Spring 2011 Survey Please rank your top 5 meetings: Date Meeting Topic Top 5 2/9 CPA Exam & Interviewing

2/16 Networking 2/23 Controller Panel 3/2 Recent Alumni Panel 3/9 Financial Advisors 3/16 Internal Auditor Panel 3/23 CFO Panel 4/6 Government Panel 4/13 URS Tax Accounting Please list additional meeting ideas/suggestions:

Spring 2011 Survey Results: 1 CFO Panel 2 CPA Exam 3 Interviewing and Networking 4 Controller Panel 5 Internal Auditor Panel 6 Recent Alumni Panel 7 Financial Advisors 7 URS Tax Accounting 8 Government Panel Suggestions from members: women's panel Pizza Hut meeting needs to be more interactive Government panel was boring Etiquette luncheon and mock interviews .

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