E-Rate & Newton ISD District Technology Plan

A Presentation by Shellen Richardson.


‡ Summarize the details of E-Rate ‡ Explain how it is used in school districts ‡ Newton ISD technology plan

The Schools and Libraries Program of the Universal Service Fund


‡ Managed by Universal Service Fund under the FCC ‡ Allows discounts to schools for telecommunications and internet access ‡ Discounts range from 20%-90% depending on poverty level and rural location.

‡ Authorized as part of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 ‡ Covers:
² ² ² ² ² Telecommunication services Internet access Internal connections Installation Maintenance

² ("E-rate: a vision," 2003)


´Technology has lit a fire under our students. They are now more engaged than they ever were.µ ("E-rate: a vision," 2003)


Newton ISD
‡ Is a E-Rate eligible school district in rural southeast Texas
² Eligible because of high percentage of free lunch and rural location ² Lists technology plan on its district website

Newton ISD Technology Plan
- Technology plan asserts their goals of:
- Communication with stakeholders - Availability and uses of information technology and telecommunication infrastructure - Community involvement - Integration of community-wide programs

Newton ISD Technology Plan
Increased student performance Sustainability Improved availability and quality of service Collaboration using telecommunications technologies

NISD Technology Task Force

‡ Newton ISD is an E-rate eligible school district in rural, southeast Texas. E-rate gives discounts on technology and technology services to schools that meet this type of eligibility.

‡ (2003). E-rate: a vision of opportunity and innovation. Proceedings of the Education and library networks coalition, http://www.edlinc.org/resources.ht ml ‡ (2004). http://www.newtonisd.net