Fortnightly Status Report for Dissertation Work S. No: 2 Reg. No: 09PG64 Submitted to: Prof. V.

Ravi Kumar Title of Dissertation Work: Scope of Wealth Management in PSU¶s Summary of Previous Fortnight(s) report: Date: 04/05/2011 Name of the Student: Aditya Mehta

Work carried out during the fortnight under report : a. Books / Chapters read / procured: Nil b. Research Papers / Articles read / procured / downloaded: 1. An article from Business standard relating to PSU banks gun for biz from GEN-Y 2. And, also gone through the 5th annual Asia-Pacific Wealth Report 2010 c. Internet searching results, if any: 1. Wikipedia giving a basic insight about Wealth Management 2. Website of Global Business Insight which gave me information regarding the key issues in the Wealth Management Practises. 3. And, other website I have gone through that are CAPGEMINI, ARTICLESHUB.ORG, and WEBMARKETINGINDIA.ORG etc. d. Analysis of Data collected: The data collected was of secondary nature. The objective of collecting these data was to get an insight into the Wealth management practises in India and also to figure out why it is more evident in Private & foreign Banks. Understood the different clusters that PSUs are facing. The articles in gave some recent news and development on the Wealth Management industry in India e. Problems encountered, if any: NIL f. Proposed steps during the next fortnight: In the next fortnight I intend to study why PSU are getting hard time from the Private & Foreign Banks in the arena of Wealth Management as to have an in-depth knowledge about it.

Date: 19/04/2011

Aditya Mehta

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