WellKnown Buffalo
Come enjoy a cup of bilishpite——““black water””- coffee!

Peggy White Wellknown Buffalo was inspired to open Wellknown Buffalo Coffee House to serve as a community gathering place as well as a cultural information center for visitors. The Native American motif, music and products reflect Peggy’’s Crow heritage and her commitment to education and conversation as paths to empowerment and reconciliation. The coffee house is named after Peggy’’s grandmother, Wellknown Buffalo, a respected traditional healer and protector of children. Fiercely independent, she grew her own crops, carried on spiritual practices forbidden by the government and helped Indian peoples seeking freedom. The land allotment that now houses Wellknown Buffalo Coffee House is a reflection and a tribute to its namesake. This land was historically a camp space where passing Indian peoples were welcomed as they stopped for food, drink, rest and a place to water their horses. On this property, you will also find the Wellknown Buffalo Cultural Center, The Center Pole nonprofit organization, a food bank and the Buffalo Nickel Thrift Store.

Peggy was awarded a Petra Fellowship and has received national recognition for her work with Native youth and the promotion of social justice. In addition to being featured in National Geographic Travelers Magazine, Peggy’’s profile has been in the recently released book–– Montana Folks.

““Kun na li wa a chi li”” - May all the goodness of life come to you.
Peggy White Wellknown Buffalo
100% of proceeds from the sale of non-food items is donated to youth, art, and cultural programs.

Peggy White Wellknown Buffalo carries on her grandmother’’s tradition of protecting youth and promoting social justice through her work as Executive Director of The Center Pole, a Native nonprofit organization.