NTPC-Tanda : At a glance

NTPC – Tanda is Located on Faizabad – Akbarpur road via Maya junction at Tanda in Ambedkar Nagar District. Nearest Railway station “Akbarpur” is at 22 KMs. The foundation stone of Tanda Project was laid by Late Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi on 30th Dec 1981. Project was sanctioned by UP Govt. in 1979 for 440 MW station having 4 units of 110 MW each. NTPC took over the project from erstwhile UPSEB on 15.01.2000.  COAL:  Requirement 3.00 Million MT per annum  Sources:  i) Central Coalfield Ltd(CCL)  ii) Bharat Coking Coal Ltd(BCCL)

  Requirement: 45 Cusecs. Source: Saryu River through Mahripur pump house.

   220KV Transmission lines Tanda-Sultanpur (2 Feeders) Tanda-Gorakhpur (1 Feeder) Tanda-Basti (1 Feeder)

NTPC – Tanda achieved turn around of its performance by improving its PLF from 14% to 91.65% since takeover within a short span of Eight years.

1. 2. 3. 4. The total area is 1141.541 acres. Main power plant Township Ash disposal Railway siding + Railway colony : 327.648 acres : 203.607 acres : 519.279 acres : 91.007 acres



A Benchmark in R&M



A Benchmark in R&M

This is a story about a small rural suburb called Tanda. Location wise it does not carry any prestigious credentials. It is located in eastern UP on the southern bank of the holy river Saryu. The nearest rail link is Akbarpur, 23 kilometers away. A road connects Akbarpur to Tanda. Tanda is also connected to the better known town of Faizabad by road. One would not imagine that much could happen in this sleepy little place which would merit much attention, or that such a happening could be valuable enough to a group of professionals, to whom it may bring lessons in management, and that too in an important technological field. Something important however did happen. In the initial description it may even appear to be a sensational commando type of operation. For it was in the darkness of the night, and with the Army present on the campus, that a group of executives from the NTPC took over the Thermal Power Station at Tanda. The pre-take-over management of the power station, the UPSEB, had already gone on strike. The atmosphere in the plant and township was uncertain, threatening and hostile. No, it was not an illegal “ Operation" ! Through a UP Government Gazette Notification dated January 14th 2000 Tanda Thermal Power Station was to be handed over to the NTPC on January 15, 2000. So the team from NTPC rightfully took it over. Apparently there was a hold back and resentment on the part of the UPSEB. Possibly the incumbent General Manager did not have proper and timely written instructions with regard to the said Notification. Resentment on part of UPSEB management and employees at Tanda was understandable. After all, there are as many perspectives to an issue of this nature as there are stakeholders to it. The strike continued for nearly 15 days. NTPC was left holding on to the plant, with a prospect of getting it going in difficult circumstances, both technically and people wise. With the takeover begins the story which follows. Now the story turns more factual. It is the story of the situation, as it existed in the plant on January 15, 2000 and the situations as it existed in various phases from that date until today. The narration must of necessity also cover the "change" process over the said period of Six years, in terms of parameters of productive and quality power generation, as also in terms of minds and attitudes of workers and the management. The plant inherited by NTPC had a fairly long history of its own. The Feasibility Report was made by M/S Desein in 1973. The UP Government sanctioned the Power Plant in 1979.



A Benchmark in R&M

Badarpur (only management of plant) in April.The plant was to have a generation capacity of 440 MW from 4 units of 110 MW each. 1991 and January.How was it done? Obviously the situation was assessed. problems areas marked and quantified. being synchronized on 20102/98 and becoming commercial on 01/07198. Systematic recording of learnings is bound to result in the consolidation of the Transformationcompetence. medium. 1993 respectively. Although full details of performance would not be available over the years the plant functioned under the UPSEB. 1995. It would be obvious that each takeover had its own set of problems. however does rest with NTPC. The detailed "know how" for management and execution. Provision was made in the design to augment the capacity to 840 MW. when the personnel who were involved in these exercises are no longer available due to succession changes in the cadre. The latter PLF was achieved with just strength of about 600. namely assessing. The PLF figure after takeover. 1978. This expertise has come into the hands of NTPC due to its "ground experience" in its area of core competence of power project management. The sequence of actions mentioned above. 1981. The short description of what was done is the Transformation story which now unfolds. Unit I was synchronized on 21/03/1988 and became commercial on 01/01/1990. This single one line comparison speaks volumes of what happened at Tanda and in fact this story really tries to get to the bottom of the vital question . Thus a very good foundation of knowledge & skill existed when the Tanda Plant was taken over and this expertise helped to revive the plant with greater speed and efficiency. 1992 and Talcher Thermal in June. long term) and action plans executed with vigour in the predetermined time frame. for 2004-05 was 86 %. by its own standards. Unit 4 was the last. The foundation stone of this project was laid by the then Prime Minister Smt. planning and executing could be logically deduced by any reasonably experienced manager in the field. critical issues prioritized. prioritizing. identifying. Indira Gandhi on December 30. The fact that previous takeovers contributed to a successful execution at Tanda is clearly brought out by the fact of Corporate HQ nominating a NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . but broad power plant issues in such circumstances tend to be similar. and takeovers of Unchahar in February. Units 2 & 3 became commercial in April. and systematic action plans formulated and categorized (short.1t took 17 years to complete the plant. The former PLF was achieved with manpower of about 1200. This was not the organization's first experience in takeover of a sub optimally performing plant and bringing it back up to acceptable levels of performance. an idea of the state of affairs can well be gauged from the fact that the average PLF of the plant from 1989 up to takeover was abysmally low at 31 % and 14% at the time of takeover. and will continue to be a sound guide for the future.

The physical condition of the other units was also poor as the survey report reveals as also do the PLF and other parameters at the time of takeover . The status of the plant is best judged against standard operating parameters along with the actual condition of the equipment.73 at the time of takeover has come down to 1. NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . PLF. Cleanliness and orderliness were apparently not on any priority list. availability etc. to bring about a positive Transformation in these aspects. the technological problems and solutions and the vitally important manpower and HR issues. The overall housekeeping was not at all in order. medium term and long term. Overall there were strong interfaces between the experience of the NTPC executives'.takeover core team of experienced personnel. and aided the process of growth of their technical competence.39 at present Add to this the fact that better performance was achieved by the same UPSEB employees who were earlier functioning on a very low productivity as indicated by standard power generating parameters viz.Problems were identified by the survey team. Out of the four units. The term status includes the physical plant condition. The plant and township areas were unkempt. Recommendations were divided into short term. This was their cultural background from the many plants the team members had served in. The motivation and productivity levels of the staff were very low and were in consonance with the poor baseline parameters and condition of the plant The levels can also be judged from the fact that about 1200 manpower was nearly halved. The decision to constitute a survey team of experienced personnel to carry out a detailed status analysis of the plant machinery to form an excellent basis for developing the action plan is also a pointer to background experience. largely cannibalized to support remaining units. the productivity of personnel. The situation at Tanda in "status" terms was much below par. The Transformation and achievements can only be visualized against this basic reference point. cleanliness and maintenance drives. attitudes & motivation and quality of work life at the plant. The personnel and management performance is inseparably linked with the plant in what we may term as the man machine interface. The status of the plant at takeover is an important issue. The Man/MW ratio which was 2. The takeover team members had strong images in their minds about what a good plant and well kept surroundings look like. and the management. The NTPC culture of "hands-on" executives provided personal leadership examples to the newly absorbed staff. They brought to bear upon the Tanda plant and its surrounds the impact of all they had seen and deliberately planned and executed environmental. one was totally non-functional. while the plant productivity actually increased. These in turn led to the formulation of Revival Schemes. and the overall working environment.

system wise which aided in detailed planning. The team members were professionals and had good expertise in their individual fields through ample experience at other Power Stations of NTPC. and leadership decides whether its human resource performs this function or not. Of course in the background was the support of the leading power generation set up in the country. The selection of team also reflects that the experience gained in previous takeovers was utilized. that the "people" issues are highlighted in further narration. The depth of NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . The Processes and Learning’s for The Future. The Initial Survey Team On January 28. specific concerned areas in particular. The swiftness with which both the Core team and the The Initial Survey Team were constituted speaks volumes for the expertise availability of this category. 2000 a team was constituted to go in detail about all technical facts of the station and submit recommendations for earliest revival of all units. financially sound. This team visited Tanda and obtained first hand information of the complete plant in general. the UPSEB employees and the supporting logistic assets. The motivation level of the management and staff at all levels has always been a critical issue.The story for the sake of convenience has been described with in four parts titled People . Expertise of NTPC Executives Expertise of an individual in any field. The principle outlined above was intensely true at Tanda. This was a critical area for building up information for planning of actions for the turnaround. The team also did a detailed analysis of all technical aspects of each equipment. The Technological Tasks. The Core Team The Core Team members were selected by NTPC at corporate level. Organisations depend on "the people" to bind its resources into a dynamic working system. the 4XII0 MW UPSEB Plant. The organization for the task was the core team and other NTPC executives. It is with this as the backdrop. and held technical discussions with UPSEB executives available at site. makes him a " added advantage” in the Human Resource group & such people are vital to handling of turnovers in their professional fields. The team was constituted with due care and with a desired mix of different disciplines. with systems and procedures in place. PEOPLE MATTER It is the functioning of the "people" that eventually decides the success or failure of a system.

and provide direction and support.Employees participation in management. The Directors of NTPC visited Tanda often. ascertaining representative character of unions through verification process. township etc. quality circles. NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . introducing employee suggestion scheme & grievance handling procedure. enforcing contract labour provisions. conducting structured interaction with unions / associations. establishment of communication channels through newsletter. repatriating deputationists. restructuring and forming departments on NTPC lines. constitution of participative forums. The broad categories under which detailed actions were laid down are as follows: a) b) General HR & Employee Development c) d) Welfare Administration In the General category action covered joining formalities of absorbed employees in NTPC. generating employee computerized data base. Formulation of the Detailed HR Action Plan The HR issues needing priority action were assessed and based on the findings in terms of shortfalls in functions as also comparison with standard NTPC HR practices. The CMD of NTPC addressed the workers at Tanda during his visit which was very effective in lifting the morale of the ex UPSEB employees. Top Hierarchy Support The top level hierarchical support to the takeover was available in abundance. The continuous support by the CMD and Directors of NTPC and their visits to Tanda sent the message to the personnel working at Tanda that their contributions to the challenge of turning around of Tanda project was being recognized at the highest level in NTPC. Any support required from the top leadership of NTPC was quickly forthcoming. Conducting training programmes for workmen on . simplifying procedures for expeditious disposal of routine establishment matters. In the HR & Employee Development category activities covered conducting orientation programmes for workmen for taken over absorbed employees. issue of "leave/medical books etc. an HR Action Plan was formulated The HR action plan was a time bound action plan. issuing of ID cards... house journals. safety. to resolve issues.expertise is amply demonstrated in the proactive Transformation by the Core Team and other NTPC executives posted at Tanda. and other instruments of participative management. constituting committees for canteen. introducing time punching at gates. notice boards etc.

The first group consisted of those being absorbed and the second group was of those who were not getting absorbed. conducting workers education programmes. leadership development programmes. re-allotment of quarters due to deputationists leaving. on job training for operators. beautification of township. Thus for a period of 3 months the management had on its hands two distinct groups. eviction of unauthorized occupation from township. library. introduction of employees development schemes. creating & equipping Recreation Centres with facilities of recreation. Integration of the UPSEB Employees . Administration covered accommodation for NTPC executives. constituting committees to start executive club. indoor games. removing cattle nuisance. The larger number was that of those being repatriated to UPSEB. organizing rural sports. safety. These 421 workers were referred to as 'Specified Personnel' in the gazette notification. horticulture. There were however 25-30 optees who were taken in through mutual exchange. Out of the 1200. Promoting Quality Circles & Professional Circles.A Major Challenge In the Transformationat Tanda. arrangement of office furniture & stationery.skill development programmes. Bal Bhawan. The willing NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . the ideal would have been an NTPC management and an NTPC staff However. providing personal protective equipments for safety to employees working in plant area to ensure safety. improving hospital services. 421 were to be absorbed in NTPC and balance was to remain with UPSEB and redeployed etc. about 400 were supervisors' and executives who were not to be absorbed by NTPC. formation of village development committees and undertaking peripheral development work in nearby villages. constituting employees consumer society and extend facility of fair price shop and LPG. The senior lot mostly came to NTPC. productivity. computer applications. Welfare covered formation of employees welfare associations. environmental improvement in offices. retraining & redeployment. NTPC paid their salaries in that period. upgrading infrastructure in schools. That there was a difference in attitudes of the two groups is obvious. finalization of security contract for township. Out of the remaining nearly 800 workers. organizing competitions (for family members). Development of Children park/playgrounds in township. upgrading VIP Guest House and repair of quarters. the situation was that there were about 1200 employees at the time of takeover out of which only 421 were to be retained. formation of sports council. formation of ladies club. organizing cultural programmes. lmdertaking tree plantation. The UPSEB strength of 1200 at takeover remained the same for nearly 3 months after take over.

HR functions within a circle were handled by secretarial staff (popularly known as 'babus'). Clear communication channels were established. The UPSEB employees were worried about their lack of knowledge of latest technology. transparency and integrity of NT PC and its personnel. The NTPC team was briefed properly. After takeover. There was no training department nor was any structured training imparted except for some visits to Obra Plant. There was no separate HR Department. Even the salary statements were prepared by them and then sent to finance for payment. The strategic actions basically consisted of: a) Conducting three day structured orientation programmes for workers being absorbed b) Recognizing and appreciating the strong points of the UPSEB employees c) Interaction of NTPC executives with the staff. There was fear of change. computer knowledge. Besides creating awareness amongst the UPSEB employees about the work NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . Each HR intervention was devised. Awareness about environment and safety was also provided. 2000. There were 21 circles/divisions each headed by an Executive Engineer. and the unwilling ones (not necessarily all) generally belong to the second. The UPSEB employees were unwilling to change their mental make to the changed circumstances and wanted continuation of Board times. A proactive strategy was adopted to overcome these issues. the functioning and department concept was different. There were inherent fears and apprehensions in the mind of UPSEB employees. the departments were restructured on NTPC lines by May. introduced and communicated in such a manner so that it reflected non-discrimination. There was no separate HR department. Apprehensions about fate of people who where to remain with NTPC and those who were to be repatriated back to UPSEB were addressed.workers generally belonged to the first group. There was also fear of future under NTPC Management. There were many rumours at the time of takeover. The NTPC executives were sensitized against the 'We and They' syndrome. There were apprehensions about pay and perks as they were not aware of NTPC pay scale and were worried that they will be losing the emoluments and benefits they were getting. vision etc. Orientation Programmes titled 'Positive NTPC Work Culture' were conducted for all workers. The message that went to all was that the NTPC personnel and UPSEB employees were a part of NTPC family now and they have to work together to improve the performance in all spheres at Tanda. The content of the programme laid stress on the structure and functioning of the NTPC. core values. Earlier in UPSEB system.

