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Tsr01017 - D&D - Immortal Rules Boxed Set

Tsr01017 - D&D - Immortal Rules Boxed Set


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Published by: Sildhar9942 on Jun 06, 2011
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Power Points:
Armor Class:
Hit Dice:
XP Value:

Temporal or Celestial
500 to 2,500 (as level)
50 or 60 (as rank)


Temporal Novice: 71,000 (7 PP)
Celestial 5: 295,000 (29 PP)

Description: These odd beings appear as featureless black globes,
each about 5 feet in diameter. The Immortals know them to be life
forms, but only within a very broad definition. They do not commu-
nicate, but it is unknown whether this is by choice or lack of ability.

Abilities and Limits: Blackballs use all Power attacks, but cannot
use shield or probe. They move slowly, disintegrating everything they
touch (no saving throw). If a blackball touches an Immortal (whether
in physical or incorporeal form), the Immortal must make a successful
saving throw vs. Power Drain or lose a third of his or her current
Power Points, whatever the amount. Success indicates that the
Immortal has pulled away from the blackball, resisting the powerful
suction draining his power. If this first saving throw is failed, another
must be made, with the same results. If three saving throws are failed
in succession, the Immortal's essence is sucked through the blackball
and cast adrift in the Dimensional Vortex.

Resistances: As with all major vortex creatures, blackballs are
immune to all magical, physical, aura, and ability score attacks. But
they may be maneuvered by non-aggressive and non-attack effects.

Habits: The only predictable trait observed in blackballs is their ten-
dency to move toward great sources of Power when possible. If there is
no power present, they move randomly. However, they apparently do
not distinguish between amounts that differ by 100 PP or less.

Background: Unknown, even to Immortals. Blackballs seem to arise
spontaneously from the Dimensional Vortex space, and have been
seen returning to it voluntarily. Immortals suspect that blackballs can
pass through the Vortex, and that they serve the Old Ones, but all this
is conjecture.


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