas E. Giffels, William A. Giffhorn, Walter Charles Giffin, PhD, Donald C. Gifford, Houghton Gifford, Hugh W. Gifford, Jonathan Gi fford, PhD, Fred Giflow, Adolf J. Giger, PhD, Dominick R. Giglini, Timo thy P. Gilberg, B. J. Gilbert, Brian W. Gilbert, Chris Gilbert, PhD, De wayne Everett Gilbert, PhD, Gray T. Gilbert, Joel Gilbert, Larry L. Gil bert, MD, Lawrence J. Gilbert, Lyman F. Gilbert Sr., Michael D Gilbert, PhD, Paul T. Gilbert, Peter Gilbert, Warren D. Gilbert, William H. Gil bert, PhD, William C Gilbert, Stephen Warner Gilby, PhD, W. Allen Gilch rist Jr., PhD, William H. Gilchrist, Roger R. Giler, James Giles, PhD, John Giles, Mel

C. Burroughs Gill, PhD, Donald K. Gill, Mellor A. Gill, Tony Gill, Willi am W. Gill, PhD, Alan D. Gillan, Leland E. Gillan, Michael S. Gillan, Ric k J. Gillan, Jimmy D Gillard, Mary Ann Gillbert, Robert Gillcrist, Daniel Gillen, Joseph W. Gillen, Susan Gillen, Wm. R. Gillen, Bob Gillespie, Cl aude Milton Gillespie, PhD, Gary Gillespie, MD, Harry K. Gillespie, MD, J ack D. Gillespie, Jeff Gillespie, Paul A. Gillespie, Robert Gillespie, Ph D, Roderick J Gillespie Jr., Thomas D. Gillespie, PhD, William Harry Gill espie, William N. Gillespie, Lawrence B. Gillett, PhD, Benjamin A. Gillet te, Nicholas W. Gillham, PhD, Trauvis H. Gillham, John H. Gilliam, MD, Th omas R. Gilliam, Edward R. Gillie, Bruce B. Gillies, George A. Gillies, P hD, George Thomas Gillies, PhD, T. J. Gilligan, PhD, Thomas J Gilligan, E lizabeth H. Gillikin, John H. Gilliland, Robert J. Gilliland, Sherwyn R. Gilliland, Victor C Gilliland, Howard D. Gillin, June Gillin, Thomas E. G illingham, PhD, Peter P. Gillis, PhD, Donald Wood Gillmore, PhD, Jacques Gilloteaux, PhD, James M. Gills, Charles M. Gilman, James R. Gilman, Davi d L. Gilmer, Ernest Rich Gilmont, PhD, Clarence F. Gilmore, John H. Gilmo re, John R. Gilmore, PhD, Mike Gilmore, Steven P. Gilmore, DVM, William C Gilmore Jr., Paul C. Gilmour, PhD, John S. Gilpin, DVM, Dale P. Gilson, Tim Gilson, Homer F. Gilzow, George A. Gimber, Richard Joel Gimpelson, MD , Thon T. Gin, PhD, H. Scott Gingrich, Susan K. Gingrich, Kenneth J. Ginn ard, Jeffrey D. Ginnvan, Mark Ginoling, Dezdemona M. Ginosian, Merrill St uart Ginsburg, PhD, James P Ginther, Helen S. Ginzburg, Fred Gioglio, Ste ven D. Gioiosa, Joseph A. Giordano, MD, Paul F. Giordano, Thomas H. Giord ano, PhD, Eric Giosa, Ernie Giovannnitti, Georgina Gipson, David N Girard , Jon M. Girard, W. J. Girdwood, Marvin G. Girod, MD, William F. Girouard , PhD, W. E. Girton, Bobby G. Gish, John Gishpert, Melvin H. Gitlitz, PhD , Albert M. Giudice, Ronald E. Giuntini, PhD, Silvio A. Giusti, James A. Given, Roy L. Givens, Norbert S. Gizinski, MD, Stephen Glacy, MD, Johanna M. Glacy-Araos, Dain S. Glad, Paul L. Glader, Wilbert Eugene Gladfelt er, PhD, Richard E. Gladziszewski, Horst E. Glagowski, Peter Glanz, Ph D, Sivert Herth Glarum, PhD, Homer Hopson Glascock II, PhD, Dan L. Gla sgow, Walter Glasgow, Doug J. Glaspey, Bryan Glass, DVM, Gordon C. Gla ss, Jerome E. Glass, Marvin R. Glass Jr., Ronald N. Glass, Werner B. G lass, William Glass, Robert W. Glasscock, M. Glasser, Stephen M. Glatt , Frederick G. Glatter, MD, George Isaac Glauberman, PhD, June Glavin, Thomas Glaze, Travis W. Glaze, Dan Glazier, Dan G. Gleason, Edward Hi nsdale Gleason Jr., PhD, Hartley C. Gleason, Robert A. Gleason, Dan Gl eaves, DVM, David L. Gleaves, DVM, Robert Hamor Gledhill, PhD, Robert W. Gleeson, Thomas Alexander Gleeson, PhD, John P. Gleiter, Anatol A. Glen, MD, Bertis Lamon Glenn, PhD, Charles G. Glenn, Clifford Glenn, D avid A. Glenn, Donald W. Glenn, James N. Glenn, MD, John H. Glenn, Roy

Glenn, William Budd Glenn, PhD, Renee V. Glennan, Earl T. Glenwright, Kent J. Glesener, John D. Glesmann, James S. Glessner, John J. Gleyst een, MD, Paul M Glick, Robert L. Glick, PhD, Hugh S. Glidewell, DVM, J ohn Glissmeyer, Barbara W. Glockson, PhD, John B. Glode, Christine Glo eckler, George Gloeckler, PhD, John W. Glomb, PhD, Walter Thomas Gloor , PhD, Douglas J. Glorie, Constance Glover, PhD, Dale P. Glover, Danie l Glover, PhD, Lucinda H. Glover, Mark E. Glover, PhD, Robert A. Glove r, William D. Glover, Robert R. Glovna, Julie Glowacki, PhD, Earnest F rederick Gloyna, PhD, Bradley A. Gloystein, DVM, Vladimir M. Glozman, PhD, Ronald Gluck, Ronald M Gluck, Earl F. Glynn, James Glynn, PhD, Jo hn M. Glynn, Richard H. Gnaedinger, PhD, Aric Gnesa, Matthew F. Gnezda , PhD, Wilmer E. Goad, Barry G. Goar, C. J. Gober, Clyde J. Gober, For rest Gober, Otto M Gobina, PhD, George G. Goble, PhD, Jonathan C. Gobl e, Bruice Gockel, James R Gockley, Will E. Godbey, Ferd S. Godbold II, Robert W. Goddard, Charles B. Godfrey, Charles J. Godreau, MD, Edward L Godsey lliam R. Godwin, Valery Anton Godyak, PhD, Ludwig Edward Godycki, PhD , Nicholas E. Goeders, PhD, Robert W. Goedjen, Conway Goehman, Freder ick A. Goellner, David Jonathan Goerz, Royal D. Goerz, MD, James A. G oethel, MD, Thomas W. Goettge, Kenneth L. Goetz, PhD, Robert A Goetz, Harold E. Goetzman, Frederick W. Goff, Mark S. Goff, Virginie M. Gof faux, DVM, Alexander C. Goforth, Edward Allan Goforth, James S. Goft, David J. Goggin, PhD, Mark J. Gogol, Jay A. Goin, William C. Goins, Maria Nelly Golarz de Bourne, PhD, Leslie I. Gold, PhD, Louis D. Gold , PhD, Myra A. Gold, Stephen Gold, PhD, David J Goldak, Larry O. Gold beck, MD, Alfred Goldberg, PhD, Eugene P. Goldberg, PhD, Malcolm Gold berg, PhD, Brian J. Golden, DVM, Michael H. Golden, Roger L. Golden, Charles Goldenzopf, PhD, Alan S. Goldfarb, PhD, Ronald B. Goldfarb, P hD, Alan Goldfien, MD, Steven D. Goldfien, Rodney L. Goldhahn, Randy Golding, PhD, William T. Golding, Kenneth J. Goldkamp, Bruce Goldman, Terry Jack Goldman, PhD, Edward R. Goldmann, Lionel Solomon Goldring , PhD, Fred L. Goldsberry, PhD, Gary J. Goldsberry, John Paul Goldsbo rough, PhD, Victor W. Goldschmidt, PhD, Michelle Goldschneider, Jeff M. Goldsmith, Robert I. Goldsmith, MD, Edward B. Goldstein, PhD, Lewi s W. Goldstein, MD, Norman E. Goldstein, PhD, Theodore Philip Goldste in, PhD, Yitzhak Goldstein, Patrick Goldstrand, PhD, Patrick Goldswor thy, PhD, Walter J Goldsworthy, Richard Goldthwait, PhD, R. K. Golemo n, Earl S. Golightly, Jonathan M. Golli, Leonid Goloshinsky, Maya Gol oshinsky, Mikhail Goloubev, PhD, Vladimir Golovchinsky, PhD, Ralph Go lta, PhD, V. L. Goltry, MD, Efim I. Golub, PhD, Scott L. Gomer, Willi am Raymond Gommel, PhD, John Roland Gonand, PhD, Eric Charles Gonder, PhD, Michel Gondouin, PhD, William Gong, PhD, Ely Gonick, PhD, Alex

Gonik, Russell S. Gonnering, MD, David V. Gonshor, Ernesto A. Gonzaga , Dionicio Gonzales, Esteban G. Gonzales, Alexander E. Gonzalez, Ed E . Gonzalez, Guillerme Gonzalez, PhD, Mark A. Gonzalez, PhD, Ruth Gonzalez, PhD, , Lewis F. Good Jr., Richard L. Good, Tim Good, William Good, John Ba nnister Goodenou, PhD, David John Goodenough, PhD, Lewis S. Goodfrien d, Loy B. Goodheart, Torben Goodhope, Charles Thomas Goodhue, PhD, Ar thur A. Goodier, Charles Gooding, PhD, Terry L. Gooding, Kent Goodloe , Brett P. Goodman, Harold J. Goodman, MD, Hubert C. Goodman Jr., Jer ome D. Goodman, PhD, Lawrence Eugene Goodman, PhD, Leroy Goodman, Mic hael S. Goodman, MD, Robert Goodman, Ronald Keith Goodman, Roy G. Goo dman, Brian G. Goodness, Tom O. Goodney, Billy J. Goodrich Jr., Byron Goodrich, Chester Goodrich, PhD, John M. Goodrich, William A. Goodri ch Jr., MD, James D. Goodridge, Louie Aubrey Goodson, James W. Goodsp eed, Herbert H. Goodwin, Jeff P. Goodwin, Korwin J. Goodwin, Mikel P. Goodwin, Paul N Goodwin, PhD, Peter D. Goodwin, MD, Philip W. Goodwi n Jr., Stephen H. Goodwin, James K. Goodwine Jr., PhD, John H. Goodwo rth, MD, Jack Ray Goodwyn, PhD, Jimmy Goolsby, PhD, John A Goolsby, J ohn C. Goon, John T. Goorley, PhD, Terry L. Goosey, Donald A. Gooss S r., DVM, Scharita Gopal, V. L. Goppelt, Martin Leo Gorbaty, PhD, Mari na J. Gorbunoff, PhD, Robert Stouffer Gordee, PhD, Peter J. Gorder, P hD, Stephen Gordey, Manuel E. Gordillo, MD, Clifford M. Gordon, E. D. Gordon, Edward F. Gordon, Eugene Gordon, PhD, Gary E. Gordon, DVM, J ames Wylie Gordon, PhD, Leonard Gordon, Milton J. Gordon, Rex B. Gord on, Robert Gordon, PhD, Robert B. Gordon, Robert Boyd Gordon, PhD, Ro bert E. Gordon, Scott D. Gordon, Scott Gordon, William B. Gordon, PhD , William H. Gordon, MD, Nelson G. Gordy, John W. Gore Jr., Willis C Gore, PhD, Donald Gorgei, Heinz August Gorges, PhD, D. Gorham, PhD, J ohn R. Gorham, PhD, Gio Batta Gori, PhD, Cheryl Goris, Edward A. Gork a, Henry B. Gorman, Paul Gorman, Robert C. Gorman, Owen P. Gormley, S anford Jay Gorney, Gary J. Gorsalitz, Donald B. Gorshing, Joseph Gors ic, PhD, Waldemar Gorski, PhD, Howard Gorsuch, Paul L Gorsuch, MD, St ephen R. Gorsuch, Alfred F. Gort, Theodore B. Gortemoller Jr., Gary R. Gosdin, MD, g, Clifford D. Goss, Darrell L. Goss, G. Robert Goss, PhD, George Robe rt Goss, PhD, John Ray Goss, Quentin L. Goss, Stephen M Goss, Wilbur H ummon Goss, PhD*, Mark H. Gosselin, David Gossett, Lee M. Gossick, Dav id G. Gossman, Albert J. Gotch, PhD, John W. Goth, Norman E. Goth, Lar ry F. Gotham, Zech Gotham, Nicholas W. Gothard, Samuel P Gotoff, MD, H enry Gotsch, C. Thomas Gott, PhD, George Gott, Nicholas J. Gotten, MD, Charles F. Gottlieb, PhD, Marcus S. Gottlieb, Martin S. Gottlieb, Don ald F. Gottron, Charles E. Gottschalk, Walter Carl Gottschall, PhD, Jo

hn Gottschling, Scarlette Z. Gotwals, DVM, Hans D. Gougar, PhD, Gary L . Gough, Steven D. Goughnor, Roy R Goughnour, PhD, Gerald Geza Gould, Gordon Gould, PhD, Karl Gould, Robert George Gould, Robert V Gould*, R onald J. Gould, Thomas L. Gould, PhD, Walter L. Gould, PhD, William M. Gould, MD, Robert J. Gouldie, Alan B. Goulet, Todor K. Gounev, PhD, R obert D. Gourlay, Darrell Gourley, James T. Gourzis, PhD, S. William G ouse Jr., PhD, Nicolas Goutchkoff, E. J. Gouvier, Edward J. Gouvier, R obert J. Governski, Charles Thomas Govin Jr., George P. Gowans, Kim A. Gowey, Bill Grabb, Hans C. Graber, PhD, David G. Grabiel, Lawrence I. Grable, C. Grabowski, Harald Grabowsky, William Grabski, Robert D. Gr ace, John A Grach, Joseph C. Graciana, Lawrence F. Gradwell, Ben G. Gr ady, PhD, John L. Grady, MD, Mathew O. Grady, Tommy Grady, William P. Graebel, PhD, Richard W. Graeme, Gary Graeser, Christian M. Graf, Fred L. Graf, G. Robert Graf, James P. Graf, Jamieson Graf, John Graf, Rob ert G. Graf, George Stephen Graff, Leroy D. Graff, Kerry M Gragg, Ashl ey Q Graham, Bill D. Graham, Bob Graham, Charles Richard Graham, MD, D aniel C. Graham, Dee McDonald Graham, PhD, Gary C. Graham, PhD, Harold P. Graham, PhD, Howard E Graham, Irwin Patton Graham, Jim Graham, Joh n C. Graham, Jon Graham, Marie M. Graham, MD, Michael W. Graham, Rober t J. Graham, PhD, Seldon B. Graham Jr., Sutton L. Graham, Walter Waver ly Graham, PhD, William K Graham, Joseph W. Grahame, Douglas Grahn, PhD, Rob era, PhD, Richard G. Grammens, Otto G. Gramp, Jerome J. Gramsammer, Wi lliam E Gran, Alphonse Peter Granatek, Curtis E. Granberry, Clark A Gr anger, PhD, Martha S. Granger, MD, Alex T. Granik, PhD, Robert S. Gran lund, Vincent J. Granowicz, Arvid P. Grant, PhD, F. R. Grant, Jeffrey E. Grant, Jerry Grant, Lee B. Grant Jr., MD, Lewis O. Grant, Milton J. Grant II, Nicholas John Grant, PhD, Norman Howard Grant, PhD, R. R. G rant, Steven R. Grant, Ashby A. Grantham, MD, Kenneth Donald Granzow, Tom R. Grass, Bruce Howard Grasser, Jurgen Michael Grasshoff, PhD, Ste ven Grassl, PhD, Frank Grate, M. R. Grate, MD, John B. Gratzek, PhD, E dward L. Grau, Wayne P. Grau, John E. Grauman Jr., William F. Grauten, Lawrence W Grauvogel, Richard G Graven, Douglas D. Graver, Charles B Graves, Chester W. Graves, Dennis J. Graves, Gregory K Graves, Harvey W. Graves, Leonard M. Graves, Mary S. Graves, DVM, Walter L. Graves, W ayne C. Graves, Kenton J. Graviss, PhD, Brian L. Gray, Bruce William G ray, PhD, Clifton H Gray Jr., D. Gray, PhD, George A. Gray, PhD, Gordo n H. Gray, James S. Gray, PhD, Jerry J. Gray*, Joe C. Gray, John F. Gr ay, Kevin J. Gray, PhD, Lewis L. Gray, Lucy M. Gray, Mark A. Gray, Mic hael Gray, PhD, Norman W. Gray, Richard E. Gray, Robert C. Gray, Rober t M. Gray, Ronald D. Gray, Steven R. Gray, Ted R. Gray, Ted W. Gray, T homas B. Gray, William W. Gray, William M. Gray, PhD, Kim W. Graybill,

