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Survies: The Characters of Plaguesville, USA

Survies: The Characters of Plaguesville, USA

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Published by Jim LaVigne
Pages from The Hunter's notebook: A look at the major characters in this post-apocalyptic novel from Permuted Press.
Pages from The Hunter's notebook: A look at the major characters in this post-apocalyptic novel from Permuted Press.

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Published by: Jim LaVigne on Jun 06, 2011
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FROM THE HUNTER’S NOTEBOOK Spring of 2077, somewhere in what used to be Oklahoma DR.

JUSTIN KAES - tall, dark hair, good-looking, about 35 years old. Former research scientist at the CDC, second in command of the original MISSION, now in charge by default/attrition. Seems like a decent enough guy, but inexperienced. Soft and naïve. Harmless. Probably won’t last a week outside of labs in NEW ATLANTA, like rest of them. TERESA - banger girl, age 18 or so. True child of the Fall: Orphan, no last name. Stunningly beautiful, built like a swimsuit model. Former co-leader of the BLOODCLAWS outlaw gang, recently gone rogue. Carries a sawed-off doublebarreled 12 gauge, knows how to use it. Wants to learn to read and write. All in all, tough and smart, no one to fuck with--think I’ll avoid her if possible. THE GOVERNOR OF NEW AMERICA - aka Jackson Armstrong. About 40-45 years old, carefully groomed and always smartly dressed. Undisputed leader of survie enclave known as NEW AMERICA, formerly Lawrence, Kansas. I don’t much like the Gov, but he pays well and seems to have the most stable enclave around, with something like 2,000 citizens. Can’t say I like the man personally, but then I’ve worked for

plenty of folks I didn’t like, so why is this any different? All I need to know is that he wants the OLD MAN and he’s willing to pay through the nose. DOUGLAS LUMLER - Second in command of New American POLICE FORCE, basically hired thugs who keep order. Holds rank of sergeant. Maybe 30 years old, great big burly type of guy. Seems like a good enough sort, best friends with NA medic named SANTIAGO. Personally, I’d prefer he was in charge of the NA police, as the man now in that spot has a nasty sadistic streak, but that’s the GOVERNOR’S call… BARBARA CASS - Nurse in charge of seeing to health of the OLD MAN. Tall, bigboned lady. No-nonsense professional, but shows signs of Survivor Syndrome and Massive Upheaval Psychosis. Actually feel kind of bad for her: No one should have to put up w/ a patient like that! BARON ZERO - real name unknown. Shaggy, lanky sort of guy. Wears old-fashioned eyeglasses, whiz at electronics and engineering. Leader of survie enclave in NE Oklahoma, converted/fortified office building commonly called BARON ZERO’S HOUSE, w/ about 200 residents. Decent human being, far as I can tell, but the way his followers seem to almost worship him a bit troubling. BOWLER - first name unknown. Younger guy w/ long hair the CDC crew picked up at St Alferd’s. Can’t tell much about him, but if he made it this far he must be either very smart or very lucky. Or maybe just opportunistic… Good at catching rabbits, spends a lot of time toting the OLD MAN.

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