Stock Transfer order – Two Plants 1000 = Receiving plant (HA05) 1200 = Supplying plant (HA04) 1.

Create vendor – XK01, Give the purchasing organization, Account group, Company code. 2. Assign plant to vendor – XK02 –> Go to extras Add purchasing data Here we assign supplying plant 1200 to Vendor Save it 3. Create customer – XD01, Account group R3 to CRM, Company code, sales organization, Distribution channel, Division, Go to the Sales Area Data and then Shipping Data tab and put receiving plant 1000/(BC02).& Also maintain Shipping condition over there. 4. Define shipping data for plants SPRO MM Purchasing Purchase order Set up stock transfer order Define shipping data for plants here we assign the customer number created in step 3 to receiving plant 1000(BC02) save and exit. 5. Assign Delivery type (NL) & checking rule (B). in Doc Type UB. & Suppplying Plant.(in Assign delivery type & Checking Rule) 6. Manual creation of shipping point and assignment.-> IMG->Ent Struct.-> D’fine->LE->D’fine Shipping Pt. for supplying plant. Then Assign it with the supplying plant. 7. Assign Shipping Point:- SPRO -> Log Exe.-> Shipping-> Basic Shipping Functions-> Shipping point and good receiving point Determination-> Assign Shipping Points-> here we assign the loading group with the shipping condition(maintained in step 3 above), supplying plant , proposed shipping point and shipping point created manually.(T.Code:OVL2) 8. Create material by maintaining the purchasing view put delivering plant as 1000 in sales tab of the material master. 9. Extend the material from 1000 to 1200- just change the delivering plant to 1200 in the sales tab of the material master 10. Save and exit 11. Initialize stock MB1C Movement type – 561Plant =1200, Storage location –one which you will be creating 12. Create purchase order – ME21N, Doc type – UB, Put the supplying plant(BC01) in the top and the delivery plant(BC02) in the item level. 13. Go to VL10B  give the shipping point Give the Purchase order number and Supplying Plant below. 14. Click o the add document data icon on the application tool bar 15. Select the line item 16. Click on the background button from application tool bar 17. Click on next and note down the SD document number.

Rest is the task of the sales and distribution functional consultant’s job.

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