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C++ in a Nutshell By Ray Li schner

Publsher: O ' ly i Reil D at e : M ay 2003 Publshed i ISBN : 0-596-00298-X Pages: 808 Sl s: 1 ot

C++ in a Nutshell packs an enorm ous am ount of i orm at on on C + + (and t m any lbrari used nf i he i es w i h i ) i an i spensabl qui ref t t n ndi e ck erence f t or hose w ho lve i a deadlne-dri i n i ven w orl and need d t f s but not t f ls. C ross-ref he act he ril erences lnk rel ed m et i at hods, cl asses, and ot her key f ures. eat Thi i an i s s dealresource f st or udent as w el as prof s l essi onalprogram m ers.

mk:@MSITStore:G:\C++\C++%20in%20a%20Nutshell\C++%20In%20A%20Nutshell.chm... 6/2/2011

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