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l. (Nomination) ules... may be returned by State Bank of India. of Nominee (to be filled by LCPC): 1'--L.o State Bank of India ~. the nomination should be signed by a person lawfully entitled to act on behalf of the minor.. (Name and address of branch I office in which the deposit is held) Details of Deposits: Type of deposit: Additional details. Please Signin I blackink· I • only. I • Name: SignaturelThumb impression of 1st witness·· _ __ Name: Signature/fhumb impression of 1st witness·· _ _ Address: Address: • Where deposit is made in the name of a minor.. Thumb impression(s) shall be attested by two persons..! Address: to receive the amount of the deposit on behalf of the nominee in the event of my / our / minor's death during the minority of the nominee. do hereby declare that what is stated above is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.. r·_·.Opening of Amount of transaction Are you assessed to tax? If yes. if any: Details of the Nominee Name: Relationship with the depositor: Address: Age: _ Account number: _ IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII City: rn Date of birth of nom·nee·1 IIIIII IIIIIII IIIIIII age:___years __ IIIIIIIIIIIIIII PIN: I I I I I I I I I State: I I I I I IIII CIF No. the ..__J As the nominee is a minor on this date.. ..... Date: Place: IIIIIIIII _ Signature(s) I Thumb impressionIs) of depositor(s) . day of 20 _ Place: Signature of the Declarant Form DA-1 (Nomination Form) _ Nomination undersection45ZAof the BankingRegulation 1949and Rule2(1)of the BankingCompanies Act. .. l!We appoint Shri/Smt.. particulars whereof are given below....JL..~ Form 60 account(s) DYes DNO _ _ Form of declaration to be filled by a person who does not have either a Permanent Account Number or General Index Registration Number and who makes payment in cash in respect of transaction specified in clause (a) to (h) of rule 114B Full name and address of declarant Particulars of transaction .JL..JI---LI---LI---LI___.1985in respectof bankdeposits R l!We nominate the following person to whom Nomination Serial No... i) Details of Ward/Circle/Range where the last retum of income was filed ii) Reason for not having Permanent Account Number/General Index Register Number Details of documents being produced in support of address in column (1) Verification ___________________ Verified today.... in the event of my/our/mino~s death the amount of the deposit.JL.

' be used for Permanent Address Address Same as Correspondence I I I I I I I I I I I I 0 I I I I I I State ax no.~te~~. E·mall address is . o o o No investments Education Loan Employers 0 Business/Agriculture .--: . For opening account of minors. 1. Unique .. In case of illiterate customers.. Please affix a passport size photograph in the box provided.. " required for • alerts and e.MO~iI.1 SoleJFirst Applicant IIIIIII IIIIIII Date: IIIIIIIII Branch to affix rubber stamp of name and code no. Tick (. Please fill up in BLOCK letters only and use black ink for signature. Left Thumb Impression (L TI) to be affixed and verified. 4. UID of Father/Mother (in caseapplicantisa IIIIIIIIII Correspondence IIIIII 1 1 1 1 1 1 II 1 1 II 1 1 II 1 1 Landmark/Street: I I PIN:I I I I I I I I I City: I Telephone I I no.j Others Student o Others _.•sending SMS " alerts Landmark/Street: City: I I I no. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I PIN: I Telephone II I applicable) _ Email Address: Additional Income: "Religion: "Category: Details (wherever o 0 Hindu General o o o o monthly Muslim OOBC Non·Graduate Self·employed o o o o annually Christian OSC Graduate Business o o o OST Assets (approximate Sikh Post Graduate Retired o o o value): Rs...() the appropriate boxes..:O~ Will. -. Personal Customer Name: Details Type: OPublic OMr. . Fields marked asterix (') are not mandatory. 2._. Other OYes Minor: OYes Name of Father / Husband I Guardian: Date of Birth: Mother's UID: IIIIIIIII 0 IIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIII Gender: Maiden Name: Address (Current Residential/Office) Male 0 Female Marital Status: Nationality: 0 Married minor): 0 Unmarried 0 Others 11 . State: I Mobile no. I I I I I .... the same will be provided by Father/Mother and Natural Guardian. Staff o Senior Citizen: Mrs._.. where proof of identity/address is not available._.- . 1... ·-·-··--: ... I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I _. Others i. Also enclose another photograph for affixing in the pass book. o OMs.. . 3..O Stale Bank of India (For office use only) CIF No. Please leave one box blank between two words.. 5. ~m"k Account Opening Form: Part-I To be separately filled by each applicant (new customers only) I Account No. Number . • Identification • .

