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Tsr01017 - D&D - Immortal Rules Boxed Set

Tsr01017 - D&D - Immortal Rules Boxed Set


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All of the following characteristics are natural, non-magical effects
unless noted otherwise. Many are normal powers of all Immortals.

Ability Scores

Demon ability scores are determined in the same way as for other
Immortals. The Greater Talents of Immortals of Entropy are
Strength, Intelligence, and Constitution. The physical scores
(Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution) of a demon's form cannot
exceed the number of Hit Dice given for that type.
For most demons, Charisma cannot exceed half its Hit Dice. For
demons of High Empyreal status and above (the roaring demons and

demon rulers described herein), Charisma may equal their Hit Dice.

A whispering demon's Charisma may exceed its Hit Dice, to a maxi-



mum score of 25. All demons of Eternal and higher status have nor-
mal Aura powers when in material form, but all other demons lack
this power. All demons have normal Aura when incorporeal.
A summary of typical ability scores is given in the general descrip-
tion of each type of demon. Use Strength and Dexterity bonuses in

melee according to normal procedures (such as to Hit and damage

rolls). Each Armor Class given already reflects the typical Dexterity of
the form, and should not be adjusted except for situation modifiers.

Hit points likewise already include all adjustments. Refer to Tables 2

and 3, Ability Score modifiers, for exact figures for all scores.

Call Other

Any demon may mentally summon help, hoping that another
demon will hear and respond. There is a percentage chance (different

for each type of demon) that the call is answered. Refer to Table D2.

Only one demon responds, appearing within 60 feet of the summon-

ing demon in 1-2rounds.
Any demon may Call once per round, and may continue Calling at

that rate, even when some aid has already arrived. A demon may not
Call in the same round it uses magic or makes a Power attack. Each
Call costs 10 Power Points, regardless of its success. Any demon
responding to a Call may, if convinced that the situation is dangerous,

Call even more aid. Nearly any demon who Calls for help will suffer

punishment if the aid is not absolutely necessary, and thus most
demons treat this as a last desperate maneuver. The sole exception is

the whispering demon, who is poorly equipped to handle strong

attackers and who is thus often Calls for help when necessary. A

demon who makes a Call for another cannot us Power in any way dur-

ing the same round except to Wrap defensively.

Control Undead

Any demon can attempt to control undead monsters as if it were a

powerful undead creature itself. Refer to the D&D Master Set (MDM
pages 22-23) for detailed information on undead Lieges and Pawns.
Gaining this control requires the expenditure of 1 PP for each creature
controlled. Example: A howling demon (HD 26) can control up to a
total of 52Hit Dice of undead, none being larger than 26 HD in size,
and can maintain the control to a maximum range of 26 outdoor (24-
mile) map hexes.

Orcus can automatically take control of up to 200 Hit Dice of
undead if he is within 180 feet of them, and can maintain control as
long as he remains anywhere in their plane of existence.

Demogorgon can automatically take control of a maximum of 150

Hit Dice of undead of any type if she is within 120 feet of them. How-
ever, she can only maintain control to a maximum range of 500 miles

(about 21 map hexes), and cannot control any undead already con-
trolled by Orcus.

Enter/Leave Planes

Any demon may magically enter or leave the Ethereal Plane at will,
at no Power cost, once (each way) every 24 hours. From the Ether, a

demon may enter the Astral Plane in the same fashion, or may enter

the Ether from the Astral Plane—again, once (each way) every 24
hours at most, without using Power Points. More frequent magical

travel is certainly possible by standard PP expenditure.

Holy Water

This substance can damage demons, but (as with all attacks) inflicts

only minimum damage, or 1 point per vial. Its use also enrages the
demon, who immediately responds by attacking the individual who

used the holy water to attack it. If others interfere with this attack, the

demon will usually try to pass them, if possible (such as by teleport-
rather than fighting its way through them.