There was visible and significant improvement in the quality of work life. New NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . Sound knowledge and deep involvement in the day to day routine activities by the executives would have served as a fine example of leadership through example. Annual salary increments were taken care of automatically and the employees did not have to run from pillar to post. These facilities which are taken for granted by NTPC employees. There are 23 active quality circles in which employees are participating. These personnel knew the plant and its moods and had long hands on experience. the fear of communication was further removed by introduction of the standard NTPC Suggestion Scheme. This was changed to NTPC system of crediting the salary to the employee's bank account at the end of every month. UPSEB employees saw NTPC executives and even their Head of project putting in long hours and working with them. etc. It was a fine example of leadership across all levels. In addition to the effect of opening communication through the open door policy. Quality Circles were introduced as prevalent in other NTPC stations. "Antakshri". Earlier the salary in UPSEB was disbursed in cash and the procedure was lengthy. The NTPC executives led from the front. It impressed and motivated them to emulate the same. In fact at the non-executives working level the Transformation was affected through the efforts of these employees only. Earlier the salary payment was spread over a period of almost 15 days. meant a lot to the absorbed employees. There was all round development and improvement. The GM followed an open door policy so that anyone could go and meet him without fear or restriction. and it reposed the faith of Specified personnel in NTPC. a direct communication was established with the workers. Initially the new system faced resistance from all ex-UPSEB employees but once implemented all affected employees appreciated the efficacy of the new system. The leave procedure was simplified and leave book system was introduced.culture of the NTPC. were held. NTPC Rewards and Recognition System has also been introduced and a number of employees have won rewards and appreciations. Suggestion Scheme gave the workers a sense of belongingness and a forum for participation and contribution. Of particular interest in the Transformation aspect is the especially strong "hands on" culture of the NTPC executives. The Transformation at the "nuts and bolts" level could only have been achieved by a strong interaction at the ground level between the workers and the executives. Recognizing the strength of the UPSEB employees was vitally important to restore their self confidence. Cultural events were organized and competitions like quizzes.. where rumours could be sorted out and quashed.

National Institute of Orthopaedically Handicapped (NIOH). Training was also provided. In this center PWDs are registered. wheelchairs. A first camp for the PWDs was held in October. In view of this the Director. infrastructure. Training through NIIT . in the vicinity of Tanda TPS. After its inception. NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . Rehabilitation of Persons With Disability (PWDs) In and around the Tanda area.. there is a large no. in Jan. hearing aids. these were the employees who at initial phase of takeover showed intense hostility. with special attention being paid of teachers and children. Surgeries are also performed to reduce disability. a workshop for fabrication of those and prostheses. with reference to area of work. Gradually. Calcutta was contacted who assured full help to NTPC in their venture to help the handicapped. The sad condition of these people touched the hearts of both the doctors & management of NTPC. 24 personnel from different departments. Presently 27 employees secured admission to Diploma in Power Generation Engineering from Jamia Millia Islamia through distance learning mode. Lucknow at Tanda was arranged for around 60 secretarial / steno typist staff in 3 modules of 10 days each. Tricycles. 2005. This hostility was not limited to the employees even spread to the families at that time. 2003. of persons with disability. DDRC has conducted regular programmes for the handicapped persons and for the sensitization of the population with regard to attitude towards the disabled. and under job rotation are now working in operation department. The facilities available at DDRC are making of ear moulds. pairs of crutches are distributed.schools came up and hospital facilities. township facilities improved. They were encouraged to take higher education/qualification. 30 personnel appeared in the 10th board examination . Interestingly. (out of which 16 were assisted in passing 8th class and 8 were already 8th class) were given 3 months on the job training. but are now willing without objection to contribute in other areas of work. The developmental needs of UPSEB employees were taken care of. A feeling came in these employees that NTPC cared for them and their future and wanted them to grow with the organization. A well equipped physiotherapy section is also available. security. Refresher courses are also held. The concept of learning has caught on. Earlier the workers worked in water tight compartments. A training centre for mentally handicapped and slow learner children was established. those people who were apprehensive about their lack of computer skills initially started enjoying working on computer.

Dhanbad. 52.01. club etc.04.1998 Running Hours upto Dec.1988 11.03. NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . The water requirement of the station is met from Saryu (Ghaghara) river through Mehripur pumping station constructed for feeding Mehripur pump canal. The capacity of the station is 4X 110 MW. good schools.10. Hyderabad. The total area of power house including colony is 235 hectares and land for ash disposal area is about 170 hectares. Control & Instrumentation systems by M/S Instrumentation India Ltd.03. the planning & setting up of township is done as per NTPC standards. The designed boiler efficiency .02.1993 01.1999 37269 38678 30238 9281 No. For the newly posted NTPC executives who brought their children along. The families contribution. NTPC executives could not meet their families for long periods of time due to the challenging nature of their job. The main plant equipments BHEL whereas Generator (Boiler.03. So the families of NTPC personnel who where posted at Tanda had to initially endure hardships. schooling was a major problem.90 The Tanda Thermal Power Station has been designed by M/s Desein.The Unsung Heroes of Tanda There was no proper township infrastructure at Tanda at the time of takeover with regards to accommodation.1990 20.95 45.1990 01.1989 28. The power generated from the station is evacuated through 220 kV feeders connected to Sultanpur (2 feeders).07.of Tripping/ 1000 Hrs.1991 01. Turbine and Generator) have been supplied by Mis. as is found in other established projects of NTPC.51 43.1998 Date Of Commercial Operation 01. with constant and proactive effort on the part of NTPC management. The families who stayed away due to schooling of their children or those who came & stayed at Tanda. The coal linkage for the station has been provided from North Karnpura and BCCL. sacrifice. THE TECHNOLOGICAL TASKS Unit No 1 2 3 4 Date Of commissioning 21. understanding & support to their loved ones working at Tanda project ensured the high morale and motivation of NTPC personnel at Tanda often working in difficult and stressful conditions. market. Basti (1 feeder) and Gorakhpur (1 feeder). Coal Handling Plant has been supplied by M/S TRF. Kota and De-mineralized water plant by M/S W ATCO. recreation centre. These issues were resolved over a period of time. hospital. were the unsung heroes of the Transformation of Tanda station. of Tripping 1957 1670 1359 426 No.. Cooling Towers by M/S Paharpur Cooling Towers. Even in Greenfield projects of NTPC.18 44. Transformers have been supplied by M/S NGEF.

36 37.19 31. High Pressure (HP)-Low Pressure (LP) bypass system was not in service in any of the unit. Stand by BFPs were not available for auto operation and many times this led to unit tripping.43 57.67 24. Isolation of individual condensers was not possible due to heavy passing of inlet and outlet butterfly valves.3 Kcal/kWhr respectively.25 35. 1.turbine heat rate and unit heat rate are 84. 3 was under shut down for capital overhaul since 03.16 plant and obsolescence.98 Sp. Most of the oil coolers were choked. In unit no. Condition of electrical switchgears was very bad due to poor upkeep.Oil (ml/kwHr) 22.8 Kcal/kW-hr and 2565. At the time of take over unit no. Boilers were tripping very frequently on flame failure.88 31. Only 13 out of 28 Cooling Tower (CT) fans were available. 2 and 3 condition of boiler tubes and condenser tubes were very bad due to poor water chemistry.72 35. Some of the problems were because of old design of the Year 94-95 95-96 96-97 97-98 98-99 99-2000 PLF% 26.7%.21 33.42 7. No fire fighting arrangement was NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . High Pressure (HP) heaters were not commissioned in any of the unit leading to poor cycle efficiency. Direct Current (DC) system and batteries were in very poor shape. During the lean period from October to April every year acute shortage of water was experienced as the Saryu river changes its course during this period.38 37. 2172. Cable galleries are located below ground level and these were full of water.49 21. The designed High Heating Value (HHV) of coal is 3850 Kcal/kg and the boiler is designed to operate at worst coal quality of 3400 Kcal/kg. Very poor vacuum was maintained in the units due to hard scales inside the condenser tubes and heavy tube leakages.59 Availab ility (%) 42. Most of the Electro Static Precipitator (ESP) fields were either not available or not performing well. No stand by working oil/lubrication oil cooler was provided for Boiler Feed Pumps (BFP).07. High pressure drains to condenser were heavily passing.71 43.32 34. There were problems all around and these were very much visible.22 Partial Loading (%) 36. Not more than 2 mills were available in any of the units and oil was being fired on continuous basis for flame stability. during each start up enormous amount of steam was wasted to atmosphere. inadequate coal fineness and no secondary air control.34 51. These isolations were being done by blanking the pipes and it was taking a very long time. of condenser tubes were in plugged condition. Hence. This can be mainly attributed to low volatile matter in coal.25 51.52 35.71 7.83 48. Auxiliary steam header was leaking heavily and there was heavy water ingress in unit control room. Most of the problems were because of bad operation and maintenance practices.241 15. Scrapper conveyor and clinker grinders were not commissioned.286 26.1999 and many equipments from this unit were cannibalized and used for maintenance of other units. A large no.

All the secondary air dampers were not operable from remote. Status of Coal Handling Plant was also not good. On the basis of visits of the team to the site. For this availability of major auxiliaries was most important. 2&3. Renovation of all 24 mills in the four Units. Status of DM water plant was very poor. The first and foremost issue was running of all units. The Revival Strategy The team went into the depth of the status of plant at the time of takeover. Mill area was filled with mill reject.provided in the cable galleries. 100% inspection/repair in Unit 4. Revival of all ESP fields. Status of Control and Instrumentation was no better.2 & 3 and 12 meter to 24 meter in Unit 4. 2 & 3. Housekeeping was non-existent. available documentation at site. medium term and long term actions to be taken in each area. Revival of Scraper Conveyors and Clinker Grinders in all units. Replacement of Air Pre Heater (APH) Baskets and Sector Plates and installation of Support Bearing lubrication oil system. Action plan for the revival and sustained operation of units was prepared indicating short term. Many of the instruments at control room and locations were not working. Even unit control room was full of dust. Scrap was scattered everywhere. a detailed report on area wise problems was prepared. Air driers were not in service in compressors. Moisture content was very high in the instrument air. Replacement of Water Wall panels from 12 meter elevation to 42 meter elevation in Unit 1. Turbine Area Complete replacement of Condenser Tubes in Units 1. interaction with UPSEB officials and also based on experience that was gained during operation of the plant for a short period of time after take over. Compressed air pressure was low. Boiler Area • • • • • • • • • • • Complete replacement of Economizer in Units 1. The major R&M activities carried out are given below. 2&3. They were mechanically locked at local. Renovation of Reheater (RH)\ Superheater (SH) & Ceiling SH in Units 1. Renovation of Boiler Side Valves in all the Units. Most of the auto control loops were not working. Drains were choked and water logging was very common. Replacement ofBumers & Coal Piping in all the Units. Installation of new Medium Pressure Turbine Rotor in Unit 3 NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M .

field and control room instrumentation. Renovation and commissioning of HP/LP bypass system in all the Units Renovation of BFP Cartridges and Condensate pumps Renovation of 11 & 6 ata Aux.2 class energy meters for all lines and generators. 2 & 3 Commissioning of manual battery chargers to fully automatic battery chargers for improved battery bank health. Installation of Sequence of Events (SOE) recorder for proper analysis of tripping. Generator Relay Panel (GRP) and lines. Installation of chartless recorders with networking facility at EEMG and efficiency room for proper analysis of performance parameters. Installation of innovative ash water re-circulation system (AWRS) for harvesting of ash water.2 &3 Replacement of damaged 220V battery banks of switchyard and Units 1. Commissioning of HP/LP bypass system in all units. Testing and repair of all defective relays of GRPs. instrument air compressors Electrical Area Installation and commissioning of Digital Voltage Regulator (DVR) in Units 1. • • • • NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . Calibration of all electrical instruments. Internal inspection and replacement of aged oil in all power transformers Restoration of all protection of6. lines and switchgears through OEM. Steam headers and associated valves Offsite Area Commissioning of all CT fans. C&I Area Revival of Unit 3 C&I systems including new Distributed Digital Control (DDC) controls. CT fans available. Segregation of power supply in AC distribution boards resulting in reduction of no. of unit trippings. of 02 nos. All instrument and plant air compressors were made available along with the dryers Enhancement of capacity. Installation of 0.• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Renovation of Turbine & Auxiliaries in Unit 3. Renovation and commissioning of switchgear to make all 28 nos.6 kV systems. Commissioning of degasser blowers. degasser tanks and replacement of alkali/acid tanks.

