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Essay 9 There has been a lot of talk lately concerning the possibility of computers replacing the position of books

in our life. But is it truly possible? After all, they are both valuable assets of our civilization and possess positive and negative features. One may say that computers are far more effective because they are much more convenient ± unlike them, printed books don¶t have an option of automatic search, and in order to find the necessary fragment you have to look through the entire text. Books are ineffective as a source of containing information, while computer¶s hard drive can easily contain many thousands of books, being as transportable as any single volume. Moreover, computer is more helpful when it is necessary to get some information quickly, for you have nothing to do but enter the necessary word into the search engine and skim through the results, whereas in the case of using books you have to go to the library or a book shop. On the other hand, books possess unquestionable cultural, symbolic and aesthetic value that computer lacks completely. A lot of people say that reading electronic texts is nothing near to holding an actual book in your hands, feeling the smell of paper and turning the pages as you read. Besides, reading books is not accompanied with harmful radiation that is inevitable when you use computers ± certain individuals are even physically incapable of reading e-text for a long time. Having looked through pro et contra, I think that books can be replaced by computers as the method of storing information, but not as the source of aesthetic and intellectual pleasure for a lot of people. The feeling of rough paper on your fingertips, the familiar smell of a book fresh out of print« Would you really wish for these to become mere memories, lost and worthless? Would you want to go to a library where there were no books, only an electronic catalogue to browse through for electronic text? I know I would not appreciate such a world. Books are essential to the world. They have been around for centuries and have become widely appreciated and almost every living soul has owned a book. What would our world come to if the only book left in the world was that book sitting behind a glass wall in the local museum? There have been many arguments about books using up world resources. E-books have been introduced that you can use to download online versions of text and novels. These do save trees from being cut down and reduce the usage of the Earth¶s resources. However, as the world is growing even more aware of our diminishing resources, more µgreen¶ methods and alternatives to reduce this loss are being introduced. In the United Kingdom, already, two of the top five publishers of books have introduced the new paper policies to use µAncient Forest Friendly¶ book papers, which are free of ancient forest fibers and contain one hundred percent recycled

These E-books cost much more than a single book and this might prove inconvenient for those who only wish to purchase one or two nooks. the thousands of books you might have downloaded will be lost forever. The fact that granting students laptops means getting them excited and more motivated to learn also has schools up and ready to implement such measures. these E-books are much less durable than regular books. More and more schools are replacing textbooks with laptops for students to use. The new generation is more likely to know how to bypass the school¶s system. but here is the worst part: These are considered particularly valuable as they are electronic. which are free and cost you no space. it can be said that they are the better choice for books. The . leaving little worry for our depleting resources. However. making them easy targets for theft. but it may not be as easy getting used to it. to fund the school for a much better educational experience. There is the danger of the abuse of technology granted to the students. But as usual. By the time every school has this. no longer alien and curious to them. Some people are simply not born to use technology. Six million books have already been printed in such a manner. Also. While it remains true that the new technology gets children excited. Moreover. the school wastes money buying these laptops and new technology. Data can be backed up. the downsides are plentiful. If you happen to lose your Ebook. along with the money you spent purchasing them. These laptops aid the students further by bringing online tools to use. Even more money is given for the courses that teachers have to go through to learn how to utilize these new learning tools. It is impossible for the school to block every single site the students might visit. there are just some things technology can never surpass books in. However. Money and adaptability are two of thousands that some people just don¶t have. While some might argue that this is unlikely. As for E-books. they definitely exist. if you purchase these because you fear there is no space in your house. Why change now? Technology is ever-growing. and although these form only a small minority. Books have been used since ages ago and some people appreciate the tradition. Fortunately. However. and more will continue to do so. there is one more problem. The flaws that come with these new inventions are evident. this is a short term measure.fiber. changing. They can store thousands of books and they allow you to purchase books as electronic text without ever having to go out to a bookstore to buy them. Furthermore. They can visit other sites during lessons and access other programs. children can learn to break these restrictions. The money could definitely be spent on better things. It is possible to learn how to use it. there are always libraries for you to visit. There are many programs that can help with their learning. There are also students who simply cannot use laptops. schools are able to block certain sites and reduce the permission from the students¶ laptop to prevent this. improving the lives of people. More and more sites are popping up by the day and new sites are just a Google¶s click away. books are just one thing that technology cannot overtake. students will accept that it is a regular thing in life and it will lose its appeal. One of the largest areas that technology can replace books is in the education system.

gaining of respect for cultural differences will be less than superficial. Aside. comparison is inevitable. transportation. Through constant interactions with other people the deficiency of the home country could be revealed while the international students are not always equipped with avenues on how to explain further. ESSAY 3 Education is very important in life. food and books among others. the pressures to equate with the spending habits of colleagues is also a serious issue herein. For the home country. There are people who are uncomfortable without their family and the people they know so well. international studies are tended on the fact that . the undertaking dissidents international students in terms of the unequal power relations between the educational tourist and the locals which will be eventually evident on economic exchanges and exchange of knowledge. Provided that students could improve understanding of the conditions of other countries such as political issues and tolerance of other views. However. The saddest part of this is when the exchange of experience travel by word-of-mouth in which damaging the reputation of one culture is inescapable. the offshore education is expensive in order to cover all the requirements such as a place to live. Stereotyping and idealizing of cultures is possible wherein lack of real contact and meaning characterizes the acquaintance. Pursuing studies abroad has been the most plausible trend nowadays for the purpose of gaining international exposures and experiential learning's. While also developing the individual¶s adaptability and independence. Such experience contributes in getting the best education so as to acquire the best knowledge and to obtain opportunities for employment. studying abroad expands the horizon of the students and their network. The distance inevitably destroys family relationships especially when conversations are limited and there are no resources to prioritize telephone calls. there are also inherent disadvantages into it. thus the possibility of jeopardizing own culture. online chatting and etc since it can add up to the financial burden. making them emotionally dependent onto their presence. the endeavor is in itself a hard thing because of the fact that the student will be away from the family for a significant period. This typically results in homesickness and the way to deal with it will be also a challenge to the student.world needs to remember that technology was born to improve our lives. the main disadvantage would be the explicit disclosure of the weaknesses. Not to mention. Basically. As such. Educational travel is viewed to be an effective alternative tourism both for home and host countries. and these advantages could be evident from both country and students perspectives. Nonetheless. The deficiencies and inflexibilities of the education system of the home country compared to the host country could be also considered here. In immersing to different cultures. Realizing this. not to take over them and replace things we value. the students will increase their chance of learning new languages and skills as socialization thereby becoming µa changed person¶.