.. ..L._.~~:~~~:~o:~~liC Ration Card authority Deed/Lease Agreement (approved by § D D D D I I Identity proof and Address proof • • each._.: Issued at: Issue date: • Refer to the Savings Bank rules Introduction Details _________ I am an holder of account number know the applicant(s) -.:~e:.::::::::. if any..=:::.. .=::.: Date: (Authorised Date: signatory) SS No.L L.. SS No.::::::::..._. In the event of non compliance the Bank is within its rights to stop operations in account after advance notification as per RBI instructions.: Issued at: Issue date: No."~hl DI I D! i one self-attested photocopy of • • .lDefence F) Driving License G) Photo-ID card issued by Post Office H) Photo-ID card issued by Universities/ Institutes approved by UGC/ AICTE I) Letter from a recognized public authority or public servant verifying the identity and residence of the customer" ID card E) ID card of a reputed employer D D D D ~ A) Credit card statement tax assessment order B) Salary slip (with address) C) Income tax/Wealth D) Electricity bill E) Telephone bill D D D ..a-nL.Lth-s-/yL.~ I) ~:::~~~~u:~. I undertake to submit the required KYC documents as and when the balance or total annual transaction in my account exceed the stipulated limits in this regard...::::::::::..~ Address mentioned on the first page of this form._. Originals thereof will have • • to I J) Copies of Registered Leave & License Agreement/Sale K) Certificate !.Lo-nfi-lrm'--h. Date: IIIIIIIII l • complete KYC • ~re.o-n. such as a mole or scar (mandatory for illiterate applicant)'-_ Verifying Signature: Officer/Open CIF CIF Generated Name: Designation: SS No.confirm that • ~:~i:~~t of State Bank of India for the past and personally I :~~·i~~'.Jis/her/their identity and address as stated above..- I I __ having CIF no. Issue Date:1 Passport ALONE where the address on the passport is the same as the Correspondence Issued at: IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Proof of identity Proof of address IIIIIIII Address) OR Anyone document from each of the undernoted two columns for a photo-identity and proof of address (Please tick the appropriate box and give details below): (of Correspondence A) Passport where the address differs B) Voter ID card C) PAN card D) Govt.o Identification State Bank of India Details ~. IIIIIIIIIIIIIII months/years .:::=.L_--mL.!!!fi~l~ • I I • Signature of the Introducer Sign verified by (Sign."~ be produced verifi:atiOn _ i I issued by warden of hostel of University/Institute D UGC/ AICTE) where the student resides' L) For students residing with relatives.. - I I I ..~ -P-.J signature! Thumb impression(s) of depositor FOR OFFICE USE Details of one or two identification marks. Signature of the Applicant Detail of other Accounts Please give the details of your other accounts in oul"/other Bank Bank Branch Type of AccounVFacility(ies) 'mandatory Account Number l_ Date: Place: IIIIIIIII _ ~==============~================:=================================~ I ~~·Plea~e~ Sign in ._ _ _-_ -_. address proof of relatives along with their identity proof* No.d-c.!.=::.f requirements for more thanL...e-ars..=:::.. & stamp) With State Bank of India agreeing to open my Small Deposit account under liberalized KYC norms specified by RBI..::::::::.=:::.::::::::. -.black ink only.

