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Tutorial Lesson 3 – Component/Assembly selection

** Now that the assembly environment is set up properly, the component, and/or assembly, selection is
the next step. **

INSERT Menu: #Component, #Assemble or select

**The following image shows the menu for the aforementioned picks. **

** Select the bracket called “bracket1.prt” component from the “Open” Dialog Box as shown below
(Note: The files and directories shown in the above image may differ). Notice in the dialog box shown
above, there are assembly files (*.asm) as well. Assembly files may also be selected. **

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OPEN Dialog Box: #Open (or double click on the filename)

**Button definitions in Open dialog box are as follows: **

= “Up one level” in the directory tree.

= “In Session” button to determine the files available in current Pro/Engineer session.

= “Working Directory” button shows the designated default directory; the directory where all files
are automatically saved in and retrieved from. This button also allows you to change the working
directory at your convenience.

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= “Favorites” button allows you to save your most used directories.

= “List” button formats the files list shown in the Open dialog box. This is the default setting.

= “Table” button is the alternative format to the “List” button.

= “Commands and Settings” button allows for more specific formats of the files list.

= Opens up a mini screen within the dialog box to show the selected file.

**The “Type” field has a dialog pull down menu of all the acceptable file formats for Pro/Engineer. The
image below is the bracket1.prt file. This will appear when the file selection is complete. **

** The component placement dashboard will appear when you insert a component in the assembly. For
the first part you can choose to place it at the default location. What this means is that the component
will assemble to the default datum planes. This is a quick way to add the first component to your
assembly. **

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