What is Positive & Negative Time Recording

Explain about the positive & negative time recording ( with clock times & without clock times ). In which situations with clock times and without clock times are used in negative time management.

Time Management can be bifurcated types:

1. Positive Time (+ve Time) ? Positive time is plays the total role of workflow. All the processes related to time are automatically gets executed in the background. E.g., in our case it is done only partially to validate the attendance as per punches and other documents with shift timing and generate absence automatically in case of any discrepancy.

2. Negative Time (-ve Time) ? Where the all time related activities like validation of the attendance, posting of absence for wage deduction etc are done manually. It has less level of integration among the different components of time management.

Negative Time Recording: 1. Records time deviations to Planned Working Time 2. Valid deviations include: Absences, Special Absences, On Call Duty, Overtime, Substitutions, Time off in lieu 3. Deviations are manually entered according to type & duration.

Positive Time Recording: 1. Records the attendance time of the employee 2. Records the deviation times of the employee

With out Clock times .Manually. Positive Time Management we have two types of recordings: 1.3. the data needs to be uploaded to SAP system either as Scheduled job at back end or online in critical cases. 4. No clock times and assumed employee is working unless and until his or her absences are entered. Attendances & deviations can be entered either: . Business Trips. Overtime. Seminars. With Clock times .Only Number of hourse worked is captured Negetive time Management: 1. How is the process of getting data from time recording system to SAP how can we connect time recording system to SAP? How do we interface for positive time management? To simplify: We can consider two independent systems: 1. Valid attendances include: Training.Front end system . SAP System which contains Planned Working time 2.Absences etc . Time recorder system which contains the actual timings Now as Time recorder system will contain all Clock in & Clock outs.Complete time recording is captured 2. it generates values of OT. Based on our Time pair and other IMG settings in SAP System and comparison of IT2011 with IT2000.

. This job can be effectively done in proper coordination with Basis.etc. ABAPers and Time Consultants.

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