SMS ALERTS: 5.J Signature(s) I Thumb impression(s) Second Holder Signature.__.. INTERNET BANKING: 3.oIIicia!s. .~el . • ! ! Account Name IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII II I III Services Required 1._. and Nsme ofVeriJYing officer ...J. and Nsme ofVeriJYing officer .Si~ Signature(s) I Thumb impressionis) SolelFirst Holder Signature.. B~k. SS No....... separate application is to be submitted) Card Type 1st 2nd 3rd D Domestic DGold Intemational D D Domestic D Gold Intemational D D Domestic D Gold Intemational D _ _ 1 1 Name as would appear on the card 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I.. To know more about Multi Option Deposit Scheme linked with Savings Bank D Current Account Others (please specify) D i.._. SS No.__. Account name as would appear on passbook/account statement (for Intemational card and its variants.__.. . .__..I. (to be filled in by branch/LCPC): Recurring Deposit Term Deposit Special Term Deposit Account Opening Form: Part-II Branchto affix rubberstamp of name and code no.J. . I. and Name of VerifYing officer Signature(s) I Thumb impressionis) Third Holder Signature. ATM-CUM-DEBIT CARD: Applicant no. SS No. SMS Alerts on mobile number as mentioned in Part-I Type of Cheque Book: D Ordinary D Multicity* D Required D Both 1st D2nd Not required D 3rd applicant (please tick) _ • Charges applicable for Multicity cheques D Not required 6.~ti-.._ .~ . . in black ink I I only.....__._..~~fcn O State Bank 0' India Date: 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 (For office use only)Account No.. MOBILE BANKING: 4. CHEQUE BOOK: Viewing rights: D 1st D2nd D 3rd applicant Transaction rights: Mobile Banking Service to be enabled on this no.__. STATEMENT FREQUENCY: D Monthly D Quarterly D Half-yearly (for current account) e-8tatement o besentto e-maliid as mentionedIn Part-I: D t Mode of Operation DSelfonly D Either or Survivor D Former or Survivor D Anyone or Survivor Required D Jointly D Other _ Specimen Signature(s) Paste a passport size photograph inside this Paste a passport size photograph inside this box 2nd Applicant Paste a passport size photograph inside this box 3rd Applicant box 1st Applicant r-~================~--~================~--~==~~============~---------~~iple~.__. I' 1 1 1 1 1 1 D D 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2...• type of account to • be opened..__..__.• various schemes please contact .J Type of Account Savings Bank Account (with cheque book) Savings Bank Account (without cheque book) No-frills Account Savings Plus Account Premium Savings Account Current Account Details of Applicant(s) Sole/First Holder Name: CIF no..:. .

Further..5..a~-: Sign in I I black ink' • only. A copy of the Savings Bank rules and regulations has been made available to me by the mode of a tear off.. this account will cease to be a 'No-frills' account. including other liability products like Recurring Deposit or Term Deposit.~.: ~ ii) INBViewingDTransactionDrightsgiven iii) Mobile Banking MPIN given on: iv) ATM Card data transmitted on: v) Nomination serial no. 2nd) of every month beginning on 1 Under reverse sweep facility for breaking the MOD..: vi) Threshold (KYC) limit: Rs..__. the principal alongwith interest..::::. i Nomination: rN~o~m~in=a=ti=o~nL. for a minimum amount of Rs.JL-LI---LI___J. Pay principal & interest D By credit to my bank account D By Banker's 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 (Maturity Proceeds/ResidualAmount): no.000/-. on or after due date and where no due date is fixed. SAVINGS PLUS D D Standing instruction (if any) Debit account no.. 6. exceed Rs.::::.. year(s) month(s) __ Monthly installment: Period: 4.LI ___J.._J. FOR OFFICE USE Certified that the implications and conditions for the operation of the account have been explained to the depositor (only in case of illiterate applicant) Open account: (Authorised signatory) Account number generated: (Authorised signatory) Date :1 1 1 11 1 1 1 Date:1 1 1 11 1 1 1 i) Internet Banking (INB) Kit No._IL-LI---L----1I__. 5000 Premium Savings Account: Rs.. I shall inform you whenever it exceeds Rs.i~f~~~q~u~i~re~d~fi~II~I~F=o~nm~D~A~-~1~o~n~p~a~g~e~n~o~._..~o=th~e~nM~is~e~s~ig~n~b~e~l~ow~ l!We do not want to nominate anv person in this account I '. 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 Pay principal Cheque / Demand Draft "Renewal will be done at the then prevailing interest rate 2.. l!we have read and understood the provisions contained in the "Terms of Service document" of "OnlineSBI" on the Bank's website www.. In case of death of anyone.L_--'---'-----' 1111111110 1111111110 viii) Account transferred / Home branch changed on: Ix) Account closed on: o ...J..sbLco. I shall abide by the 'Know Your Customer' norms as stipulated from time to time._. Linked Saving Bank/Current Account No...__J.