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Stephen M. Van Lue

Company Consultant Profile

Senior Construction Management Professional with 39+ years of relevant experience, specializing in
Residential Bond Exoneration. I have been employed over the past 30 years working in a senior
management role with companies of all sizes, in doing so I have been responsible and account-
able for the construction of 10 Master-Planned Communities encompassing over 11,250 homes,
condos, townhouses, as well as some 2800 apartments throughout the Southern California
Region, responsible for millions of Bond Reductions and Releases. Steve brings a tremendous
amount of experience to Define’s consulting team. Steve’s technological advancement to com-
plex business situations allows him the ability to enter in to the arena of Bond Exoneration at the
highest percentage of success.

Professional Services

Bond Exoneration
Due Diligence
Budgets & Schedules
Bidding & Cost Estimating
Construction Management
Project Management
Value Engineering
NPDES Management & Compliances
AQMD Management & Compliance

Consultant Steve Van Lue

Define Development Group LLC
27890 Clinton Keith Road Ste. D-463
Murrieta, California 92562
Ph: 760.771.7238