Phased replacement of old conveyor belt with new fire resistant conveyor belt. Not many spares were available in stores and most of the spares available in stores were not usable. To ensure the adequate supply of raw water during this period dredging operation is carried out covering a distance of 7 Kms. of auto loops in all four units. Procurement of new shunting locomotive. Kota is commendable. As NTPC has only few units of 110 MWs. A large quantity of spares/material for which the orders were placed by UPSEB was in transit. Installation of vacuum contactor for L T conveyors in place of air circuit breakers. Turbo supervisory instruments of all units have been replaced with new one. Irrigation department. BHEL helped in locating spares in non-NTPC power stations. the items were prioritized and their delivery was expedited with the supplier. THE MANAGEMENT OF SPARES was one of the critical issues in revival of the units. There were a number of spares which were immediately required for the revival of the units. All possible means were used to arrange for spares in the shortest possible time. In this regard the support received from Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. Incorporation of all conveyor protections. NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . Earlier were obsolete in nature. As a policy as far as possible Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM) were contacted for the supply of spares. Restoration of completely damaged paddle feeders. Spares were also arranged from other power stations including non-NTPC power stations. the availability of spares from other NTPC stations was difficult. Even the schemes and drawings were provided by OEMs wherever required. Saryu river changes its course every year from September to April and virtually no water remains in the intake of Mehripur pump house. Spares were manufactured and supplied by OEMs on priority basis. mechanized dredgers. the copies of the purchase order were arranged. Silica and hardness analyzers commissioned in all four units pH and conductivity analyzers were commissioned in DM plant CHP Area Installation of high strength magnet and metal detector at Conveyor 2A/2B. Scarcity of Raw water was the most critical problem being faced. Raw water from Saryu river is supplied by Mehripur pump house of UP. with the help of 03 nos. (BHEL) and Instrumentation India Limited.• • • • • • • • • • Re-commissioning of20 nos.

Heat Rate. the coal is stacked in different piles in the coal handling plant and depending upon the status/availability of coal mills in the unit quality of coal to be bunkered is decided. Daily Overhaul Meeting when the units are under maintenance. receipt of material and its consumption were effectively maintained and monitored through this system. Anurakshan. following established O&M practices of NTPC were introduced at the earliest so as to extract maximum effectiveness and efficiency from the revived plant. Protection circuits in the main plant were made healthy and full proof Along with implementation of this revival plan. All maintenance works like raising of work orders. Plant Load Factor steadily increased from average 14 % before take over to 86% . which ensures taking necessary action wherever needed. Auxiliary Power Consumption. The achievements of targets are monitored at macro level for taking necessary corrective action at the appropriate level at the appropriate time. in case of any requirement.To avoid tripping of the boiler on flame failure. Operation Performance Parameters Monitoring System (OPPMS) enables displays of the generation and other important operation parameters round the clock in the offices of the General Manager. the targets are cascaded down to the individual level in the form Key Performance Areas. NTPC works on yearly MOU targets. Specific Oil Consumption and Forced Outage also reduced NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . a comprehensive software package for maintenance planning of the plant was introduced. Depending upon the quality of coal received. 1. System of Daily Plant Meeting. Further. so that the objectives of management and the efforts of the individual employees are in the same direction 4. The success of R&M is well reflected through different performance indicators. overhauling scheduling. AGM (O&M) and DGM (Opn. Predictive Maintenance Planning with effective implementation of Equipment Maintenance schedule were established to ensure timely completion of the work as well as to monitor the progress. Monthly Operation Review Team (ORT) meeting. 3.). Further. A system of forwarding daily reports to Regional Head Quarter (RHQ) and Operation Services was established in order to ensure generation at optimum level and also to ensure optimum utilization of material resources available. 2. preventive maintenance scheduling. arrangements were made for high volatile matter coal from North Karanpura. Number of unit trippings reduced from around 400 in a year to a drastically low level. daily reporting of the equipment under maintenance.

Housekeeping which was earlier nonexistent improved considerably. Now the vacuum being maintained is between -0. NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M .93 Ksc at 24 deg CW water inlet temperature.89 Ksc to -0. This is better than many of the other NTPC units.considerably from abnormally high levels to the NTPC levels. Earlier unit load was restricted due to very poor condenser vacuum.

NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M .

However. which could help in planning and execution. Since different technologies are adopted for various projects by various boards I agencies. and this will also reduce the lead time required for obtaining the spares. It was further felt that there could have been transition period prior to takeover. The basic lesson of course which comes out loud and clear is that it is only a dominant power sector organisation. there are extremely compelling reasons to do otherwise. it ruled out prior planning. NTPC does meet these criteria. Of course. & equipment so as to formulate the R&M plan well in advance. which could provide future managers in takeovers with a set of lessons. in which executives of the two organisations could have worked together and shared the know how to achieve a smoother takeover. with established systems. From the above it can be seen that future takeovers should be done with prior planning. Interestingly. there are some issues. Prior Planning and Study of the Plant The Tanda Power Plant was taken over in exceptional and hostile circumstances. This resulted in almost blindly going into a system without much information or preparation. this issue of prior study & planning at Tanda gains importance when we consider that the NTPC team which reached the station did not know till after takeover. These are discussed in the paragraphs below. The particularly harsh conditions faced by the core team in the initial phase of takeover could have been avoided through a preplanned and coordinated takeover. that one of the units was dysfunctional & heavily cannibalized for maintenance of other units. NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . study of the plant. Tanda itself threw up a set of issues all of which may not be replicated again. coordination with the outgoing organization unless. Whereas the timing of takeover was decided at the appropriate level for. The plant was taken over in midst of a major strike and it is known that there was no administrative or technical liaison with the Tanda Plant before the actual takeover. In spite of this it is also a fact that it was a highly successful turnaround. 1. The Tanda Transformation presents a number of noteworthy learnings for future takeovers and turnarounds. procedures and resources that can carry out such an activity with an assured degree of success.LEARNING FOR THE FUTURE NTPC took over the Tanda plant in a hostile environment without prior contact. it will be quite useful to have a prior-study of the system. definitely very good reasons. every takeover is unique and throws up many new challenges and issues.

4. The team thereafter met at Lucknow on the January 13. the very first briefing took place on January 11. It is also very important that the initial team is totally well knit. However. to understand the problems. It is felt that information should be disseminated as early as possible to the concerned employees. A proper age mix should also be considered. 2000.2000.2000. Depending on the condition of the plant and technology used. Dissemination of Information Dissemination of information needs special attention. expertise. systems. In this respect. Only two of the core team members were present. Even the other executives who were deployed at Tanda in the initial stages did not get time to prepare for the new assignment. it is felt that the NTPC should exercise selection of such manpower against a proper employee database and its own needs. The number of non-executives to be absorbed can be decided at the time of takeover. 3. They would aid achieving an early proper mindset. In the absorbing of the outgoing organisation's manpower. qualification and attitude. that involvement of the HOP with regard to team composition in future takeovers will yield even better results. As the plant stabilizes. manpower placement should not be purely based on Man-MW ratio The technology. initially a much higher level of manpower is required. It is desirable. As a result it took some time for the core team to achieve a proper mindset. his involvement in team selection is must.2. equipment used and the number of units should also be taken into account for manpower deployment. Manpower The manpower required at the takeover stage should not be according to norms. this can be reduced gradually. technology etc at Tanda and to go about the business of making the system operational. the actual selection should be done over a period of time after duly watching the individuals performance. positive attitude of team members is crucial to the achievement of the desired goals speedily. Some of the expertise may not be permanently required and could be made available on a need based time frame on a temporary basis. This approach was not adopted at Tanda causing some NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . As the HOP is ultimately responsible for the functioning of the plant. Team Selection The initial core team consisted of the Head of Project and 14 members. For the takeover on January 15. Even after stabilization. Availability of expert manpower is critical from day one of the takeover so that the precise status of the plant can be established and realistic plans made for the revival of the plant.

Structured meetings with employees and unions were also held. conduct of orientation programmes. 8. It paid off rich dividends as it gave the taken over employees a new perspective and hope about their future in NTPC. The establishment of a strong and active communication channels with both group of employees helped in quashing unnecessary rumors. Approvals at Board level were speedily accorded. adoption of "open door policy" by the GM and other NTPC officials. introduction of Suggestion Schemes. There were two group of employees. Communications took the form of short meetings. Communication was also strengthened through conduct of cultural activities. Knowledge and NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . Employee development was virtually missing at the time of takeover. The NTPC executives were briefed properly and were sensitized against the 'We and They' syndrome.difficulties. The visits by the CMD and Directors of NTPC were very effective in lifting the morale of the ex -UPSEB employees. Quality Circles. Introducing Established Systems Introduction of established systems in the taken over Plants is perhaps the most powerful tool to bring about a smooth takeover and early stabilization of the plant. and provide direction and support. 7. It also sent the message to the personnel working at Tanda that their contributions to the challenge of turning around of Tanda project was being recognized at the highest level in NTPC. 6. The Top Management Support The top management support to the takeover & Transformation was available in abundance. Spares were provided by other stations. those to be absorbed in the NTPC and those who were to be repatriated after a maximum period of three months. 5.. and Professional Circles etc. Apprehensions about fate of people who where to remain with NTPC and those who were to be repatriated back to UPSEB were addressed. Communication Clear communication channels were established at Tanda after takeover. There should be an option for absorbing a few willing executives of the outgoing organization. 9. Pursuit of higher education I qualifications was actively encouraged by NTPC which brought a lot of goodwill. Employee Development There was stress on employee development right from the beginning at Tanda. Support from other NTPC Station/ Offices Tanda received support from other stations of NTPC in terms of experienced manpower in technical & other areas on time. Employee development is a strong area of the NTPC. to resolve issues. The Directors of NTPC visited Tanda often.

At Tanda the visible effects were in the plant performance. as the machine is the same. Such improvement whether in the plant or surroundings must be visible. 12. conduct of cultural activities. Make the Plant Operation First In such takeovers. This will also aid in knowledge management.expertise of other projects was available to Tanda for solving problems in running the units. 11. Quantity v/s Quality Initially. Many visible changes. Knowledge Management Maintenance of records of process of change is vital. Kothagudem in Andhra Pradesh. working environment. and Renu Sagar in UP. Detailed recording of each and every activity along with the rationale for the same. Spares Management – Special Measures Spares were locally arranged/repaired wherever possible. Corporate Engineering Group helped with Long Term. When the plant becomes operational. Some important spares were provided by NTPC Talcher. not only for posterity but for the future actions in the plant itself. Medical officers from other NTPC stations carne to Tanda for short periods for providing better medical facilities. cleanliness in the plant & colony. 10. the primary focus should be first to make the plant operational. With this infrastructure the quality of life also improved. and archiving them properly for easy retrieval are essential. though of lesser quality are far superior to a limited no. of high quality ones. Quantity of successes is more visible than the quality. The knowledge gained would also be of help when NTPC plants starts ageing. other areas can start getting added attention. Some Special Takeover Issues Continuous and Visible Improvement There should be continual improvement in plant performance as it aids in raising the morale of the employees. The records will enable one to study and understand the future requirements also. Material ordered by other NTPC stations was diverted to Tanda Necessary spares and equipment were also obtained from some non-NTPC stations like Bhatinda Power Station in Punjab. quality comes into play in order to enhance the performance parameters. hospitals etc. When a satisfactory level has been achieved. Medium Term and Short Term R&M planning. schools. NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . to be most effective. at Tanda the strategy of achieving quantity over quality was followed. development of parks.

These NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . the OEM for units provided the drawings. This involves taking decisions in conditions of uncertainties or where new ground has to be broken. operating manuals and other important details as well as supplied the necessary important spares. the very decision making ability of executives improves when working in takeover plants. drawings. Clearly. Instrumentation India Ltd. This ability involves taking fast decisions with available information rather than weighing all pros and cons and delaying a decision waiting for additional inputs/information. Their expertise. Open Door Policy The Head of Project and the departmental heads followed an open door policy and were accessible to all the employees. help and advice was available to the employees at Tanda. Transparency and Non Discrimination Each HR intervention was devised. REDRESSAL OF GRIEVANCES Redressal of grievances is always a matter of deep concern to the management. which had a favorable impact on the UPSEB employees. This ability in executives is strengthened by support from the top in as much certain failure is acceptable. A good liaison with OEM Vendors is vital in the early phase of the takeover. Tanda management made all efforts for speedy redressal of grievances. issue of leave / medical books etc. introduced and communicated in such a manner that it reflected non-discrimination. Such HR interventions are essential when the NTPC culture and the culture of the absorbed employees co-exist for some time after the takeover. BHEL. OEM/ Vendor Support It is preferable to deal with OEMs as far as possible. operating manuals etc. transparency and integrity of NTPC and its personnel. This was crucial to the Transformation due to extremely poor condition of the plant. Simplification of Procedures Procedures were simplified and modified like crediting of salary in bank directly. This concern is accentuated when persons from different cultures are involved. helped by providing the necessary Instrumentation details and drawings and supplied the necessary man power support. OEMs rendered full support to the Tanda plant in terms of spares.Risk Taking Ability The executives in key positions during takeovers should possess risk taking ability.

Introduction of computers at Tanda brought a major visual change. being a part of its established. NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . This support was highly visible during the actual takeover and continued to be available due to good public relations. The employees who were initially reluctant and feared for their job became willing converts to the computer age. Such system should be introduced at the beginning. Non Copy Book Style The nature of work at the initial stage of takeover does not always lend itself to the routine rule book style of functioning.procedures are taken for granted within the NTPC. system. At this point there must be a relaxation of rules with broad guidelines in place to manage the unexpected and the uncertain. For the UPSEB employees it was something novel. as it was done at Tanda Introduction of Computers There were no computers at Tanda prior to the takeover. This mode of functioning will result in a speedier Transformation as was evident at Tanda. Support from District Administration and Local Authorities District administration was taken into confidence and regular interaction with them ensured their full support for NTPC management.

SAFETY NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M .

