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CanvasPaint http://canvaspaint.


untitled - CanvasPaint
W hat's this?
File Edit View Image Colors Help A near pixel-perfect copy
of M icrosoft Paint in
JavaScript,using the
<canvas> tag as
specified by W HATW G
and supported by Safari
1.3,Firefox 1.5 and
O pera 9.
This w eb app is not
authorized by,supported
by or in any w ay
affiliated w ith M icrosoft.

W hy didn't you do this
in ___?
The prim ary goalw asn't
to build a painting w eb
app,but to experim ent
w ith <canvas>.

Things to try out
Holding dow n ctrlfor a
tertiary color,shift for
line/shape constraints,
ctrl+ a/c/x/z,dragging
and resizing the w indow ,
resizing the canvas...

Can I save m y
draw ings? U PD ATED
Yes,but only in Firefox 2
and O pera 9.
To save an im age to your
hard drive,use File >
Dow nload.To save it on
this server,use File >
Save online.Your im age
w illbe assigned a URL
w hich you m ay share or
em bed elsew here,and it
m ay be publically show n
here.How ever,no
guarantees are given as
to its future availibity: I
reserve the right to
delete im ages at any
tim e.

I alw ays get the
context m enu w hen
attem pting to use the
secondary color
Allow scripts to disable
context m enus.To do
this in Firefox,check
"disable or replace
context m enus" in
O ptions > JavaScript:
g pretty curves (slow brow sers)
c draw controlpoints
g W hy doesn't feature X
w ork?
350,263 Som e features are only
supported by certain
brow sers:
Color picker Firefox 2.0
O pera 9
Save im age Firefox 2.0
O pera 9

W hy no flood fill?
Because there is no
getPixelm ethod for

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