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Social Issue: Internet addiction

Defining and -excessive using of computer that interferes with daily life, work, relationships and so on.
describing the -As the news posted before, an addictor of Internet has been sent to the hospital because
of using computer for too many hours. The doctor also warns that the number of case of
sending people to there like this kind of incident was still increasing, especially
teenagers. Therefore, it is important for us to face and solve the problems of Internet
addiction to prevent increasing of these incidents.
Reasons for -Compute become more and more common nowadays->price of the hardware↓+
your choice advertisement of the business
-more people can afford and get in touch with Internet because of the electronic
-More Internet users occur.
-more problems will be produced related to Internet or even more people addicted in it.
-As a teenager who is the major group affected by this issuethere is a responsibility for
me to take care about the progress this issue.
Causes -Peer pressure from schoolmates and friends
-teens want to escape form the real life and build another new ‘ image’ in the Net because
of some bad experience.
-low self-esteem of teenagersbe bulliedat school
-come from broken family which have single parentcareless of family
-leakage of emotional care by family and school
Effects on -Decrease in school result
interested -health problem(heart diease,overweight or others)
-form bad habit because of meeting some bad friends
-effect on family and peer relationship
-refuse to face the real life
Solution -Join more extra curricular activitiesmeet more new friend
-tutorial class after schoolimprove the school result
-family meeting every month or weekimprove the family relationship +communication
school talk
-use software so as to help them manage their own Internet use by time to time.
-regular meeting or talk for parentsteach them or communicate about how to deal with
this issue.
Useful words ‘ broken family’- family that only have dad , mum or even grand parents.
and ‘peer pressure’- pressure that given by others in group of people that always
communicate with.