First Aid training for employees by Saint John’s Ambulance 03-Specialised safety training for senior executives through Directorate of Factories. 11-Introduction of Special Safety Audit by two Executives in each week on 24 x 7 Safety concepts to look after the safety aspects in the plant. 10-Testing and certification of Lifting Equipments and pressure vessels. 03-Display of Framed safety posters all over the plant and township for propagating various safety messages. 02-Safety oath before start of overhauling work by contractors workers. 08-Regular checking and monitoring of Foam system at Fuel Oil area. New Delhi. Joint protocol is made by Safety . 14-Special Task Force during Overhauling & R&M works to ensure safe practices in work.BEST PRACTICES IN SAFETY AWARENESS 01-Involving school children for propagating use of crash helmet at township gate . 07-Regular visit of Cable gallery since takeover as there is no fire extinguishing measure. PREVENTIVE 01-Safety Suggestion Mela for employees 02.EMD and Users department after clearance of the machine before use NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . 06-Creating awareness through Fire Prevention training for Local villagers to minimize outside fire calls. 12-Regular Medical Checking of the people working in Hazardous area. 06-Safety Quiz competition amongst house wives. 13-Monthly Safety Review Meeting by Head of Station for all safety points raised in different forums. 09-Regular checking and monitoring of Emulsifier system for Generator Transformer . 07-Class room training for contracting agencies. 04-Matters related to Safety are displayed through intranet home page. 05-Regular competition on Emergency Handling of chlorine between CISF Fire Wing and Maintenance contractors personnel. 15-Special drive for ensuring safety of the electrical appliances like welding machines etc during overhauling. National safety Council and Regional labour Institute of Kanpur 05-Community Safety Training Programme for School Children and Housewives through Loss Prevention Association.

4. Due to which the nos of fire calls have been come down In the year 2003 total nos of 69 fire calls was attended by the standby duty person. housewives & school children BEST PRACTICES ADOPTED BY FIRE WING 1. 3. Fortnightly mock drills are being conducted at various locations of the plant area in Fire wing personnel are being deployed for various hot jobs area like welding consultation with NTPC management. CISF Security Wing personnel to make them aware about the first aid fire fighting and various fire risks 5.Procurement and distribution of Safety Instruction card. labors. cutting and other similar tasks to prevent any accidents during the work as per requirement. 8. Regular checking of various fixed fire fighting installation are being conducted for effective functioning. Booklets Sticker and other motivational items for employees. 7.16. Earlier no fire wing personnel was deployed at turbine area which resulted repeated nos of fire calls in the area now a fire man is being permanently deployed who extinguish the fire at their initial stage in each shifts in the turbine area. contractor equipments as per schedule for better and effective functioning of these equipments. 2. NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . 9. 6. Safety Pamphlets . On job training is being conducted for on duty personnel in each shifts as per schedule. Regular checking of Hydrant pressure and their functioning are being checked by CISF prevention team and if any defect found immediately being reported to concerned area in charge for rectification. In the year 2003 total nos of 645 plant employees and 551 contractor labors were given first Aid fire fighting training. All the personnel of CISF fire wing posted at this unit are regularly being rotated for prevention duties so that they can be well conversant about the plant topography and various risks. Prevention team of CISF fire wing is regularly maintaining the first aid fire fighting Regular training program are being conducted for plant employees.

All major fire fighting and life saving equipments are being checked regularly for effective functioning NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M .10.

TECHNICAL SERVICES & TQM NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M .

The numbers are painted on the Building in such a way it can be viewed easily. The meeting is arranged at service building & chaired by General Manager. The allotted numbers are kept with Fire Station. NUMBERING OF BUILDINGS To avoid the confusion especially during a Disaster /emergencies all the important buildings have been identified by a Unique Number. During the meeting the problems related to O&M.BEST PRACTICES IN TECHNICAL SERVICES & TQM START OF THE DAY WITH NTPC GEET With a view to bring more belongingness. punctuality. Safety Officer. COMMUNICATION MEETINGS Department wise Communication & Review Meeting is arranged. The CD covered all relevant information regarding past performances. The meeting is chaired by Head of The Station. was distributed to all Executives of the station. During the meeting an in-house prepared CD. named “COIN” (Company Information). Corporate Plan etc. Departmental heads acts as coordinator and employees participate in it voluntarily. RELEASE OF MINUTES All the review minutes of Site Management Committee Meetings. Hospital. One round of this meeting has already completed. During the meeting the executives of the respective department use to make presentations on strategic improvements. Departmental Review Meetings and Site Visit of General Manager is released within 1st Half of next working day. Overhauling Preparedness. office of the AGM(O&M) and General Manager. In each department at 8:30 AM NTPC Geet is played. cohesiveness and actualize the core values a innovative system of starting the day with NTPC Geet has been introduced. The meeting is attended by all HODs. The effort was appreciated by Director (HR). MOU. Shift-in-Charge. Reward Schemes. PEM are reviewed. benchmarking and constraints in their areas. NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . DOP. DISHA initiatives. WEDNESDAY MEETING A system of Weekly Wednesday review meeting is introduced.

PAPERLESS OFFICE All the formats/ reports/minutes/ MIS being generated by TS-TQM have been made fully computerized. All these documents are being maintained in soft form only. NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M .NO VEHICLE ZONES & BANNING OF MATCH BOX. strengthening of the system and minimizing the paper work. They have gone step by step in solving the problem of their sheer existence . counseled and supported in forming the Circle. This circle comprises of Two members being 100% Visually handicapped. QC OF PHYSICALLY CHALLANGED EMPLOYEES As a role Model TS-TQM department has taken an unique initiative of facilitating the Physically Challenged Employees to form a Quality Circle. two members 90% visually blind and one member being deaf. Cigarette and match box entry inside the plant premises have been banned. No paper is being consumed for these purposes. The integrated system has been put on Home Page of the station so that it is easily assessable by one and all. EFQM MODEL Business excellence Model based on European Foundation of Quality Management have been successfully implemented at NTPC-Tanda which has resulted in Certification of Commendation for Strong Commitment to Excel thus making Tanda only Takeover Station to Achieve this Unique distinction. Biddi. With a view to enhance security “No Vehicle Zones” have been marked in plant premises. It is being ensured by CISF through frisking at the plant gate INTEGERATION OF ISO SYSTEMS NTPC-Tanda is ISO 9001-1996 & ISO 14001 certified station. The circle took the project of Utilization of Physically challenged employees. Even the vehicles carrying goods from outside are being allowed to move on predefined pathway and that too with driver only. They were motivated. PAN MASAL ETC. The integration of both the standards have been done with a view to bring effective monitoring. To enhance safety of the equipments and persons working inside the plant Pan Masala. Identity and optimum utilization of their potential.

in HR department in EDC and Establishment . STRENGTHEINING OF TQM INITIATIVES With a view to strengthen the TQM initiatives a 30 minutes meeting of HODs is organized on weekly basis where one QC or PC has to make presentation in front of HODs and General Manager. The review of action plan and new expectations are further discussed in next meeting of the particular host. The circular are being issued after careful scrutiny of the activities. empathetic listening. Various suggestions. improvements etc. A calendar is prepared in such a way that all QC and PC are covered. The expectations and improvement-measures agreed are discussed to make an action plan. They are working satisfactorily to the satisfaction of their executives and enjoying the work. For defining customers’ need and expectations the concept of “Internal Customers’ Meet” has been introduced. It is a fact that virtually any one engaged in any organized endeavor has an-internal customer and the interaction with customers is nothing but meetings of minds. This is one of the good steps taken towards fulfillment of our core value customer focus & it is a Win-Win Situation SYSTEM CIRCULAR To streamline the functioning of various functions of the station the system of “SYSTEM CIRCULAR” have been introduced. IN-HOUSE PRINTING NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . involvement and empowerment. The meetings have been judiciously scheduled .Now as a result of their project they have been posted in Civil department for complaint registration. Meetings have become an important tool for decision making in management. In these meetings host department invites all of its internal-customers. past experiences and learning. The TS department is custodian of all such circulars. In the meetings customers spell out their suggestions and expectations from the host department. Apart from encouraging the horizontal resolution of problems the above practice has brought in informality and has given many tangible and non-tangible benefits. are discussed across the table for improving the efficiency and bring out synergy. The agenda for the meetings have been designed in such a fashion that the key issues are addressed at uniform and desired intervals. INTERNAL CUSTOMERS’ MEET Effective management evolves on the concepts of discussions.

C&M. a core group has been formed having members from horticulture. General Manager makes it a point to greet every employee on his / her birthday with an inhouse prepared greeting card and bouquet. Fostering affinity with the company and amity among the employees is imperative to team building. The Name plate of the Office of General Manager. birthday greetings. health. NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . This has resulted saving on account of printing charges and enhanced the creativity also. The group meets once in a month and come forward with various innovative ideas and submit it to General Manager BIRTHDAY GREETING Building Culture is an important aspect of managing the human resources. The application for CII Business Excellence Award was also printed in-house. note sheet related to water payment charges. township. O&E. All the outstation orders. The zigzag entry is created through fabricated trolleys in such a way that it acts as hurdle between main gate and pathway to plant. HR and Technical Services as coordinator. USE OF RAJBHASHA Rajbhasha is being used extensively in day to day working.All the cards like invitations. school or culture. sports event are printed in-house. Hospital. workshops. whether it is related to Plant. official functions. NEW IDEA GROUP With a view to promote innovative ideas for overall growth of the station . its secretariat. correspondences with state officers is being made in Hindi . Operation. “S” ENTRY AFTER PLANT GATE In view of recent security threats obstruction is created after security gate by making “S” entry. INFORMATION SHARING SESSION As an unique initiative the information sharing session is being organized where executives of Operation are sharing their learning to non executives of their department. visitors room and Technical services have been put in Hindi only. Thus a environment of learning and two way communication is created.


DISPOSAL OF BIOMEDICAL WASTE Disposal of Biomedical waste as per norms is being done. For this a return line parallel to ash discharge line has been laid. To bring down the SPM with in norm. Dust Concentration at ESP Inlet is -41838 mg/NM3. In second chamber mechanical impurities and contents other than water and oil are removed manually & water with oil id flown to third chamber where the oil is collected in drums. The clear water after settling the ash in pond is taken back for the purpose of using it for making of ash slurry. OIL CATCHER Adjacent to Unit#4 three interconnected chamber have been constructed. it reacts with sulphur tri-oxide & moisture present in the fuel gas to produce Amonium Bi-sulphate. As a pilot project dosing of Ammonia dosing has been started in ESPs for control of stack emission. The oil mixed with water is collected in first chamber. it has become essential to take some measure immediately.BEST PRACTICES IN EMG AMMONIA DOSING The collection efficiency of ESPs at Tanda 99.37%. improving the collection RECYCLING OF ASH WATER Partial recycling of ash water for water conservation is being done. Each drum has a tap in its bottom for draining the water from drum. VEHICULAR POLLUTION CHECKUP CAMP NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . The following chemical reaction takes place. Decrease in Ash resistivity increases the Migration Velocity there by efficiency. The design SPM –263 mg/Nm3 is whereas SPM as per present Environment Norm is <150mg/NM3 . For this the wastes are collected in predefined coloured buckets. These wastes are destroyed through autoclave and buried into the pits. When ammonia is injected. The water with oil flows to second chamber due to gravity.SO3+NH3+H2O→NH4HSO4 This materials stick to the ash particles and decreases the ash resistivity.

hence saving in Water Cess Payment ENVIRONMENTAL PLAY Environment related play by School children on World Environment Day celebration for mass awareness among children/ ladies and other resident of Township are being organized. LIAISONING WITH UPPCB Cordial effective liaisoning with UPPCB. present condition and future plans are shared. which resulted the dispute settled of water cess payment methodology. TRAINING & SHARING OF LEARNINGS To create the awareness amongst the employees specially to new comers continuous refresher training is imparted through in-house faculties wherein the permissible norms. On world environment day eminent speakers are being called from universities to share breakthrough changes advancements in this area as knowledge sharing. NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M .With a view to facilitate the employees frequent vehicular pollution checking camp are being organized in colony campus through authorized agent of UP Transport department or RTO . In the camp if emissions are beyond permissible limit then the tuning of vehicle is also being arranged for bringing the emission to the specified limit and certificate of conformance is issued to all such vehicles.


The station took various initiatives for channelizing the potential and as a result of sincere and dedicated efforts put in, there has been tremendous improvement in all parameters that affect the environment. Initiative was also taken in the area of Eco-System Reclamation by Extensive afforestation and developing green grass in Township. As a result of this initiative, all around greenery has been developed in Township. Govt. of U.P. has recognized our efforts for afforestation and environmental protection by presenting a Commendation Award on World Forestry Day on 21st March’2003 by Hon’ able Governor of U.P., Shri Vishnu Kant Shastri. Some the practices adopted in the area of afforestation & Horticulture are as below

TRANSFORMATION OF WASTE LAND IN PICNIC SPOT In the initial stage, in order to ensure generation of uninterrupted power, the process of making available space in the existing Pond-A for discharge of ash slurry, was started by evacuation of Pond Ash. Two-pronged strategy was adopted; one was to make available space and another was utilization of ash in such a way that could be helpful in fugitive dust control near ash dyke. There was low-lying area of NTPC available adjacent to Ash Pond. About 1,50,000 MT of evacuated Pond Ash was filled in the low-lying area to develop it in the form of Landscape with turfing on top and tree plantation all around in the periphery. The area has been developed in such a way that it is serving both purposes-controlling fugitive dust and being used as a PICNIC Spot DEVELOPMENT OF PARK When NTPC took over the Station, the condition of Township was pathetic. There was no park available for people to enjoy the pleasure of natural greenery essential from environmental and human being’s point of view. Therefore, detailed planning was made to develop all the low lying areas available in Township with Pond Ash for development of lawns. Accordingly various lawns have been developed in front of Administrative Building, Service building, Schools, VIP Guest House, Clubs, behind Hospital and strategic locations of township etc. As a result of concerted effort made, today, there are a 11 number of beautiful parks in Township with children fun games & greenery all round. Residents of township have started enjoying the beauty of nature.



