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GAM roadmap
Planning and risk Strategy and Conclusion and
identification risk assessment reporting

Identify significant classes

Consider client of transactions and related
applications Prepare summary of
acceptance/ Execute tests of audit differences
continuance results controls
Understand service requirements, determine audit scope, and establish the team

flows of
transactions, Understand
Understand the WCGWs and and Perform final overall
Execute tests of
business controls evaluate financial statement
journal entries and
the FSCP other mandatory review
fraud procedures

Reassess combined risk assessments

Understand IT Understand

Wrap-up the engagement

environment complexity Prepare summary
Team planning event

review memorandum
Post-interim event

and determine IT
professional involvement Design
Select Update Update
and execute
controls to tests of tests of
test controls ITGCs
of ITGCs
Assess internal
Engagement team

control at the Complete review and

approval summary

entity level ITGCs

Identify fraud Make combined risk
risks and assessments
determine Perform substantive
responses Design tests of controls audit procedures Prepare and
(lead sheets and deliver client
Design tests of journal audit plans) communications
entries and other
Determine PM, TE and mandatory fraud procedures
SAD nominal amount

Design Design
substantive general Complete
audit audit Perform general documentation and
Identify significant procedures procedures audit procedures
accounts and disclosures archive engagement
and relevant assertions
Prepare audit strategies

4 GAMx practical handbook