__. FOR JOINT ACCOUNTS WITH 'EITHER OR SURVIVOR' OR 'ANYONE OR SURVIVOR' MODE OF OPERATION We have to advise that State Bank of India may pay to anyone of us._. L-. Further. l!we agree that the transaction executed over "OnlineSBI" under my Username and Password will be binding. Your Savings threshold value. Threshold Amount": Rs. 10.a~ I I Sign in • black ink Signature of 1st AppHcant Signature of 2nd AppHcant Signature of3rdApplicant I. The Bank is entitled to amend the "Terms of Service documenf' of "OnlineSBI" from time to time.. governed by the terms and conditions applicable to such accounts._--'-__J. Payment to anyone of us is discharge to the Bank from all of us. r..::::.in and accept them. on: 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 vii) Account sourced by Business Correspondentl Business Facilitator . On Maturity. ::"I~ . Sweep time: day (example Monday.::::..__.. The account will then be treated as a normal Savings Bank account. NO-FRILLS ACCOUNT D Last in first out D First in first out I declare that my present gross monthly income is not more than Rs. . RECCURING DEPOSIT Rs..: _.J.Yes/No If yes.. the MOD to be broken by: 5. 1 1 --.::::..._. of BC/BF: 0 0 0 LI---'-----'. 25000 OR (example 1st..___J.__.... MUL TI-OPTION DEPOSIT SCHEME l!We hereby give consent for debiting my/ our account for recovering service charges as normally applicable to Savings Bank and Current Account. I understand that if the value of my business connection.... on demand.___. any day either before or on due date. -... 5..000. Name! Designation: _ 11 11 1 1 1 1 Code no.___J..J.----' __ L-J.::::..10.1000 in anyone (MOD) and earns interest as applicable to the MOD. 1/ We have read and understood the rules and regulations of the product(s)/ service(s) opted for and agree to abide by the terms and conditions relating to the conduct thereof as also any changes brought about therein from time to time..sbLco.I. credit proceeds to account no.. I/we understand that l!we have the option to operate this account through my mobile handset using MPIN as per Terms and Conditions displayed on Bank's website www. TERM DEPOSIT Amount: Period' Maturity D __ Payment instruction Auto renew" principal Auto renew" principal & interest Auto renew" Rs... amount is to be paid to the survivor(s). until you receive a notice contrary to it from both! all of us.000.000 and in multiple of RS. is transferred to a Multi-Option Deposit Auto-sweep facility links Savings/Current Account with Term Deposit Account.::::..in.::::. 1. Tuesday) of every week (only for Savings Plus Account) 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 Minimum balance required: Savings Plus Account: Rs._.1 ~~~~~~~~~~ 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 D / PREMIUM SAVINGS ACCOUNT D Plus/Premium Savings Account balance above a instance.o o o o o State Bank of India D / SPECIAL year(s) instruction: Auto renew for period: __ year(s)__ month(s) __ day(s) TERM DEPOSIT (inworns) month(s) days In case of Term Deposit interest payable' D Monthly DQuarterly ~m~ Rs..~2~.. 3.

20) Change in Rules The Bank reserves the right to alter.co. Ordinarily. Income tax /wealth tax assessment 4. For withdrawing cash by means of a withdrawal form. if the address differs from the one mentioned in the account opening form 8. can also be accepted provided declaration is given by the relative that the student is related to him and is staying with him. While dealing with the Bank. Passport. 46) Cheque Book The Bank will issue the first cheque book after completion of all formalities with regard to opening of the account. are expected to adhere to uniform signature as per specimen recorded with the Bank while operating the accounts and addressing any correspondence to the Bank. The current minimum quarterly average balances prescribed for these account types and the charges prescribed for non-maintenance of minimum balance. 12. Two lakhs only). duly counter signed by the Registrar/ Principal/Dean of Student Welfare.This information can also be obtained from Branches. The information can also be obtained from Branches.statebankofindia. (Rule No. in such circumstances. 32) ~ j . Driving License 7. Credit card statement 2. The pass book will be returned to the account holder immediately after completion of the transaction duly updated. service charge will be charged to the customer's account. 27) Cheques must be written legibly and any alterations or cuttings should be authenticated under full signature which must conform to the specimen recorded with the Bank.in. as well as permanent address issued by respective hostel warden of aforesaid University/Institute where the student resides. They will duly fill in and sign the prescribed application form.D. Ration card 10. (Rule Nos. Photo ID Card issued by Post Offices Photo identity card issued to bonafide students of Universities/ Institutes approved by UGC/ AICTE PROOF OF ADDRESS 1. the fact should be recorded on the account opening form under their full signature. In case they do not wish to make a nomination. upon agreeing to comply with the prescribed rules.in. are available at the Bank's website www. 15) Pass book should be got updated regularly. 