A Benchmark in R&M

BIO FUEL PLANTATION NTPC-Tanda has taken over extensive plantation of JATROPA the Bio fuel plant. This year ten thousands Jatropa plants have been planted in waste Land . DEVELOPMENT OF NURSERY AND PARK Development of Nursery behind VIP Guest house after reclaiming entire area. Earlier it was garbage dumping place since inception of plant. A beautiful nursery cum park in Cooling tower area, Rose Garden, Vishwkarma park inside the plant & Rajat Jayanti park in township. SETTING UP OF GRINDING CUM BLENDING PLANT As for ensuring 100% Fly Ash Utilization on sustained basis, utilization of fly ash in manufacturing of Portland pozzolana cement was the only option available with the station , the process of identification of interested Cement Manufacturing companies was immediately started as lot of investment was required from the Cement Company’s side. Discussion and deliberations were held with many companies in respect of setting-up a Cement Plant near the station. After lot of discussion and persuasion, Jaypee Cement Limited showed interest in utilizing entire quantity of Fly Ash generated from the station & they came forward for setting-up a Cement grinding Cum Blending plant of capacity 1.0 million tones per annum near Tanda station. With the commissioning of JCL’s Cement Plant the process of 100% Fly Ash utilization will start and the station will be the first coal based Thermal Power Plant in the country that will ensure 100% Fly Ash Utilization. AROGYA VATIKA Herbs are known as the wonder drugs centuries in Indian Sub-continent. Today, herbal treatment has become important in global context also as this answers to the major concerns being faced by mankind. Respecting the fact that environmentally, NTPC-Tanda has taken up development of full fledged Medicinal value herbal park having Neem, Askoka & other trees having promising potentials in the field of pest management, environment protection, herbal medicines etc., a Vatika in the permanent township has been developed as Arogya Vatika. The vatika has 2 Kms long pathway where people may walk on pathways and get maximum advantage of serene & divine atmosphere. It is relevant to mention here that this have been developed by filling and compaction of debris and waste materials.



A Benchmark in R&M




A Benchmark in R&M

NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M .BEST PRACTICES OF F. INSPECTION OF STOCK ITEMS All items being received at central stores against stock items request are being inspected by FQA for their conformance to PO requirements. after receipt of call is being reduced by regular follow up with RIO. INSPECTION DURING OVERHAULS At Tanda FQA department remains fully involved in unit overhauls. All the indents are being routed to FQA department by indenters and FQA provides the quality plan to each indent.Q. The de-metering (thickness) survey is being conducted by FQA department during all boiler overhauls. Identification of tests minimizes post-award disputes in addition to ensuring quality of the product.A PREPARATION OF QUALITY PLAN With a view to enhance the overall quality of Spares. SURVEILLANCE CHECKING The surveillance quality checks are being conducted for ongoing civil. The inspection requests are being sent to concerned RIO at the earliest through fax. The facility is extended to agencies also on chargeable basis thus making NTPCTanda FQA a earning and profit making center. . IDENTIFICATION OF TESTS FOR PRE-DISPATCH INSPECTION Critical purchases where Pre-Dispatch Inspection is being identified by Field Quality Assurance department. Regular liaisoning & expediting is being done. cement blocks are being conducted at our FQA Lab. email indicating approved Quality Plan references etc. chips. along with its acceptance standard is being prepared to form part of enquiry being sent to bidders. TESTING OF MATERIALS Civil testing of aggregate. All critical checks are being conducted and protocol is signed and maintained. being taken by regional inspection offices. CO-ORDINATION & FOLLOW UP WITH RIOs Pre-Dispatch Inspection period. acceptance & type tests. Consumables etc Quality Plans are prepared for 100% purchase indents. electrical and R&M works. stones. For these purchase indents a list of routine.


the Head end equipment can receive 50 Channels. note sheets etc from executive to executive within departments and intra departments.12. age. sex. This has provided us better interconnectivity among NTPC projects and this has resulted in reduction of our Landline cost to a great extent. This On Line Software has been developed on web enabled ASP(Active Server Page) having server located at SCE Room and 4 No clients located at each UCBs . Frequency to Region and CC-OS for Real Time Data Transfer. This cable TV network is distributed on 4 Optical Nodes with OFC interlink with a view to having accessibility of providing internet facilities in future . Instant photo of person is captured through web camera and gate pass is issued along with photographs and other related details like time of entry. All the files. The Data channels cater to transmission of OPPMS/ABT data and Internet / e-mail / WAN connectivity of Computers / Servers at CC / Region. VISITOR GATE PASS SYSTEM FOR CISF Photo gate pass system is operative at Main Plant Security gate for visitors and all contract labours. The ABT application generates block wise DC. REAL TIME ABT SOFTWARE APPLICATION At NTPC-Tanda we have designed and developed Real Time On Line ABT software application and the same has been implemented and in successful operation since 01. Accessibility has been extended NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . DOCUMENT TRANSFER SYSTEM On line Document / File Transfer System (DTS / FTS) has been implemented from 1 ST August 2005 for tracking and monitoring movement of files. Presently. AG . We are upgrading towards high speed and direct intra–project communication through our SATCOM link. SG. which have been upgraded to DAMA integration. All executive have been provided a user Id and password for its use. UI . note sheets and documents are being along with asking rate of generation for each of the 96 blocks.2005. to whom to visit etc. purpose of visit. The Satcom system consists of MCPC VSAT Terminal with 4 Data Channels and 4 Voice Channels along with a 48 Line EPABX (ENKYEE Make). name.TANDA has a Tadiron 1000 lines IDSN compatible EPABX intercom System for plant and colony. AUGMENTATION OF CABLE TV SYSTEM The Cable TV system at Tanda Township was designed to carry only 15 –20 channels.

Coaching center and Tanda Employees Welfare Association with requisite on line facilities with a view to create and encourage Computer learning atmosphere. DIRECT INWARD DIALINING (DID) FACILITY With a view to improve communication with out side world and ward off remoteness of the site DID facility having 32 channels have been provided through our Intercom system facilitating outside incoming calls. PC & Telephone Maintenance activities on a ASP based server platform. Electrical. Cooperative society. All these statements have been made available on the Intranet with due password NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . multi location speedy communication resulting in faster decision making. This has resulted in monitoring delays in file clearance.compulsorily routed through DTS. PC TO SCHOOLS AND WELFARE BODIES PCs have been provided to schools. This program can be also used for departmental MIS and exception reports. IMPLEMENTATION OF ERP Value additions in terms of software enhancement are being continuously affected on the existing online applications based on company's requirement successfully. This has resulted in huge savings in terms of Paper consumption / Photocopying etc. EMAIL & WEB BASED E-MAIL ACCESS E-Mail accounts have been provided to all executives and the facility has been extensively used to exchange of information. ONLINE PAY-SLIP. This has resulted in multi user. and has enabled Line Managers to view latest information on an anytime anywhere basis. Medical Claims etc. TAX-SLIP & STATEMENTS OF PF & PAYMENTS There was an overwhelming requirement of viewing Pay-slip. PERIPHERALS & TELEPHONES We are in the process of implementation of on line complaint systems for Civil. Tax-slip and status of miscellaneous payments like TA Claims. REGULAR UPDATION OF INTRANET The Tanda home page has almost all reports generated by various departments and more and more dynamic content is being added progressively. if any. thereby resulting in faster clearing of the files and reduction in administrative lead time. ONLINE COMPLAINT REGISTRATION FOR PC. being processed by Finance.

PMS. e-Hospital Management System and other locally developed applications. Anurakshan. FTS (File Tracking System) . Users can download the common software from the web page for easy and quick use of the software on the PC.EIS. Residence of Intercom and BSNL. OPPMS. Departments and phones provided on functional basis have been put on home page of the station. Tanda also has an Intranet which hosts all types of static Departmental Reports as well as some dynamic reports / queries which have become a necessity to all executives for the latest up to date information. ANTI VIRUS SUPPORT On regular basis virus infection on the network is being tracked and removed injection of appropriate latest anti-virus kits to network on account of virus infection ONLINE TELEPHONE & E-MAIL DIRECTORY A comprehensive telephone directory having Nos of Office. with reduce down time of systems on the NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . Mobile and E mail ID of all the executives. The system is continuously growing upward in terms of procuring latest technology & machines and expansion of existing facilities. We have a state of art Fibre Optic Campus Networking backbone that connects all major locations / offices of the station through workgroup network intelligent switches. Users are provided with PC’s / Thin Clients / Terminals for accessing the online applications and Intranet / Internet / Mail / WAN connectivity for Surplus Spares. enabling individual employees to view their statements at the click of a mouse button. Strategic locations of township are connected through high speed 2 mbps HDSL (High Speed Data Subscriber Link) Modems.protection. INFORMATION AND KNOWLEDGE ARE MANAGED AND SHARED The NTPC Tanda has kept pace with the time and provided the required technical support to many business processes. Enterprise Servers are installed for running the major Online Application like OLIMFAS.

VIGILANCE BEST PRACTICES IN VIGILANCE DEPARTMENT PROVIDING GUIDELINES ABOUT “DO’S & DON’TS We provide a guideline to our employees about the Do’s & Don’ts in respect of all procedures to be adopted and decision to be taken thereon. It creates right direction to all NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M .

INTERACTION WITH HOSUE WIVES & CONDUCTING QUIZ COMPETITIONS Regular interaction with housewives is being organized through various Vigilance awareness campaign program. To avoid all the above situations. They will compel their husband to change their activities from the wrong path. REGULAR PREVENTIVE VIGILANCE TRAINING Regular Training is imparted to employees with a view to educate them about the functioning of Vigilance and creating pro-vigilance environment & to avoid the mistakes committed by them knowingly / unknowingly. CUSTOMER ORIENTATION MEET A yearly meet is organized of Working contactors with HODs and Head of station with a view to create a atmosphere of trust and understanding. NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . interaction with housewives is felt necessary. It is felt that due to lack of awareness. Further. If we are able to convince our housewives about the right & wrong of our life. it helps in creating an atmosphere conducive to anti corruption movement. the quality of work they are suppose to perform.of our employees. INTERACTION WITH AGENCIES This interaction is confined to the works awarded to the agencies. most of the employees are committing mistakes and that results harassment to them. it will help them keep performing the duty in a proper direction and they may prevent themselves from any corrupt practices. proper material handling. To avoid such an act if we educate them in all aspects of their day to day working. they will motivate their husbands not to do any thing wrong. INTERACTION WITH ALL THE EXECUTIVES With a view to obtain the suggestions so as to avoid misuse of any loopholes in the rules of the company and further suggestion for the betterment of implementation of Company’s rule and improvement in vigilance activities regular interaction is being with all the executives. The initiative is started with a view to create total corruption free environment and to make housewives aware about Do’s & Don’ts as they are the main motivating factor for removing the greed from the minds of the employee and that creates a situation adverse to the ideal situation. This forum provides contractors to put their problem in front of General Manager so that the problems are sorted out amicably and speedily. proper observance of statutory laws etc.

NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M .

HUMAN RESOURCES NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M .

More over on every Monday a slot in afternoon session has been fixed by Head of Station where the employees are heard in person by General Manager and actions are taken to address their grievance / suggestion / personal request etc. bestowing on it the responsibility of a Strategic Partner.BEST PRACTICES IN HR Employee engagement is one of the important aspects of running a business entity because the human resources are more precious than any other resources the company commands and to gain maximum benefit from the activities of the company. Any employee(s) having a genuine grievance / suggestion to make / personal request. NTPC has redefined the role of HR in the overall activities of the company. can meet the General Manager or Heads of Departments at any time. fulfilling the aspirations of the stakeholders are the most important activities of the HR Department. EASY ACCESS TO EMPLOYEES: Prompt action in the matters regarding grievance / suggestion from employees / personal requests results in satisfaction among the employees and greater understanding between the management and employees. In order to establish continuous communication channel with employees Open Door policy is adopted at Tanda. • • • All the applications of employees like Applications for LTC are processed within the same day. time frame has been fixed for processing of employee benefits like advances & reimbursements and adhered to religiously. In order to provide faultless service to the employees. Keeping in view the latest trends in the Human Resources Management. All applications related to reimbursements are processed on 15th of every month to avoid inconvenience to the employees and F&A Department. Employee Satisfaction with regard to his needs in the company. Communication. Applications for Advances are processed within two days. Attending to the needs of the society. TIMELY PROCESSING OF APPLICATIONS: Attending to the needs of the employees in time results in greater employee engagement and no grievances. opportunity for self Development. No employee need pursue the mater with the officer concerned NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M .

All round development of the manpower is an essential element in the progress of a company in its pursuit of excellence. Leave Encashment etc. Employee Perception / Employer Branding Surveys . e-Darpan. All the benefits accruing to an employee on superannuation like Post Retirement Medical Benefit. making NTPC a Learning Organisation”. Vision & Values Revisit. Best Employer. HR Website has been developed at Tanda by HR Department to enable employees to access the latest information about HR as well as share their knowledge and learnings. List of EDC Coordinators 3. PF. HR WEBSITE: Journey in human life is a continuous learning process and progress is possible only through continuous updation in this fiercely competitive world. In order to realize the HR Vision “To enable our people to be a family of Committed World Class Professionals.• The timely processing of applications developed a positive attitude in the employees. various initiatives and employee friendly policies have been introduced. Policy: • • NTPC Interactive Policy Manual to enable browsing of all the HR polices in NTPC PMS Interactive Policy Manual to enable browsing of all PMS polices in NTPC.. Various Topics have been covered under different heads. NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . Disha Recommendations & Updates. PMI Training Calendar.BODH – I & II. are handed over to the employee on the date of retirement. This fulfills the aspirations of the employees in that they are spared from needless running from pillar to post for settlement of their dues. are as follows. FARWELL KIT TO RETIRING EMPLOYEES: Employees retiring at the end of a long innings in the company will have a lot of expectations and hassle free exit leaves a long lasting impression on the employee. 2. Company Information: CMD’s Address to employees. Tanda Training Calendar for the calendar year. 1. Training & Development: • • • • • • • • • Training Details of Employees for the last three years.

Details of Employees acquired Higher Qualification. • • • • • • • List of HR ambassadors. NTPC Reward System. • • • • NTPC Telephone Directory. All HR formats on Intranet for easy accessibility 4. we require certain information. Latest TA / DA Entitlements.• • • • • • • • • • Man Power Details. Details of HR Initiatives in NTPC. Promotions List. PC Convention Presentations Compilations. For the convenience of the employees. HR News Letter. Pension Details. Corporate Internal Placement Circulars Oxford English Dictionary we may not get easily. List of Holidays at Tanda. though available on our desktop / in our storewell. and related information. Community Development Activities. In our day to work. Issue of Personal Entitlement Items to employees. Details of Skill Upgradation. NOCET Compilations. the 6. PMI Website. Links: Provides links to various sites for information of employees. SA 8000 Manual. which following links have been provided on the website. 5. Human Resources Development: Provides details of various HR Initiatives. e-Learning / Knowledge Management:: NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . List of Awardees.