Lauren H. Grayson, MD, Frank D. Graziano, PhD, Eric Greager, Gerald T . Greak, Lloyd Grearson, Randolph K. Greaves, Michael G. Grecco, Claud ius A. Greco, David F Greeley, Michael N. Greeley, Andrew Green, Arthu r R. Green, Bobby L. Green, Frank W Green, George F. Green, PhD, Geral dine Green, PhD, Howard Green, MD, Hubert G. Green, MD, Hue T. Green, J. D. Green, Jerry Green, John David Green, John W. Green, Joseph M. G reen, PhD, Kenneth P. Green, PhD, Leon Green Jr., PhD, Martin Laurence Green, PhD, Marvin L. Green, Max Green, Milton Green, Patricia A. Green, Russell , Willie H. Green, William Daniel Green, Jr, John P. Greenaway, William H. Greenberg, Charles R. Greene, PhD, David C. Greene, Donald M. Green e, PhD, George M. Greene, PhD, George Linden Greene, PhD, John J. Green e, Marvin I. Greene, Vance T Greene Jr., William Greene, MD, Bruce E Gr eenfield, MD, Eugene Willis Greenfield, PhD, Harold Greenfield, PhD, Ch arles August Greenhall, PhD, James Greenhaw, MD, Edward C. Greenhood, G erald Alan Greenhouse, PhD, Charles W Greening, John F Greenip, Anton C . Greenland, PhD, Miles G. Greenland, John Edward Greenleaf, PhD, Donal d R. Greenlee, Dick Greenly, William M. Greenslade, Jeffrey S Greenspoo n, MD, Jack D. Greenwade, Deborah C. Greenwall, MD, Howard E. Greenwell , B. Marcum Greenwood, Garrison Greenwood, PhD, Henry V. Greenwood, Ron ald H. Greenwood, David Steven Greer, MD, Donald L. Greer, PhD, Fred L. Greer, MD, Gary C. Greer, Gregory Greer, James E. Greer, John E. Greer Jr., K. Greer, Ralph D. Greer, William T. Greer, D. W. Greger, Howard M. Greger, Mike Greger, Charles Thornton Gregg, PhD, Charles W. Gregg, Dane W. Gregg, David Henry Gregg, PhD, David Gregg, Donald J. Gregg, Er ik Gregg, James B. Gregg, Peter Gregg, Frank E. Gregor, J. T. Gregor, W illiam A Gregorcyk, David Tony Gregorich, PhD, Claude W. Gregory, James D. Gregory, Robert B. Gregory, Thomas J. Gregory, Troy Gregory, Ted M. Gregson, Joseph R. Greig, PhD, Richard C. Greig, Gregg T. Greiner, DVM , Everette D. Greinke, Gennady H. Grek, Mary A. Grelinger, N. E. Grell, Clifton E. Gremillion, Kurt L. Gremmler, Frank E. Gren, Richard Grenne , Bert L. Grenville, Susan S. Grenzebach, Kurt G. Greske, David M. Gres ko, David L. Gress, PhD, David R. Gress, James J. Gress, Richard A Gres s, John T. Gressette, Peter Michael Gresshoff, Linda M. Gressitt, Franc is J. Greytok, Gordon W. Gribble, PhD, Alfred Griebling, John D. Grier, Donald K. Grierson, George Alexander Gries, PhD, Michael J. Gries, Ray H. Griesbach, Don Griese, DVM, Mike Griese, Daniel R. Grieser, Norman J. Griest, ffen, Billy D. Griffin, Carlton W. Griffin, Clayton Houstoun Griffin, Do nald N. Griffin, Douglas Griffin, DVM, Edward Lawrence Griffin, Edwin N. Griffin, Glen Griffin, MD, Harold Lee Griffin, Ivan Vincent Griffin, J. Tyler Griffin, James K. Griffin, James Edward Griffin, PhD, Jean Griffi

n, Joseph W. Griffin Jr., PhD, Lawrence G. Griffin, Leland Griffin, Lynn M. Griffin, M. Griffin, PhD, Paul P. Griffin, MD, Reginald M. Griffin, PhD, Roger D. Griffin, Tim A. Griffin, Travis Barton Griffin, PhD, Willi am E Griffin, B. W. Griffith Jr., Ben O. Griffith, DVM, Brandon Griffith , Durward R. Griffith, Evan L. Griffith, James A. Griffith, MD, Linda Gr iffith, PhD, M. Shan Griffith, Paul G. Griffith, PhD, Robert W. Griffith , Steven H. Griffith, Virgil Vernon Griffith, PhD, Walter M. Griffith Jr ., PhD, Robert W Griffiths, MD, Roy S. Griffiths, PhD, Tom Griffiths, Th omas J. Grifka, MD, Frederic C. Grigg, Reid Grigg, PhD, Edward Griggs, W illiam E. Griggs, Donald A Griglack, Mihail I. Grigore, Edward M. Grigsb y, Mark Grigsby, PhD, Karl P. Grill, MD, Otto Grill, Ramon S. Grillo, Ph D, Francis A. Grillot Jr., James I. Grillot, Donald Wilburn Grimes, PhD, Edward T. Grimes, MD, Gordon E. Grimes, Jerry L. Grimes, DVM, Leclair R oger Grimes, Barbara Grimm, Louis John Grimm, PhD, Martin J. Grimm Jr., Peter L Grimm, Chester F. Grimsley, Rosa Grinberg, PhD, Teddy Hodge Grin dstaff, PhD, Eugene W. Griner, MD, Alex Gringauz, PhD, Jim T. Grinnan, T om U. Grinslade, Richard T. Grinstead, William B. Grinter, Mario Grippi, Nicholas A Grippi, Ronald J. Gripshover, PhD, Sharon L. Gripshover, Ern est E. Grisdale, Larry Grise, Richard S. Grisham, MD, Strother Grisham, Richard G. Grisky, PhD, Raymond L. Grismer, Robert Dwight Grisso, PhD, A . G. Griswold, Arthur N. Griswold, DVM, Donald L. Griswold Jr., Norman C . Griswold, PhD, Ray Griswold, Charles F. Gritzner, PhD, Fredrick Grizma la, Ronald E. Groer, Charles Groff, Paul K. Grogger, PhD, Alfred W. Groh e, Jonathan M. Grohsman, MD, Sigmund S. Grollman, PhD, Herb W. Gronomeyer, R in Grooms, PhD, Stephen J. Grooters, Percy J. Gros Jr., Alan B. Grosbac h, MD, Steven L. Grose, William C. Grosel, Alan B. Gross, DVM, Fred J. Gross, Joseph F. Gross, PhD, Michael P. Gross, Robert E. Gross, MD, Wil liam G. Gross, Leo C. Grosser, Morton Grosser, PhD, William F. Grosser, Paul J. Grosskreuz, Bernardo F. Grossling, PhD, Eugene L. Grossman, He rbert Grossman, Ronald R. Grost, Fred Grosz, PhD, Fred R. Grote, James Grote, PhD, Barney Groten, PhD, Lenhart T. Grothe, Morris Paul Grotheer , PhD, Philip K Grotheer, Henry M. Grotta, PhD, Leonard Charles Grotz, PhD, Timoth Grotzinger, William C. Groutas, PhD, C Edward Grove, PhD, D on J. Grove, PhD, Erling JR Grovenstein Jr., PhD, James J. Grovenstein, James Robb Grover, PhD, Frank R. Groves Jr., PhD, Fred H. Groves, PhD, Larry R. Groves, Timothy R. Groves, PhD, William S. Groves, Andrew P. Grow, James B. Grow, Richard W. Grow, PhD, John T. Growney, MD, Terry G rubaugh, Pamela Grubaugh-Littig, S. D. Grubb, Shannon Grubb, MD, Joseph S. Grubbs, Dane Gruben, Alfred A. Gruber, Carl L. Gruber, PhD, David P . Gruber, Eugene E. Gruber, PhD, Gerald William Gruber, PhD, Gerry Grub er, PhD, Johathan R Gruchala, Eric Gruenler, Geza Gruenwald, PhD, Raymo

nd H. Gruetert, Jay S. Grumbling, Mike A. Grundvig, Reed H. Grundy, Wil liam J. Grunenwald, Paul W. Gruner, Robert M. Gruninger, Mike Gruntman, PhD, Ross R. Grunwald, PhD, Joseph C. Gruss, Frank C. Gruszynski, Doug las A. Gruver, Paul M. Gruzensky, PhD, Frederic C. Gryckiewicz, Ivan Gr ymov, Bruce B. Grynbaum, MD*, Harold Julian Gryting, PhD, Louis E. Grze siek, Paul P Gualtieri, Robert F. Guardino, A. M. Guarino, PhD, Gavin G . Guarino, Michael R. Guarino Sr., Nicholas J. Guarino, John E. Guarnie ri, Y. Guberer, PhD, Ross L. Gubka, Terry Guckes, PhD, Ernest A. Gudath , Robert J. Guditis, Richard Austin Gudmundsen, PhD, Johnnie F. Guelker , Frederick Peter Guengerich, PhD, H. Guenterberg, Elaine Guenther, Rob ert F. Guenther, Cnelson Guerriere, MD, Gary Guerrieri, Jacques P. Guertin, PhD, Ga Yann G. Guezennec, PhD, Charles G. Guffey, PhD, William R Guffey, Euge ne P. Gugel, Heinrich W. Guggenheiher, PhD, Paul F. Gugliotta, PhD, Ro bert O. Guhl, Harold A. Guice, Joseph W. Guida, Michael A. Guida, Jame s G. Guider, John O. Guido, MD, Paul E. Guidry, Roland J. Guidry Jr., Albert Guilford, Bruce P. Guilliams, Stephen N. Guillot, David C. Guin n, Michel B. Guinn, Lawrence E. Gulberg, PhD, Peter H. Guldberg, Musta fa Guldu, Carl P. Gulla, Jean R. Gullahorn, DVM, Rentz Gullick, Harvey Gullicks, PhD, Sam Gullickson, Charles W. Gullikson, PhD, J. Arvis Gu lly, PhD, Mark T. Gully, Rand A. Gulvas, Don R. Gum, Kenneth H. Gum, G ordon E. Gumble, Vajira K. Gunawardana, William G. Gunderman, Darryl E . Gunderson, William F. Gunderson, James A. Gundry, Richard R. Gundry, Kathleen J. Gundy, Michael E. Gunger, C L Gunn, Wallace K. Gunnells, Robert Charles Gunness, PhD, Leslie A. Gunter, Wolfgang Hans Heinrich Gunth, PhD, Riji R. Guo, Alankar Gupta, B. K. Gupta, Krishan G. Gupta, MD, Lachhman D. Gupta, Raj K. Gupta, PhD, Ram S Gupta, PhD, Atul A. G upte, Robert F. Gurchiek, Earl S. Gurley, M. S. Gurney, Susan Gurney, Andrew F. Guschwan, MD, Ropert E. Gusciora, Robert J. Gussmann, Lyle A . Gust, Dwight F. Gustafson, Kenneth A. Gustafson, Kermit M. Gustafson , Lewis B. Gustafson, PhD, Philip Felix Gustafson, PhD, Walter Wilhelm Gustav Lwowsk, PhD, Eugene V. Gustavson, Robert J. Gustin, William A. Gustin, David Lawrence Gustine, PhD, Stuart S. Gut, DVM, Donald T Gut hrie, Alberto F. Gutierrez, Joseph A. Gutierrez, Daniel A. Gutknecht, Phillip W. Gutmann, Gerald Edward Gutowski, PhD, Ronald G. Gutru, Stev en L. Gutsche, Alvin Guttag, Michael D. Gutterres, Paul B. Gutting, Be rwin A. Guttormsen, Ronald Gutwiller, Kelleen M. Gutzmann, Jeng Yih Gu u, PhD, Necip Guven, PhD, Frank W. Guy, PhD, John V. Guy-Bray, PhD, Ja mes Guyker, PhD, William C Guyker Jr., PhD, Allan Guymon, PhD, Michael A. Guz, George J. Guzauskas, Freddie G. Gwin, James T. Gwinn, Joseph M. Gwinn, rd Haack, PhD, Gottfried Haacke, PhD, Robert E. Haag, Ronald L. Haalan

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ard, Kenneth H. Kinard, MD, Kim S Kinderman, DVM, Justin A. Kindt, Ala n O King, Barry A. King, Bridget R. King, DVM, Charles O. King, PhD, C hester L. King, Edwin B. King, Emmett S. King, F. King, Francis W. Kin g, Gerald S. King, Harry S. King, PhD, Hartley Hugh King, PhD, Hueston C. King, MD, J. S. King, PhD, John King, MD, John W. King, PhD, Josep h E. King, Joseph C King, Kathryn E. King, Kenneth M. King, Mason E. K ing, McLeroy King, Philip A King, Randy L. King, Roy L. King, Sanford MacCallum King, PhD, Thomas J King Jr., William S. King, Thomas A. Kin gdom, Leroy Kingery, W. David Kingery, PhD, Charles Leo Kingrea, PhD, C. Louis K Monty C. Kingsley, PhD, William L. Kingston, James W. Kinker, Karl Kinl ey, Riley Nelson Kinman, PhD, Stan A. Kinmouth, Tommy C. Kinnaird, Rile y N. Kinners, PhD, John J. R. Kinney, Ted R. Kinney, Gerald Lee Kinniso n, PhD, Jerome W. Kinnison, Robert Ray Kinnison, PhD, Norma A. Kinsel, PhD, Dalton L. Kinsella, MD, John G. Kinsey, Stephene C. Kinsky, PhD, G erald W. Kinsley, Timothy P. Kinsley, Roy H. Kinslow, PhD, John D. Kins man, Thyl E. Kint, Marion E. Kintner, MD, Brice W. Kinyon, John Kinzell , PhD, Donald Kinzer, Earl T. Kinzer Jr., PhD, H. Grant Kinzer, PhD, R. C. Kinzie, Martin J. Kiousis, Charles J. Kippenhan, PhD, Robert M. Kip perman, PhD, Dan Kirby, Ken K. Kirby, Ralph C. Kirby, William H Kirby, Jr, Hartmann J. Kircher, James R. Kircher, John Frederick Kircher, PhD, Fred Kirchhoff Jr., Peter O. Kirchhoff, E. K. Kirchner, PhD, Henry W. Kirchner, James W. Kirchner, Adrian F. Kirk, Earl Kirk Jr., Tom P. Kirk , Clyde A. Kirkbride, DVM, Carl S. Kirkconnell, PhD, James E. Kirkham, MD, Richard D. Kirkham, Harold A. Kirkland, Joseph Jack Kirkland, PhD, Matthew L. Kirkland, Dennis Kirkpatrick, PhD, Haskell M. Kirkpatrick, H ugh R. Kirkpatrick, John Kirkpatrick, Bessie H. Kirkwood, PhD, Maclean Kirkwood, Robert W. Kirkwood, Roderick R. Kirkwood, Philip G. Kirmser, PhD, Ravi Kiron, PhD, Oscar H. Kirsch, Duane L. Kirschenman, Pamela K. Kirschner, Michael K. Kirwan, Peter H. Kirwin, Steven G. Kisch, Clayton Ward Kischer, PhD, Kenneth Kise Jr., PhD, Roy C. Kiser, Sam D. Kiser, Wendell G Kish, DVM, Chester Joseph Kishel, PhD, Harry H. Kishineff, Ed win G. Kispert, PhD, Ernest Kiss, Glen J. Kissel, PhD, Horst Kissel, Ju lianne J. Kisselburgh, Hugh M. Kissell, Ronald E. Kissell, Abbott Theod ore Kissen, PhD, Peter T. Kissinger, PhD, Craig A. Kister, Pamela D. Ki stler, PhD, Eva B. Kisvarsanyi, Geza Kisvarsanyi, PhD, Boyd M. Kitchen, PhD, Donald N. Kitchen, PhD, Thomas Adren Kitchens, PhD, John F. Kitch in, PhD, W. Kitdean, PhD, Terence M. Kite, PhD, Karel Kithier, PhD, Mark C. Kittrid Kivi, Jeffrey Kiviat, MD, Lassi A. Kivioja, PhD, Michael T. Kizer, Mic hael J. Kjelgaard, Betty W. Kjellstrom, DVM, Kit R Kjelstrom, Lorentz A . Kjoss, Alfred Klaar, Nicholas Paul Klaas, PhD, Kenneth J. Klabunde, P

