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Goulds LF 3196

Goulds LF 3196
Low Flow ANSI Process Pumps
Designed for Total Range of
Industry Services
N Capacities to 220 GPM (50 m3/h)
N Heads to 925 feet (282 m)
N Temperatures to 700° F (371° C)
N Pressures to 450 PSIG (3102 kPa)

LF 3196
Performance Features
(1x11/2 -4, 1x11/2 -8) for Low Flow Services
Extended Pump Life
N Concentric (Circular) casing
N Radial vane impeller
N TaperBoreTM/Big BoreTM Seal Chambers

The LF 3196 process pump line is N Power Ends

specifically designed to provide superior N Optional centerline mounted casings
performance for low flow services of the
Chemical Process Industries. Ease of Maintenance
N Back pull-out design
N Parts interchangeable with Goulds 3196
N External impeller adjustment
N Easy retrofit

N ANSI B15.1 coupling guard
N Ductile iron frame adapter
N Raised face flanges
N Optional shaft guard

N Specialty chemicals
N Batch chemical process
N Reactor feed
N Shower service
N Boiler feed
N Condensate
N High pressure process
N Column reflux
LF 3196
/ N Column bottoms
(1x2-10 / ,
N Hot oil
11/2 x3-13 )
N Seal water