CII – EXIM Bank Business Excellence Award. NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . In order to enable the employees to share their experiences in their day to working and to gain from the knowledge of others. ISO 14001. It contains the following: • • • • • • • • • Technical CD ROMs – Self Study Courses from NPTI.Knowledge management is a tool adopted by the management to enable its executives spread the knowledge. This contains books on various topics of management. Knowledge sharing is effected through HR Website. lectures delivered by eminent persons etc. so that maximum benefit is gained by the employees. Health.. Apart form the above. Self Development tools like TQM concepts. General Management etc. the SLC contains CDs on management. Environment Management Various articles contributed by employees Even a small needle many times saves lot of time and many stitches in the long run. Self Learning Centre has been opened at Tanda. especially keeping in view the outsourcing of various jobs and timely accomplishment of tasks. Employees working in O&M and Non-O&M are equally benefited from this initiative. ISO 18000 etc. Benchmarking. Badarpur Topics on Management – Covering Different topics of general interest CDs on Management Overhauling Reports of Tanda Foreign Training Learnings of Senior officials of NTPC e-Books TQM concepts covering 5S. In order to ensure smooth functioning of the establishment and for the welfare of the contract labour various initiatives have been taken at Tanda. This ensures effective sharing of the knowledge garnered over the years cross the station uniformly. to enable the employees to appreciate the management techniques better and refresh their learnings and hone their skills appropriately. learn the management trends and technical details of Power Station. Knowledge shared is knowledge gained and results in greater productivity. Self Management. Knowledge acquired over the years if not shared remains unproductive and under utilised. CONTRACT LABOUR: Contract Labour management is a very essential for any organization. Quality Management. SELF LEARNING CENTRE: In order to enable employees to update themselves comfortably.

NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . Thus NTPC follows the practice of addressing the CSR issue in an integrated multi-stakeholder approach and covering the environmental and social aspects. promoted by Confederation of Indian Industries and UNDP. Kolkata. NTPC – Tanda has taken a unique initiative opened a District Disability Rehabilitation Centre under MOU with NIOH. The social responsibility of NTPC is incorporated in the Corporate Objectives. • Any executive doing the self learning course of these Technical CD-ROMs and obtaining A or A+ grade will be awarded a certificate of merit by GM and a book of his / her choice from among the 80 books specially procured for this purpose. It is a member of Global Compact. These are self learning courses and are user friendly.• 19 CD-ROMs have been obtained form various technical aspects of Power Plants from NPTI. As a part of its efforts to address the issues affecting the lives of the residents of the nearby villages. Corporate Roundtable for development of Strategies for Environment and adopted the Social Code framed by India Partnership Forum. Badarpur and made available in the Self Learning center. • • • • • • 100% coverage of contract labour under the Workmen Compensation Act Computerized Photo Gate pass system for entry into the plant Issue of Gate Pass for the Contract Labour on the same day Issue of No Dues Certificate only after compliance with PF Act Continuous Monitoring of contractors & Flawless record keeping Gate Pass system for entry into the Township COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: NTPC acts as a Responsible Corporate Citizen when it comes to the issues concerning the Community Development.

FINANCE NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M .

A trust for GPF of specified employees is being run and all payments for GPF are being paid by next day after receipt of approval order form HR department in comparison to Electricity Boards system of more than one month B.BEST PRACTICES IN FINANCE Finance department of Tanda has been continuously making efforts in providing better services to the employees. TA claims are up loaded regularly so that employees can view and take out the prints. State Government. contractors. and Finals accounts have been finalized within time schedule without any adverse comments of statutory auditors. PSUs and other securities. At Tanda F&A department is running two Nos of trusts for Board Employees and NTPC employees. 4-CLOSING OF ACCOUNTS All the Quarterly. NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . MEDICAL. CISF & Schools.All Final Payments are being processed and released within 15 Days of receipt of Bill in Finance. 3-BENCHMARKING OF PAYMENT RELATED TO WORKS & PROCUREMENT A. 1-COMMUNICATION RELATED TO WAGES. Medical Claim payments. 2-GPF & PENSION TRUST A. PERSONAL CLAIMS Space has been provided in Station HOME PAGE where salary details.All RA bills related to payments of contractors are being processed and payments are being released within 2-3 days of receipt of verified bills form Engineer. C. Employees can view their previous records. B.A Pension trust for release of pension of retired specified personnel is being run by Tanda and by 7th of the following month pension is credited to bank accounts of retired persons.In-charge.Investments are being done timely with Central Government.

6-All advances are cleared within a day of request. 10. 3-Medical claims are cleared within a day but the payments are released through salary. 1-LPC is being released on the very next day of release of the employee. 9-The annual PF slip is distributed to employees on 1st of April every year. 2-PF advances are being released within Two days.Final settlement of Provident Fund of employees on superannuating is done on the very next day of superannuation. 4-The TA Claims are cleared within a day but payments are released through salary. 5-LTC claims are cleared within a day of receipt of claim.5-BENCHMARKING OF PROCESSING TIMING OF EMPLOYEES CLAIMS /DUES F&A has benchmarked the processing time of claims with a view to provide improved and speedy services to its employees. 8-Leave encashment is being released on the same day of receipt of order from Human Resources department. 7-All final settlement of employees. NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . except PF. on superannuating /VRS is done on the same day of superannuating.

EEMG & COMMERCIAL NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M .

the hard copy circulation is totally stopped now. by using excel software developed by EEMG and the report developed is discussed on daily basis in morning meeting to maximize the profits and analyze the various reasons leading to Uloss. As Tanda is of 110 MW different from other plants daily heat rate deviation calculation software was developed incorporating various performance wholly developed by EEMG department. Also OPPMS data is posted parallely by EEMG along with plant report generation to avoid any discrepancy in both the reports. min values is shown in daily morning meeting. (4) Daily performance flashing Daily plant performance report is generated and circulated to all the people through mail for easy and prompt access earlier hard copy of report was circulated which was having limited access. the efficiency heat rate gap analysis is also displayed on daily basis in daily planning meeting. max. (6) Daily excursion watch NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . (2) In house development of efficiency calculation & data achieving software. Turbine & Boiler Testing of various equipments is dome as per the time schedule and test results are discussed in daily planning meeting and corrective action taken as per the various recommendations. (3) Daily report like condenser. (5) Daily UI gap analysis UI gap analysis & maximization of profits through UI is done on daily basis before the morning meeting. The software was developed to achieve test data and performance calculation of various equipment. the parameter deviation reports are sent by mail to all the concerned people. APH. and various performance parameters average.BEST PRACTICES OF EEMG TANDA DAILY FLASHING OF PARAMETER DEVIATIONS(1) Daily 24 hours average of parameters is calculated using review software in Tanda in the absence of proper DAS system.

the on line energy monitoring system will provide software interface to various equipments energy consumption pattern and will be used to optimize auxiliary power consumption of plant. Recommendation of energy audit are discussed with concerned deportment and implemented as and when possible. and if excursion occurs the reasons one discussed in daily meeting to avoid it in future. (8) On line energy monitoring meters gas been installed in almost all the HT drives and system commissioning is almost complete. (9) Appreciable gains in cooling tower performance was observed by changing the blade angles of cooling tower fan. Ash sherry P/P house.On daily basis metal temperatures of boiler tubes on transferred form eurotherm recorders form unit and metal temperature excursion if any of boiler tubes is calculated using excel software developed by EEMG. cooling tower ESP etc. (7) Energy audits are done as per schedule in various areas to explore the possibilities of energy saving like boiler & turbine insulation. NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . compressor house. and performance analysis of various equipments based on energy consumption.


6. 9. Reduction in PA fan loading by keeping PA header pressure<800 mmwc. By keeping LDO Header pressure= 6Ksc at the burner. 9-Max generation with possible. NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . 8. 10-Hit and trial experiment to ensure healthiness. Ensuring CBP in operation. 6-Logging of important parameters. 6. Optimization of CT fans in service based on CW inlet temp. 11-Cleanness of equipment and house keeping. No oil support during planed shutdown 3. 10. REDUCTION IN SP. 5. 5-Driven by ownership of equipments. Optimization of running of Maharipur pumps for reservoir make up. IMPROVEMENT IN APC 1. 5. Monitoring unit startup and stabilization time. 2. Monitoring the current of all HT drives along with BFP re-circulation valve passing specially. Checking control air and service air leakages. Optimizing service water consumption.1-Monitoring all the parameter within normal limits. By regulating atomizing air with respect to oil pressure. By optimizing total air flow during startup(<30%). By checking of no oil gun passing. Optimizing BCW system. 8-Availability of oil guns ensured by scavenging. 7-Record keeping of permits/ job cards. 4. 2. 7. OIL CONSUMPTION 1. By ensuring speedy availability of coal mill after cancellation of PTW. Stopping of CW pumps and CT fans during shut down unit. 4. Optimization of no. 3-On line PTW system and job card raising 4-Reporting of defects and pursuance for prompt rectification. 3. Planning good coal feeding in the units for the P/M of lower mills. 8. 7. safe operation of equipment. of CW pumps in winter season. 2-Walk down observation of equipment healthiness by Control engineer and desk engineers.

8.heater washing during shut down. Monitoring MS and HRH temp. Daily observation& recording of each rapping motor frequency. Checking air ingress point and attending the same. TO IMPROVE ESP PERFORMANCE 1. 9. 3. 4. MAINTAINING TURBINE OIL MOISTURE 1. Regular checking of flushing apparatus nozzle choking. Monitoring HP flash tank temp. Running centrifuge 4 to 6hours in each shift. Air pre. unburnt carbon in bottom ash. 2. 2. Regular joint checking with EMD and BMD representative. mill fineness. Checking of short field problem during shut down and follow up to attend. oxygen in flue gas at eco outlet. Monitoring high-energy drain passing. Maintaining LP & HP gland steam pressure to avoid ingress with lube oil. 5. Water wall soot blowing operation. and pressure. NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . 6. APH emit temp. 4. Checking air ingress points and attending the same. Daily checking of SADC operation and position and adjusting as per the requirement. By regular MOT draining. Daily checking of PA header pressure WB pressure. 5. Close to 535oC at turbine inlet. COMBUSTION OPTIMIZATION 1. Monitoring condenser performance Monitoring condenser tubes free from scale. fly ash. 3. 2. 7. 3. Optimizing CBD opening. Daily monitoring of furnace temp.IMPROVING HEAT RATE 1. 3. 2.


cation and anion resins of cation.5 -2. Gravity Sand Filter no. This step helps in preventing organic fouling as well as inorganic fouling of resin beds in DM Plant. c. This activity has helped in knowing the actual quality of received coal and in turn in taking decision to control the coal feeding to the bunkers so that average VM coal should be available for firing at all the times for stable flames. DM PLANT / PT PLANT PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT: a. Now all the GSF are working satisfactorily leading to the enhanced availability of filter beds and quality of filter water.0 tons per NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . the units are running at full load with good condenser vacuum with respect to the previous year. anion and MB beds were replaced with new resins. The activated carbon of all the ACF beds. 4 has been revived and made functional. Due to the regular Chemical treatment of cooling water system. After this activity the unit tripping due to flame failure has reduced appreciably.The modified treatment program lead to the lowering of corrosion rates of MS & Cu-Ni to within specified limits and the same is being achieved at lower dose rates of treatment chemicals. This has been started from August 2003 onwards. Sand topping in the rest 03 filter beds were carried out to maintain the sand at design level. COAL TESTING OF RECEIVED RAKES: Proximate analysis of coal of as received rakes immediately after arrival of rakes at site and test results are communicated within 03 hours.1. To correct this problem we have modified the treatment program and treatment was carried out at higher alkalinity. 2. which ultimately precipitates and removed in the clarifier.This also lead to the saving of Sulphuric acid to the tune of 1.Due to lower alkalinity of cooling water sometimes higher corrosion rates of MS&Cu-Ni has been observed and to overcome this problem higher quantities of treatment chemicals were dosed. This has improved the performance of DM plant with respect to quality as well as quantity 3. and no generation loss due to condenser vacuum observed. Chlorination of raw water input to the clarifier is being chlorinated to eliminate the organic fouling and oxidation of Ferrous and Manganous salts to their respective higher states. b. COOLING WATER TREATMENT: a.The cooling water treatment was operated previously at relatively lower alkalinity.

Quality improvement in Main Plant: a. 4. This lead to the appreciable saving of chemicals. b. the CBD has been reduced to <5% from average 1520% in the previous year. The regular hydrogen purity of all the units is being carried out and maintained at proper concentration level to avoid any untoward incidence. make up water and heat loss b.1. Regular monitoring of flue gas oxygen in every shift is being carried out specially during start up of units for combustion optimization leading to fuel saving. The regular monitoring of stack emission of all the units and on the basis of the report of SPM of individual units corrective action is being taken by the EMD And OMD for improvement of ESP performance NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M .which is equivalent to monthly saving of approx. c. Due to the improvement in make up water quality and correct maintenance of chemical parameters of steam water cycle.day.5 lakhs.


MAINTENANCE OF MTP WEB SITEMTP Website has been developed at Tanda MTP Department to enable O&M executives to access the latest information about O&M activities as well as share their knowledge and learnings. raising and closing PM and defect job cards. safety audit reports. overhauling schedules. 3-Collection and compiling overhauling data into book and releasing a CD.12345678910- Conducting morning meeting and other meetings with the help of PA system for Paperless presentation in morning meeting with the help of DLP. vibration measurement of all equipments. overhauling vibration measurement and preparation of reports. MOU performances etc are readily available on the web site. Coordination of overhauling spares and contracts and their pursuance. circulars. Planning. electrodes Review of contracts and material progress from initial to final stage. better audibility. pre and post Reclamation of spares in central workshop. Condition monitoring. bearings. Centralized indenting and issue of high value consumables. All minutes of meetings of O&M. BEST PRACTICES DURING OVERHAUL 1-Day by day monitoring of each activity in the evening and discussing constraints and thereafter solution. and special lubricants. 2-Day wise progress display in UCB to keep aware of every concern regarding the date of final synchronization. Coordination of overhauling preparation of bar chart and other schedule. NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . Preparation and compilation of O&M budget and MBOA budget. Various Topics have been covered under different heads. 4-Constitution of a safety committee for exclusively overhauling to ensure safe and effective work.