hD, George Stanley Klaiber, PhD, Duane D. Klamm, Bruce Holmes Klanderma n, PhD, Amy G. Klann, PhD, Donald W. Klass, MD, Waldemar Klassen, PhD, Louis T. Klauder, PhD, Kenneth T. Klebba, Miroslav Ezidor Klecka, PhD, Steven K. Klecka, Willard R. Kleckner, PhD, Robert W. Klee, H. Kleemeie r, Thomas Kleen, Kevin J Klees, Vasilios Kleftis, Arthur S. Klein, Chri stopher C. Klein, Eugene G. Klein, Gordon Leslie Klein, MD, Henry Klein , Howard Joseph Klein, PhD, James D. Klein, John Klein, Joseph Klein, K arl M. Klein Jr., Ludwig Klein, PhD, R. Klein, PhD, Thomas Klein, W. S. Klein, William Klein, Rolf E. Kleinau, Walter B. Kleiner, PhD, Aurel K leinerman, PhD, Donald R. Kleintop, Jarvis R. Klem, Lawrence Paul Klema nn, PhD, Paul Gustav Klemens, PhD, Herbert A. Klemme, George F. Klemmic k, Richard G. Klempnauer, MD, Harold E. Klemptner, MD, Robert E. Klenck , David L. Klenk, Kenneth F. Klenk, PhD, Ronald W. Klenk, Stanley J. Kl etch, George J. Klett, John G. Kleyn, PhD, Max E. Kliewer, Walter Mark Kliewer, PhD, Irvin C. Klimas, Eugene M. Klimko, PhD, Steve J. Klimowsk i, Denny L. Kline, R. Jay Kline, Robert Kline, PhD, Sidney Kline, Thoma s Kline, PhD, David Kling, Thomas J. Kling, Karl G. Klinges, PhD, John C. Klingler, Michael Klingler, Edwin E. Klingman, Gilbert E. Klingman, K. Klingman, PhD, William Klint, William P. Klinzing, PhD, Dorothea A. Klip, PhD, Gary P. Klipe, Sharon J. Klipping, Christine L Klitzing, Ben ny Leroy Klock, PhD, Roger C. Klockziem, PhD, S. J. Kloda, Nancy F. Klo entrup, PhD, Fred L. Kloepper, Kenneth A. Kloes, Glenn S. Kloiber, Karl C. Klontz, MD, Gerald J. Kloock, Thomas R. Klopf, Lee A. Klopfenstein, MD, Thomas Mathew Kloppel, PhD, David Kloppenburg, Gary L. Kloster, Al bert Leonard Klosterman, PhD, Louis H. Klotz, PhD, Melvin Klotzman, James C. Klo Daniel E. Kludt, Ronald Lloyd Klueh, PhD, Steve Klug, Edwin E. Klugm an, PhD, Richard M. Klussman, MD, Robert C. Kluthe, Riley N. Kminer, PhD, Donald W Knab, Kent Knaebel, PhD, Edward Andrew Knaggs, James J. Knapik, David I Knapp, James W. Knapp, MD, John L. Knapp, Norman C. Knapp, Penelope K. Knapp, MD, Ronald H. Knapp, PhD, Stephen J. Knapp, Martin E. Knauss, Matthew D. Knecht, Terence E. C. Knee, PhD, Willia m Robert Kneebone, PhD, Barry Kneeland, Dale B. Knepper Jr., Reinhard H. Knerr, PhD, John M. Knew, Slavko Knezevic, MD, A. G. Kniazzeh, Ph D, Maurice Kniceley Jr., Duane Van Kniebes, Barry S. Knight, Charles E. Knight, David C Knight, F. James Knight, Gary C. Knight, James Kni ght, James F. Knight, MD, Jere Donald Knight, PhD, John Cian Knight, PhD, Richard G. Knight, PhD, Ronald A. Knight, PhD, Wilbur Hall Knigh t, Peter Knightes, PhD, William Knighton, Norm Knights, Richard Huber t Knipe, PhD, Bedford F. Knipschild, MD, Steven Knittel, PhD, Vincent E. Knittel, Lisa M Knobel, Charles F. Knobeloch, Mark A. Knoblach, J ames Otis Knobloch, PhD, Mark A. Knoderer, Jeffrey R. Knoles, Floyd C

. Knoop, PhD, Frederick R. Knoop, Paul W. Knoop, MD, Charles Philip K nop, PhD, John K. Knop, Richard J. Knopf, Steven G. Knorr, Williams G Knorr, Wayne Knoth*, Charles R. Knowles, Daniel E. Knowles, Dennis D . Knowles, MD, Devin Knowles, Larry P. Knowles, Floyd Marion Knowlton , Gregory Dean Knowlton, PhD, Sylvia K. Knowlton, MD, Charles Kenneth Knox, PhD, Harry E. Knox, James W. Knox, Kirvin L. Knox, PhD, Willia m J. Knox, MD, Christian W. Knudsen, PhD, Brody Knudtson, Kenneth Way ne Knutson, PhD, Chung-Yu Ko, Stephen A. Kobayashi, MD, William F. Ko bett, Paul Koblas, PhD, Ian G. Koblick, Thomas E. Kobrick, Henry Kobs a, PhD, Katherine M. Kocan, PhD, Arthur T. Koch, PhD, Chuck Koch, Hen ry Koch Jr., Jacob John Koch, Leonard John Koch, Nicholas F. Koch, Pa ul Koch, PhD, Robert G. Koch, MD, Theodore Augur Koch, PhD, Tyson Koc h, Bryan S. Kocher, PhD, Robert D. Kochsiek, Ludovik F. Koci, Donald J. Kocian, K . Kodger, Robert D. Kodis, David A. Kodl, Bruce G. Koe, William J. Koe hl Jr., PhD, Buford R. Koehler, David E. Koehler, F. Theodore Koehler, George F. Koehler*, James Start Koehler, PhD, Janice H. Koehler, Rona ld C. Koehler, Stan Koehlinger, Bertram S. Koel, MD, C. P. Koelling, P hD, Hans Koellner, William P. Koelsch, DVM, William J. Koenecke, David M. Koenig, Duane G. Koenig, MD, Eldo Clyde Koenig, PhD, Gina L. Koeni g, Richard W. Koenig, Robert A. Koenig, Edward C. Koeninger, Donald E. Koenneman, John C. Koepele, Lee E. Koepke, Wellington W. Koepsel, PhD , Paul L. Koepsell, PhD, Lawrence K. Koering, Gary L. Koerner, Moses M . Koeroghlian, Derek B Koestel, Fred Koester, Fred Koester Jr., Richar d W. Koester, Ernest J. Koestering, Donald J. Koestler, Robert L. Koga n, PhD, Wilbur L. Koger Jr., Eunsook Tak Koh, PhD, Robert Cy Koh, PhD, Joe B. Kohen, MD, Clint Kohl, PhD, Kris D. Kohl, PhD, Robert Kohl, Ph D, William Francis Kohland, PhD, George O. Kohler, PhD, Robert N. Kohl er, Charles A. Kohlhaas, PhD, Paul A. Kohlhepp, MD, Karl F. Kohlhoff, David L. Kohlman, PhD, Frederick H. Kohloss, David Kohlstedt, PhD, Gre gory F. Kohn, James Paul Kohn, PhD, Lewis E. Kohn, William C. Kohnle, Frederick Charles Kohout, PhD, Ronald A. Kohser, PhD, Randall Kok, PhD , Bernard R. Kokenge, PhD, Juha P. Kokko, PhD, Alex Kokolios, Milan Ra stislav Kokta, PhD, Rudolf Kolaja, Joshua O. Kolawole, PhD, William A. Koldwyn, PhD, John H. Kolessar II, Paul M. Kolich, Kurtis Koll, PhD, Alois J. Koller Jr., Lee R. Koller, PhD, Loren D. Koller, PhD, Norm C. Koller, Tim Koller, Adam J. Kollin, R. J. Kolodziej, Andrew Kolonay, Bernard J. Kolp, PhD, Stanley Phelps Koltun, Roger W. Kolvoord, PhD, K azimierz Kolwalski, PhD, Arvin L. Kolz, Lawrence A. Kolze, Anton Alber t Komarek, Janos G. Komaromi, Donald H. Komito, Frank Komorowski, MD, Van E. Komurka, George J. Kondelin Jr., Michael K. Kondogiani, Dave F. Konechne, Sam Kongpricha, PhD, Fred W. Koning, DVM, Kirk A. Konkel, Paul J. K

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amer, PhD, Gordon Kramer, Jeffrey G. Kramer, John M. Kramer, Kenneth K ramer, Kenyon K. Kramer, MD, Norbert E. Kramer, PhD, Ralph H. Kramer, Douglas J. Kramm, James E. Krampe, John F. Krampien, David E. Kranbueh l, PhD, Jerrod N. Krancler, Karl Walter Krantz, PhD, George G. Krapfel , Paul Krapivsky, PhD, Melvin W. Kraschnewski, Jan Krason, Tom J. Kras ovec, Clyde Harding Kratochvil, PhD, Howard R. Kratz, PhD, Garry D. Kr aus, Paul J. Kraus, Wayne P Kraus, PhD, David J. Krause, PhD, Lois B. Krause, PhD, Mark Krause, George Krauss, PhD, Kenneth G Krauss, PhD, R obert W. Krauss, PhD, Lee E. Krauth, Joseph Henry Kravitz, PhD, Lawren ce C. Kravitz, PhD, James J. Krawchuk, Arthur A. Krawetz, PhD, Dennis A. Krawietz, Robert F. Kraye, John Krc Jr., M. Fred Krch, Lawrence Kre baum, PhD, William F. Krebethe, MD, Christopher P. Krebs, Clarence R. Krebs, David E. Krebs, William H. Krebs, K. Kreckel, John Belshaw Kree r, PhD, Henry C. Kreide, David L Kreider, PhD, Eric Russell Kreidler, PhD, Julius Peter Kreier, PhD, John Gene Kreifeldt, PhD, Mark L. Krein bihl, Henry G. Kreis, Ron Kreis, PhD, Steven Kreisman, MD, Ruth E. Kre iss, MD, William T. Kreiss, PhD, Richard M Kremer, PhD, Peter W. Kremers, MD, F hD, Peter A. Krenkel, PhD, William B. Krenz, Michael S. Krepky, Carl Ge orge Krespan, PhD, James W Kress, PhD, Jeffrey B Kress, Lance Whitaker Kress, PhD, Robert W. Kress, Rodger L. Kret, Karl Kretzinger, Robert W. Kretzler, Robert E. Kreutzer Jr., Charles R. Kreuz, Warren C. Kreye, P hD, Joseph Z. Krezandski, PhD, Robert E. Kribal, PhD, David A. Kribs, R obert Kricks, PhD, Victor M Kriechbaum, Arthur F. Krieg, MD, Daniel R. Krieg, PhD, Edward A. Kriege, Kenneth W. Kriesel, Roy Krill, Jacqueline Krim, PhD, Scott Kriner, Alvin C Krings, Palaniappa Krishnan, PhD, Ist van M. Krisko, PhD, Jacob K. Krispin, PhD, Joseph F. Krispin, Matthew P . Kriss, James G Krist, Kevin Krist, PhD, Magne Kristiansen, PhD, Steve Kristoff, PhD, Mark S. Kristy, E. Kriva, Thomas S Krivak, PhD, Boris B . Krivopal, PhD, Frank G. Kriz, George James Kriz, PhD, William G. Kroc hta, PhD, Tony R Kroeker, Lillian A. Kroenke, William Joseph Kroenke, P hD, Wasley Sven Krogdahl, PhD, Larry A. Kroger, PhD, Gary Krogstad, Dou glas H. Krohn, Edward F. Krohn, Joseph F. Kroker, Gary S. Krol, Ken Jam es Krolik, Arthur T. Kroll, Fred J. Kroll, Leonard J Krombein, James C. Kromer, Gerald E. Kron, PhD, Lester H. Krone, Joel Kronfeld, PhD, Paul H. Kronfield, Stephen Kronholm, MD, Roger Lee Kroosma, PhD, John Led K ropp, PhD, Tim C. Kropp, Julius Richard Kroschewsky, PhD*, William R. K roskob, James W. Kross, John M. Krouse, MD, John R. Krouse, Robert K. K rout, Donald M. Krtanjek, Burke B. Krueger, Darryl E. Krueger, James D. Krueger, MD, Loren L. Krueger*, Peter George Krueger, PhD, Philip M. K rueger, PhD, Steven T. Krueger, Thomas A. Krueger, Edwin H. Krug, Travi s A Kruger, Keith Krugh, Geddy J. Krul, MD, David P. Krum, Glenn L. Kru

