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Published by: leopoldmozart on Jun 05, 2011
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The research design selected in this study is a quantitative, cross-sectional
design. A cross-sectional design is used for research that collects data on
relevant variables one time only from a variety of people, subjects, or
phenomena. The data is collected all at the same time (or within a short time
frame). A cross-sectional design provides a snapshot of the variables included
in the study, at one particular point in time. It may reveal how those variables
are represented in a cross-section of a population. The cross – sectional
study is the most frequently used descriptive design (Malhotra, 1999:89).

The quantitative study is aimed at ascertaining the levels of employee
commitment, the prevailing culture, as well as the preferred culture of the
selected company. A quantitative study, consistent with the quantitative
paradigm, is an inquiry into a social or human problem, based on testing a
theory composed of variables, measured with numbers, and analysed with
statistical procedures, in order to determine whether the predictive
generalizations of the theory hold true (Babbie and Mouton, 2002:646).


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