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Climate Change and Luton Borough Council

Climate Change and Luton Borough Council

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Published by Andy Strange
A presentation given by Andy Strange at two Climate Change Leadership Academy training events organised by Local Government Improvement and Development during 2010.
A presentation given by Andy Strange at two Climate Change Leadership Academy training events organised by Local Government Improvement and Development during 2010.

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Published by: Andy Strange on Jun 06, 2011
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Climate Change & Luton Borough Council


Luton Borough Council
y ³one of the largest towns in south-east England and has y y y y y y y

many of the characteristics of a London Borough.´ located in a break in the Eastern part of the Chiltern Hills Population estimated at 205,000 (240,000 in wider conurbation) Compact (16 sqm), dense & constrained Diverse population (35% BME) with young age profile 3 wards in top 10% most deprived Unitary Authority with 48 councillors ± ³performing well´ in 2008 CPA 2003 ± 2007 Liberal Democrat minority administration, 2007 ± 2011 Labour administration

Using the Nottingham Declaration
y A member initiative y Late 2006 signed Nottingham Declaration y Used as lever y Focus on actions y Clear officer responsibility y Regular reports to Executive

Our Approach
y Quick wins y Cost neutral y Priority: ³putting our own house in order´

Our Impact
y Provide a space and structure for officers y Highlighted existing good practice y Connections across council y New initiatives y Our achievement was to embed a climate change

agenda into the work of the council

Some of LBC¶s Achievements
August 2007 Statement of Principles Energy saving measures within the council Household energy efficiency 2008 ³Eco Footprint´ for Luton Planning policy on renewable energy Environmental implications in Executive reports ³My Climate´ initiative Aerial thermal mapping of the whole town Inclusion in Corporate Plan and development of a comprehensive set of strategies y Officer team y Climate change now mainstream
y y y y y y y y y

Thermal image of Luton Town Hall showing heat loss from Committee Room 2

Mainstreaming climate change adaption
y National Indicator 188 is an improvement indicator

in Luton¶s LAA y Only LA in East of England to have reached Level 3 by March 2010 y Target of Level 4 by March 2011

Carnival Cancelled!

2010: A comprehensive set of strategies
y Corporate Plan 2009 ± 2010  Successfully adapting and mitigating for climate change  Reducing the consumption of water, energy, materials and minimising waste, including support for renewable energy generation y Carbon Management Plan y Climate Change Adaption Plan y Local Area Carbon Emissions Reduction Plan y LBC Environment Framework Strategy

³Could do better´
y Pace of progress y Balance between adaptation and mitigation y Poor communication y Member engagement y Leadership in the wider community

Lessons learnt
y Don¶t just sign up ± do! y Use scrutiny y Find your officer champions y ³Whole Council´ approach y Work in partnership

Future challenges
y Impact of financial pressure, will climate change be a

target for cuts? y Will there be continued member commitment? y Should we look inward or look outward? y We¶ve done the easy stuff ± the real challenge is behaviour change in the community

More Information
Luton Borough Council www.luton.gov.uk/internet/environment/climate Carbon Trust www.carbontrust.co.uk Energy Saving Trust www.energysavingtrust.org.uk

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