All demons are completely immune to all forms of mind reading,
disease, aging, death rays, and energy draining. They are vulnerable
to mortal blows and to mortal magic (except the effects listed) but only
suffer minimal damage from damaging attacks. These are standard

attributes of all Immortals of this Sphere.

Minimum Damage

Whenever dice are rolled to determine the amount of damage that
an attack form inflicts on a demon, each die is instead automatically
counted as a 1, and not rolled. Bonuses and penalties, if applicable,
are applied normally and fully. Demons may not attempt a saving
throw vs. Physical Blow to reduce such damage by half. This special
effect supercedes that rule.

Number Appearing

The demon rulers, who send the other demons to perform specific
tasks, usually send only one demon who has the abilities required.
When that type is not available for some reason, one to three lesser
demons may be sent. So for any type of demon, the normal number
appearing is only one. If that demon finds unexpected obstacles, or
happens to encounter dangerous foes (such as high level adventurers),

the demon may Call for aid. In this case, the total number appearing

may be two or more, and those present might be different types.
When placing demons, never randomly select a number appearing.

Always consider the reasons for their appearance.

If a demon ruler is encountered on any of the Inner Planes (an
extremely rare event, always involving some great task which
demands such exceptional force), he or she is normally attended by
one whispering demon, one roaring demon, and up to six others of
various types. The two rulers never travel together, and no problem
has ever warranted their combined attention or presence.

Power Points

Immortals of this Sphere use all forms of Power combat in standard


As they are not affiliated with any of the four Spheres controlling
magic, demons are very limited in the type of magical effects they can
produce. Furthermore, a demon can only expend a given maximum
number of points for any one effect. Power costs for magical effects are
always double the base cost. All possible magical effects, their fixed
costs (for demons), and the limits for individual demon types are

given on Table Dla.

The maximum expenditure applies only to Power used to produce
magical effects. No limit applies to Power combat.
A demon must drop its A-M voluntarily when planning to create
magical effects, and must leave it down if personal effects are to be
maintained without risking their sudden disappearance.
Demogorgon may use Power from both heads at once. She may ini-
tiate two Power attacks per round, and may produce two magical
effects per round by using Power. All demons may use Power to create
magical effects while moving or physically attacking.


All demons regenerate hit points, Power Points, and ability score
losses at standard Immortal rates. The bias of all inner and outer
planes (except their Home planes) is hostile, and the rate is thus nor-
mally only 1 point per day. Darkness, however, provides friendly bias.
A demon who remains within utter darkness, whether normal or mag-
ical, regenerates at the fastest rate of 1 point per round. The same rate
applies to a demon in any Outer Plane of Entropy. No plane or local



condition has neutral bias for demons. Since demons (and other

Immortals) are regenerating creatures, certain weapons may inflict

extra damage against them for this reason.

Saving Throws

Demon forms are vulnerable to both mortal and Immortal attacks

of most types, though certain ones are immune to damage from nor-

mal or silvered weapons. Always apply Immortal saving throws to
demons, even if the attack form is of mortal origin. Demons do not
gain an Immortal save vs. a mortal physical blow which already
inflicts only minimal damage. Refer to Immortal Saving Throws, for
exact figures.

Speak with Anything

Any demon may, at will, speak with any living or undead creature

of any type.


All Immortals of this Sphere gain a + 1 bonus to all rolls for surprise

and initiative, even when in melee with Immortals of other Spheres.

Treasure Type

If the demon has a lair on the Prime Plane for more than 48 hours,
it has accumulated the treasure noted. Multiple demons of one type

may have as much as five times the treasure given, but usually with
many coins. Different types of demons never occupy a single lair.

Any demon encountered wandering (whatever the location or plane
of existence) may be wearing expensive jewelry and carrying other

items of value. Only very useful and powerful magic items are car-
ried, as they function occasionally at best, because of the demon's per-

sonal Anti-Magic.

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