ABSTRACT Title: RTC Aim: The main aim of the project is to build a Water Scheduling For WATER SCHEDULING


Municipalities using RTC. Scope: In main cities the water distribution system was done in regional manner. Normally the municipalities are responsible for this water distribution. It can be done through manually, but it can’t possible to maintain scheduling for all times. Time lagging is reduced by this sytem arrangement. So, we go for this real time scheduling of water supply. In this project we have a RTC (real time clock). We should provide water supply in particular area with in a periodic time interval. This time interval is set in a RTC programming. These all operations are controlled by the micro controller. The scheduling time may be edited by modifying the RTC programming. RTC (real time clock) is a clock that keeps track of the time even when the computer is turned off. Real-time clocks run on a special battery that is not connected to the normal power supply. In contrast, clocks that are not real-time do not function when the computer is off.

Software: 1) 2) Keil c Orcad/Express PCB.

Hardware: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Micro controller. RTC Relay Motor Power supply Block Diagram





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