These people who suffer from getting passed the acculturation stage will normally feel outcast and intensifies homesickness. Mass media. culture shock. In a scenario that no one could assist an international student in coping with the localization process. the study habits and learning practices that the students had grown accustomed with could be also challenged. The second disadvantage would be the lack of authenticity of cultural exchange as manifested by shallow understanding of cultures and of the international study program in general. international students are expected to collaborate within and outside the classroom and this maybe another burden to them. Mass media. In country context. confusions could arise and may affect the confidence level of the student. besides providing us useful information and entertainment. The possibility that conflicts will emerge is high and that the person will resort in otherwise unhealthy practices such as withdrawing from reality and hurting their selves. therefore.the student will experience culture shock. including TV. We are living in a society where all kinds of mass media. ESSAY 8 Everything around us has influence on our behavior and life. There could be also the possibility that older students may feel tensions and frustrated since they are surrounded by a pool of twenty-year-old students. radio and newspapers dominate. Unique to every country are official ways of dealing with paperwork and rules and these are expectantly extended to academic undertakings. Studying abroad requires that the person will readily immerse himself in whatever cultures are apparent in the host country. linguistic and cultural barriers may limit expectations. Given that universities abroad will endow students with no special favors. has a great influence in shaping people's ideas. expenses and nonconformity that affects the socialization process as well as the academic performance. . For the students. This essay will talk about the heated debate whether public mess media influence us or not and how strong it does. the person could not fully developed the sense of trust with his or her colleague and would always want to watch their backs. has a great influence in shaping people's ideas. the primary disadvantage of studying abroad is on unequivocal disclosure of the weaknesses of the home country with persistent comparisons with that of the host country. In this stage also. the tendency is isolation and poor academic performance. the disadvantages are homesickness. Since there is a relatively high difficulty of conforming to local language and customs. besides providing us useful information and entertainment. Several rules and regulations are outlined in student handbooks that might sound alien to the student. both for the better and for the worse. both for the better and for the worse. isolation. Further. which in return could affect the academic performance. Studying abroad does not only mean to participate in classes at university but also to be immersed in different cultures and languages. I think that everything around us has influence on our behavior and life.

In doing so. Secondly. However. This is simply the result of bad programs shown on T. chat. many women can get cosmetic surgeries to look like their idols. we can know everything happening all over the world. For example. just by staying at home watching TV. what we read in newspaper and magazine affect a great deal to our thinking. and .V all the time. the development of the mass media. we let them affect on important aspects of our life. what we listen to on radio. radio or Internet. the Internet and magazines. taking a glance at the way youth dress nowadays. radio and Internet every year. We could not fade its influence away. we will know whether we like these jobs or not. In short. Seeking through the Situations Vacant column in the newspaper give us a general look of the jobs we are going to apply for and therefore. The young try to imitate models appearing everyday in fashion shows on television. and radio is very useful for us to look for jobs. especially the young. a Japanese guy named Bill got married to a game character. First of all. we can find that their clothes look similar to those of famous actors or singers. However we could control it by thinking carefully before deciding and when approaching to information through the mass media. we also learn how to take care of ourselves. Besides. especially television also helps us to fasten the relationship with our family members. In addition. The development of the mass media has had great influence on our lives. Seriously. I¶ve heard that news on T. there are billions of people finding their jobs through newspaper. mass media undoubtedly affect our life style and opinions. Nowadays people. Simply. surfing the net. after a hardworking day.Firstly. some people are ready to kill a person just because they want to become a movie character. They can spend whole day surfing internet or watching TV instead of studying or traveling with their family and friends« They always have an idol and they tend to follow what their idols do and say no matter these things are good or bad. cook good dishes for our family. 2009. According to the latest survey. Secondly. newspaper. Does food advertisement on TV affect your choice? Does information about universities on newspaper make you embarrassed to decide the best one for your child? I definitely believe the answer will be "yes" because these information influenced on your thought and ruled your decisions. V or. educate our children. we cannot deny that the mass media have a great contribution to shaping our ways of thinking. Sara Parker in November. mass media are regarded as the best ways to broaden our mind. every member of a family gathers at the living room so as to watch TV. We have come to depend on them for information and entertainment. mass media including television. What we watch on TV. and behave with other people« throughout many programs on TV. For example. For instance. it is obvious that the mass media have an effect on our attitude in life. uncontrollable websites and even the carelessness of parents. tend to be lazier and more violent. mass media affects our fashion.

particularly in this modern life. the mass media which are good or bad depend on our awareness and purpose. some news in some newspapers is unreliable because few journalists have a tendency to exaggerate hot news such as scandals of famous singers. Last but not least. it can't be denied that the mass media have great influence in shaping people's ideas. film starts« To sum up. I think that it's very comfortable and happy. . In my view point.discuss.

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