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MRSM Kuala Kubu Bharu,

Km. 8, Jalan Ampang Pecah,
44000 Kuala Kubu Bharu,
Selanngor Darul Ehsan.
12 APRIL 2011

Dear Izzat,
First of all, how are you? I hope you are doing just fine. Thank you for the letter that
you have sent. I have received your letter regarding your concern about running for the post of
Head Prefect. I really think you should go for it. I know you would make a good Head
Prefect. This is not just any compliment, but I know you have many qualities to be a great
The most important thing that will make you a good leader is your personal qualities,
more known as attitude. For me, you are very friendly. You will always try to get to know
your friends, as well as making them feel comfortable with you. But I admire your sense of
responsibility more. I remember how you tried to replace Miss Hairana¶s Mathematics book
that was lost in your possession. You even asked me to accompany you . Another quality that
I always see in you is your willingness to help others. You help others sincerely, without any
complaints. You tend to help just anyone, from your best friend to your worst enemy. There
are so many good attitudes that I can see in you, but I better focus on other aspects as well.
Before I continue, take out your recent examination results. It was full of As and A+s
right? That shows you excelled in academics. I have never seen an intelligent student like you
before. I know it was seven years ago, but you did a very good job maintaining good
academic performance. You always work hard to achieve your goal. You never give up when
you lose or being overwhelm by examinations, but you did something extra to be the best
again. Everyone has his or her own problems, and I bet you must have some in your life.
Some people will just roll over and give up without doing a single thing. But you are
different. You sometimes hide it, and try to overcome it yourself. You also never mix studies
and personal life that may get you stressed. Your unmatched academic performance may
proven vital to your success in the future.
The other part of a good leader is co-curricular involvement. Last night I called Lydia
to know more about your extracurricular involvement. I was really amazed by how active you
are. I heard that you were the Blue House Captain during Sport¶s Day. You must be really
active in sports. You are also the secretary of English Language Club. It wows me, as your
writing improves week after week. She also said that you have recently represented your
school in a debate competition. Congratulations for the success, I know you can do it. Well,
back to our main story, these involvements in co-curricular might impress the teachers, and
they will probably elect you as Head Prefect.
Apart from these qualities, you also have some advantages to be the Head Prefect.
Your house is located near the school, so it will be easy for you to reach school early if
something happens. You have good study habits as well, so I can assure that your excellent
academic performance will not be affected should you get elected. What¶s more, you could
communicate easily with other students and teachers, as you are popular with them. With your
popularity, I am pretty sure that the voters will be on your side. I know you can make a great
Head Prefect.
So, why should you be afraid? Just run for the post! You have everything you need to
become a good Head Prefect. Well, I am afraid I must go now. I hope this will help to
encourage you to be the Head Prefect. Next time I receive your leter, I would like to hear that
you have been elected. Until we meet again. Goodbye.

Your best friend,