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Jungle Unit

Jungle Unit

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Published by: Ashley Scherle on Jun 06, 2011
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1.Gather students on the floor in front of
the chart paper.
2.Hold up two pictures showing a jungle
atmosphere. Ask students: “What is this
picture of? Why do you think that?”
3.Tell the students this is a picture of a
jungle. We are going to be learning about
the jungle. Let’s make a chart of what we
know about the jungle and what we want
to learn. (KWL chart)
4.Ask students to share all the things they
know about the jungle and want to learn
on write it down on the chart paper.
5.Read the short story called “Walk in the
Jungle: Land covered with thick plants like
trees, vines and shrubs and bushes. There are
many different jungles around the world. More
than half of the plants and animals of the world
live in the jungle. Jungles can also be called

Rainforest: They are found in the tropical
region. It is very hot all year and rains almost
everyday. Rainforests are very wet.

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