SMS in Tally.


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NET © Tally Solutions Pvt. 4. Register Mobile Numbers Enable SMS Authorise Users to SMS Connect Company to Tally. All Rights Reserved 2 .Steps 1. 2. Ltd. 3.

All Rights Reserved 3 . Ltd.Include Mobile Numbers  Gateway of Tally > Ctrl+K: Control Panel Enter User¶s Email ID & Password Select Salutation Enter Contact Person¶s Name Enter Mobile Numbers  In Control Centre > press W: My Profile Back © Tally Solutions Pvt.

Ltd. All Rights Reserved 4 .Enable SMS  Gateway of Tally > F11: Features > F4: Tally.NET Features Enable SMS Access & Enter Company¶s Short Name Back © Tally Solutions Pvt.

Ltd.Authorise Users  Gateway of Tally > F3: Company Info > Security Controls > Users & Passwords User¶s Email ID Select Security Level Authorise Remote Access to user Authorise SMS Access to user Back © Tally Solutions Pvt. All Rights Reserved 5 .

Connect Company  Gateway of Tally > F4: Connect Company Back © Tally Solutions Pvt. All Rights Reserved 6 . Ltd.

2010 Just type : Cash Balance as on 16/08/2010 Send to : 5667791 You will receive an SMS with the following text Closing Balance of Ledger Cash for 16-Aug-2010 15. All Rights Reserved Back 7 .SMS Service Number Send SMS to 566779<9> Where <9> is the SMS Suffix or a unique number assigned to the company connected to Tally.NET.000 Dr © Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd. the SMS Suffix available are between 1 to 9 Example To know the Cash Balance on August 16.

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