m, Jack K. Krum, PhD, Ann Marie Krumenacker, Jerry Krumlik, MD, Paul H. Krumrine, PhD, Eric M. Krupacs, Gai Krupenkin, William M. Kruple, Davi d J. Krupp, E. C. Krupp, PhD, David J. Krus, PhD, Lorin Ronald Krusberg , PhD, Walter Hillis Kruschwitz, PhD, Oliver M. Kruse, Peter M. Kruse, James R. Kru chen, PhD, Harvey A. Krygier, MD, Kenneth F. Krzyzaniak, MD, Tsu-Kung Ku, Joe E. Kub Jr., Kenneth S. Kube, MD, Karen Sidwell Kubena, PhD, David J. Kubicek, Edward P. Kubiske, Regis W. Kubit, Donald Gene Kubl er, PhD, Mitsuru Kubota, PhD, Stephen A. Kubow, PhD, Frederick Read K uc, PhD, Alexander Kucher, Louis Kuchnir, MD, Moyses Kuchnir, PhD, Da vid L. Kuck, Thomas H. Kuckertz, PhD, James Edgar Kuder, PhD, Marc S. Kudla, Antonin J. Kudrna, Richard S. Kuebler, MD, Donald Kuehl, Don R. Kuehn, PhD, Adelheid R. Kuehnle, PhD, Richard E. Kuelske, Paul Kue nstler, PhD, Stanley E. Kuenstler, Ann D. Kuenstling, Donald E. Kuenz i, MD, John J Kueser Jr., George Kugler, PhD, Eugene James Kuhajek, P hD, Moira Kuhl, Charles R. Kuhlman, Dennis W. Kuhlmann, Michael S. Ku hlmann, Bernard J. Kuhn, Daniel O. Kuhn, Janice Oseth Kuhn, PhD, John E. Kuhn, PhD, John G. Kuhn, Lowell L. Kuhn, Peter Mouat Kuhn, PhD, R aymond Eugene Kuhn, PhD, Scott Kuhn, Carl W. Kuhnen Jr., Garth Kuhnhe in, David J. Kuhnke, Kenneth A. Kuiken, PhD, Stephan T. Kujawa, PhD, Andrew Kujawiak, Casimir A. Kukielka, Frank I. Kuklinski, Andrei Kuku shkin, Mathew H. Kulawiec, Gerard J. Kulbieda, Andrew G. Kulchar, Eug ene M. Kulesza, James Kulick, Valentina R. Kulick, PhD, Kenneth K. Ku lik, Arun D. Kulkarni, PhD, Francis R. Kull, James E. Kullberg, Rudol ph K. Kullnig, PhD, Dale D. Kulm, Dennis J. Kulonda, PhD, W. R. Kulut achek, MD, Amarendhra M. Kumar, PhD, Nipha Kumar, Jeff Kumer, Kenneth W. Kummerfeld, Robert F. Kumpf, Irving B. Kun, Ihor A. Kunasz, PhD, Joseph Kunc, PhD, Stanley P. Kuncaitis, Guy Kuncir, John S. Kundrat, MD, Samar K. Kundu, PhD, David W. Kuneman, Edgar V. Kunkel, Karl G Ku nkle, Robert W. Kunkle, PhD, Gordon Kuntz, PhD, Donald Kunz, PhD, Har old Russell Kunz, PhD, Thomas Henry Kunz, PhD, Willard D. Kunz, DVM, George William Kunze, PhD, Walter E. Kunze, Jing-Wen Kuo, PhD, Peter T. Kuo, MD, Frederick L. Kuonen, Edgars A. Kupcis, Joseph M. Kuphal, Sean T. Kuplean, Joseph M. Kupper, Scott T. Kupper, James Richard Kuppers, PhD, P dziel, Stephen J. Kuritz, PhD, Robert John Kurland, PhD, Karen M Kuros z, Ed J. Kurowski, Barry Kurth, Norman R. Kurtycz, David W. Kurtz, PhD , Martin D. Kurtz, Max Kurtz, Peter Kurtz, PhD, Vicent E. Kurtz, PhD, Henry Kurusz, Theodore W. Kury, PhD, William C. Kuryla, PhD, M. Kurz, PhD, Frank Turner Kurzweg, MD, Peter Kusel, PhD, Steven B. Kushnick, A lan J Kushnir, PhD, Paul Kutler, PhD, Leon J. Kutner, PhD, Leonard G. Kutney, Joseph D. Kutschka, Glenn H. Kutz, Chris E. Kuyatt, PhD, Charl

es R. Kuykendall, Andy Kuzma Jr., Bogdan Ognjan Kuzmanovic, PhD, Andre w J. Kuzmission, Robert W. Kwiatkowski, Wo Kong Kwok, PhD, Tung-Sing K wong, Edward G. Kyle, Ludmila K. Kyn, Lydiane Kyte, Edmond R. La Belle , Harry C. La Bonde Jr., Peter La Celle, PhD, Timothy La Farge, PhD, J ames La Fleur, Clayton La Pointe, PhD, Christopher La Rosa, John W. La badie, PhD, Kenneth M Labas, Ronnie R Labaume, Frank Michael Labianca, PhD, Melvin Labitt, David E. Labo, Peter Labosky, PhD, Mitchell J. La Buda, PhD, R. G. Lacallade, Leonard L. Lacaze, Paul L. Lacelle, PhD, J . Michael Lacey, John J. Lacey Jr., Tom Lacey, Paul Albert Lachance, P hD, Gary W. Lachappelle, Richard Lacher, Robert J. Lacher, PhD, Rosema ry Lacher, Joann Lachut, W Jack Lackey, PhD, Martin R. Lackoff, PhD, S anford Lacks, PhD, James Walter Lacksonen, PhD, Alexander O. Lacsamana , Charles A. Lacugna, Charles T. Lacy Sr., Sterling S. Lacy, Willard C . Lacy, PhD, Conrad M. Ladd, Kurt D. Ladendorf, J G Ladesic, PhD, Edwa rd R. Lady, PhD, Joseph Thomas Laemmle, PhD, Franklin Laemmlen, PhD, J ames R. Lafevers, PhD, John M. Lafferty Jr., Robert J. Laffin, PhD, Lo rin G. Lafoe, John P. Lafollette, Eugene C. Laford, PhD, Evan Dean Lag anis, PhD, Bruce Lagasse, James A. Lageman, Charles Lager, Charles F. Lagergren, Thomas J. Laginess, Kenneth Lagrand, Thomas W. LaGrelius, M D, Bobby D. Lagrone, John M. Lagrone, David H. Lah, Jerry P. Lahmers, DVM, John Lahoud, Russell J. Lahut, Jai L. Lai, PhD, John F. Laidig, Richard Laidla , Peter L. Laino, MD, Alan Van Lair, PhD, Myron D. Lair, Charles L Lai rd II, Cleve Watrous Laird, PhD, Michael A. Laird, Michael L. Laird, D usan J. Lajda, PhD, James L. Lake, John W. Lake, William B. Laker, Ber nard P. Lakus, Jaynarayan H. Lala, PhD, Lynn Lalko, PhD, Michael J. La lly, Rick Lally, Jerry T. Laman, Stephen A. Lamanna, PhD, Donald L. La mar, PhD, Willem Lamartine Lamar, Jeffrey J. Lamarca Sr., Albert L. La marre, Allen B. Lamb, Bruce L. Lamb, DVM, Donald Joseph Lamb, PhD, Don ald Roy Lamb, PhD, George W. Lamb, Henry J. Lamb, Jan B. Lamb, Jeffrey C. Lamb, Roger W. Lamb, Paris Lee Lambdin, PhD, Jerry Roy Lambert, Ph D, John P. Lambert, Michael A Lambert, PhD, Ron R. Lambert, Richard A. Lambey, Andrew Lambie, Donald H. Lambing, Edward W. Lambing Jr., Robe rt J. Lambird, John P. Lambooy, PhD, Burton B. Lamborn, Richard W Lamb recht Jr., George W. Lambrott, Roger O. Lambson, PhD, Robert A. Lame, Stephen Lamer, PhD, Leo J. Lammers, Norman J. Lammers, PhD, Joseph E. Lammon, DVM, Trevor G. Lamond, PhD, Robert G. LaMontagne, PhD, Philip Elmer Lamoreaux*, W. E. Lamoreaux, David L. Lamp, Dale J. Lampton, Don LaMunyon, PhD, Michael C. Lamure, S. S. Lan, Dale B. Lancaster, PhD, Lionel C Lancaster, Malcolm Lancaster, MD, Paul Lancaster, Vicki A. La ncaster, PhD, Albert L. Land, Roland J. Land, Ronald E. Land, H. D. La ndahl, PhD, William M. Landau, MD, Richard John Landberg, PhD, Richard

Leon Lander, PhD, Richard A. Lander, William K. Lander, David E. Land ers, Stacy O. Landers, Tom F Landers, Brownell W Landes, Elmer W. Land ess, DVM, Scott A. Landgraf, William Charles Landgraf, PhD, Jerome B. Lando, PhD, Frank L. Landon, Michael M. Landon, Charles S. Landram, Ph D, Ricky M. Landreneau, DVM, Bruce Landreth, John R. Landreth, J. A. L andrum, William R. Landrum, Archie Landry, L. Landry, Ronald J. Landry , William G. Landry, Alis C. Lane, DVM, B. Edward Lane, C. Elaine Lane , MD, Carl Leaton Lane, PhD, Clifford Lane, Darrin L Lane, F. Lane, Ge orge L. Lane, James C. Lane, Malcolm Daniel Lane, PhD, Michael Lane, Richard L. L D, Robert Lane, PhD, Robt Lane, PhD, Scott Lane, Debbie Laney, Jack W L aney, Charles J. Lang, Conrad Marvin Lang, PhD, Darrell W. Lang, MD, Ge orge P. Lang, Harold H. Lang, PhD, Ivan M. Lang, PhD, Newton L. Lang, R onald A. Lang, Ruth E. Lang, William R. Lang, Gregory A. Langan, Alan L ange, Arthur L. Lange, Charles Ford Lange, PhD, George R Lange, Richard C. Lange, Robert B. Lange, Robert Carl Lange, PhD*, Stephen S. Lange, Thomas H. Lange, PhD, Albert U. Langenegger, Ralph Louis Langenheim, Ph D, Arthur M. Langer, PhD, Robert L. Langerhans, James C Langford, Paul J. Langford, Paul B. Langford, PhD, Stephen C Langford, PhD, Stephen R. Langford, Normal L. Langham, Richard R. Langhoff, Gerald B. Langille, PhD, Rolf H. Langland, PhD, Stanley G Langland Jr., Albert Langley, PhD , Philip G. Langley, PhD, Robert Charles Langley, John M. Langloss, PhD , Carl G. Langner, PhD, William R Langolf, DVM, Hans A. Langsjoen, MD, Peter H. Langsjoen, MD, David J. Langston, Richard L. Lanier, DVM, Will is E. Lanier, H. Norbert Lanners, PhD, Ralph Lanni, Richard M. Lannin, Robert G Lannon, Edward Lanser, William D. Lansford, Augustin F. Lantei gne, Elma Lanterman, PhD, Ward J. Lantier, Robert K Lantz, PhD, Thomas Lee Lantz, William E. Lanyon, Geoffrey R. Lanza, Frank Lanzafame, PhD, Joseph M. Lanzafame, PhD, Peter Lanzetta, PhD, George R. LaPerle, Geral d J Lapeyre, PhD, Gary G. Lapid, MD, Evelyn P. Lapin, PhD, John L. Lapi sh, Thomas J. Laplaca, PhD, Dennis J. Lapoint, PhD, James J. Laporte, D avid W Lappi, Richard G. Laprairie, Robert A. Lapuk, Vince L. Lara, Kur t A. Larcher, James F. Lardner, Andre G. Lareau, James G. Lareau, Lisa W. Larios, David D. Larison, Robert F. Lark, Thomas S. Larko, Norbert D . Larky, John P. Larocco, William E. LaRoche, David F Larochelle, MD, J ohn LaRochelle, PhD, Bruce E. Larock, PhD, Seymour Larock, Phillip Laro e, Judd Larowe, MD, Signa Larralde, PhD, Vernon L. Larrowe, PhD, Henry Larrucea, Thomas Larry, PhD, Robert Larsell, Calvert T. Larsen, PhD, Dale G. Larsen n, PhD, Eric R. Larsen, PhD, Greg A. Larsen, Howland Aikens Larsen, PhD , JoAnne Larsen, PhD, Larry L. Larsen, Lloyd D Larsen, PhD, Robert Paul Larsen, PhD, Stephen L. Larsen, Tom B. Larsen, PhD, Wayne K. Larsen, W

illiam E. Larsen, Ashley V. Larson, Bruce Linder Larson, PhD, Bryan C. Larson, Byron W. Larson, Carl S. Larson, PhD, Charles Conrad Larson, Ph D, Dana E. Larson, David L. Larson, MD, Donald E. Larson, Dwight L. Lar son, MD, Ernest T. Larson, Harry T. Larson, Jeffrey G. Larson, John Lar son, Kenneth Larson, Larry J Larson, MD, Michael J Larson, Philip Rodne y Larson, PhD, Reginald Einar Larson, Robert Larson, PhD, Ronald Larson , PhD, Roy E. Larson, Russell C. Larson, Thomas A. Larson, Wayne O. Lar son, PhD, Jon LaRue, PhD, John H. Lary, MD, L. Lasagna, MD, Reginald M. Lasater, Robert E. Lasater, Stanley B. Lasday, Joseph Lasecki, Roderic k M. Lashelle, DVM, Keith F. Lashway, Lawrence B. Laskoskie, E. E. Lask owski, Jack Samuel Lasky, PhD, Bill Lee Lasley, PhD, Ralph F. Lasley, J ohn Clifford Lasnetske, Edwin D. Lasseter, Vance Lassey, MD, Andrew Las slo, PhD, Michael G. Last, Stanley J. Laster, PhD, Eric J. Lastowka, Th omas S. Lastrapes, William S. Laszlo, Alan R. Latham, PhD, Allen Latham , Benny L. Latham, James A. Latham, Harold M. Lathrop, DVM, John C. Lat hrop, Gail Latimer, Pierre Richard Latour, PhD, Robert P. Lattimer, PhD , Wayne A. Lattin, MD, Laurence Lattman, PhD, Duane E. Lau, Jason Lau, William H. Laub, Anthony G. Lauck, James Bishop Laudenslager, PhD, Char les E. Lauderdale, Dennis A. Lauer, Robert J. Lauer, Lloyd H. Lauerman, PhD, Robert J. Laufer, PhD, Walter A. Laufer, Ruth C. Laugal, David D. Laughlin, Dickey L. Laughlin, Garry E. Laughlin, James W. Laughlin, Pa ul H. Laughlin, MD, William R. Laughlin, MD, James H. Laughon, Kenneth E. Laughrey, Dallas D. Laumbach, PhD, William E. Laupus, MD, Kenneth M. Laura, Robert L. Laurence, PhD, Royal Laurent, Jim Lauria, Archibald M . Laurie, Mike Lauriente, PhD, Linda E. Lautenbach, Mark T. Lautenschlager, Thoma . Lavallee, William F. Lavecchia, Thomas E. Lavenda, Bob J. Lavender, Kimberly F. Lavery, Jerome M. Lavine, PhD, Leo R. Lavinka, John Lavins kas, Daniel G. Laviolette, Sherman D. Laviolette, Gilbert R. Lavoie, P hD, Marcel Elphege LaVoie, PhD, Albert Giles Law, PhD, Charles E. Law, MD, Delman Law, Donnie B. Law, Gordon Fyfe Law, Bill Lawler, David La wler, James H. L. Lawler, PhD, Joethel T. Lawler, John John Lawless Jr ., PhD, Harold B. Lawley, Peter P. Lawlor, MD, Brian K. Lawrence, Elbe rt D. Lawrence, MD, Joseph D. Lawrence, Layle Lawrence, PhD, Philip Li nwood Lawrence, Walter E. Lawrence, William H. Lawrence, Donald K. Law renz, Eugene J. Lawrie, Anne M. Lawson, PhD, Bill Lawson, Clifton E. L awson, David Lawson, Edward B. Lawson, Edwin H. Lawson, MD, Gerald W. Lawson, Joel S. Lawson, PhD, Kent P. Lawson, PhD, Leroy D. Lawson, Mic hael A. Lawson, Noel A. Lawson, MD, Richard Lawson, Richard L. Lawson, Robert W. Lawson, Royce E. Lawson Jr., Tim M. Lawton, Bill R. Lawver, Jeffrey C. Lawyer, John F. Lawyer, Douglas M. Lay, PhD, Steven Lay, P hD, William Anthony Laycock, PhD, Charles E. Layne, Daryl E. Layne, Ed