2) j E Types of Accounts. Certificate issued by hostel and also. post/ Courier at their cost. (Rule Nos. For students residing with relatives. except for Minor's account. Bank will not issue more than one cheque book at a time or before exhausting all or nearly all cheque leaves issued previously. / Defence ID card 5. Minors may open joint accounts with their guardians. in their self-interest. The current charges prescribed for this are available at the Bank's website www.com. Nomination can be made in favour of only one nominee. Voter ID Card. (Rule No. 10. (Rule Nos. provided she/he furnishes proof of identity and proof of address as required by the Bank. The account holders. Thereafter. 200./PSUs). (Rule Nos. 9. open a Savings Bank Account. Applicant(s) should submit two copies of his/ her/ their recently taken passport size photographs. The Bank will not be responsible for any loss or incorrect payment attributable to the account holder's neglect in this regard. (Rule No.3) How to Open an Account? In ordinary course. Bank account statement 7. 7. (Rule No.This information can also be obtained from Branches. Copies of Registered Leave & License AgreemenVSale Deed/Lease Agreement may be accepted as proof of address 11. 18. Govt. Signatures should not be in capital or block letters. In case it is not collected within a week's time. 17) Duplicate in lieu of the lost or mutilated pass book may be issued on receipt of a written request from the account holder after necessary enquiries. Each account will be given a distinctive account number.1) PROOF OF IDENTITY 1. Deposits may be made without production of the pass book. Letter from any recognized public authority 9. No charge will be recovered for issue of twenty five cheque leaves in a year (both MICR and non MICR). Withdrawals using cheque forms and Debit card can be effected without pass book. The current charges prescribed for this are available at the Bank's website www. PAN Card 4. Pension Payment Orders (Govt. 16) The account holders should carefully examine the entries in their pass books and draw the Bank's attention to errors or omissions. Nomination & Survivorship Facility The nomination facility is available on Savings BankAccounts and the account holders are advised to avail of this facility for smooth settlement of claim by legal heirs in unforeseen circumstances.co. Electricity bill 5. Account holder's signatures must be legible and well formed. Minor's Accounts Minors who can adhere to uniform signature and are not less than ten years old can open accounts in their single name and maintain therein a maximum balance of Rs.12). if the address differs from the one mentioned in the account opening form 3. applicant(s) should attend the Bank personally for completion of formalities for opening the account. 39. (Rule No. delete or add to any of these Rules and service charges for which the customer will be duly notified through Bank's website and/ or branch notice board. There is no ceiling on maximum balance in Savings Bank account. if the address differs from the one mentioned in the account opening form 2. this number should be invariably quoted by the account holder(s).This information can also be obtained from Branches. completion of formalities and recovery of prescribed charges. (Rule Nos. Letter from a reputed employer 8. Salary slip 3.o State Bank of India ~m~ SAVINGS BANK RULES To be torn off and given to the customer 'Know Your Customer' Guidelines Any person fulfilling account opening requirements may. Joint account with survivorship benefit can be operated by the survivor.(Rs. 11.com. if any.sbi. it will be returned to them by Registered A.sbi. address proof of relatives along with their identity proof. ID cards of reputed employers 6.000/. proof of residence incorporating local address. (Rule No. 8. Telephone bill 6. (Rule No. Such accounts should be closed on completion of education/ leaving the University/ Institute. 29). (Rule No. 28) Stop payment instructions in respect of cheques issued or lost can be registered with the Bank on payment of a prescribed service charge. (Rule No. The account holders must use only the cheques from the cheque books issued to them by the Bank. Balance Stipulation & Service Charges The applicants can open an account either with cheque book facility or without cheque book.statebankofindia. 13) Pass Book The pass book and cheque book supplied to the account holder should be kept in a safe place. The Bank reserves the right to refuse payment of any cheques drawn otherwise. the pass book must be presented. The current charges prescribed for this are available at the Bank's website www.

