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TOEFL Vocabulary

TOEFL Vocabulary

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Published by Mohammed Altaher

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Published by: Mohammed Altaher on Jun 04, 2011
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Burn the candle Off the beaten track Pressed for time Under the weather Blue moon

Talk shop Stay your grand Account in red I had it out with him Carry the can Rained on my parade Turn over a new leaf Won t break the bank By and large Edifice Sow the seed Buttressed Deep-rooted Towering Build up Build on Ground-breaking Ruins Ferile Took root Stemmed from Fruitful Enthusiasm Exempt Obliged Entail Fanatical Intellectual Dogmatic Egalitarian Superstitious Vegan Stoical Agnostic Abandoned Deteriorated Concealed Replenish Abolish Concealed Graceful Detrimental Scarce Reluctant Commonplace Problematic Irresolute Disobedient Illiterate Incurable Bring up Die down Fell out Keep up with Pull down

Bring up Fell out Pull through Go through Went out Come up Go up Get off Give about Go about Come off Look down Give in Got through Resemble Monotonous Biannual Circumference Premature Substandard Transmute Cohabit Transmute Robust Rudimentary Nominal Absurd Covert Exceptional Fertile Dramatic Inventive Outlandish Steady Erratic Incisive Widespread Resolute Coarse Concise Archaic Abundant Chaotic Tedious Rampant Integral Scrupulous Tenacious Credible Praise Triumph Fallacy Misconception Petition Discipline Collaboration Cooperation Deliberation Advent Appearance .

Concentration Disparity Amenities Implication Attain Reveal Evolve Convey Baffle Enrich Derive Elicit Hasten Endure Misuse Permit Exemplifies Portray Exhaust Forfeit Abolish Arise Expel Cease Deter Dissuade Embark Dissuade Quash Assess Elaborate Precede Oppose Obligatory Decisive Constructive Contradictory Juvenile Lenient Formative year Adolescent Authoritarian Enroll Literacy Numeracy Acquire Doctorate Vegan Bulimia Anorexia Salmonella Listeria Slander Media tycoon Tabloid Gutter press Airtime Tabloids Unscrupulous Unscrupulous .

Expenditure Overdraft Exorbitant Bargain Erosion Fumes Poaching Conservation program Subsidized Cybernetic Technocrat Innovation Amenities Commuter Arable land Persona non grata Excursion Migrate Migrant Long-haul Voyage Disembark Freelance Blue-collar Perk Incentive Repetitive Incentive Intermission Sedan Realtor Eraser Streamline Distinction Stipulation Appreciable Appreciative Assumption Presumption Beside Besides Canal Conscious Conscientious Complementary Complimentary Continual Intolerant Intolerable Procession Rise Raise Infer Imply I couldn t care less What a drag Is it any wonder? My lips are sealed I am keeping my finger crossed Rather you than me .

Doghouse Convey Blue-collar Repetitive Perk Incentive White-collar Freelancer Disembark Ecotourism Persona non grata Excursion Cruise Rural Arable Sprawl Commuter Amenities Cosmopolitan Innovation Breakthrough Cybernetics Technocrat Geneticist Subsidize .

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