ward J. Lays, Grant H. Layton, Marsha A. Layton, Robert E. Layton Jr., Thomas W. Layton, PhD, Norman Lazaroff, PhD, Paul D. Lazay, PhD, Pete r K. Lazdins, PhD, Gerry V. Lazzareschi, MD, Suzanne M. Lea, PhD, Wayn e Adair Lea, PhD, Douglas R. Leach, PhD, Frank W. Leach, Hugh J. Leach , James L. Leach, PhD, Lawrence E. Leach, Marisa S. Leach, William D. Leachman, Julie Leahy, William F. Leahy, PhD, David F. Leake, Lewis A. Leake, Robert W. Leake, William D. Leake, Richard D. Leamer, PhD, Cha rles Lear, James B. Lear, R. Douglas Learmon, Ralph John Leary, PhD, J oseph P. Leaser, MD, Gerald Roger Leather, PhD, Joanne H. Leatherwood, Lucky Leavell, Floyd L. Leavelle, PhD, Tommy Leavelle, PhD, John W Le avitt, Paul Matthew Leavy, Paul W. Lebarron, Dennis R. Lebbin, PhD, Ja cob M. Lebeaux, PhD, Roland Lebel, PhD, David C. Leber, MD, Bruce W. L eberecht, James F. Lebiedz, Jozef Lebiedzik, PhD, Louis Leblanc, Lynn L. Leblanc, P eorge R. Lebo, PhD, Rebel J. Leboeuf, Stephen J. Lebrie, PhD, Kennon M. Lebsack, Jean-Pierre Leburton, PhD, Robert J. Lecat, PhD, Lawrence M. Lechko, James A. Lechner, PhD, Michael J Lechner, Richard V. Lechowich, PhD, Matthew A. Lechowicz, Scott A. Lechtenberg, Andre Leclair, PhD, G regory L. LeClaire, Richard R. Lecompte, Girvis E. Ledbetter, Harvey Do n Ledbetter, PhD, John Kennon Ledbetter, Joseph E. Ledbetter, PhD, Thom as K. Ledbetter, Robert S. Ledendecker, Bob L. Lederer, MD, Bill Ledfor d, Frank F. Ledford, MD, Richard A. Ledford, PhD, Thomas H. Ledford, Ph D, Louis A. Ledoux, George J LeDuc, Arthur C. Lee, DVM, Brian W. Lee, P hD, Bryan D. Lee, Bum S. Lee, PhD, Burtrand Insung Lee, PhD, Charles Le e, Charles H. Lee, Christopher B Lee, Clarence E. Lee, D. M. Lee, Danie l V. Lee, David J. Lee*, Davin R. Lee, Do B. Lee, Donald D. Lee, PhD, F rank X. Lee, PhD, Grief C. Lee, Harold D. Lee, Harry A. Lee, Harry R. L ee, J T Lee, James Norman Lee, PhD, Kai Y. Lee, Karl E. Lee, Keun W. Le e, Larry H. Lee, MD, Larry E. Lee, Lindsey D. Lee, Long Chi Lee, PhD, M ark P. Lee, Michael T. Lee, DVM, Min L Lee, PhD, Paul S Lee, PhD, Paul D. Lee, PhD, Paul Lee, PhD, Paula Lee, Philip R. Lee, Richard F. Lee, R obert Lee, Steve W. Lee, DVM, Timothy A. Lee, Wayne E. Lee, William K. Lee, DVM, William Orvid Lee, PhD, Kuo Hom Lee Hsu, PhD, H. William Leec h, PhD, John W. Leech, PhD, Carl B. Leedy, Clark D. Leedy, PhD, John p. Leedy, James Lewis Leef, PhD, Steven B. Leeland, Howard R. Leeper, Mar jorie B. Leerabhandh, PhD, Robert H. Leerhoff, Franklin E. Lees, Keith E. Leese, Duane G. Leet, PhD, Kenneth M. Leet, PhD, James Frederick Lee tch, PhD, Richard Leeth, Robert Lefelar, Robert Allen Lefever, PhD, Har ry A. Leffingwell, John C. Leffingwell, PhD, E. J. Leffler, John D. Lef fler, John P. Leffler, Kevin Lefler, Victor E. Leftwich, Bruce Legan, P hD, Ruben C. Legaspi, MD, Gail Legate, Gil L. Legate, Harold Legate, N. A. Legatos, Leo V. Legg, Thomas H Legg, Armistead M. Legge

tt, Robert B. Leggett, Edward F. Leh, Ruw W. Lehde, August Ferdinand L ehman, Donald R. Lehman, PhD, Joseph M. Lehman, Mike Lehman, Paul H. L ehman, PhD, Richard K. Lehman, Ronald G. Lehman, Walter Lehman, Willia m C. Lehman, MD, Barbara T. Lehmann, Elroy Paul Lehmann, PhD, Ernest K . Lehmann, Herwig Lehmann, PhD, James N. Lehmann, William L. Lehmann, PhD, William Lehmanu, David J Lehmiller, Gregory E. Lehn, Randolph S. Lehn, Robert F. Lehnen, Kenneth B. Lehner, Randy W. Lehnhoff, Harry J. Lehr, Jay H. Lehr, PhD, Nathaniel S. Lehrman, MD, David Leibman, Denn is M. Leibold, Irving Leibson, PhD, John Leicester, Richard Leicht, Ro ger D. Leick, Michael G. Leidich, Edward T. Leidigh, Richard Leidlein, John P. Leifer, Mark Leifer, MD, Al G. Leiga, PhD, Leslie Leigh, Jose ph M. Leimkuhler, Jennifer B. Leinart, Richard O. Leinbach, Troy J. Le ingay, Jerry S. Leininger, John M. Leinonen, Robert B. Leinster, Joshu a M. Leise, PhD, Leon D. Leishman, James C. Leisk, Larry G. Leiske, MD , Daniel Leiss, David Leiss, Jon Leist, Richard B. Leisure, George W. Leisz, Bernard J. Leite, John C. Leite, Paul W. Leithart, MD, Gordon F . Leitner, Stanley L. Leitsch, Carl F. Leitten Jr., Victoria Mary Leit z, PhD, Ronald J. Lejman, Charles Leland, Craig Lello, DVM, Daniel D L elong, Dan LeMay, Paul B. Lemens, Michael L. Leming, PhD, Vernon L. Le ming, Eric Lemke, F. Lemke, PhD, John H. Lemke, PhD, Richard W. Lemke, Terry L. Lemley, PhD, James G Lemmers, Robert E. Lemmon, PhD, Andrew Z Lemnios, PhD, Leslie Roy Lemon, Robert W. Lemon, W. L. Lemon, David V. Lemone, PhD, Ron Lenaker, Andrew Lenard, PhD, Roger X. Lenard, Jame s D Lenardson, George W. Leney, John A. Lengel Jr., William F. Lenihan , Mary A. Lenkay, MD, Lary R. Lenke, Don H. Lenker, Dean J. Lennard, S tan Lennard, MD, Jim W. Lennen, Ralph Lennerth, Wendell L. Leno, John Lenora, PhD*, Ronald S. Lenox, PhD, Gary A. Lensch, Billy K. Lenser, M D, Geoffrey Lenters, PhD, Carl Lentz, MD, Gary Lynn Lentz, PhD, Robert Lentz, Roland E. Lentz, Stephen Lentz, PhD, Robert C. Lentzner, MD, Peter E. Lenz , Dennis J. Leonard, PhD, George L Leonard, MD, John W. Leonard, Richar d D. Leonard, Richard J. Leonard, Samuel A. Leonard, MD, Thomas M. Leon ard, Thomas J. Leonard, MD, W. Leonard, John A. Leonatti, Joseph W. Leo ne, Mario Leone, Bruno Leonelli, Joseph Leonelli, PhD, Thomas E. Leonik , Arkady I. Leonov, PhD, Bohumir Lepeska, PhD, Donald E. Lepic, Tom C. Lepley, Peter C. LePort, MD, Terrence A. Leppellere, Gregory S. Leppert , PhD, Dennis Leppin, George W. Leroux, Paul G. Leroy, David M. Lesak, Jaime Aquiles Lescarboura, PhD, Larry A. Lesch, John F. Lescher, Richar d E. Lesher, James D. Lesikar, PhD, Jim Leslie, Robert L. Lessley, Jame s L. Lessman, Howard Lessoff, E. C. Lester, Gregory Scott Lester, James P. Lester, MD, Lane P Lester, PhD, Lionel E. Lester, Max M. Lester Jr. , Robert W. Lester, Alfred Letcher, Donald A. Letourneau, Guy L. Letour

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ark S. McColl, John V. McColligan, Robert McCollum, Andrew McComas, David H. McCombe, Ann E. McCombs, DVM, Robin S. McCombs, Tracy McC ombs, W Phil McConaghey, Daniel F. McConaghy, Jalmer R. McConathy, Robert J. McConkie, Charles R. McConnell, PhD, Edward L. McConnell, Robert A. McConnell Jr., Stewart McConnell, DVM, Tim D. McConnell, William Ray McConnell, PhD, Samuel R. McConoughey, Lee B. McConvil le, John E. McCool, Kristine McCool, M. McCorcle, PhD, Don L. McCor d, MD, James R. McCord II, PhD, Joe M. McCord, PhD, Billy Murray Mc Cormac, PhD, Douglas E McCormac, Greg W. McCormack, MD, W. McCormac k, PhD, Daniel G. McCormick, Fred Campbell McCormick, PhD, J. R. D. McCormick, PhD, Jack R. McCormick, Philip Thomas McCormick, PhD, D onald S. McCorquodale, PhD, Burl E. McCosh Jr., Jerry N. McCowan, J ames W. McCown, Thomas E. McCown, Clifford W. McCoy, PhD, Edwin D. McCoy, Herbert I. McCoy, MD, Jeff McCoy, Lawrence T McCoy, Ray S. M cCoy, Rayford L. McCoy, Richard E. McCoy, Scott A. McCoy, John W. M cCracken, Philip Glen McCracken, PhD, W. H. McCraney, Stephen C. Mc Cranie, Michael L. McCrary, Bob M. McCraw, Karl W. McCrea, Kem E. McCready, W. McCreary, Louis Ralph McCreight, Thomas G. McCreless, PhD, Donal d Alan McCrimmon, PhD, Kevin F McCrory, Robert L. McCroskey, PhD, F . Joseph McCrosson, PhD, James B. McCrumb, Lynn McCuan, John Joseph Gerald McCue, PhD, Sean McCue, MD, Robert G. McCuistion, Geroge M. McCullars, PhD, David L. McCullev, David W. McCulloch, Thane H. Mc Culloh, PhD, Dennis E. McCullough, PhD, Dennis W. McCullough, PhD, Douglas K. McCullough, John Price McCullough, PhD, Keith D. McCullo ugh, Michael C. McCullough, Phillip I. McCullough, Richard P. McCul lough, Kilmer S. McCully, Irwin H. McCumber, Brenda C. McCune, Mart in K. McCune, Wallace G. McCune, MD, John Dennis McCurdy, PhD, Davi d K. McCurry, Kevin McCurry, MD, James C McDade, PhD, Dolan McDanie l, Douglas McDaniel, Hulon D. McDaniel, Ivan Noel McDaniel, PhD, Ki rk McDaniel, Max P. McDaniel, PhD, Patrick D. McDaniel, PhD, Randal l E. McDaniel, Tim W. McDaniel, Victor McDaniel, PhD, William D. Mc Daniel, C. McDaniels, Michael C. McDermit, Dirk W. McDermott, Richa rd J. McDermott, David A. McDevitt, Phillip W. McDill, MD, Daniel F . McDonald, PhD, Dayton T. McDonald, Floyd McDonald, Hector O. McDo nald, PhD, John McDonald, PhD, Kerry McDonald, PhD, Leslie Ernest M cDonald, PhD, Lynn Dale McDonald, PhD, Malcolm W. McDonald, PhD, Mi ckey McDonald, Robert E McDonald, Robert H. McDonald, MD, Susan O. McDonald, DVM, Ted Painter McDonald, PhD, Diane McDonaugh, Ronald W . McDonel Jr., John P. McDonnell, Larry G. McDonough, Leslie Marvin McDonough, PhD, Ralph R. McDonough, William J. McDonough, David S McDougal, James N. McDougal, PhD, Luther F. McDougal, Sandra L. McD

ougald, Robert I. McDougall, PhD, James D. McDowall, C A McDowell J r., Charles W. McDowell, MD, Edward R. McDowell, PhD, Edward R. H. McDowell Jr., Lee Russell McDowell, PhD, Marion Edward McDowell, MD , Thomas D. McDowell, PhD, Wilbur Benedict McDowell, PhD, William S . McDowell, DVM, Jennifer McDuffie, PhD, John C. McDuffie Jr., Joe A. McEachern, Paul M. McElfresh, PhD, Robert D. McElhaney, MD, Paul McElligott Calvin P. McElreath, James T. McElroy, MD, M. McElroy, PhD, Robert McElroy, Wilbur Renfrew McElroy, PhD, William McElroy, PhD, Kevin M. McEneaney, Sean D. McEnroe, Jeffrey A. McErlean, MD, Larry F. Mc Ever, Gerald Noah McEwen, PhD, Orville L. McFadden, DVM, William C. McFadden, James D. McFall, Edward R. McFarlan, Bob C. McFarland, D ale A. McFarland, J. W. McFarland, PhD, Russell K McFarland, Jr, Ra ymond E. McFarlane, Norman E. McFate, PhD, Alfred Frank McFee, PhD, Dean Earl McFeron, PhD, Michael A. McFerrin, Tomas T. McFie, PhD, James E. McGaha, Stuart E. McGahee, Robert G. McGalmery, Kevin C. M cGann, MD, James A. McGarry, Kent McGarry, Scott McGarvie, Charles Wesley McGary Jr., PhD, Mickey McGaugh, Peter McGaughran, Malcolm M . McGawn, Thomas J. McGean, Henry Alexander McGee Jr., PhD, James G . McGee, James M. McGee, Omer H. McGee, R. D. McGee, Sherwood W. Mc Gee, Thomas D. McGee, PhD, Charles Robert McGhee, PhD, Andrew J. Mc Gill, Jack W. McGill, Frank E. McGinley, Michael B. McGinn, Robert R. McGinnis, Richard Heath McGirk, PhD, Michael J. McGirr, MD, Rand all K. McGivney, William H. McGlasson, Leonard J. McGlynn Jr., Dona ld Paul McGookey, PhD, Anthony McGoron, PhD, Thomas H. McGorry, MD, Robert P. McGough, Jack F. McGouldrick, Lea B. McGovern, MD, Richa rd J. McGovern, Bill McGowan, PhD, John McGowan, Linda M. McGowan, Winford R. McGowan, MD, Gregory B. McGowen, James B. McGown, Gary H . McGrath, James E. McGrath, PhD, John D. McGregor, Ron McGregor, S tuart D. McGregor, Kenneth J. McGuckin, Philip McGuinness, Thomas M cGuinness, Brady J. McGuire, Daniel R. McGuire, James P. McGuire, P hD, John P. McGuire, John P. McGuire, Mark E McGuire, Mark A. McGui re, PhD, Michael F. McGuire, Patrick McGuire, Stephen Edward McGuir e, PhD, Timothy W. McGuire, Peter D. McGurk, John C McHaffie, Gary McHale, Gary B. McHalle, PhD, Carl McHargue, PhD, Lawrence McHargue , PhD, Kenneth Laurence McHugh, PhD, Sam L. McIllwain, James L. McI lroy, Bill McIlvanie, Sam McIlvanie, DVM, Twylia J. McIlvanie, Timothy B. McIlwa waine McIntosh, DVM, Michael McIntosh, W. D. McIntosh, Norman L. Mc Iver, PhD, Edward A. McKaig, PhD, Vernon J. McKale, Roger E. McKaru s, Charles G. McKay, Jeffrey D. Mckay, John F. McKay, PhD, Kenneth G. McKay, PhD, Robert J. McKay, Roy L. McKay, Fount E. McKee, Georg

