Julia Alvarez

Bilingual Sestina
Irene Ortega June 6, 2011 Born on March 27, 1950 in New York City she is a native of Dominican Republic an island located in the Caribbean Sea. Being Home sick Alvarez sought comfort through reading books that which helped her become an inspirational writer/ author. The poem I have chosen is called ³Bilingual Sestina¶ this poem is from Julia Alvarez book named ³The other side/ El otro Lado´. The poem I have read talks about how growing up and learning how to speak was very difficult, how speaking one language makes it hard to translate to another. It talks about struggles people go through just to become bilingual. Quotes : ³How saying its name won¶t always summon up in Spanish or English.´ ³You put in my mouth as you pointed to the world²not Adam, not God, but a country girl numbering the stars, the blades of grass, warming the sun by saying, Que calor!´ ³Their names, an intimacy I now yearn for in English²words so close to what I mean that I almost hear my Spanish heart beating, beating inside what I say en ingles´.

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