FG duct and ESP hoppers to -Increase water pressure. -To facilitate the maintenance activities e. Welding works etc. CONTRACT AWARD. -Multiple nozzles in flushing apparatus have been provided for water balancing according to quantity of ash. PRACTICES FOR REDUCING STACK EMISSION 1-Lowering down of all flushing apparatus to ground floor in ECO. MONITORING OF WORK TO MAINTAIN QUALITY & TIME. REGULAR PM OF WALL BLOWERS Availability of wall blowers ensured that benefits furnace r optimization MAINTAIN HP DOZING PUMP. which help.WALK DOWN CHECK OF BOILER Daily checking of boiler for any abnormality in the system. which is vital for boiler smooth operation. -To avoid any overflow of dry or wet ash in the surrounding. For the controlled flow of ash from flushing apparatus. NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . clinkers without cutting and welding. Contract proposal are sent well in advance time and regular follow up for award of contract within time. ZERO ACCIDENT Due to proper utilization of PPE and best practice of maintenance there is accident free overhauling & shutdown. .Modification of flushing apparatus inspection pocket for removal of any foreign material. SPARE MANAGEMENT Indenting & procurement of spares well in advance to help smooth work during overhauling and shutdown period. -Rerouting of LP header for better water pressure and flow distribution as per the field requirement. a tunnel of the size 400X 150X 100 MM was designed & implemented which was found very effective. -Better access of flushing apparatus -to remove any chocking in Flushing system. ATTENDING TUBE LEAKAGE Tube leakage identification and attending in shortest duration period. APH.g. nozzle cleaning. reduce generation loss. Effective monitoring of work during OH and shutdown that maintain quality of work and job completion within/ahead of schedule. Ensured to maintain boiler chemistry.

asslys. The problem was thoroughly understood only after Tanda takeover by NTPC. The bowl chamber is very small and no maintenance is possible without removing the R. This delicate mill is also very sensitive to the foreign material. Rapping frequency adjusted to suit the system. The size of the mill itself is a constraint for the maintenance. The bearing less modified journal spring assembly NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . the scraper chamber is so small that the mechanical face seal fitment is very difficult. 4. It is understood that right from the installation of these mills there were the various problems along with the main vertical shaft failure. 2.MODIFICATION IN FEEDER DISCHARGE CHUTE M. However there was no scope for changing the mills at Tanda due to space constraints and other various .SPRING ASSLY Bearing Type Journal Spring Assembly Journal opening modified to suit bearing less modified journal spring assembly leading to saving on account of cost of bearings which was very high with high failure rate too. PRACTICES FOR OPTIMIZING MILLING SYSTEM With a view to solve the chronic problems faced in the mills since beginning.J.S.- Expansion space was provided for the collecting electrodes.MODIFICATION IN JR. Ultimately numerous modifications were decided in phased manner1-BUNKER TO FEEDER CONNECTION Modification of 16" Fabricated Piping with Stainless steel conical assembly (one end 840x840 mm square and other end 16"with provision of dresser coupling) with a view to Preventing choking at feeder inlet especially during monsoon season & when coal is having high surface moisture or of sticky nature. to maximize the mill availability and to optimize the performance the in-depth study was carried out. Fabricated 13" pipe with multiple irregular joints to stainless steel fabricated with 16” outlet for Preventing choking at feeder outlet especially during monsoon season & when coal is having high surface moisture or of sticky nature 3.It was very much essential to overcome the bottlenecks in the XRP -623 Variant of Tanda Mills. The availability of these mills have been badly affected due to the repeated failures.MODIFICATION IN CENTRE FEED PIPE 13"MS Pipe both ends welded 16" stainless steel pipe with flange on one end & dresser coupling on other end for For ease of maintenance & to have center feed pipe without any projection on inner surface to prevent building up of coal.

V.MODIFICATION IN OUTLET VENTURI ASSLY Funnel type Venturi was modified to outlet Venturi XRP 803 solving the problem of non uniform flow of air + fuel in different P. This has helped into preventing the passing of Primary Air through reject hopper & in meeting environment norms 12. SHAFT Take over time design of 50 54" M. to overcome this problem the Sabarmati design M.MODIFICATION IN INNER CONE Non-protected on outer side was protected with ni-hard inner cone spout as segments Ceramic lined (on both side) inner cone gives much more life than simply M. Integral deflector blade type. As both end taper shaft is susceptible of breaking on bowl neck portion very frequently.MODIFICATION IN REJECT HOPPER The take over design of Flap type reject/tramp Iron gate was modified with Pneumatic Operated Knife edge Valves. Independent Deflector Blade type modified to 36 no. pipe 8. 7.MODIFICATION IN CLASSIFIER ASSLY 24 no. Earlier the individual classifier blades were having the problem of shifting their themselves due to turbulence /vertex of air inside the mills deteriorating mill's performance. shafts were selected 11.F.MODIFICATION IN SEPARATOR LINER ARRANGEMENT Separator body liner arrangement without rotary vane wheel assembly was modified to Deflector liner arrangement with rotary vane wheel assembly.MODIFICATION IN M.MODIFICATION IN SEPARATOR TOP Non –Tall Top Design modified to Tall Top design leading to enhancement in volume of separator top increases the retention period to improve the fineness as the low volatile coal being fired need higher fineness 6.MODIFICATION IN MILL DISCHARGE VALVE To isolate mill from the furnace as a safety measure & for ease of maintenance the Hand same as NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M .is almost maintenance free 5. fabricated 8.V. V. By providing deflector liner arrangement with rotary vanes we are able to achieve the desired grade of fineness for the type of coal using at Tanda 9. Shaft (both ends taper) was modified to Semicylindrical M.S.MODIFICATION IN BOWL HUB Bowl hub suitable to taper shaft and separator body liner arrangement was changed with modified bowl suitable to accommodate rotary vane wheel and cylindrical shaft for preventing shaft failure and to fix the rotary vane wheel for uniform distribution of primary air entering through scraper chamber 10. V.Shaft.

10.Alignment checking of RH. line near burner block earlier there was no such provision 13. Platen & Final SH.Covering of front & rear coil bends with cassette baffles of ECO & LTSH. 6. 16. SH Hanger.operated knife edge gate valve was provided in each P.Shielding of Boiler tube of wear Prone are like Supply tube.Boiler tube Sample analysis at R&D of different area such as Water Wall (HT zone).D-Spanner has been replaced with Pneumatic wrench with a view to shorten the down time to its minimal and ease of maintenance.Gear box oil centrifuging machine with auto scavenging arrangement was introduced as earlier there were no any such provision to improve the oil quality in turn life of bearings & gear. 9.Equal flow on all four P. 20-Strategically preventive maintenance and roller replacement of lower mills is being done to minimize the furnace oil by feeding high V. SHH 4 & 5 by Refectory.F. 22-Monthly sampling of gear box oil to determine the 0/0 mechanical impurities & moisture.Thickness survey & Physical inspection of complete Boiler pressure part. 7. discharge pipe being maintained by replacing ceramic orifices during annual overhaul. WWS & SHS.MODIFICATION IN HOT AIR GATE Take over design of Louver type hot air dam per was Modified as Louver type DDI design hot air damper for better primary air regulation 15.MODIFICATION IN HOT AIR GATE Gland type hot air gate was modified to Lip seal design hot air gate with a view to minimize primary air leakage through the gland of hot air gate plate 14. NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . SH & RH.DPT checking all headers (stub Joint. 17-Weekly testing of mill fineness 18-Ball valve provided for clean air flow & dirty air test 19-.100 % Radiography 4.M coal. Eco Left & Right one coil each. 23-Down time for replacement of roller & bull ring segments stringent monitoring PRACTICES FOR TUBE LEAKAGE REDUCTION 1.Cup lock Scaffolding erection up to Boiler Top 2. 8. 3. LTSH Left & Right Side one coil each.Protection of SHH 8.LTSH coil lifting from both side (12 Modules) 11. 5. of welding Joint .Cleaning of Boiler Pressure Part. Hand Hole Plate & Gamma Plug). 21-Preventative maintenance of all mills during forced shutdown.F.

IN RE-HEATER AREA 1-U # 1 outlet top bend replaced. 3-Inspection & repair/replacement by removing 2 Eco module on both side during each year OH. inlet.2 & 3 WW from 12 M to 42 M & unit # 4 from 12 M to 24 M replaced. 4-U # 4 Nos replacement has been done. 14. IN WATER WALL AREA 1-Unit#1.2 &3 UCT replaced.3 all Economizer module replaced. 13. Burner reclamation. inlet & outlet middle.12. 2-All units LCT & burner corner bends & unit # 1.Air tightness checking.Economizer coil reclamation. 3-U # 3 complete outlet top bend. 4-Complete replacement of Eco module during Major OH with reclaimed modules. 5-Replacement of leakage prone bends & overheated portion of RH in phased manner. 2-In Unit # 4 100% inspection done. outlet middle & rear 25 set bend replaced. NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . 2-U # 2 complete outlet top bend. rear all bottom bend replaced. 15.SADC & Burner tilt checking. IN ECONOMIZER AREA 1-In unit# 1.2.


AC system duct cleaning by automatic process. SOP barring gear during off time. Regular cleaning of MOT strainers. CBP. 5. Cutting and removal of shrubs and bushes surrounding the CT. Suction strainer cleaning of BFP and CEP and CEP to enhance system reliability. BEST PRACTICES TO IMPROVE THE CONDENSER VACUUM 2. BFP. 9. 4. 6. Segregation of raw water. 3. Internal customer satisfaction. 11. 7. Revival of CT. The above resulted in enhancement of CT Approach = 6°C and Range = 10°C 5. even short shut down of units. 10. Glass flake lining has been done in water boxes to reduce any seepage. Cleaning of distribution and deck and cold basin. All the welding machines and other equipments are checked and certified by EMD before taking into operation. 7. Sulphuric acid dosing in CW to reduce hardness and to increase the effectiveness of chemical dozed. Preventive maintenance schedule followed in governing system on each available opportunities. 4. cathode protection & conco cleaning of condenser tubes to improve vacuum. Regular checking of all lube oil drains in turbine and other pipes. 2. Keeping assembled rotary parts ready in CEP. Proactive maintenance of valves to minimize leakage and other possible defects. Chemical dosing in CW for de-scaling. 13. On line centrifuging of BFP working oil. 14. NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . fire water and CW to reduce chemical consumption in CW as well as in DM plant 6. adjustment of blade angle. Shell gate revival to prevent any re-circulation of air. 15. dispersant and hardness. Chlorination of CW to reduce algae and other bacterial growth in the system. Hangers and supports inspection & setting during overhauls 12. Epoxy coating. CTP. Condition monitoring of all rotating equipments and proactive maintenance. Publication of turbine related information on internal website. 3. Regulars centrifuging of MOT in all the four unit to obtain minimum moisture below 100 PPM and mechanical imparity. 8. 8. to reduce maintenance and down time of the equipments. Replacement of condenser tubes.1.Cleaning & replacement of target nozzles. 9.

11. which was taking more time. 13. 12. Fume absorber installed in all acid storage and measuring tanks to prevent other equipments and pipes in the vicinity from Chemical corrosion. Hydro jet and conco cleaning of the condenser tubes. & less effective method.10. Degasser air blower suction filter replaced with AHU filter to improve air quality. Neutralization pit: Compressed air was used for mixing of Dozed chemical with effluent water. NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . Now agitating water is taken from effluent disposal pump it-self and chemical dozed in effluent is mixed and agitated with water jet. This is more effective. less time consuming and self-sustaining process.


Replacement of existing fan blade assembly with energy saving fan blade assembly. 16202122232425- Water harvesting from Ash Pond-B. Timely replacement of air drier silica gel in regenerative type air driers. improve the quality of air and for efficient. Separate pump is installed for supply of clear water for lubrication and bearing cooling of makeup water pumps and reservoir water pumps. Restoration of CI Fire line with the help of MS line. Union joints have been replaced with flange joints to reduce frequent leakage in seal water line. NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . CI bends replaced with MS bends to facilitate easy maintenance and welding.1234567- Walk down exercise to assess the healthiness of equipment & system. Installation of refrigerant type (A/C) drier in two compressors. Parallel HP and LP connection for as disposal line flushing to improve system flexibility and removal of any chocking. Strict adherence to maintenance schedule. The entire couplings in the ash disposal pipelines have been replaced with new one to eliminate the leakages. Concentric pipes rotation of suction of ash slurry pumps Butterfly valve in suctions and discharge line replaced with knife-edge valves to prevent any passing. This results in increased bearing life and reduced wear and tear. Incorporation of Auto-moisture drains in compressors and air receiver tanks to reduce air loss and elimination of oil and water leakages. economical and reliable operation of compressed air system. Providing Seal water system to Makeup & Reservoir water pumps. Enhancement of BCW pump capacity. 89101112131415- In-corporation of inlet screens in ash trench to avoid any entry of foreign material in pumps casings and carrying lines to prevent further break down. Optimization of natural resources and use of waste Ash water re-circulation. Auto start /change over of the system. Raising of ash disposal line to ground level to facilitate easy maintenance. Stoppage of BCW CT fans. inspection accesses and reduce down time. Reclamation of damaged CW bowl.

Provision of canopy over clinker grinder bearings leading to reduction in bearing failures Scrap AHU filter is used for degasser blower.2627282920212223242526- Compressors house drains can be made by cutting pipe halves. Replacement of lever type gate with horizontal slide gate site fabricated. NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . Works cost reduced by switching over to limited tender in place of OEM/OES. Procurement of spares from OEM to competitive bidding through development. Part replacement instead of assembly. CW Bowl reclamation. Rotation of fast wearing wetted parts. Reclamation of fast wearing parts. Application of Rubber solution coatings on Rubber lined surfaces.

NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M .ELECTRICAL MAINTENANCE BEST PRACTICES IN EMD 1) Round the clock call center for lighting and welding supply defect rectification & Maint.

17)100% testing of thermal overload relays of LT system. 14)At the electrical isolation power fuses generally were placed in side the module or near by unsafely. 5) Review and monitoring of DC earth fault status. 11)Checking of LT motor resistance from module fuse end after every maintenance activity to avoid failure of module and motors due to looseness of contacts. 13)Introduction of line maintenance before winter and summer loads. 7) Walk down checking of CHP electrical equipments on daily basis. 10)01 No Air drier heater has been fabricated at site for providing Dry warm air inside The generator casing to avoid Condensation Down and Overhauls. 9) Replacement of 80 watt (Mercury Lamps) with 70-wattLamps at boiler to reduce power consumption. station battery system daily. 18)Measurement of motor continuity after fuse during every insertion of modules in place. 8) Monthly joint inspection of cable gallery and rectification Of defects observed on spot basis. PTW boxes put in service to keep fuses with four keys 15)Regular balancing of current in the lighting panels to reduce complaints and for improvement of durability and reliability of the system. 12)Trial run of rewinded motors at electrical work shops before putting in service. For main plant & CHP. 3) Monitoring of all ESP field parameters on daily basis as well spontaneous corrective action. 21)Conduction monitoring of individual thyristor bridges of excitation system at control room. 6) Daily walk down checking of 220 KV lightening arresters and power transformers. HT & LT equipments). 20)Purging of CO2 gas with hot dry instrument air and maintaining a flow of hot dry air in the generator casing during shutdown.2) Round the clock shift electrical Maint. 16)Cross checking of electrical isolation before starting of maintenance on motor. With Better Illumination and reliability. 23) 27)Use of infrared lamps for heating of generator stator for fast and effective inside the generator during shut NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . 19)Periodic thermo vision scanning of electrical equipments (switchyard equipments. 4) Introduction of LED based lamps in switchgears and control panels.

SOE & event logger. 44)Replacement of aged 220KV CTs (16Nos. 46)RLA of all the four-turbo generators. 36) 37)Installation of numerical relays for line protection.) 45)Installation of strong MS at conveyors. 49)Conversion of ash slurry pump control circuits from 110V AC supply to 220 V DC supply. 29) a. 28)Checking of Generators synchronizing circuit by switching on Generators CKT breakers on empty dead bus after each Major shut down. NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . one station transformer. 33)Change of connection of LT motors in many installations from DELTA to STAR to reduce power consumption. Replacement of AVR by DVR in all units. 40)Erection and commissioning of GE make LT switchgear in place of Voltas make switchgear. 41)Modification of SOP modules. 32) Installation of refrigerant type H2 dryers in all units. 31)PLC based control system for compressor control. 43)Installation of double brush earthing system for generator rotor with silver graphite brushes. 38)Installation of disturbance recorders and event loggers at switchyard. 47)Rewinding of LT motors at plant electrical repair shop. 39)Installation of GPS Time synchronizing unit & its synchronism with numerical line protection relays. 50)10 yearly Overhauling of all 220KV ABCBs 51)Replacement of aged oil of 3 nos. 42)Modification in the barring gear motor control circuit.heating. 30)Shifting of supplies from Ash slurry switchgear to BMCC for scraper conveyor and clinker grinder. GTs. 2 UATs. 48)Rewinding of HT motors with stringent repair specification and stage inspection.

57)Provision of supply to BCW pumps from 6. Retrofitting of ESP controllers in all units. Shifting of colony transformers from unit bus to station bus Erection and commissioning of new 11 KV colony switchgear. 59)Modification of seal air fan & Chimney exhaust fan foundations. Installation of welding receptacles with 30mA RCCBs. 220 KV CTs of outgoing lines with 800/1.2 class CTs. 65) 66) 67) 68) 69) 70) 71) 72) Installation of LT vacuum contactors in place of ACB's in conveyor drive. class 1. (safety enhancement) 72) 73) 74) 75) 76) 77) NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . 61)Installation of ACBs in place of knife edge isolating switch fuse unit in BMCC Incomer and bus coupler. 0. 62)Provision of emergency supply to switchyard compressor and online pressure Parameters to UCB. On line testing of ABT energy meters. 58)Modification of manual battery chargers of units & switchyard battery bank to fully controlled automatic battery chargers. 60) Supply extension to river pump house.6 KV VCB's in place of MOCB's.6KV unit bus which was earlier connected to station buses. 55)Installation of time totaliser in each motor feeder. 56)Implementation of dead bus auto change over scheme for USS and ESP switchgear. Retrofitting of 32 nos of 6. 54)Commissioning of all standby sources for ACDBs and DCDBs. Modification of transformer cooler control cubicles. All spare transformers and spare coils of GT and ST lying at store serviced back to health. Installation of remote radio control in both the EOT cranes in TG hall. Inspection of UAT OLTC contacts at every annual shutdown and subsequent Testing. Renovation of 03 nos of Generator rotors. 53)Commissioning of all stand by supplies of DC source for switchgears.which was not earlier. Replacement of 600/1. On line proving of generator PT fuse failure protection and checking the blocking of voltage dependent protections.52)Oil filtration of all service transformers and commissioning of all interlocks and Protection with laying of new cables.

78) Restoration isolating transformers at plant lighting system. It has been ensured that in case of tripping of the motor by manual push button. EPB & over load the drive should not restart.off of the contactor. CONTROL & NTPC-Tanda A Benchmark in R&M . one for control supply supervision and another for building up of logic. air pre heater motor etc.(Safety enhancement) AUTOMATIC RESTORATION OF EMERGENCY LT DRIVES A Scheme for automatic restart of important LT Drives has been made. which some times trips due to sudden jerk in the system and dropping . The scheme is envisaged for automatic restarting of important LT Drives like oil pumps. The scheme uses two additional timers.

4. 8.Even with shortage of manpower. 7. On weekly basis to Observe defects in the NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . observation by all the area engineers for their respective fields for history. 2.During-unit shutdown checking the operation of all-important drives.All C&I executives visits unit control rooms in the morning to instruments and accordingly planning is done to rectify it. and preventive maintenance is done in the equipments which are not available for maintenance during normal time. planning and records. 6-Brainstroming is done before modification.All area engineers visit their respective field instrument area observe defects and plan to resolve it.INSTRUMENTATION BEST PRACTICES OF C&I 1. 3. 5. round the clock availability of C&I engineer to attend the defects.Daily logging of defects.One to one contact with operation engineer daily in each shift to discuss defects in the area for better communication & quick solution of the problems.All the shutdown jobs and defects are recorded and are being attended in next available opportunity.

we rectify the problem immediately if there is any differences in the above two Values. 12.9. 13We monitor auto loops on daily basis if there is any defect We rectify it.Daily monitoring of analyzers for water leakages and values of ph. 10. conductivity. NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . 11.Regular checking of HP/LP bypass area to eliminate any Chance of wastage of high precious oil and fire.Daily monitoring of at least twenty annunciation/SOE points for the healthiness. O2%. 14. power supply system healthiness (visually) .Weekly checking of interlock protection.Regular checking of fireball scanners and cleaning to avoid spurious flame failure tripping. silica etc. These values are compared with chemistry reports.

agencies are checked and verified before award of the contract. Local fabricated and devised mechanical shifting arrangement is used for shifting of equipment and system. 56All the statutory documents regarding the vehicles supplied by the contracting Modified Crusher screen fabricated and erected at site to get the proper sized coal.COAL HANDLING PLANT BEST PRACTICES OF CHP 1234Walk down checklist is verified in the beginning of each shift to check healthiness of NTPC. Interlocked movement of car puller and wagon Tippler to avoid any accident. NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . Which is disposed off by departmental vehicle. heavy size stones and boulders from wagon tippler grille. CISF and contractor’s representatives inspect empty racks jointly.

Shuttle Conveyor Regular checking of crusher cage bars. which resulted in and improved life. screen and bunker grills to ensure Overhauling & reconditioning of gearboxes. reclamation of worn out disc plates there by reduction in cost.e. used for stacking) has been designed. cost reduction. 13141516- Cage bars fabricated and erected at site in both the crushers for better coal size Breaker plate fabricated at site and hard faced for strengthening. fluid couplings carried out to ensure Crusher rotor disc plates build up & hard faced at site. Periodical and systematic overhauling of all pulley bearings has increased bearing An unique system of stacking of coal bypassing conveyor -5 ( i.789101112life. Hold back system was modified by using old conveyers improvisation. Departmental maintenance of dozers and other heavy equipments to ensure Strict adherence to PM schedule of all equipment. appropriate size coal to mills. maximum availability. NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . fabricated at site and working successful.

fittings of fins and machining of fins of HP Diaphragms 4-Machining of Air and Hydrogen of Generator. 3-Reaming of fins. 5-Machining of Nozzle segments of Turbine 6-Grinding of HP . NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M . IP. All these works are of those nature which are generally being taken up at manufacturers work in other power stations. Coupling bolts. IP & Turbine blade pin 2-Griding of LP.WORKSHOP BEST PRACTICES OF WORKSHOP 1-Manufacturing of LP. IP & LP Turbine blades 7-Reclaimimg of dredger pump casing of Ni-hard material 8-Fabrication of ejectors suitable for removal of sand from silt pit.

CONTRACTS NTPC-Tanda - A Benchmark in R&M .


1Tanda with a view to reduce the inventory and assured availability of lubricating oils. 2meet continuous increased production pattern 3and faster disposal 4Placement. 56materials, Preservation and movement of spares. 7A preservation committee is formed with a view to improve the preservation of the stocked items in our central stores. Clearing of file related to Technical Scrutiny at C&M itself to reduce the Administrative lead time. Structured visit of Area engineers to stores for smooth inspection of Switching over to 100% computerized system from raising of PI to PO Use of expertise developed by MSTC on e-auction for getting better prices Annual Rate contract of Bulk Chemicals for getting smooth supply and to COLG (Customer Operated Lub Godown) has been opened at NTPC-



A Benchmark in R&M




A Benchmark in R&M

With a view to provide better services time frame for various activities of hospital have been benchmarked BENCHMARKING OF ACTIVITIES Time Frame 1.01 Registration and issuing of medical treatment books on 20-30 min receipt of declaration form and photos 1.02 Registration and Issue of consultation slips for Non Entitled 3-4 min patients 1.03 Registration and Issue of consultation slips for Entitled 1-2 min patients 1.04 Issue of referral slips to patients 5-10 min 1.05 Attending emergency patients for serious medical illness 2-3 min 1.06 Issuing of medicines by pharmacists 1-3 min 1.07 Issuing of urgent investigation reports 1 hour 1.08 Issuing of routine investigation reports 4 hours 1.09 Verification and forwarding of medical bills of employees and 1 day dependents to finance dept for payment 1.10 Verification and forwarding of medical bills of referred case 2 days from empanelled hospitals to finance dept for payment 1.11 Bio-medical waste collection as per guide lines Daily 1.12 Bio-medical waste disposal after autoclaving Alt. day 1.13 Ambulance’s up keeping and up to date maintenance Daily 1.14 Feedback from patients/relatives in feedback forms On discharge 1.15 Review and action of feedback suggestions / complaints 1 day 1.16 Reporting of bed occupancy, the availability of equipment/ Daily emergency medicines/ in-patients condition (morning) 1.17 Eye camp, Family Welfare camp, Physically challenged Yearly (eye/ortho / hearing) rehabilitation camp 1.18 Rural health care checkup camp Monthly 1.19 Health check up of contract labour yearly 1.20 School health checkup yearly 1.21 Well baby show yearly 1.22 Diabetic & Hypertension camps yearly 1.23 Health awareness programs / lectures to CISF, Villagers, Monthly ladies and children 1.24 Collaboration &Co-ordination with NIOH for DDRC activities Monthly 1.25 Professional circle activities; case presentations/discussions Fortnightly etc 1.26 5 s activities Monthly 1.27 Radiation monitoring in x-ray dept and technician (BARC) Monthly 1.28 Internal Medical audit of all departments of hospital as per Monthly ISO 9001 –2000 procedures 2-IMPROVED COMMUNICATION2.1 Ensuring & Enabling communication by referred patients with CMO through telephone /cell / Fax / e-mail 2.2 Follow up of Referred Patients from Empanelled hospitals by CMO



A Benchmark in R&M

. Pollution Control Board. Pollution Control Board norms.MANAGEMENT OF BIO-MEDICAL WASTE Our hospital is the only hospital in District Ambedkarnagar authorized for Bio-Medical Waste Management by U.3. The Eye camps organized at NTPC-Tanda are getting huge appreciation among the people of nearby villages and districts. training in Braille. hearing trainings are being imparted. wheel chairs. More over we are providing support to other NTPC stations also for starting such center or organizing a camp. shoes and artificial legs etc are being provided to PWDs. sticks. This center is providing services to people with disabilities of nearby 7 Districts. 4. services and corrective surgeries are provided to Physically challenged people. Speech therapy . Pulse Polio Camps & Rural health Camps through CSR are being organized particularly for poor villagers of surrounding villages of station. 5. Eye camps are being organized every year.ORGANIZATION OF MEDICAL CAMPS Family Welfare Camps.DISTRICT DISABILITY REHABILITATION CENTER In association with NIOH Kolkata NTPC-Tanda has set DDRC center in its campus where support. In the camp 438 people were operated by Lens implant method. Bio-Medical Waste from different sections of the hospital is being collected & segregated in the specific colored bags then autoclaved & finally disposed off in the prescribed pit as per U. hearing aids . This is the major achievement of the hospital for environment & OHS management OHSAS:18001:99 certifying body also proposed above activity & felicitated for effective implementation of Bio-Medical Waste Management in the hospital. Calipers.P.P. In the month of January a Eye Camp was organized at NTPC-Tanda which is landmark in the history of NTPC.

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