e M. McKee Jr., Robert E. "Bob" McKee, William Dean McKee, PhD, Dou g McKeever, Ernest J. McKeever, Cyrus Milo McKell, PhD, Geogory E. McKelvey, John Philip McKelvey, PhD, William J. McKelvey, Maribel M cKelvy, MD, Ray McKemie, Bishop D. McKendree, Hugh McKenna, Michael G. McKenna, Quentin McKenna, William J. McKenna, William R. McKenn a, MD, Henry F. McKenney, Samuel R McKenney, Donald J. McKenzie, Ge ne McKenzie, Jefferson D. McKenzie, Joe A. McKenzie, Ellen A. McKeo n, DVM, John McKetta Jr., PhD, Thomas D McKewen, Charles W. McKibbe n, Thomas E. McKiernan, William K. McKim, Darrell W. McKinley, Elvi e F McKinley, Ron J. McKinley, Floyd McKinnerney, Douglas E. McKinn ey, MD, George McKinney, Michael McKinney, PhD, Paul D. McKinney, P eter McKinney, MD, Samuel J. McKinney, Stephen M. McKinney, Bruce A . McKinstry, James C. McKinstry, John McKisson, Hugh M. McKnight, J erry McKnight, Robert A. McKnight Jr., William Baldwin McKnight, Ph D, Stephen M. McKown, George Hoagland McLafferty, Cameron R. McLain , D. K. Mclain, PhD, Nathan H. McLamb, Nicole B. McLamb, George Fra ncis McLane, PhD, Heath F. McLaughlin, J. D. McLaughlin, L. A. McLa urin, William M. McLaurine, Charles A. McLean, Hugh A. McLean, Mich ael E. McLean, Steven McLean, William R. McLean, Duncan R. McLeish, James C. McLellan, PhD, Charles D. McLelland, Virginia McLemore, P hD, James Alan McLennan, PhD, Malcolm E. McLouth, Debra McMahan, Ed ward P. McMahon, PhD, Irven J. McMahon, Jerry D. McMahon, John D. M cMahon, Pat McMahon, William A McMahon Jr., Beverly N. McManaway, R obert H. McMaster, MD, Robert L. McMasters, PhD, Harold R. McMichae l, Brenda K. McMillan, Donald W. McMillan, MD, Harlan L. McMillan, PhD, John C. McMillan, MD, Joseph U. McMillan, Thomas R. McMillan, MD, Brent en, DVM, James I. McMillen, MD, Curtis J. McMinn, R. J. McMonigal, PhD, Martin McMorroa, Bryce H. McMullen, Richard B. McMullen, Richa rd B. McMullen, MD, Wilfred E. McMurphy, PhD, Richard J. McMurray, MD, John W. McNair, Ruth D. McNair, PhD, Lester R. McNall, PhD, Rob ert J McNally, Tom McNamara, William McNamara, PhD, Dennis McNeal, Scott G. McNee, Steve A. McNeely, PhD, Charles S McNeil, David W. M cNeil, MD, Donald F. McNeil, PhD, Gregory R. McNeil, Kenneth M. McN eil, PhD, Perry R. McNeil, PhD, William H. McNeil, MD, Archibald A. McNeill, MD, Robert H McNeill, William McNeill, PhD, Kathleen A. M cNelis, Clyde W. McNew, Paul E McNichol, Roger J. McNichols, PhD, T homas E. McNider, Edward J. McNiff, Allen F McNight, Edwin R. McNut t, Glenn L. McNutt, Michael J. McNutt, PhD, Jasper Lewis McPhail, M D, Chuck McPherson, Clara McPherson, Clinton M. McPherson, PhD, D. Sean McPherson, Daniel E McPherson Jr., R. L. McPherson, Richard C. McPherson, Paul V. McQuade, L. D. McQueen, PhD, J. T. McQuitty, MD

, Cyril M. McRae, Edgar R. McRae, Larry G. McRae, PhD, Lorin Post M cRae, PhD, P. S. McReynolds, Harold A. McSaaden, MD, Jack L. McSher ry, B. McSpadden, C. L. McSpadden, Paul F. McTigue, James M. McUsic , John E. McVaugh Jr., Ralph M. McVay, H. McVeigh, PhD, David Scott McVey, PhD, Kevin D. Mcvey, Kenneth Earl McVicar, Dan B. McVickar, PhD, Gerard J. McVicker, James R. McVicker, DVM, Pearson D. McWane , PhD, Alan L. McWhorter, PhD, Thomas R. McWhorter, Michael R McWil iams, Thomas H. McWilliams, Harold P. Meabon, David B. Mead, Earle M. Mead, George W. Mead, Homer N. Mead, Ken Mead, Joseph Meade, Rod ney Y. Meade, Sally J Meader-Roberts, Robert C. Meaders, Beverly Me ador, David G. Meador, Harry W. Meador, Richard A. Meador, Samantha S. Meador, Tammy S. Meador, Dean Meadows, Fred E. Meadows, Jeffrey L Meadows, Marion L. Meadows, Mark R. Meadows Sr., Roger D. Meadow s, Ronald G. Meadows, Reginald E. Meaker, Paul Meakin, PhD, Edward C. Mealy, PhD, Winthrop D. Means, PhD, Herbert J. Meany, Donald L. Mecham, Dic ng, Alan J. Mechtenberg, Natalie C. Meckle, Rick Meckley, Walter S. Me dding, Donald K. Medeiros Sr., M. S. Medeiros Jr., John C Medici Jr., Loida S. Medina, MD, Sidney S. Medley, PhD, Andrew J. Medlin Jr., Jame s M. Medlin, William Louis Medlin, PhD, Russel P. Meduna, Louis D. Mee gehee, Donald N. Meehan, PhD, Allen G. Meek, MD, Reed H. Meek, Thomas Meek, PhD, Ralph D. Meeker, PhD, Thrygve Richard Meeker, PhD, Douglas W Meeks, Preston L. Meeks, Richard Young Meelheim, PhD, Mitchell I. Me erbaum, Allen D Meese, M. G. Mefferd, George Megerle, PhD, Karin W. Me gerle, Karl R. Megerle, Carl P. Meglan, William L. Mehaffey, John Mehl tretter, Dale J. Meier, PhD, James R. Meier Sr., Jimmy L. Meier Sr., O tto Meier Jr., Robert J. Meier Jr., PhD, Verlin G. Meier, Wellington M eier, PhD, Arend Meijer, PhD, W. Meilander, Frank J. Meiners, Walter M einert, Norman Anthony Meinhardt, PhD, Clifford L. Meints, PhD, Paul W . Meisel, Steve Meisel, John Long Meisenheimer, PhD, Kenneth R. Meisin ger, PhD, Merlin Meisner, Peter D. Meister, PhD, Joseph Meites, PhD, S tanley Meizel, PhD, Harry H. Mejdell, PhD, Joseph C. Mekel, Igor Melam ed Sr., Paul E. Melancon, Michael A Melanson, Gloria Melara, PhD, Ame T. Melby, MD, Alvin E. Melcher, DVM, George W. Melchior, PhD, Robert C . Melchior, PhD, Robert Frederick Meldav, James C Melear, C. Benjamin Meleca, PhD, Rodney Melgard, Wilton Newton Melhorn, PhD, Michael Brend an Melia, PhD, Charles T. Melick, John T. Melick, Todd Melick, A. Meli ksetian, PhD, Deering D. Melin, Ivars Melingailis, PhD, Barbara Mella, MD, James Richard Mellberg, David L Mellen, Tonya S Mellen, Kenneth E . Mellendorf, PhD, Lynn A. Mellenthin, Stanley C. Mellin, Norman D. Me lling, Eugene D. Mellish, William K. Mellor, Jim Mellott, Mike Melnick , Jacob I. Melnik, Bohdan Melnyk, Henry Paul Meloche, PhD, Daniel T. M

eloon, PhD, Alex S. Meloy, B. Melton, Darrell E. Melton, James Ray Mel ton, PhD, Jerry J. Melton, Marvin E. Melton, Robert S. Melville, PhD, Scott D. Melvi ny S Memeo, James P. Memery, Vincent J Memmott, Emest Menaldino, MD, A lbert R. Menard, PhD, John. N. Menard, Eric W. Mende, Edgar L. Mendenh all, George D. Mendenhall, PhD, Jim Mendenhall, MD, Keith P. Mendenhal l, Michael Mendes, Tarian M. Mendes, MD, Arnold Mendez, Arthur Mendons a, Max G. Menefee, PhD, Robert William Menefee, PhD, Gunter Richard Me ng, MD, Xian-Qin Meng, MD, William Menger, Alan E. Menhennett, Michael Menkus, Steven M. Menkus, William F. Menta, Samuel H. Mentemeier, Mic hael D. Mentzel, Robert B. Meny, Leo J. Menz, PhD, Ronald E. Menze, Er hard Roland Menzel, PhD, Carl Stephen Menzies, PhD, J. Steven Mercer, James A. Mercer, PhD, Neal E. Mercer, Roger J. Mercer, Sherrel A. Merc er, Alan C. Merchant, Robert F. Merchant Jr., MD, John M Mercier, Jerr y Merckel, PhD, Jon J. Mercurio, PhD, Leo Mercy, Daniel Merfeld, PhD, Daniel N. Mergens, MD, Harry Winston Mergler, PhD, Paul M. Merifield, PhD, Charles R. Merigold, Stephen D. Meriney, PhD, James B. Merkel, Pa ul Barrett Merkel, PhD, Gary Merkis, G. Merkle, Daniel Merkovsky, Robe rto Merlin, PhD, Vincent C. Merlin, Neri Merlini, PhD, James S. Merlin o, Robert Mermelstein, PhD, Edward J. Merrell, John Lafayette Merriam, Marshal F. Merriam, PhD, George B. Merrick, Richard E. Merrill, MD, R obert Merrill, Ronald E. Merrill, PhD, William R. Merrill, William W. Merrill, MD, Charles R. Merrimen, PhD, Seymour Merrin, PhD, Allen C. M erritt, PhD, Andrew H. Merritt, PhD, Bill R. Merritt, Duane R. Merritt , Henry Neyron Merritt, PhD, John C. Merritt Jr., LaVere B Merritt, Ph D, Mark B. Merritt, Robert Edward Merritt, Ross A. Merritt, Walter G. Merritt, PhD, Jack M. Merritts, Steven L. Merry, MD, Herman Merte, PhD , Frederick Paul Mertens, PhD, Lawrence E. Mertens, PhD, Robert Merten s, PhD, Karne Mertins, Carl W. Mertz, James Mertz, MD, James Mertz, We ndle P. Mertz, Paul Louis Merz, PhD, Andrew J. Mesaros, Frank J. Mesca ll, George F. Meshia, Allan J. Mesko, Warren H. Mesloh, David L. Messenger, Georg ur L. Messinger, MD, Charles L. Messler, Mark B. Messmer, Aldo J. Mes sulam, PhD, Solomon O. Mester, James H. Metcalf, James T. Metcalf, Pe ter L. Metcalf, PhD, Ron G. Metcalf, William A. Metcalf, James R. Van Meter, Norbert E. Methven, Dean Edward Metter, PhD, Gerald R Metty, Kenneth A. Metz, Robert A. Metz, Michael W. Metza, A. R. Metzer, Ken Metzer, Leslie P. Metzgar, T. Metzgar, PhD, John D. Metzger, PhD, Rob ert E. Metzger, Dwight F. Metzler, John Wesley Meux, PhD, M Kent Mewh a, MD, Thomas R. Mewhinney, Robert Meyearis, Cynthia Meyer, D. Joseph Meyer, MD, Dave Meyer, PhD, Dennis Meyer, Donald Irwin Meyer, PhD, E dmond Gerald Meyer, PhD, Emil W. Meyer, DVM, Frank Henry Meyer, Frede

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Miliano, Fanny I. Milinarsky, Paul B. Milios, John F. Milko, Miran Milk ovic, PhD, James P Millard, John B. Millard, PhD, Richard James Millard , Jose B. Millares, Miles A. Millbach, Alan Millen, Jean P. Millen, Ala n D. Miller, PhD, Allan F. Miller, Allan S. Miller, PhD, Brian C. Mille r, C. Miller, C. Miller, PhD, Carol J. Miller, PhD, Cecil Miller, PhD, Charles R. Miller II, Charleton J Miller, Cindy Miller, Claude P. Miller, Clifford A. M alton L. Miller, Dane A. Miller, PhD, Daniel Newton Miller, PhD, Daryl D. Miller, Dave Miller, David W. Miller, David Todd Miller, David T. Miller, David G. Miller, David B. Miller, David Miller, PhD, Dean and Lois D. Mill er, Dennis Miller, Dick Miller, PhD, Dick M. Miller, Donald Piguet Miller, PhD, Donald G Miller, Edmund Kenneth Miller, PhD, Ellis W. Miller, PhD, F oil A. Miller, PhD, Franklin K. Miller, Gail L. Miller, Gary Miller, Gary D. Miller, Gene W. Miller, PhD, George R. Miller, George J. Miller, George Miller, George Miller, Glen E. Miller, Glenn E. Miller, Glenn Harry Mille r, PhD, H. L. Miller, Harold W. Miller, Harvey I. Miller, PhD, Herman L. M iller, Howard Miller, MD, J. R. Miller, James R. Miller, James R. Miller, James L. Miller, PhD, James Avery Miller, PhD, James A. Miller, James A. M iller, Jeffrey Miller, Jeffrey A. Miller, John W. Miller, John W Miller, P hD, John S. Miller, John C Miller, Joseph A. Miller, Joseph H. Miller, Jos eph Henry Miller, PhD, Kenneth R. Miller, Kenneth R. Miller, Kenneth J. Mi ller, MD, Kenneth J. Miller, Kenton D. Miller, Kerry C. Miller, Kevin J Mi ller, Kurtz K Miller, Larry D. Miller, Larry O. Miller, Laura S. Miller, L averne L. Miller, MD, Lawrence S Miller, Lee Miller, Leland H. Miller, Leo J. Miller, PhD, Leslie T. Miller, Lewis E. Miller, Lisa Marie Miller, Loy le P. Miller, Mark A. Miller, Marlen L. Miller, Marshall Miller, Matt C. M iller, Matthew Miller, P. H. Miller, Philip Dixon Miller, PhD, Raymond E. Miller, PhD, Reid J. Miller, Richard T. Miller, PhD, Richard T Miller, Ric hard L Miller, PhD, Richard H Miller, PhD, Richard Miller, Robert T. Mille r, Robert L. Miller, Robert James Miller, PhD, Robert J. Miller, PhD, Robe rt H. Miller, PhD, Robert C. Miller, PhD, Robert C. Miller, PhD, Roger G. Miller, Sol Miller, PhD, Stanley Leo Miller, Stephen L. Miller, Stephen L. Miller, Stephen A. Miller, Steven J. Miller, DVM, Tad W. Miller, Terry S. Miller, Thomas J. Miller, Timothy Miller, Timothy P. Miller, Truesdell C. Miller, W. ler II, PhD, William Knight Miller, PhD, Wilson N. Miller, Le Edward Mi llet, PhD, Paul R. Millet, Charles E. Millett, Fay E. Millett, MD, Mich ael R. Millhouse, Arthur J Milligan, Frank R Milliken, Spencer Rankin M illiken, PhD, R. W. Milling, PhD, Dan B. Millison, Benjamin J. Mills, B radley G Mills, Bruce Mills, Curtis R. Mills, Francis J. Mills II, Hugh H. Mills, PhD, Ira Kelly Mills, PhD, Jack F. Mills, PhD, James F. Mill s, James A. Mills, Jesse R. Mills, John James Mills, PhD, Leon J. Mills

