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Hitman 2 Silent Assassin Prima Official eGuide

Hitman 2 Silent Assassin Prima Official eGuide

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Abdul Bismillah Malik,
the local khan

The khan's limo

The village

Prima’s Official Strategy Guide


Walk toward the area
directly east from your
contact. Guards patrol
this area.

Wait in this corner
for the guard walking
south to pass by you and
for another single
guard to walk past you
going north.

When no villagers are
around, sneak up behind
the northbound guard
and take him out with
your 9mm Pistol SD.

Drag his body to where
the contact is waiting
and hide it in an alcove.

Take the guard's clothes
for your disguise.

Continue on to the
contact. He provides you
with a MI95 sniper rifle
and some ammo.

The Perfect Place for Sniping

With your heavy rifle,
exit the contact area
and head southeast
toward a couple of
buildings with a plank
between them.

Head up the stairs…

…across the plank…


While the roof of the mosque appears to be a
great sniping spot, it is in the wrong place. You
will never have a clear view of your target.
Instead, you will probably hit a U.N. person sitting next to
the khan in the back seat.




…and up the ladder.

The top of this building
provides an excellent
perch for sniping at the

The motorcade drives
north up the road to the
east, then turns west
toward the village.

As it approaches the
gates, target the engine
of the lead U.N. jeep. Be
careful not to hit any
U.N. soldiers.

The damaged jeep stops
the motorcade. This
gives you just enough
time to take aim at the
limo. The khan sits in
the center of the back
seat. Take careful aim
and shoot.

The Escape

Now it's time to get
away. Descend the
ladder or jump to the
building below. Don't
jump to the ground from
the sniper perch. The
fall is deadly.

Drop the sniper rifle and
hop down to the ground
below. The U.N. soldiers
are looking for the

Make your way quickly to
the southeastern part of
the village wall.

Exit the village through
this hole in the wall to
complete the mission.

Alternate Tactics

Instead of shooting at
the motorcade before it
gets to the village, wait
until it passes you by.
The walls west of your
perch offer protection
from enemy fire.

Prima’s Official Strategy Guide


As the lead jeep prepares
to enter the palace,
shoot the engine to
bring the motorcade to
a standstill.

Shoot at the khan
through the rear

The ladder is protected
by a wall, allowing you
to climb down with

With the sniper rifle
still in hand, run to the
exit—right past the U.N.
soldiers who are looking
for you.

Your assignment is to eliminate Lieutenant Yussef Hussein,
commanding officer of an underground base. Secure the
cargo that the khan tried to hide here and transport it
safely to the surface. A chopper picks up the cargo. There
are lots of soldiers on the base, and patrolling guards on
high alert—they will react immediately if you are detected.
Stealth and surprise are important for this mission.

Mission Objectives

Access the base

Kill Yussef Hussein

Transport the cargo to the surface

Mission Information

This mission requires taking out several guards and the
target. Stealth is still important to avoid having to take on
an entire base by yourself. Two access points in the ruins
lead to an underground base. Use the northern access point
because it puts you in a better position within the base. A
ditch of water runs around within the base. If you get down
into this ditch, you can move past the guards if you do not
run. This ditch can be used for dumping bodies.



If you are not concerned with a high body count,
take out all of the guards in the village, or at
least those patrolling near the building you use
as your sniper perch. That keeps the guards from shooting
up at you after you take your shots and makes your
descent down the ladder safer.

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