excluding transactions through alternate channels like State Bank ATMs and Internet Banking. ATM-cum-Debit card can also be used in ATMs for cash withdrawal.in. Third party instruments endorsed in favour of the account holder will NOT be accepted.in.20. Request for closure of account should state the reason for closure. 33) Overdrafts Overdrafts in Savings Bank accounts may be permitted under exceptional circumstances with prior arrangements only.o State Bank of India ~m~ OPERATIONS IN THE ACCOUNT General Savings Bank account is essentially a facility to build up savings and hence must not be used as a Current Account. 41. The account holder cannot withdraw an amount less than Rs. A letter of authority as per the prescribed format.co. The current prescribed charges in this regard are available at the Bank's website www. The normal collection and out of pocket charges will be recovered.This information can also be obtained from Branches. 50/-. (Rule Nos. if the account remains inoperative. The payment of interest on Savings Bank Account is subjected to RBI directives and any change therein may be notified through advertisement in the newspapers. 43. (Rule No.sbi. .co. (Rule No.sbi. Third party payments through withdrawal forms are not permitted.co.sbi.sbi. (Rule No. which may change from time to time.This information can also be obtained from Branches.in.co.This information can also be obtained from Branches.5) Deposits There is no restriction on number of deposits that can be made into the account.This information can also be obtained from Branches. Cash withdrawal at ATMs of other banks will be counted as a debit entry in the account for the above purpose and are not to be treated as transactions made through alternate channels. (Rule Nos. Accounts not operated are classified as Inoperative after the stipulated time period of 24 months since last operation. drafts or other instruments drawn only in favour of the account holder will be accepted for credit of the account.in. unused cheque leaves and the ATM-cum-Debit card (after cutting into two pieces across the magnetic strip) must accompany such request. 40) Payment of Interest Interest at the prescribed rate will be calculated on a daily product basis and will be credited to the account half yearly on 30th June and 31 st December.in. 42) Transfer & Closure of Account Accounts may be transferred between branches of the Bank at the request of the account holder(s). 35) Cash withdrawal can be made from the accounts of the sick.sbi. Rule No. Service charge will be recovered each time a cheque is returned unpaid for want of sufficient funds. Bank may close an account should it have any reason to believe that the account holder has used her/his account for a purpose for which it is not allowed. 45) Detailed rules available on the bank's website www.or more and will be rounded off to the nearest rupee.will be accepted. Charges prescribed for exceeding this limit are available at the Bank's website www.This information can also be obtained from Branches. Inoperative accounts having less than the stipulated minimum balance will be charged a service charge at the end of the first year after the account is identified as inoperative and thereafter every year. immediate credit will be afforded for outstation instruments deposited up to Rs. Service charge at prescribed rate will be recovered if an account is closed prior to twelve months of its opening. 50/-. (Rule Nos.co.co. membership fees etc. 23) Withdrawals The account holder can withdraw money personally from her/ his ordinary Savings Bank Account by using Bank's standard withdrawal form. In satisfactorily conducted accounts. There is no ceiling on the maximum amount that can be drawn through a single cheque. 30) The maximum number of debit entries permitted in an account is 30 per half year or as decided by the Bank from time to time. 31) Inoperative Accounts Account holders are advised to operate their accounts regularly. Charges prescribed for this are available at the Bank's website www. 36. 22. All withdrawals must be in round Rupees only. Overdue interest will be recovered for instruments subsequently returned unpaid.co. 21. (Rule No. Cheques. No drawings against accepted instruments will be normally permitted until these are realized. The current prescribed charges for Standing Instruction are available at the Bank's website www. The Pass Book.in. (Rule No. (Rule Nos.sbi. the account will be closed under advice to the account holder. The current limit and charges prescribed for this are available at the Bank's website www. Interest will be paid if it works out to be Rs.000/-.This information can also be obtained from Branches. Cheques drawn in excess of the balance in the account will be returned unpaid.in or on request at all branches. 26) The minimum drawing permitted per cheque form is limited to Rs. by debit to her/ his account on payment of service charges. The current charges prescribed for this are available at the Bank's website www. (Rule Nos. along with the Pass Book should be sent to the Bank through an authorized representative to receive payment in case the account holder is unable to attend personally to withdraw cash from her/his account. old or incapacitated account holders who are unable to attend the Bank and/or also not able to put their signature or thumb impression for withdrawing cash by completing the laid down formalities. The withdrawal form can be used only for receiving payments by the account holder himself/ herself. 1/. No deposit in cash for less than Rs 10/. 24. Joint accounts can be closed only at the request of all such joint signatories. If the balance in the account is equal to or less than the service charge. 37) Standing Instructions The account holder can request the Bank for effecting periodical payment of insurance premium.sbi. 44. The pass book must accompany the withdrawal form. 25.

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