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n, PhD, Austin S. O'Malley, Michael P. O'Mara, MD, Thomas E. O'Mara, M D, Adrain P O'Neal, Joe R. O'Neal, Ryan D. O'Neal, Albert E. O'Neall, Michele O'Neil, Donald E. O'Neill, George Franci O'Neill, PhD, Robert E O'Neill, Steven P. O'Neill, Timothy C. O'Neill, William O'Neill, PhD , Brian P. O'Rourke, James T. O'Rourke, PhD, Michael J. O'Rourke, PhD, Donald O'Shea, Robert C. O'Shields, Edward T. O'Toole, PhD, Joseph M. O'Toole, Edward L. Oakes, James J. Oakes, Lester C. Oakes, David O. O akeson, Robert Quincy Oaks Jr., PhD, Michael J. Oard, Robert L. Oatley , Chad J. Oatman, Victor D Obadiah, Susan R. Obaditch, Evan P Obannon, Richard Dale Obarr, PhD, Douglas K. Obeck, MD, Richard C. Obee, Harry Alvin Oberhelman, Theodore M. Oberlander, PhD, Donald Oberleas, PhD, Elmer J. Obermeyer, Hayward B. Oblad, PhD, Rafael H. Obregon, John C. Ocallahan, PhD, John Lewis Occolowitz, T. F. Ochab, Carlos Ochoa, Fran cisco Ochoa, George S. Ochsner, John D. Ochsner, Liang S. Ocy, PhD, Fa brizio Oddone, Dennis O. Odea, Mark A. Odell, Robert D. Odell, Arlo L. Oden*, J. O Odgers, Robert Odien, PhD, Herbert A. Odle, Charles B. Odom, MD, Connon R Odom, Orin L. Odonel, Dominick Odorizzi, Michal Odyniec, PhD, Gordon Oehler, PhD, Le Roy T Oehler, Richard W. Oehler Jr., Walter G. Oehlker s, John D. Oeltman, Carl O. Oelze, Ordean Silas Oen, PhD, Hans Oesau, E lvert E. Oest, PhD, Laurence B. Oeth, Robert A. Oetjen, PhD, Charles Pa trick Ofarrel, PhD, Jacob J. Offenberger, MD, Randy M. Offenberger, Dav id Q. Offutt, PhD, Marvin Loren Oftedahl, PhD, Bernard C. Ogarek, Calvi n M. Ogburn, Duncan G. Ogden, Lynn Ogden, MD, Winston Stowell Ogilvy, P hD, Naomi Neil Ogimachi, PhD, H. M. Ogle, Kenneth C. Ogle, Pearl Rexfor d Ogle, PhD, Kenneth D. Oglesby, Richard B. Oglesby, MD, John H. Ognibe ne, Walter K. Ogorek, David John Ogren, J. Ogren, PhD, Sakir S. Oguz, J oon C. Oh, Norbert W. Ohara, PhD, Robert T. Ohea, Franklin T. Ohgi, Sta nley Miles Ohlberg, PhD, Ernest L. Ohle, PhD, Eldon L. Ohlen, Kurt N. O hlinger, PhD, Ralph L. Ohlmeier, Kent A. Ohlson, Edward A. Ohm, PhD, Wi lliam Ohm, Jack M. Ohmart, William D Ohmstede, Bernard X. Ohnemus, Davi d P. Ohrmundt, Stephen Oivanki, Tonis Oja, PhD, George Ojdrovich, K. Ok afor, PhD, Nathan O. Okia, PhD, Arthur F. Okuno, John Olashuk, Steven E mil Olbrich, PhD, Robert E. Old, Richard C Oldack, Fred B. Oldham, MD, George A. Oldham, Arnold N. Oldre, MD, Andrew Oldroyd, PhD, Daniel R. O lds, Fredric C. Olds*, Jerry C. Olds, Leonard Olds, Edward A. Oleata, S tanley P. Oleksy, MD*, Kenneth R. Olen, PhD, Vilma E. Oleri, Wm S. Oley ar, August J. Olinger, Edward Eugene Oliphant, PhD, Andre Olivas, Enriq ue A. Olivas, PhD, Donald C. Oliveau, MD, Arnold W. Oliver, Bernie D. O liver, Byron L. Oliver, David A. Oliver, Dom W. Oliver, Donald B. Olive r, PhD, Francis Oliver, MD, Horace G. Oliver Jr., Kelly Hoyet Oliver, P hD*, Lawrence Oliver, PhD, M. G. Oliver, Richard C. Oliver, PhD, Roy R.

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es, Daniel Ruhkala, John Ruhl, Eladio Ruiz-De-Molina, T. H. Ruland, Ra ymond J. Rulis, Michael K. Rulison, PhD, Paul B. Rullman, Melvin Dale Rumbaugh, PhD, John H. Rumely, PhD, Donal E. Ruminer, Larry J. Rummerf ield, George R Rumney, PhD, Dan J. Rundell, Robert E. Rundle, Paul W. Runge, Ralph A. Runge, Howell Irwin Runion, PhD, Kim J Runk, Richard A . Runkel, PhD, Donald Demar Runnells, PhD, Jack E. Runnels, Kelli Runn els, PhD, Olaf Runquist, PhD, Edward E. Runyan, Charles Runyon, Mark V . Runyon, Arthur L. Ruoff, PhD, Kevin C. Ruoff, Gerald Bruce Rupert, P hD, Robert C. Rupert, John A. Rupley, PhD, Susan S. Rupp, MD, Richard E. Ruppert, Theodore A. Ruppert, William J. Ruppert, Nick P Rusanowsky , Michael T. Rusesky, B. Rush, PhD, Devon S. Rushnell, Brian Mandel Ru shton, PhD, Geo Rushton, Andrew Rusiwko, PhD, Irving I. Rusoff, PhD, L ouis L. Rusoff, PhD, Paul J. Russ, A. Yvonne Russell, PhD, Andrew Russ ell, Charles L. Russell, Clifford D. Russell, Cynthia B. Russell, Davi d E. Russell, Edmund L. Russell, Ernest Everett Russell, PhD, Gary W. Russell, MD, Harry C. Russell, Jacob B. Russell, Jean E. Russell, PhD, Joe L. Russell, Lewis B. Russell, Mark H Russell, PhD, Robert Raymond Russell, PhD, Robert B. Russell, Robert B Russell Jr., Roger L. Russe ll, Ross F. Russell, PhD, Joseph C. Russello, Ralph F Russi, Nicholas Charles Russin, hD, Carri A. Rustad, Timothy J Rusthoven, Harold D. Rutenberg, MD, Byro n E. Ruth, PhD, James D. Rutherford, Lawrence D Rutherford, Paul J. Rut herford, Robert S Rutherford, Susan E. Rutherford, MD, Todd M. Rutherfo rd, George B. Rutkowski, Sigmond S. Rutkowski III, Durward E. Rutledge, John P. Rutter, Mark Ruttle, Paul G. Ruud, PhD, John Ruvalds, PhD, Mar y J Ruwart, PhD, Donald Rux, Ralph R. Ruyle, Ed J. Ruzak, Alan S. Ryall , PhD, Philip L. Ryall, Bill Chatten Ryan, PhD, Casey J. Ryan, MD, Cons tance B Ryan, Daberath Ryan, Edmond P. Ryan, PhD, Frederick M. Ryan, Ph D, Fredrick J. Ryan, James Ryan, James M. Ryan, PhD, Jean L. Ryan, PhD, Jeffrey W. Ryan, Joe Ryan, PhD, Julian G. Ryan, Kevin M. Ryan, Michael J. Ryan, Michele M. Ryan, Patrick Ryan, Terrell B. Ryan, DVM, Timothy M. Ryan, Wayne L. Ryan, PhD, William F. Ryan, Willis C. Ryan, Charles J oseph Ryant Jr., PhD, George E. Ryberg, John A. Rybicki, Barbara Rychli k, Wojciech Rychlik, PhD, Robert G. Rydell, David Frank Ryder, PhD, Ell iott Ryder, PhD, Paul H. Rydlund, Kathleen Rygiel, Lee Chester Ryker, P hD, Debra J. Rykoff, PhD, Robert R. Ryland, Michael A. Rynearson, Rober t P. Rynecki, James M. Rynerson, MD, George M. Rynkiewicz, Lester M. Ry ol, PhD, John W. Ryon, PhD, Edwin L. Ryser, Carroll J. Ryskamp, Gregory Ryskin, PhD, Faina Ryvkin, PhD, Peter A. Rzepecki, PhD, M. Kirkien Rze szotarsk, PhD, Waclaw Janusz Rzeszotarski, PhD, Myrl J. Saarem, Albert L Saari, PhD, Carol Saari, Patrick Saatzer, PhD, Joaquin A. Saavedra, F rank L. Sabatino, Joseph D. Sabella, MD, Burns Roy Sabey, PhD, Harry A.

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glund Skoog, PhD, Victor Skormin, PhD, Marek J. Skoskiewicz, PhD, Robert P. Skribiski, Thomas H Skrinar, MD, Rolf T. Skrinde, PhD, Kenneth J Skr obis, PhD, Lawrence H. Skromme, Robert B. Skromme, Alan Skrzyniecki, PhD , Ronald N. Skufca, Dave Skusa, Bolesh Joseph Skutnik, PhD, Leon J. Skvi rsky, John A. Slaats, Harold T. Slaby, PhD, Bill E. Slade, Philip Earl S lade, PhD, John R. Sladek, Norman Elmer Sladek, PhD, Thomas G. Sladek, G ary E. Slagel, Robert H. Slagel, C. B. Slagle, Clifford V. Slagle, Rober t E. Slalen, Francis J. Slama, PhD, Jerry L. Slama, Jim R. Slate, David F. Slater, Peter John Slater, PhD, Raymond J. Slattery, Herbert M. Slatt on, J. L. Slaughter, W. Roy Slaunwhite, PhD, Nelson S. Slavik, PhD, Todd Patrick Slavik, Bernard G. Slavin, PhD, Joh Slaybaugh, Frederick Watfor d Slee, PhD, Andrew D. Sleeper, PhD, Marina Slepak, PhD, Mikhail E. Slep ak, PhD, Paul Slepian, PhD, Kenneth Sletten, Jane Ann Slezak, PhD, Mark E Slezak, Francis Anthony Sliemers Jr., Faye Slift, Jim H. Slim, T. Went worth Slitor, William M. Sliva, PhD, Bennett Sloan, Daniel F. Sloan, W. Keith Sloan, Nathan H. Sloane, PhD, Harry Kim Slocum, PhD, Richard Slocu m, PhD, Gregory E. Slominski, Alvin Slomowitz, George Slomp, PhD, Tim K Slone, Anthony R. Slotwinksi, Alfred A. Slowik, Aivars Slucis, MD, Earl Ray Sluder, PhD, Thomas L. Sluga, Harold S. Slusher, PhD, Thomas E. Slus her, Joseph Slusser, Richard E. Slyfield, Arthur Lowell Slyter, PhD, Don ald W. Smaha, Ralph M Smailer, Denny L. Small, Gilbert Small Jr., PhD, H arvey D. Small, Jeffrey S. Small, Samuel W. Small, G. A. Smalley Jr., Gl endon William Smalley, PhD, Paul E. Smalley, Ralph Smalley Jr.*, Robert Gordon Smalley, PhD, Jon James Smalstig, Florentine Smarandache, PhD, Gary Smar PhD, Ross A. Smart, DVM, William Donald Smart, Theodore Smayda, PhD, R onald T. Smedberg, Helen M. Smedbery, Herbert J. Smedley, Roger J. Sme enge, Rick G. Smelser, Ronald Smelt, PhD, James L Smialek, PhD, Jery S mieinski, Darryl Eugene Smika, PhD, George N. Smilas, Douglas E. Smile y, Patrick L. Smiley, Robert Smiley, PhD, T. Smiley Jr., William H. Sm iley, Allan M. Smillie, PhD, Francis J. Smit, Al H. Smith, Alan Lyle S mith, PhD, Albert Smith, Albert A. Smith, Alexander G. Smith, PhD, Ali ce Smith, Arthur Smith, Augustine Smith, Avery E. Smith, Blanchard D. Smith, Bob A. Smith, Brenton N. Smith, Bruce G. Smith, MD, Bruce H. Sm ith, MD, Bruce W. Smith, Bryan J. Smith, Bryan W. Smith, Carroll Ward Smith, PhD, Cedric M. Smith, MD, Chad J. Smith, Charlee Smith, Clarenc e Lavett Smith, PhD, Clay T. Smith, PhD, Clifton R Smith, Colin A Smit h, Dale Smith, PhD, Dale A. Smith, Dan R. Smith, DVM, Dana L. Smith, D aniel L Smith, Daniel D. Smith, Danny Smith, Darryl E. Smith, PhD, Dav ey L. Smith, David L. Smith Jr., David K. Smith, PhD, David A. Smith, PhD, David A. Smith, David Smith, Deboyd Smith, Delmont K. Smith, PhD, Derek L. Smith, PhD, Diana F. Smith, DVM, Donald R. Smith, PhD, Donal

d L. Smith, Donald C. Smith, DVM, Donald A. Smith, Donna E. Smith, MD, Duane H. Smith, Ead C. Smith, MD, Earl W. Smith, PhD, Elwin E. Smith, Emerson W. Smith, Eric Smith, Eric S. Smith, Floyd A. Smith, Francis Marion Smith, Frederick W. Smith, PhD, Garmond Stanley Smith, PhD, Gar ry Austin Smith, PhD, Gary Smith, MD, Geoffrey R. Smith, DVM, George S mith, Gilbert Howlett Smith, PhD, Glendon C. Smith, Glenn S. Smith, Gr egory C. Smith, Hadley James Smith, PhD, Haldon E. Smith, Harvey M. Sm ith, Hayden Smith, Herbert L. Smith, PhD, Homer P. Smith, PhD, Ivan K. Smith, PhD, James Winfred Smith, PhD, James R.E. Smith, James R. Smit h, James M. Smith, MD, James L. Smith, PhD, James L. Smith Jr., James A Smith, Jay Hamilton Smith, PhD, Jay K. Smith, Jeff Smith, Joel P. Smith Jr., MD, J h Collins Smith, K. Smith, Kevin L. Smith, Kevin T. Smith, Larry Smith , Lebrun N. Smith, Levi Smith II, DVM, Loren E. Smith, Louis C. Smith, PhD, Louis G. Smith, Louis J. Smith, M. R. Smith, PhD, Mariah Jose Sm ith, PhD, Mark Thomas Smith, Mark A. Smith, PhD, Marvin F Smith Jr., M aurice Smith, Maynard E. Smith, PhD, Merritt E. Smith, Michael R Smith , Michael J. Smith, PhD, Michael D Smith, Milton Louis Smith, PhD, Mor ris Wade Smith, PhD, Myron R. Smith, Nathan Lewis Smith, PhD, Neil M. Smith, Norman Cutler Smith, O. Lewis Smith Jr., Obie Smith, Olin K. Sm ith, Patrick Sean Smith, Paul Vergon Smith, PhD, Paul Dennis Smith, Ph D, Paul D Smith, MD, Percy Leighton Smith, Ralph Edward Smith, PhD, Ra y C. Smith, DVM, Ray M. Smith, MD, Raymond L Smith, Raymond H. Smith, MD, Richard Smith, MD, Richard Smith, PhD, Richard L. Smith, PhD, Rick Smith, Rick A. Smith, Robert P. Smith, PhD, Robert M. Smith, Robert L awrence Smith, PhD, Robert L Smith, Robert B Smith, Rocky W. Smith, Ro ger C. Smith*, Roger Smith, Ron Smith, Roy C. Smith, Rudolph C. Smith II, S. Clarke Smith, MD, S. T. Smith, Sam Corry Smith, PhD*, Samuel W. Smith, MD, Scott H Smith, Scott P. Smith, PhD, Scotty A. Smith, Sherm an E. Smith, Silke G. Smith, Sofner Smith, Stan Smith, Susan M. Smith, PhD, T. J Lee Smith Jr., Thane Smith, PhD, Theodore A. Smith, Thomas L. Smith, Thomas H. Smith, PhD, Thomas Elijah Smith, PhD, Thomas B. Sm ith, Thomas Smith, PhD, Thomas M Smith, Tim L. Smith, Tina Smith, Todd G. Smith, Tommy L. Smith, Tracy W. Smith, Troy L. Smith Jr., Verity C . Smith, Walter J. Smith, Warren A. Smith, Watson C. Smith, Wayne Smit h, MD, Wesley D. Smith, PhD, William H. Smith Jr., William Smith, Brya n Smithee, Robert W. Smithem, Eugene A. Smitherman, Eileen Smithers, D avid Smithrud, PhD, George Ray Smithson Jr., Peter Smits, Joseph Smock , Barry R. Smoger, MD, Tom Smoot, PhD, Neil R. Smoots, Bronislaw Smura , PhD, Robert Edwin Smylie, Robert L. Smyre, Robert C. Smythe, Cloyd A rten Snavely, PhD, Kenneth Snavely, Wallace A. Sneddon, MD, Billy J. Sneed, Denn

