Arta lui Kumi Yamashita

It shows me that we all are connected and share the same essence. Conceptul e mai mult decat fascinant. They reveal many faces of reality. Iata insa cum isi descrie Kumi Yamashita propriile creatii: “In my work I find shadow to be the essence of human being and of everything else in the world that most of us don’t recognize. Suddenly he jumped back in shock as he recognized the silhouette of a woman that he didn’t see until now. How much we are missing in our lives because of that. In my work object and shadow are equally important. Fiecare lucrare cuprinde practic doua parti unite prin lumina. Nu am gasit prea multe lucrari ale artistei dar dupa cum spune zicala: “esentele tari se tin in sticlute mici”. But mostly.Cel mai simplu e sa le numim “sculpturi in umbra” dar nu e neaparat cel mai corect. Separated objects can be connected in . Once at my exhibition an old man stood in front of one of the artwork for a long time.” via mymodernmet. It made me laugh but at same time I realized how oblivious we all can be. I’m drawn to its ephemeral beauty.

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