eed, MD, Gary Sneed, Todd A. Sneesby, Gary D. Snell, Gilbert W. Snell, Glenn C. Snell, John T. Snell, Jon S. Snell, Walter L Snell, Leonard W Snellman, PhD, David T. Snelting, Anne Cameron Snider, MD, C. R. Snider , Ned L. Snider, MD, R. Larry Snider, Theodore Snider, PhD, Trent Snide r, PhD, Lyle C. Snidow II, Robert J. Snoddy, James J. Snodgrass, James M. Snook, John P Snook, Angela Snow, PhD, Charles D. Snow, Geoffrey G. Snow, PhD, John Snow, Paul R. Snow, Richard H. Snow, PhD, Richard L Sno w, PhD, Thomas M. Snow, William Rossenbrook Snow, PhD, Donald Philip Sn owden, PhD, Belton Craig Snyder, Blaine Snyder, Charles F. Snyder, Davi d A. Snyder, PhD, Donald Snyder, Donald R. Snyder, Duane Snyder, Dudley C. Snyder, PhD, Fred F. C. Snyder, George Snyder, PhD, Glenn J. Snyder , Jack Austin Snyder, PhD, Joe Snyder, Kenneth D. Snyder, PhD, M Bradfo rd Snyder, PhD, Michael R. Snyder, Nicholas Snyder, Robert B. Snyder, R odney K. Snyder, Stephen J. Snyder, Warren S. Snyder, William H. Snyer, Edna H. Sobel, MD, Harold J. Sobel, MD, Robert K. Soberman, PhD, Milto n A. Sobie, Jaroslaw Sobieski, PhD, Bruce Sobol, MD, Stanley Paul Sobol , Tim J. Sobotka, Arthur J Socha, Sr., E. H. Soderberg, Laurence R. Sod erberg, Lisa A. Soderberg, Richard C. Soderholm, David K. Soderlund, Do nald W. Soderlund, James R. Soderman, Dean E. Soderstrom, Ken Soderstro m, PhD, Scott E. Soderstrom, Dave Allen Soerens, PhD, Pierce S. Soffron off, MD, Joseph C. Sofianek, James D. Sohl, Harold K. Sohner, Joseph E. Sohoski, Herman Soifer, Robert James Sokol, MD, Marc P. Sokolay, MD, R obert E. Sokoll, Dale M. Solaas, Turner Solari, James P. Solaro, Albert K. Solcher, R. T. Soledberg, Gifford G. Solem, Robert Soley, MD, Parvi z Soleymani, Chester P. Soliz, MD, Jon E. Sollid, PhD, Lon E. Solomita, Alan Solomon, MD, Bertram C. Solomon, MD, James E. Solomon, Phillip T. Solomon, Harry J. Soloway, MD, Dennis B. Solt, PhD, Reza E. Soltani, M D, Eugene A. Soltero, Ronald G. Soltis, Edward D. Soma, MD, John E. Soma, Siva S . Somers Jr., Don V. Somers, Andrew Paul Somlyo, MD, John Sommer, Rich ard M. Sommerfield, Ronald C. Sommerfield, Walter C. Somski, John R. S ondeno, Henry R. Sonderegger, Harold S. Song, MD, Xiaohui M. Song, PhD , Philip M. Sonleitner, P. Sonnet, PhD, Richard E. Sonntag, PhD, David E. Sonon, Quentin Francis Soper, PhD, Thomas M. Sopko, Michael Scott Sorem, PhD, Carl D. Sorensen, PhD, David Perry Sorensen, PhD, John N. Sorensen, Loren R. Sorensen, Robert E. Sorensen, Wesley K. Sorensen, A lan R. Sorenson, Brent A. Sorenson, Gordon E. Sorenson, James Alfred S orenson, PhD, Roger F. Sorenson, Wes Sorenson, PhD, Frank B. Sorgie, N ick Sorko-Ram, Peter Sorokin, MD, Danny C. Sorrells, Gordon Guthrey So rrells, PhD, Frank S. Sorrentino, MD, Marco J. Sortillon, Omelio J. R. Sosa Jr., PhD, John A. Soscia, MD, Michael Sosebee, James H. Sosinski , Norman D. Sossong, PhD, Gerard T. Sossorg, Joseph Sottile, PhD, Arma

nd Max Souby, Leo E. Soucek, Wallace W. Souder, PhD, Chris Soule, Dona ld E. Sours Sr., Frank E. South, PhD, Everett R. Southam, PhD, Ronald W. Southard, William T. Southards, Parks Souther, Gary L. Southerland, Kepner D. Southerland, Richard C. Southerland, William E Southern, Ph D, Larry M. Southwick, Lyle C. Southworth, Gary W. Sova, Robert J. Sov acool, Edmund S. Sowa, John Robert Sowa, PhD, Gary G. Sowards, Edward Eugene Sowers, PhD, Harold G. Sowmam, PhD, Darrel H. Spackman, PhD, Ro ss A. Spackman, Paul T. Spada, Donald E. Spade, Charles L. Spaegel, Mo nique S. Spaepen, Donald G. Spaeth, PhD, Michael E. Spaeth, PhD, Anton io Spagna, PhD, George F. Spagnola, James A. Spagnola, MD, Samuel V. S pagnolo, John C. Spalding, Jon A. Spaller, Nicholas M. Spands, Walter Spangenberg, William C. Spangenberg, Larry D. Spangler, Robert G. Span gler, PhD, Philip Andrew Spanninger, PhD, Jon J. Spano, Randall K. Spa re, DVM, D. Paul Sparks Jr., Morgan Sparks, PhD, William L. Sparks, Da le R. Sparling, PhD, Chris J Spaseff, D. Dean Spatz, David M. Spatz, PhD, Richard F. C K Spears, John M. Spears, MD, Russell T. Spears, MD, William E. Spears Jr., Glenn E. Speck, Robert L. Speckman, Abraham Spector, PhD, Michael P. Spector, PhD, Richard Clegg Spector, David W. Speer, Richard M. Speer , Tim R. Speer, Werner E. Speer, Robert R. Speers, PhD, John A. Spees, S teven Tremble Spees, PhD, John Leo Speier, PhD, Frederick Speigelberg, P hilip Speir, Aaron B. Speirs, James W Spellman, Stanley B. Spellman, MD, Jack P. Spenard, Elmer N. Spence, Kemet Dean Spence, PhD, William H. Sp ence, PhD, Brian Spencer, C. R. Spencer, Charles Spencer, John V. Spence r, Lawrence C. Spencer, William A. Spencer, MD, Barbara Spengler, Paul K . Sperber, Richard Jon Sperley, PhD, David J. Sperling, Pierrepont E. Sp erry Jr., John Spezia, Thomas Speziale, PhD, William J. Spezzano, Daniel S. Spicer, PhD, Guy K. Spicer, Hermann A. Spicker, Firth Spiegel, MD, E arl L. Spieles, Lawrence G. Spielvogel, Feliz A. Spies, Arlo J. Spiess, Andrew Spiessbach, PhD, Charles W. Spieth, Leroy A. Spilde, PhD, Brian B . Spillane, Derik Spiller, Wayne K. Spillner, Leo H. Spinar, PhD, Bill S pindler, Michael J. Spinelli, Robert F. Spink, Robert Joseph Spinrad, Ph D, Ralph U. Spinuzzi, MD, Joel S. Spira, Melvin Spira, MD, Dale A. Spire s, DVM, George V. Spires, James W. Spires, Henry J. Spiro, MD, Marion E. Spitler, J. C. Spitsbergen, PhD, Ernest G. Spittler, PhD, William J. Sp itz, Jan J. Spitzer, PhD, John G Spitzley, Paul D. Spivey, W. B. Spivey, Gary A. Splitter, PhD, Marie T. Spoerlein, PhD, Norman P. Spofford, Ral ph Joseph Spohn, PhD, Robert Bruce Spokane, PhD, Gilbert Neil Spokes, Ph D, Charles L. Spooner, Harry V. Spooner Jr., Mike J Spoto, John T. Sprag gins Jr., Douglas S. Sprague, Kirk A. Sprague, Lucian Matthew Sprague, P hD, Michael D. Sprague, Roy D. Sprague, Vance Glover Sprague Jr., Richar d M Sprang, Kenneth E. Spray, William J Spray, John Robert Spreiter, PhD

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ark A. Staples, PhD, Cecil R. Stapleton, Harvey J. Stapleton, PhD, Dann S tapp, Stephen E. Stapp, David J. Starbuck, Don S. Starcher, John Starck, Richard G. Starck II, Timothy W. Starck, MD, Walter F. Staret, Fred J Sta rheim, PhD, Carey T. Stark, James C. Stark, PhD, John Stark, Kelly L. Sta rk, Royal William Stark, PhD, John Starkenberg, PhD, Donn Starkey, John M . Starkey, PhD, Kimberly J Starkey, Paul Edward Starkey, Robert J. Starke y Jr., PhD, Walter L. Starkey, PhD, Jarel P. Starling, Keith E. Starner, Chauncey Starr, PhD, Darrel W. Starr, Edward R. Starr, MD, George N. Star r, Robert I. Starr, PhD, Gene E Start, Mike Starzer, Frank A. Stasi, Step hen J Stasko, Jennifer M Staszel, Zygmunt Staszewski, Raymond Stata, PhD, Eric States, Richard R. Statton, Hermann Statz, PhD, Harrison L. Staub, Eric A. Stauch, Peter Staudhammer, PhD, Jack B. Stauffer, Norman E. Stauf fer, PhD, Reed R. Stauffer, Richard Stauffer, Thomas R. Stauffer, PhD*, H arold F. Staunton, PhD, John J. Staunton, Ronald Staut, PhD, Frederick L. Stead, George J. Stead, MD, Douglas E. Stearns, Robert A. Stears, Frankl in L. Stebbing, Jan D. Steber, Werner W. Stebner, Scott M. Steckley, Jame Harlan Steel, DVM, John F. Steel, MD, Arnold Edward Steele, George M. Steele, MD aitland A. Steele, Thomas C. Steele, Travis C. Steele, Sanford L. Steelma n, PhD, David A. Steen, PhD, Kevin J. Steen, Roger D. Steenbergen, D. E. Steeper, Donald N. Steer, William K. Stees, Albert J. Stefan, Karl H. Ste fan, D. Stefanescu, PhD, Theodore M. Stefanik, Mark C. Stefanov, Kenneth L. Steffan, Edward M. Steffani, Vincent W. Steffen*, Michael H. Steffens, Tom J. Steffens, Richard J. Stegemeier, Neil A. Stegent, Michael Steger, Ralph Steger, Bruce G. Stegman, Thomas H. Stehle, Timothy J. Stehle, Ste phen Stehlik, Keith M. Stehman, Enrique D. Steider, MD, Walter E. Steige, William Henry Steigelmann, Roger Arthur Steiger, PhD, William D. Steiger s, PhD, Bland A. Stein, Bob Stein, Daniel T Stein, David L.R. Stein, Edwi n H. Stein, PhD, Larry A. Stein, Louis E. Stein, Martin F. Stein, MD, Tho mas N. Stein, Fredric Marry Steinberg, MD, Howard Steinberg, PhD, Michael A Steinberg, Morris Albert Steinberg, PhD, Neil I. Steinberg, PhD, Evan R Steinberger, John W. Steinberger, MD, Kenneth Brian Steinbruegge, Richa rd A. Steineck, Bern Steiner, Edwin G. Steiner, Gerry Steiner, PhD, Gilbe rt Steiner, PhD, John C. Steiner, MD, Richard Steiner, William H. Steiner , Thomas M. Steinert, John Edward Steinhaus, PhD, Timothy D. Steinhiber, Shawn D. Steinhoff, Charles T. Steinman, DVM, Herbert E. Steinman, Ray L. Steinmetz, Theo J. Steinmeyer, Osmar P. Steinwald, MD, William John Stek iel, PhD, Frank R. Steldt, PhD, Richard A Steliga, MD, Michael F. Stell, Damien F. Stella, Peter Stelos, PhD, John E. Stelzer, Paul B. Stelzner, M argery L. Stem, Raymond J. Stene, Richard L. Stennes, MD, Russell A. Sten zel, William K. Stenzel, Jan Stepek, Nick C Steph, PhD, David George Step han, PhD, J. Stephanoff, Dennis M. Stephens, Frank A. Stephens, Frank M.

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hn A. Vaillancourt, MD, J. Peter Vajk, PhD, Kyriake V. Valassi, PhD, Ivan S. Valdes, Laura Valdes, A. Valdos-Meneses, William P. Vale, Jer ome W. Valenti, Brian G Valentine, PhD, Mark W. Valentine, MD, Claudi o Valenzuela, Julio E. Valera, PhD, Robert O. Valerio, MD, Richard M. Valeriote, MD, Thomas J. Valiknac, Siva V Vallabhaneni, Robert P. Va llee, PhD, Bernard A. Vallerga, Robert L. Valliere, Oriol Tomas Valls , PhD, Marius P. Valsamis, MD, Jacob E. Valstar, Vida K. Vambutas, Ph D, George J. Vames, Stephen J. Vamosi, William Pennington Van, PhD, R obert T. Van Aller, PhD, John Pruyn Van Alstyne, Walter Robert Van An twerp*, Clarence Gordon Van Arman, PhD, Desiree A. J. Van Arman, PhD, Richard Van Blaricom, PhD, Bertram Van Breeman, Theodore Van Bruggen , PhD, Richard L. Van De Polder, W. Van De Stadt, Job van der Bliek, Albert P. Van der Kloot, Bruce Harold Van Domelen, PhD*, Gregory Van Doren, Bingham H. Van Dyke, Cornelius Van Dyke, Andrew Van Echo, Rich ard Michael Van Effen, PhD, Clayton Edward Van Hall, PhD, Henry J. Va n Hassel, PhD, Larry Van Heerdan, James R. Van Hise, PhD, James P. Va n Hook, PhD, Harold H. Van Horn, PhD, Jack C. Van Horn, C Don Van Hou weling, DVM, Phillip D. Van Law, Paul M Van Loenen, William Van Lue, DVM, Keith D. Van Maanen, James R. Van Meter, Wayne Paul Van Meter, P hD, Dominique L. Van Nostrand, Drew R. Van Orden, Naola Van Orden, Ph D*, Donald O. Van Ostenburg, PhD, Raymond Van Pelt, Richard J. Van Pe lt, Emmett Van Reed, Earl D. Van Reenan, Verlan H. Van Rheenen, PhD, Martha Van Seckle, David Van Sice, Peter J. Van Slyke, Richard E. Van Strien, PhD, Rick Van Surksum, M. Van Swaay, PhD, Ron Van Valkenburg, William den, Tim J. Van Wyngarden, Joseph Van Zee, Alan K. Vanags, Kamala J. Vanaharam, John H. VanAmringe, William E. Vanarsdale, PhD, Willard Va nAsdall, PhD, Steven Vanata, Peter Vanblarigan, PhD, C. Kenneth Vance , Samuel W. Vance, Richard A Vandame Jr., Michael E. Vandas, Tracy L. Vandaveer, Lawrence J. Vande Kieft, PhD, Mark Vande Pol, Arthur VanD eBrake, Walter F. Vandelicht, William Vandemerme, PhD, Jerry L. Vande n Boom, PhD, Willem Vander Bijl, PhD, William Brian Vander Heyden, Ph D, Vern C. Vanderbilt, PhD, Edward F. Vanderbush, David D. Vanderhoof ven, Neil George VanderLinden, PhD, Chris J. Vandermaas, Alwyn J. Van dermerwe, PhD, Gary J Vandermolen, Garret N. Vanderplaats, PhD, Thoma s Henry Vanderspurt, PhD, William Vandersteel, Jerry G. VanderTuig, P hD, John Warren Vanderveen, PhD, Christina VanderWende, PhD, James Mi lton Vanderwiele, Allen L. Vandeusen, Ruth VanDeusen, Sam Vandivort, Brian S. Vandrak, Tina K. Vandyk, Bingham H. Vandyke Jr., PhD, Todd P . Vandyke, DVM, Jim VanEaton, PhD, Donald D. Vanfossan, PhD, David H. Vanhise, Larry E. Vanhorn, R. V. Vanhoweistine, PhD, Walker S. Vanin g, Henricus F. Vankessel, Ruth A. vanKnapp, Thomas L. Vanmassenhove,

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